My people are foolish, the Asgord are too friendly, the Iteok think they're above everything else, the Tahars are too ignorant, to be honest, we should have never left our sweet sweet home... However now we can start a new age as soon as we get rid of POOTIS...

- Emperor Daaxri of the Kraw Empire

The Kraw Galaxy (Historically named the "Hrezi Galaxy") is a spiral galaxy in the new 1st gigaquadrant. This galaxy was named diffrently per species until it was eventually named the "Kraw Galaxy" after the Kraw race in their honor in 300 KRE. Gramatically, it is said "Kraw Galaxy" instead of just "Kraw", which is the name of a species.

The Kraw Galaxy is inhabited by a large amount of species, though the leaders of galactic affairs are its 4 major races, the Kraw, the Asgord, the Iteok, and the Tahars.

Throughout its history the Kraw Galaxy has suffered through mass extinctions and out of control wars, however, the Kraw galaxy has survived to this day. Now, in the 5th century KRE, the Kraw Galaxy is living another moment of despair, caused by contact with the rest of the Universe. However, there is hope now for a new golden age...


The Kraw Galaxy is a spiral galaxy, consisting of 5 arms, though distinguishing them is quite hard due to its small size.

The Arm of Power and Wisdom
Home to the Iteok, who Represent Power, and the Tahars, who Represent Wisdom. It is Also home to the Terridor Federation, an ally of the Iteok, and 90 Yotunian colonies.
The Kraw Arm
Home of the Kraw and the Kraw's Allies. There are also 209 Yotunian colonies in this arm.
The Asgord Arm
Home of the Asgord race and 76 Yotunian colonies.
The Groxic Arm
Home of 14342 minor empires, part of the KGGC, and 468 Yotunian colonies. Home to the Tyrenne race.
The Oskerg Arm
Home of 3243 minor empires. It's the smallest arm in the Kraw Galaxy, and contains 944 Yotunian colonies, including their homeworld.

...And the Galactic Center, Home to the KGGC.


The Kraw Galaxy Flag.

The Kraw Galaxy is represented by its own flag, which is a 2:1 Ratio flag.

The 4 stripes represent the 4 major races of the Kraw Galaxy, each represented by its own color. The larger, blue stripe represents the Kraw. The red stripe represents the Asgord. The grey stripe represents the Iteok. The aqua-green stripe represents the Tahars.

The 4 Stripes come into Confluence in what appears to be shaking hands, which Represents their Unity. The Tahars and the Iteok don't shake hands - This Represents the Iteok-Tahar War. The Black Star with the Galaxy in the Center Represents the other, minor Inhabitants of the Galaxy. The Black outside the Star Represents the Universe.

This flag was approved by almost everyone in the Kraw Galaxy, with a 98% approval rate. The Flag was made in 400 KRE, and updated in 402 KRE due to the Asgord Genocide, and reverted back to its original design in 407 KRE after the FRA Ressurection.

History of the Kraw Galaxy[]

Main Page: History of the Kraw Galaxy

Current Map of the Galaxy (10/02/412 KRE)[]

The Map of the Kraw Galaxy, as of 412 KRE.

Sectors and Empires[]

(CX) - Class X, such as Class 6.

Krawnak Arkil
Prime sector of the Kraw Arm. Home to:
  • Kraw Empire (C6)
  • BNSC
Vihazok Arkil
Middle sector of the Kraw Arm.
Talzio Arkil
Outer sector of the Kraw Arm. Home of the largest Draconis-supporting minority. Home to:
  • Kraw Galaxy Iyaggons (C5)
Nidlak Arkil
1st half of the prime sector of the Asgord Arm. Home to:
  • Futox
  • Sapere
  • Others
Asgordak Arkil
The rest of the prime sector of the Asgord Arm. Home to:
  • FRA (C5)
  • TAE (C5)
  • Ionians (C5)
  • Brood (As AGC)
  • Dargul, part of Tyrek Empire (C7)
  • Grand Federation of Glory
Olnius Arkil
Middle sector of the Asgord Arm.
Syranus Arkil
CyraEmp Territory on the Kraw Galaxy made into a sector. Home to:
  • Cyrannian Galactic Empire
Vok Arkil
Outer sector of the Asgord Arm. Home to:
  • TIAF
Mak Arkil
Prime sector of the Groxic Arm.
Ahevak Arkil
A sector where the former Ahevox Empire was. Home to:
  • Tyrenne Republic (C5)
  • Xhrassh (C5)
Zahaus Arkil
Middle sector of the Groxic Arm.
Leretyv Arkil
Outer sector of the Groxic Arm.
Ikso Arkil
Prime sector of the Oskerg Arm. Home to:
  • Nelradiates
Lekuwa Arkil
Middle sector of the Oskerg Arm. Home to:
  • Yotunians (K'liparka sector) (C6)
Nalhaus Arkil
Outer sector of the Oskerg Arm. Home to:
  • Eranian Collective
Tymoro Arkil
A sector dedicated to Tyrek Galaxy and Dagorian inhabitants. Also home of the ULE. Home to:
  • Tyrek Empire (C7)
  • KTS (C5)
  • SSZ (C5)
  • Dagorian Mercenarium (C7)
  • ULE
Tikael Arkil
Prime sector of the Arm of Power and Wisdom. Home to:
  • Terridor Federation (C6)
Ikrhas Arkil
The Iteok's sector. Home to:
  • Iteok Khereg (C6)
Vonevus Arkil
Middle sector of the Arm of Power and Wisdom. Home to:
  • Tahar Empire (C6)
Kjaahk Arkil
Outer sector of the Arm of Power and Wisdom.
Oklex Arkil
Outer core sector. Home to:
  • Nelradiates
Eemr Arkil
Core sector. Home to:
  • KGGC
  • [Whoever takes over the Outworld Territory]*

* - Outworld Territory is currently disputed following the Exodus of the Draconid Imperium, despite the fact it's now a barren wasteland. The ones who claim it include the KGGC for future purposes, the Empires of the Nidlak Arkil for varied purposes, and the TAE for Military purposes.

All 22 Arkils.

Intergalactic Contact with the Kraw Galaxy[]

Many empires have made contact with the Kraw Galaxy as of the 5th century KRE such as the Delpha Coalition of Planets, but most have done great harm to the Galaxy before, most notably the ULE. Kies was a supporter of the end of contact with the rest of the Universe. Most Non-Kraw Galaxy beings refer to this Galaxy as a "Minor" Galaxy, as well as calling it "Hillbilly Galaxy".

In response, some member species of the galaxy have began a project to to defend the galaxy with a network of fortress battle stations.

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