It is our job as Caretakers to ensure the safety and continuity of the work of the ancient Cold Ones, the Kormacvar. It was from them that Borealis was born, and the races of modernity still make extensive use of their devices such as the Cold Relays. Their legacy is true, and it is to be respected. And we, the Kormacvar Legacy, will do all in our power to defend it from harm.

- Mirras IV

The Kormacvar Legacy, also known as New Borealis Grox Empire is an immense superpower located around the Galactic Core of the Borealis Galaxy which serves as the current government of the Borealis Grox, the Caretakers and the Alvino, among other races. Created from the dreaded Borealis Grox Empire which once haunted the galaxy under the command of Regnatus, the Legacy is a reformed empire whose task is to defend Borealis from grave threats such as Essentials and Ultraterrestrials through the use of the galaxy's hyperspace layer known as the Grid.

Working alongside the Polar Crystal Alliance, the Kormacvar Legacy makes efforts to make Borealis an orderly place free from threats. However, the Legacy is not to be considered a 'babysitter' of the Alliance as they do not get involved in their conflicts unless they are an actual threat to the galaxy's whole stability. Sporting the single most advanced technology in the galaxy's natives' history, the Kormacvar Legacy is a force to be reckoned and is not to be underestimated, for it once took an entire galaxy to defeat them, and they have become even more powerful since then.


The Kormacvar Legacy was formed during the final years of the Second Borealis Galactic War. The Borealis Grox Empire were defeated after the Polar Crystal Alliance and their allies pushed into their space and destroyed the dreaded Regnatus, causing his influence over the Borealis Grox to cease and make them mindless. The Mechanic volunteered to take Regnatus' place as master of the Grid and once doing so, used his new power to give all Borealis Grox, Caretakers and Alvino individual thought and personalities. They would devote themselves to protect Borealis from threats as great as Regnatus, becoming known across the galaxy as the Kormacvar Legacy.

The birth of the Legacy was considered one of the greater positive outcomes of the war's end, and following the declaration of the Ice Age, the Legacy would consolidate their place as Borealis' most powerful protectors in events such as the Mass Armageddon, where they joined forces with the Junction in order to combat an invasion fleet of the Dominion of the Xhodocto led by Zelfron, eventually leading to his defeat and assimilation by the hands of the latter.




The Kormacvar Legacy is an oligarchy, a government under the rule of a handful of individuals. The supreme ruler of the empire is the Head Caretaker, the immortal ascended Caretaker who has merged himself with the Grid and essentially achieved demigodhood in order to have an omnipresent influence in the galaxy. Aiding the Head Caretaker in maintaining the empire are the Grox-King, the Mother and the Brood Mother, who act as species leaders of the Borealis Grox and their affiliated drones, the Caretakers and the Alvino respectively. Because of the sheer scale and power of the Grid, the Head Caretaker is able to maintain the entirely of the empire at all times, therefore negating the need of things such as individual planetary or sector administrators. The current leaders of the Kormacvar Legacy are:

The Head Caretaker
Assistants of the Head Caretaker


The Kormacvar Legacy, being Borealis' most advanced nation, differs from its far younger neighbours in several aspects. The Legacy has no concept of economy, having adopted a post-scarcity society which only uses the galaxy's Borealis Credit when trading with the Alliance, and these trades are usually centered around technological trades due to the Legacy having no need whatsoever for commerce. Borealis Grox cities are settled in hostile, inhospitably cold planets, while Caretakers live in the Cold Relays and Alvino live in tropical worlds, which means the member races of the Legacy tend to not live together due to biological differences.

Grox, Caretakers, Alvino and the Grox's drone races such as the Conqrix and Marinox are all treated with the same amount of rights by the Legacy, who ensures all citizens are allowed to live full, free lives though all are expected to contribute to the empire by working on maintaining it. Because of their artificial nature, there are few, if any cases of individuals who do not contribute to the empire at all, while infractions from things such as crimes are considered non-existent.


The Kormacvar Legacy is the most advanced native empire of the Borealis Galaxy's history. It is more advanced than the Kormacvar Empire of old and the original Grox Empire colonies which settled on the galaxy, combining the technology of both into something which can only be matched by extragalactics such as the Junction. Because of this, many of the galaxy's inhabitants make great efforts to exchange technology with the Legacy, including the Alliance, though it is often difficult to do so due to the Legacy's own cautious nature, as giving away their technology to those who cannot use them would surely bring catastrophe.

The Legacy's fleets, composed of Grox vesels enhanced by Kormacvar tech, are the most feared in the galaxy and are considered unmatched, this being proven by the Second War when it took the near the entirely of the galaxy, plus extragalactic aid, to combat the Borealis Grox on equal terms. Their ground forces are equally deadly, making full use of Dronox, Insectrox, Marinox and Alvino drones which can easily overrun and overpower even the strongest factions. The Legacy's knowledge over elemental energy also allows them to fend off even the strongest Essence-based enemies such as the demons of the Corruptus.


