Some things mustn't come together. They are just not supposed to. But the ones up above, the ones who control those things, are always willing to ignore the laws of nature, whether willingly or controlled by their destructive nature. That's how the so-called Koth'tallaz was formed, and as such, the ancient galaxy of Eupherion found itself before one more threat: a reminder of how, no matter how much time passes, malevolence still stalks menacingly those who like to believe they can overcome anything.

- Anonymous Androg

Koth’tallaz is a demonic servant of Angazhar, a manifestation formed by the creation of an Ozax utilizing the energies of the Samut’angar. Koth’tallaz is a horror of galactic proportions - a manifestation of both Aberric and Demonic energies and utilizing both with an extreme degree. Koth’tallaz has formerly tormented the Eupherion Galaxy for millennia, directing legions of millions of Ozax to raze the galaxy to the ground, though since has set his eyes on the wider Gigaquadrant, desiring to bring all under his demonic rule and setting himself entirely separate from Marrow’s desires. Koth’tallaz’s demonic and aberric heritage ensures that his rage and hate run deep - the sheer amount of hate that he holds is fitting for a demon such as him. Koth’tallaz demands to see the entire Gigaquadrant broil in his rage - to see the Gigaquadrant burn and have demons let loose across the Gigaquadrant, with the demon lording over the hellish future.


The origins of Koth’tallaz are shrouded in mystery, and is unknown to all but the Heirax. Koth’tallaz was manifested in a flaming rage, the product of the curious aspects of Khi’voranix’s mind. The Demonic Energy of the Samut’angar was used as a replacement for a normal soul in the creation of an Ozax Spawn, and the resulting Aberric/Demonic abomination was so powerful and so destructive that Khi’voranix had no choice but to let loose his creation upon Eupherion to keep Marrow safe without destroying the monster. Koth’tallaz spent thousands of years without a body, merely a swirling mass of Demonic and Aberric Energy that consumed all life in its path and set fire to entire planets. The more Koth’tallaz destroyed, the more intelligent he grew, and as his intelligence grew, his power and his self control grew even further. By the time Koth’tallaz was 1,300 years old, he left hundreds and hundreds of planets burning and mutated in his path, and the very mention of one of his many names would strike fear in the hearts of mortals across the galaxy. Koth’tallaz’s first action when he gained sapience was to create a 3rd dimensional body for himself to interact with the Gigaquadrant.

The time between this moment in his history and the current day is generally unknown, though quite eventful from the information that is known. Koth’tallaz eventually reconnected to the Ozax, and began to mentally dominate a large group of Ozax - and much to Khi’voranix’s frustration, his creation split himself from the Ozax and proved to be entirely independent. How Koth’tallaz fell into the service of Angazhar is generally unknown, though it is known that Koth’tallaz forsook Khi’voranix entirely in favor of Angazhar once Koth’tallaz became aware of Angazhar through his demonic side. According to Eupherion Therusist legend, Koth’tallaz was contacted by the Xhodocto himself, though common knowledge of the Xhodocto’s own behavior has debunked this theory multiple times - only Koth’tallaz knows of how he came under the direct service of Angazhar. Koth’tallaz tormented Eupherion for thousands of years, though eventually ceased and began studying the wider Gigaquadrant as a target for his rage - though a certain artifact of his creator had resurfaced, the Ka-Chaska Stone. It quickly passed across Koth’tallaz’s mind that the Stone would allow him to accomplish his galactic campaign, and he rallied his demonic armies and travelled back to the galaxy he tormented for so long.



Koth’tallaz, fitting of a manifestation such as him, chose to take a form that roughly combined Ozax mutations and Samut’angar demonic permutations. Koth’tallaz stands at an imposing 17 feet tall - and is capable of making his form larger if he desires. Koth’tallaz is extremely muscular and athletic in build, with a broad chest and a build that conveys extreme strength. His “skin” is a dark reddish black, and is covered in burnt scars. Should Koth’tallaz grow angry enough, these scars open, revealing a substance resembling molten lava leaking out of these scars. Koth’tallaz’s head is a four mouthed abomination, revealing jagged and sharp teeth that line all of his mouths. He has two pairs of yellow eyes, which consistently glow with a disdain and malevolence that only a demon could possess. The back of his head is twisted into several horns and demonic antlers, and the top of his head is topped with several bone plates. He has a pair of tusks protruding from his face, which split into four different ends towards the end of his face.

Koth’tallaz’s body is particularly warped. His chest is covered and surrounded by a layer of what can be considered burnt white warped bone, and his chest has several demonic horns protruding both outwards and into his shoulder, though oddly this doesn’t restrict his movement. A structure that looks similar to a particularly elongated human spine cover his abdomen from his groin to the top of his chest, where the bone lies. A series of rib-like bones cover his sides, meeting at the spine-like structure. A series of Ozax-like eyes lie on his biceps and his upper legs, and his forearms and lower legs are covered in a thick, bone-like structure that further protect his limbs. Koth’tallaz has a tail tipped with a large, sharp blade, and is entirely flexible. Koth’tallaz’s back has several fleshy tendrils wreathing from a crown of bone, which constantly move on their own. Koth’tallaz’s Abomination Form and Demon Form are both melded together into one distinct form - and are considerably horrifying to behold. His aura intensifies into an orange blazing fire, that burns and corrupts all in its presence. He grows large tendrils, and his size grows as his scars leak lava. His bones char black and his mouth grows even more warped, surrounded in eyes and demonic horns as he grows more and more warped through the melding of both Essences.


