The Kralgon will conquer all.

The Kralgon Invasion Force, or the Ghosts of the Kralgons, are:

Original Invasion force

A huge force led by the Kralgon Emperor. The Emperor awoke, discovering his planet in ruins, and his species extinct. Enraged, he sought revenge on the galaxy, cloning himself and using the unmanned technology at his disposal. he created a huge force to be reckoned with, swiftly taking over areas of the galaxy. Later the Girdo Empire, along with their allies, the Daleks, aided the Kralgons, who sought to destroy all opposition and bring law and order to Ottzello- by commiting genocide on each and every Ottzello super power. They are the precursor to the New Kralgon Empire, who later joined the Unified Nation of Ottzello.

Second Invasion

Led by Roshisiz was enraged that his son, the Kralgon Emperor, had taken over the Kralgon. As a result, he created his own invasion force, and created and allied as many threats as impossible to obliterate everyone who stood in his way. The Kralgon Invasion Force joined Grand Troopers of Foreign Origins.


The Awakening[]

On the Planet Kralg, the Emperor got out of his chamber. After many millenia frozen by nano machines, it was a struggle to get out, and if it weren't for the nano machines supplying hi with body temperature and muscle movement, he'd likely have died. All he saw were ruins, where he once saw magnificent buildings. He saw emptiness, where it was once full. The only movement he saw was himself, and a few cleaner bots. No wildlife, no Kralgons, nothing. He was filled with mere rage when he saw crashed Ottzel and Galot star ships, along with several more crashed Kralgon ships.

The only one active came and picked him up. The emperor was furious. As the AI spke to him, he tried to remember how to speak. As he was informed through nano machies to the brain what had happened, he managed to remember to speak.

"I... will... CRUSH THEM ALL!"

The attack[]

He first began by using the ship to release builder bots. Robots could construct new ships and new cities, he did this to restore Kralg's pods. To fill it with civilisation, he got the nano machines to copy his genes, and enter them in a computer, and cloned himself. He created an entire civilisation out of one AI. Now to destroy all his foes...

Ultimately, the Kralgon Invasion Force defeated UNO. They managed to gain control of the entire galaxy, forcing UNO to evacuate.


The Emperor used 7 Gyronic crystals he had found to restore the Kralgons of the past. This led to the New Kralgon Empire, rendering the Kralgon Invasion Force useless.

New Kralgon Invasion Force[]

During the Intervention, emperor Roshisiz created a new Kralgon Invasion Force, for similar reasons to his son, the Kralgon Emperor.



Kralgon are all identical; they are all clones of the emperor. However, some are genetically stronger than others, as the cloning process can be modified.


Kralgon Invasion Force members have no special abilities.


There is no society in the Kralgon invasion Force, it is purely military. All cities owned by the Force are used for manufacturing.


The Kralgon Invasion Force planets are full of defensive weapons. They are merely used to create huger armies to kill larger foes.


Main article: Kralgon Military

The Kralgon Invasion Force uses cloned soldiers, clones of the Kralgon Emperor himself, to fight in battle. Several AI weapons built by Kralgon builder-bots also fight alongside the Emperor. The Emperor prefers big, hug armies, to while he has only one fleet, it contains every ship.



Main article: Kralgon Technology

The Kralgon Invasion Force' technology is a slightly advanced version of the old Empire of the Kralgon's technology. Since this time, a few researcher AI's have been developing newer technology. Since there are no Kralgons, there is no currency, so the Emperor aims for the best of the best. All of his technology uses Dark Gyronic, and is developed by AI's.


Kralgon Invasion force uses AI weapons, or unmanned vehicles. The colouring, however, is outdated; the Emperor simply repainted over old rusty metals for the first ship he discovered.


The Emperor[]

The Emperor of the Kralgons can hardly remember his own name. He knows nothing of his past, his present, and only cares about revenge. The Emperor wants everything as fast as possible, and enjoys watching his foes die. He often overlooks flaws, as he is totally focused on his plan. He has very little relationship with anyone, as the AI's do all the work for him.

The AI[]

The AI is approximately 28 Kralgon AI's combined into one in the Emperor's flagship. It is a robot that thinks methodically, and double checks it's thoughts before processing them. It tends to do a lot of the thinking for the Emperor. Sociable-wise, it has the sociability of a Galot, in order to entertain the Emperor best. The AI controls the Emperor's nano machines, and can, thus, calm him down or make him happy.

The Emperor's Goal[]

I want nothing more. NOTHING, more than the defeat of my oppressors! I will avenge my ancestors. I will bring defeat to Ottzello. I want to kill them all. ALL OF THEM! They shall soon watch as their empire crumbles... and as a single Kralgon, the species shall survive. No matter the cost.

- The Kralgon Emperor
The Kralgon will conquer all.