Hail to Kshoeti'Valicar, Imperishable, Conqueror of the Four Stars, Prince of Valicar Keep, Honored Pharekh of our Lost Queen, Lord of the Earth and Rains, He would hold the Scepter, Master of Six Solar Winds of Mirus, Lion of the Sarko'nai, The Queen's Hunting Hawk, Majestic Ruler of all Multus Esse!

- A shortened version of Kosheti's titles, the full version taking two and a half hours to recite.

Kosheti'Valicar, alternatively spelt Kshoeti'Valicar is the Chassin'ra member of the Sarko'nai Military Caste, acting as the Supreme Commander, acting Pharekh in absence of their great Queen, putting him in charge of all remaining Temple Fleets of the Multus Esse and their few remaining worlds. This further also makes him an important figure to the rest of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment, as well as the Covenant of Mirus, despite his disdain for it. Kosheti is very much an enigma to many who met him, equal parts arrogant and boasting of his peoples' greatness, but at the same time humble and mature, praising and admiring the advancements of not only his peoples' creations, but the advancements of the other, younger races, despite often being at odds, such as the Draconid Imperium or the French Empire.

Kosheti'Valicar seeks to remove those empires that threaten his people, and their creations and allies, eager to lead his legions to glory and create an era of peace for the galaxy. Though he brings with him a dismissive, patronizing attitude to fight his foes and even to his allies, Kosheti is also a great ruler and master, seeking to understand and even accepts criticism from all of Mirus, even his enemies, withing and desiring to learn no matter who ventures forth his flaws.

History Edit

Birth and Early Life Edit

Kosheti was born into one of the families of the Multus Esse, the House of Valicar, to a father of the Priestly Caste, and to a mother in the governmental Caste. Proud of his familial heritage, Kosheti hoped to either end up in the Priests Sect, or working with the governmental workers, but found himself, on his Rite of Passage, told that his strength of mind and body marked him as a member of the Warrior Caste. Surprised by this turn of events, but still ready to serve his people, Kosheti entered into the Royal Barracks, and began his training, eager to prove his worth in anyway. As such, his training focused not only on martial excellence that could far outpace that of any other race, but on physical health, strength and precision with his spear point and sword blade, these two weapons becoming his truest companions throughout. For years, Kosheti mastered the arts of war and battle, becoming one of the finest warriors to serve in the Multus Esse, before being assigned to the command of General Kamut'Sernak, an Aliibic general responsible for overseeing the protection of the frontier colonies established in the Milky Way galaxy, settling these areas, and bringing new wonderous technologies and tools to the primitive races there, so they may rise to become great in their own way.

Kosheti stayed here in the galaxy for many years, and in time, was made the Champion of Kamut, and his most trusted bodyguard and hand within all matter, seeing to the elimination of foes and enemy champions on his lord's behalf, and fighting on the front lines against many foes that would threaten the Multus Esse. The great Warrior knew few equals that could challenge him on the field, and when out of battle, so to the will of the troops under Kamut, becoming known for his temperance and wisdom when dealing with his troops, and seeing to their will and accordance, despite becoming rather famous for his growing ego. When Kamut'Sernak finally passed due to his advancing age, Kosheti was made the new Nemukasor, or General, of his legions, and lead them for many years, though the peace that the Multus enjoyed grew heavy upon Kosheti, and he and many of his warriors took to studying poetry and the art of other civilizations to broaden their knowledge and skills.

Kosheti was among those sent to Cyrannus to study alongside the Oikoumene, specifically their own cadre of Warriors, the Sarko'Nai Caste working with the so called Mornûnendur, though Kosheti found some of their members disagreeable, and preferred time spent with those dedicated to science and the aspects of life-keeping. After many centuries studying with each other, Kosheti returned to his home, as strange ships had been sighted, and the Elders worried what they could bring.

War with Zarbania Edit

After many years of stability, the Legions of Zarbania came from their home dimension, settling the desert world, and marched upon the empire of the Multus Esse. Hungry for resources, power and entire universes to call their own, the Zarbanians waged war upon the Multus Esse. The Great military leader, Charoteti'Kesh, lead many operations, but many of his generals died, their heads sent back to Charoteti as reminders of his weakness and inability to stop their tide. Picking Kosheti from amongst the candidates, his rivals declared their distrust for him, proclaiming Kosheti an arrogant fool and power-mad idiot. Regardless, Charoteti challenged them to match his blade if they thought themselves better, and when none stepped forward, Kosheti claimed leadership of the armies on Charoteti's behalf. His leadership and skill at first was unproven, never having meet such a foe that could equal his might or the might of his people, but, as he learned and adapted his strategy, Kosheti slowly but surely turned the tide, crushing many legions of Zarbanians, killing many commanders with his blade and Halberd, having no mercy for the foes that dared raise their fists against his great empire.

