The Kraw Aligned Fortress, or Kraw Galactic Fortress is a military pact between several native civilisations in the Kraw Galaxy, made possible by recent events which opportunists saw could work in favor with such an alliance.

Most of the Kraw Galaxy's residents are not even aware of the project's existence.


Several events came in favor of the Kraw Galaxy.

Several years ago during the Coming of the Singularity, the Tahar made a crucial discovery after an expedition to an impossible star which made it's presence near Tahar space. Within the impossible star, an AI emerged. It had been built 1.7 gigayears beforehand by the Hrezian Grox Empire and Hjaa'akrh continuum, with powerful hyperspatial sensors they used to spy on the Gnaaha galaxy, a threat of the time. The AI had knowledge of galactic history and powerful intergalactic-ranged sensors, and the Tahar knew that the technology behind it was far beyond their knowledge, afterall, it had emerged from an impossible star.

During the collapse of the Grox Meta-Empire at the hands of the Seven Starr Alliance, the Grox were either loyalists which joined the Milky Way Cooperative with the Emperor, fascists who want to restore the Grox to former glory, and refugees. Many of the refugees took a great migration to the KGGC, which was living in relative peace. The KGGC agreed to make new colonies if the Grox provided their technology, in particular their superliminal drives, weapons and defenses.

After the recent military and economic assaults made to the galaxy, there was a great mistrust towards outsiders, in particular; the Delpha Coalition of Planets, whom the KGGC and Kraw Empire wish to ban the DCP from the galaxy. With the new expansion, and technical improvements, such a dream became possible.

Defense network[]

The network consists of a web of space stations which extends out from the galactic core to the rim of the galaxy, through the the outer halo. The space stations contain the Taharian AI's long-range sensor nodes capable of tracking incoming fleets even millions of light years away.

The AI provided adequate shielding as the races of the Kraw galaxy worked together in building a network of fortresses around the galaxy, the cloaking meant that the fortress project was unknown to The Agency and DCP's intelligence networks.

While the Kraw Aligned Fortress is still built from base level Tier 4 technology, each one has been packed with considerable firepower: In offense they are armed with energy dampening weapons and powerful plasma cannons; while in defense they have gigaton-range antimatter mines and warp shadows, while built inside rogue planetoids with high iron content. Refugees of the Grox Meta-Empire have given the fortress additional improvements: hyperspace-delivered torpedoes and transwarp drives, typical of Tier 3 technology or higher.

Watch book[]

  • Allies and friends - Our cause is to protect you.


  • This fiction may in time become part of a plot featuring an alliance against the DCP in both the Milky Way and Kraw galaxy after their recent questionable activities.
  • Wormulon is willing to share this with users involved in working on Irskaad's fiction, and was planned as a plot with Irskaad before he left the wiki.