An entity of pure Aberric and Demonic Energy given sentience, Koth’tallaz’s disdain for all mortal life runs deep and far. Characteristic of his service to Angazhar, Koth’tallaz’s hate is comparable to a raging fire - he would see to it that the Gigaquadrant is razed into a hellish realm of nothingness and dominated by demons. Koth’tallaz’s beginnings were the representation of his hate and anger, his massacre and destruction of thousands upon thousands of worlds as a swirling Essence mass of pure malevolence cementing him as the being that exists today. However, with age and power comes a patience and cunning matched by few - Koth’tallaz is as capable of silently manipulating the background as he is capable of destruction. Koth’tallaz’s promises of power and glory have seduced many in the past to convert to his side, and he often bequeaths considerable power to his followers though always disposes them in the end. The conflicting nature of the Essences that compose him - the destructive tendencies of Demonic and the dominating tendencies of Aberric - have led him to have two rather separate and conflicting goals for the wider Gigaquadrant. Koth’tallaz would dominate the Gigaquadrant and see it twist and burn into a second Inferno, rife with demons and never-ending conflict and favoring the strong against the weak, with Koth’tallaz as the demon lord of it all and consuming the strongest to grow his own power. Conflictingly, the more demonic side of Koth’tallaz would see that the Gigaquadrant being razed into nothingness - for the Ozax and the Samut’angar to raze to oblivion and either being obliterated entirely or for Marrow to open up in reality and tear it to shreds and absorb it.


First, and foremost, Koth’tallaz is a threat of an intergalactic scale. Considered to be one of Angazhar’s mightiest servants - though still beneath the Mahanayan Hez’Kalka in terms of power - Koth’tallaz is known for being capable of razing entire worlds of life, and at the height of his power could shatter a planet like glass with his Essence. Koth’tallaz’s hate and anger fuels his power, resulting in a orange and yellow demonic fire manifesting for both Demonic and Aberric Energy. Koth’tallaz’s flames supernaturally burn far, far hotter than normal flames and can melt even the strongest steel, though oddly never vaporizes anything that he doesn’t exactly want to vaporize, leaving a path of molten destruction. Koth’tallaz isn’t a being of pure destruction, however. His control over Demonic and Aberric allow him to Descend others, and his manipulation of others results in him rather skillfully utilizing Aberric Energy to brainwash others into serving him. Koth’tallaz can mentally dominate a person by grabbing them by the head and forcing them to stare into his eyes, exposing the horrors of Marrow, the eldritch nature of Khi’voranix and Aberric Energy, and the nihilistic fate of reality/the person being dominated. The combination of these factors entirely destroy a person’s mind, and Koth’tallaz can mold and create an entirely new individual utilizing this power. Koth’tallaz used this ability in the past to create a vast network of influence over various ancient civilizations in Eupherion, some of which he still holds influence ocer to the present day. Koth’tallaz is known to be capable of dominating minds without utilizing this ability - his cunning and his charisma can be extremely formidable, and many have found themselves seduced by the demon’s promises of power, pleasure, and glory.

As an entity of pure Essence, his form is not set in stone. Koth’tallaz is a powerful shapeshifter, capable of changing his form to whatever his desires. Koth’tallaz has appeared in various forms in the past - from a fearsome mass of pure, malevolent energy, to a rather seductive alien female, to the demonic form that he often takes regardless. Each of his forms are all set in the physical world and thus capable of being destroyed, and every single successful attempt at destroying his body will not kill Koth’tallaz himself, but force him back into Marrow to gather his strength and reform back in reality. Koth’tallaz cannot be truly killed by any feasible means - though the extremely powerful anti-essence weaponry of certain capital ships can damage Koth’tallaz himself past his body and force him to retreat, and enough hits from these weapons will destroy Koth’tallaz entirely. Koth’tallaz is, despite his nature, capable of unleashing his own demon form - a combination of the Demonic and Aberric demon forms and a force of pure terror. In his demon form, Koth’tallaz is capable of challenging even the greatest warriors of the Gigaquadrant, and at the height of his power, can raze entire sectors into nothingness. Unfortunately for Koth’tallaz, the physical requirements and costs of building up the energy to access his demon form is extreme - the process can sunder the fabric of reality and causes Marrow to open upon the Gigaquadrant around Koth’tallaz, imbuing him with the Aberric Energy required to create his demon form. Koth’tallaz is known to be one of the few who can unlock and withstand the true power of the Ka-Chaska Stone, something he understands fully and desires to exploit to his own advantage.


Serving Edit

Yellow face I serve, for they are to served.

  • Angazhar - To raze and burn is to return the universe to its rightful state.

Servants Edit

Red face Your life is chained to me, by your oath eternal.

  • Draukorg- Covet the madness and the ravenous rage. It is a part of you now, Draukorg the Flesh-Ripper.

Allies Edit

Red face Only the strong are spared my wrath. Do not show weakness as my acquiantence.

Neutral Edit

Red face Your existence is folly, an insult.

Disliked Edit

Red face Life is finite.

Enemies Edit

Red face What you do now is not courage, it is foolishness.


What Theruskrayathos is beyond my comprehension. This entity presents His will, yet His will for me is different. Should these parallels come to cross, then perhaps it is also the will of Theruskrayathos for us to meet as foes.

- Hez'Kalka