Komamuka Sajin is an anthropomorphic wolf holding the rank of captain with the dissidents. He is a "Wielder", capable of using powers like telekinesis and persuasion over weaker minded individuals. Believed to be an ancient deity though Komamuka refuses to eleborate on his age. He wields a katana with deadly precision. He eventually joined the dissidents against the Empire, taking Yvenne Thalyssaera as a protegé to protect her against the horrors of the Finduila Sector.

He later joined the Rambo Loyalist in their struggle against the Empire and recieved the officer rank of captain. By 2820, he donned a little bit different outfit.


Early LifeEdit

Komamuka Sajin was born in an unspecified time in the Finduila Sector, in a time when his species were still many. Gradually over time, his species dwindled in numbers though Komamuka Sajin and others remained. Komamuka eventually became a gifted "Wielder", and is rumored to have had ties with the original Aldárae Order. In 2804/06 AQF, he stood powerless and horrified when the Legatus Finduilica rose as a vassal state of the Empire, becoming the new dominant power of the Finduila Sector. Komamuka ignored events as he always did though eventually became friends with Schout bij Nacht Jan Michiel Tasman and decided to join his efforts. During one of his ventures on a back water world for a mission of the dissidents, he came to the aid of a young half-elf by the name of Yvenne Thalyssaera who was being molested by a group to thugs. Unable to fight back the group wished to take advantage of her and abuse her. Under the Empire, justice was gone and things like this were common practices for those too weak to defend themselves. Yet the girl awakened a fighting spirit within him as she crawled towards him, crying and begging for help. Remembering his ancienct vows he unsheathed his swords and saved the girl, taking her under his wings as a protegé. Though a troublesome one.

Struggle of Being of Half-Elf & Dawn/Twilight of DivinaEdit

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Komamuka, Yvennen and Tasman, a well working group of individuals who challenge the Legatus

In february 2819/21 AQF, Komamuka searched for Yvenne in a fishy and shady bar. Finding her tipsy and under the influance of human mercenary who exploited her vulnerabilty as a half-elf for pleasure he roared and dispatched the mercenary. The girl, who could barely stand on her legs giggled and flirted with him, her superior officer. Dissapointed he used his "wielding powers", placing a single finger on her fore head send her to the land of dreams. Albeit one with awakening with a terrible headache, what she deserved. Komamuka brought her back to Home Base where he put her to bed so she could get over her drunken state. Writing a letter to inform her to be on time for a briefing he was greatly dissapointed when she missed it, embarassing the proud captain. When she eventually arrived on the bridge, she dismissed it as overslept. Snapping the two got into a heated argument until Yvenne accused him and he hit her with his flat hand in her face. The girl fell to the ground by the impact though before things could get out of hand schout bij nacht Jan Michiel Tasman corrected them both and send Yvenne on sanitary duty while Komamuka was informed he would get Yvenne under his supervision and responsibility.


Escaping Rottum

Two weeks later he supported Yvenne to undertake a dangerous mission to Rottum. During the mission Komamuka onboard a LC-class came to the aid of Yvenne when she and crew managed to steal several Space F16 starfighters. When a Legatus Arquintens-class light cruiser arrived in orbit Komamuka deployed a close range fighting style, managing to disable the light cruiser and escaping with Yvenne and the stolen starfighters.


Preparing for the Legatus arrival

By late february 21 AQF Komamuka narrowly escaped Nassau during its invasion by the Legatus. Returning to Home Base he was informed by Jan Michiel Tasman of an impending invasion by the Legatus. Preparing the dissident forces for battle, he returned in time to the bridge of the Eendragt to see the arrival of the Legatus fleet and be present for a holo transmission of Yvenne. Relieved she was alive he commanded the fleet but realized the Legatus forces were overwhelming them. During their escape he hugged Yvenne when she boarded the Eendragt and advised the rear-admiral to trust Yvenne and enter the rift to travel to the Cyrannus Galaxy. Later on, he was present on the bridge where the commanders of the Rambo Loyalist and Lusitania Squadron invited the dissident to join their ranks.


Komamuka comes to aid "Raven Team" during the siege of Isle Blue

Komamuka later joined the assault on the Rambo Capital to remove High King Rambert Ramveral during the Umbra du Elen'nanthien events. During the assault and infiltration of the Rambo Royal Palace in Tirithsilliana Komamuka joined with Idris Vanguinar and both were shocked to see Rambert Ramveral's demonic appearance, corrupted by the Corruptus and Mar-Júun. During the battle Komamuka managed to pierce one of Rambert's demonic wings with is katana though Rambert retaliated sending Komamuka into a nearby building. He later witnissed the end of Rambert by efforts of Idris and Aoirtae. Shortly after, to his horror Rambo Nation fell as a massive fleet of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus arrived and drove the New Republic/Resistance fleet away. Their efforts liberated the Quadrants from a dark and demonic threat though resulted in the end of a once proud and honorable nation.

In January 2820, during the siege of Isle Blue Komamuka timely arrived in "Relocation Valley" to protect Raven Team from an Imperial ambush by summoning forth an energy protective shield. Happy to serve alongside Yvenne again, he met with corporal Anessa Ravencrow and private Yosh Vanderhoek and took command of Raven Team. He dispatched the trio to aid General Jar'Dris Ravencrow to siege the main Imperial facility while Komamuka awaited further reinforcements for Raven Team though later joined the evacuation efforts when Imperial forces overrun Isle Blue and retook it from the Loyalist forces. Able to reach the Bismarck, Komamuka joined Malegras and the remaining Loyalist forces and escaped into the Quadrant Galaxies.


Komamuka faces Astrosia

By March 2820, Komamuka met with General Ravencrow, Commodore Malegras and Shatterhorn to discuss their campaigns against the Empire in the Western Sectors. He remained on Plerax plotting their next moves. By June 2820 Komamuka led Loyalist forces to siege the planet Impaerusqiantia and secure the ShadowForge Keep and the Saurien Sector Corporation. Siding with the native HarbronrSaurien Komamuka and his troops overwhelmed the Imperial forces. During the conclusive battles he faced Lady Astrosia in personal combat but was unable to defeat her as she managed to escape the planet.

In September 2820, Sajin, amongst others of the Loyalist command structure attended a meeting at Ramsoria where they discussed their plan to siege Pauvenris and its prisoners while the Singularim Pact besieged Karzhamarhi-Nui. Sajin did not participate at the battle of Pauvenris and instead focused his efforts elsewhere.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Komamuka Sajin is a strict yet caring wolf. With a love for nature and peace, he often meditates to hear the whispers of the wind and light. A keen user of the martial arts, skilled in using the katana and able to "Wield" magical powers he is a force to be reckoned with. His fur is s light-brown/orange with soft yellow fur running down his lower cheek to his chest.

Komamuka wears golden shoulder pads and a armored color. He wears a pair of golden gauntlets that cover his upper arms and are durable enought to deflect blaster bolts. He wears a black kimono with a white haori over it. By 2820 he upgraded his appearance with modofied armor. Due to his advancing age he also changed appearance more due to the effects of the magical energies of the nearby Quadrant Galaxies.

He personally likes reading and gardening a lot and is protective of his protegé though is not prone to set her in her place by scolding.


Loved Ones

LoveRelationThey are most dear to me!

  • Yvenne Thalyssaera - My protegé, I might be harsh and cruel to her at times but I care for her deeply.

Blue faceI believe I can trust them


Orange faceBlergh!



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