The Kormacvar Legacy has no concept of religion, and while it is not forbidden, its member races are not seen worshipping any deities within their borders. Despite their respect for the Kormacvar, the Legacy does not see it as gods as they are perfectly aware of their nature as merely a race of advanced aliens, and while the Mechanic has achieved a singularity by merging himself with the Grid, the Legacy's population does not see him as a god. This does not stop a minority of empires across the galaxy, such as the Minga Theocracy, to see the Mechanic as akin to a deity, which is not something the Legacy encourages.


The Mechanic.png

Get your hands off the Grid, you whippersnappers!

The Mechanic is the founder and current leader of the Kormacvar Legacy. The oldest and wisest of all Caretakers, he has taken Regnatus' place as the being in control of the Grid, and used it to give the Grox, Caretakers and Alvino free will. While he has become a being of pure psychic power, he still uses his old Caretaker body as an avatar.

Mirras IV.png

What do we have here?

  • Name - Mirras IV
  • Race - Borealis Grox
  • Status - Active

Mirras IV is a Borealis Grox cloned by the Mechanic to serve as an internal leader for the Grox and their minion races. While he has the same appearence as the late King Mirras III, Mirras IV is a neutral entity with little personality of his own. He spends the majority of his time coordinating Grox efforts through the Inner Core.

The Mother.png

Can't get housework done without a good Mother around here.

  • Name - The Mother
  • Race - Caretaker
  • Status - Active

The Mother is one of the oldest of all Caretakers, being as ancient as the Mechanic and the Kormacvar Empire. Most of her past is unknown due to Regnatus' erasing of the Kormacvar's databanks, but she's speculated to have been the progenitor of the first Caretakers after they evolved from the Naombur. With a posh personality and an air of superiority, the Mother is much less known than the Mechanic, but is still a very important Caretaker regardless, taking his place as the internal leader of the species after his merging with the Grid.


All life is dear to me.

Floridarixis is the organism who gives birth to the Alvino and acts as their internal leader. Formerly an ancient, corrupted monster serving under Regnatus, the Brood Mother was killed during the Second War. However, Regnatus' databases had copies of her genetic code, and the Mechanic has issued a project to clone her back to life.

Vague Dakster.png

Back when I was alive, I called myself a "hero" out of naivety, I had no idea what this meant. Now, now that I have opened my eyes, I will not call myself a hero, I will be a hero. I must protect everyone!

  • Name - Dakster
  • Race - Vague
  • Status - Active

The only named individual among the Vague, and the only one with a known personality, Dakster is widely recognised as their leader, and is believed to share a body with a Kormacvar warmaster. Drastically different from how he was in his earlier life, and in fact only retaining the memories of his earlier life, Dakster is very passionate and sympathetic, and will sacrifice anything to protect the people he cares for. He feels guilty for the actions of his people, the Ottzel, and for his own selfishness, as well as immense disdain towards Zargoth. Believing he has seen the universe from a completely new perspective, seeing all its true evil and injustice, Dakster sees himself as someone who must protect its inhabitants from the dangers of demonic threats.



Green face.pngWe fight together for Borealis' safety.


Blue face.pngBorealis' protection depends on the support we receive.


Yellow face.pngAre you a potential ally, or a threat to be removed?


Orange face.pngKeep in line. Or else.


Red face.pngYou are a threat to Borealis' stability. You leave us no choice!


I can rest easily now that the legacy of my people is in good hands. Still, to this day... to think I would come to consider the Grox my comrades... the universe is a strange place.

- Arkarixus

The Grox were once the most dreaded beings in Borealis. Now, they fight in our side. They are proof that we, with enough teamwork and effort, can make the impossible a possibility.

- Vekaron

They have become even stronger?! And they allied the primitives?! This won't do. This won't do at all.

- Mukharduuild

In all amusement in my favour, you would find that we have rooted ourselves deeper in this galaxy than that of the eldest of trees in fertile ground.

- Hez'Kalka

You go to great things, old friend. It bring tear to my eye. Very few have so great a network set up. I have seen the Kormacvar, and let me tell you, they smile upon what you now do.

- Tuolog

With the Legacy protecting our galaxy, I am sure it will prosper for years to come.

- Valzaria

honestly man i disagree wiv dis. deyz too biased. a system liek da Borealis Grid an liek dem stoopid Cold Relayz man dey shud b owned by da public not dese geezas. dat maeks deez geezas too powaful deyz liek some class elitists wiv too much powa ova common peepz an dey can deny service ta us wenever. not fair man. when do i get ma socialist revolushon oh ma dayz

- Fre'kloar

Sucks 'aving a rich tradin' network ya can't do business with, 'eh?

- Billig Oltauris


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