As the war turned against them, Kosheti had no mercy. He repaid the war crimes of the Zarbanians in turn with ruthless efficiency, but was not completely without honor. He would, after sending his trusted champions to the various generals, petty-Emperors and rulers under the Zarbanian flag, and ask them to surrender to him. Though it would be unconditionally, he showed those that surrendered great mercy, and allowed them to stay on their worlds, of course under a sort of house arrest, but untouched and their worlds unmolested. Those that resisted, where crushed, his legions stoically and quickly crushing every soldier and putting every private, captain and planetary governor to the sword. By time they were down, hundreds of worlds had been ruined and devastated, and Kosheti was tasked with delivering the sentence to the remaining Zarbanians.

Deciding to not waste anymore life, Kosheti declared they would be spared, but stripped of all their technology and cast into the Stone Age once more. He hoped that, with time and patience, their future rulers would join the Multus Esse again as full members of Mirus, without greed, bloodlust and savagery in their hearts, and the galaxy could be united in peace once more.

War with the Grox Edit

Return of THEM Edit

Dominatus Wars Edit

The servants of the Primodial Chaos are here? I must express my respect for you, Son of an Exif, yet also my fear. You are strong yes, but why do you show yourself here? Speak quickly, for my respect sours quickly, like milk from a disgusting bovine, and my chariot wheels are always eager to grind the Son of an Exif beneath them, be it with my death or victory.

- Kossi'Valicar to Acolyte Nai-Ar'natl

To deal with the threat of the Dominatus Wars, Kosheti'Valicar used his position as Pharekh to rally the warriors of all Temple Fleets to his side and wage war upon the Dominatus for their sins. Throughout hte War, Kosheti acted to prevent the worst battles from becoming full defeats, but even still, even his genius, and that of his best warriors and generals, could not prevent these battles from costing the Anti-Dominatus Alliance dearly. His wrath would be roused fully, however, when one Dominatus leader threatened to do unspeakable things to all of Kosheti's people, and turn them into Overseers. Enraged, not only at how many innocent lives were being destroyed by the Dominatus, but by their threats to his people, he finally swore to end the life of the Dominatus and her children for insulting his crown.

Kosheti'Valicar lead his troops personally, his powerful blade and kingly staff ending the life of any synthetic, Overseer and even Dominatus that crossed his path. Though the Overseers proved even a match for even his mountainous strength, and the Dominatus more then even what he could handle. Still, he was the leader of the Warrior Caste for a reason, though many battles were hard, his warriors celebrated and cheered at every enemy he struck down, every champion whose head he turned into a trophy.

Gathering his warriors for a final attack, Kosheti destroyed many of the worst monsters on the homeworld of Demogorgon Prime, before finding the Dominatus who had insulted his people and crown. After a battle that went on for weeks, and tested both of their might bodies and constitution, he struck the Dominatus' arms and legs off, and dragged her off as a prisoner. After the battle was over, the races meet to discus their fate, Kosheti had every surviving child of hers brought to him, and pickled and cooked, before she was forced to eat it as a last meal. After this, he had liquid gold poured onto her body, and made into a statue to put in his palace chambers.

Kosheti offered and demanded that he be one to speak on the Dominatus, wanting to insult the "Sons of Exif" and damn them to hell for their warcrimes, but the other Multus Leaders refused, and instead chose another leader to deliver their condemnation, not only wanting to convince the younger races they were not arrogant, but worried that Kosheti's image would rub others the wrong way, worried he would come across as a bloodthirsty, berserking, mad-tyrant with delusions of godhood. Kosheti yelled back that he "Had no delusions of Godhood, you Son of an Exif!", but accepted their word.

Covenant of Mirus Edit

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

Thunder is loud... hurricanes are louder... Kosheti is loudest.

- Kiradonai, Avatar of the Persacron

Kosheti, at first, appears to be an erratic, arrogant, haughty ruler, lording over others with his patronizing, self-important attitude. He appears to all who meet him at first to be an ego-driven conqueror-king of old, looking down at both the creations of the Multus Esse and other races with a patronizing attitude and believing they can never measure up to his great people. However, once one gets to know him, he is quick to throw compliments and praise at the creations of his people and the other races of the universe, studying their cultures and looking at their achievements in art, science and writing with great passion. In fact, he even praises his foes, for even infamy is worth remembering, so long as he learn not to repeat it.

He is prone to throwing insults at his foes and those he dislikes, often calling them, male, female or other, "The Son of an Exif!" and threatening to beat them to death with his sandals or his prized chariots. Likewise, he is known to disdain gendered titles, calling anyone, male or female, Sir or Mister, and only respecting the gendered title of galactic rulers and such. When questioned, he proclaimed "I have no time for gender, it is a stupid thing! You are all Misters, and if you do not like it, I will bear you with my sandals, you sons of Exif!"

Kosheti surrounds himself with advisors, and despite his attitude, accepts and welcomes criticism of his leadership and command from any, even bringing enemy advisors from other races into his court to learn from and moderate his style to better fit any situation.

Kosheti is known to collect the greatest hats from many galaxies to add to his collection, feeling the measure of a race is found in how they treat their great hats and the works of art they place on their head.

Equipment Edit

Kosheti carries a powerful Khopesh blade to symbolize his strength as a full member of the Warrior Caste, while using a mighty war spear, also tipped with a long Khophesh blade, to symbolize his position as a high ruler. Kosheti will use both with great strength and speed over his foes, yielding such with strength and power that can flatten a skyscraper. His suit of armor is a lucirious gift from the Queen herself, and symbolizes his position as the highest military authority, while wearing a massive, powerful crown called the Crown of Khemii, symbolizing his power as the Pharekh.

Powers Edit

Kosheti is a being of monstrous strength and power, noted to be able to easily crush the likes Dragowar and Skordi with his blade, though struggles against the might of Overseers and their Drakodominatus masters. Though his armor and impressive strength allow him much power and the ability to easily crush and destroy his foes, but he further has mastered the Schools of Essence usage his people are known for, and, was blessed by the Goddess of War and the Sun with the Elemental Power of Fire, surpassing many Koatria, and being the only Multus Esse member to master such techniques, making him incredibly powerful to deal with, as he often combines the energies to utterly annihilate legions before him.

Relations Edit

Green face Friends Edit

You are honored. As honored as someone can be who is not in my harem, at least.

  • Locri-Ti - A close friend, also, I cannot wish for a better fleet commander.
  • Barda Clett - Daubing yourself blue before battle is silly, but your people are patient and make beautiful jewels and piercing's.
  • W'tze - I like these dresses and suits, many fine silks and such. Though you all smell like seductive Sons of an Exif!
  • Ajaar'Magnos - You are faithful, though as arrogant as the son of an Exif!
  • Zuki - Cats are second in levels of abomination to the Demons of the Deathmarch. I fear any women who can command one, much less an army of them, as any should!

Blue face Allies Edit

I will smack your enemies with my 50 chariots.

  • King Brygon - Volver have such strange antlers, but I will not raise my voice to you. Yet.

Yellow face Neutral Edit

Do not be the Son of an Exif and annoy me!

Orange face Irritated Edit

This is my only comment! A large Khopesh is my only comment!

  • Nai-Ar'natl - By the Gods, behave yourself! I will give you a smack with my 50 chariots!

Red face Enemies Edit

I will grind you under 30 0f my chariots and laugh at you as you cry for mercy!

  • Pridar'Valicar - You lost the right to call me brother long ago!
  • Lord Mortox - You son of an Exif! I will smack you with my blade and make you drink a cow's milk!
  • Terikalinra - You are not just the Son of an Exif! You are the son of two Exif! Begone, foul demon-beast!

Quotes from others Edit

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Great Being, I am in your debt.

- Barda Clett

Inferior scum. Eventually, you will be assimilated.

- Lord Mortox

What no of course I'm not going to try to take over your nation with a army of hostage cats, who would do such a thing? Certainly not me!

- Ipsissimus Zuki

You saved your race from destruction at our hand and atoned your race for their sins against us. You have my respect, and I would fight side-by-side with you anytime.

- Vertigo of the Pseudopath.

I care not for the peace you think you have made. You will die with the rest of your race!

- Krill, leader of Níl An Tsíocháin Inghlactha

Thunder is loud... hurricanes are louder... Kosheti is loudest.

- Kiradonai, Avatar of the Persacron

Trivia Edit

  • Kosheti was originally based on Toa Lhikan from Bionicle, and meant to be a wise and dignified figure. However, ZF desired to change him, wanting him to not be like Apolithanatár, and so crafted him into an obnoxious yet intelligent ruler.
  • Exif is an Alien race from Godzilla, similar to elves. In a way, Kosheti is calling just about everyone the Son of an Elf, though among the Multus, Exif is an insult directed towards either man or woman that act in a prostitutional manner. It is supposed to be rarely used.
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