The Hegemony thought they could murder us and get away with it. The Alliance is failing. This Covenant would see to it that we remain it's servants, forced to fight for it's corrupt goals. This will not stand. On this day, the Koatria rise again, and we will have vengeance for what has happened. The Covenant will fall, and the Alliance will be all the stronger!

- Koatra Team Olda

The Koatria Protectors are the continuation of the Koatria program, created after the betrayal of the Hegemony, and the creation of the Covenant of Mirus, after their numbers where nearly annihilated and their forces scattered to the winds. Across the Enlightenment Alliance's holdings, surviving teams and warriors who had survived the butchery came together, first under the Peacebringers and other Olympians who had risked themselves to save the Koatria, then began to coordinate their attacks against the Hegemony that had killed their brothers and sisters, and their young cadets. Everything at that point seemed lost. The Koatria, once strong at 200,000, now struggled with only 560 active members. Many teams had been utterly destroyed, and many others weakened to below combat strength.

And yet, even with all their hope seemed lost, they banded together, coming together to repair the damage, bringing in new students, and working with others who had lost something to Hegemony and the Xonexi to make the future better. The Koatria Protectors, while largely the same as the servants who had served the Alliance, have changed greatly, filled with a determination to undo the tyranny of the Xonexi and their Covenant of Mirus. Of course, the Alliance could never support such an action in the open, and, as the Koatria where always given free reign, they have prepared many operations in the days to come to undo the Xonexi, and destroy the Covenant once and for all. The Protectors are listed as a terrorist organisation by the Covenant, and, at least offically, by the Alliance as well.

A little more centralized, and daubed in secrecy, with many traditions changed to adapt to the times, the Koatria Protectors are joined by everything, from Ugandalorian Super-Commandos, to Gardeili Inquisitors, all seeking the same thing; vengeance for family members and loved ones slaughtered, and to keep the torch of Enlightenment safe, while the families flicker ever dangerously.

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Though Koatria Protectors de jure ceased to exist as a group after founding the Enlightenment Alliance alongside with their brothers the New Enlightened and their old member states in the Enlightenment Collaborative, de facto their groundwork remains intact. Their members would be vital in forging a new, unblemished history for those Foundings of the Hegemony's supersoldiers which deflected to their ranks during Hegemony's Fall and successfully pushed for a closer collaboration between the various programs of the old Collaborative and the new programs that were founded to replace them during the age of the Covenant of Mirus. This much ameliorated the situation and even prevented an all-out war between the Olmypians and the Persan Sephirah Hosts, which doubtlessy would have had grave results for the newfound Alliance.

A new Koatria Temple was founded on Dagivryn, which alone amongst the Koatria Temples outgrew the main temple on Matrukoris. The Groups which made up the Koatria Protectors also continued to work together closely, transferring money and information between one another, resulting in a strengthening of the Alliance, which became strong enough to challenge the Coveant of Mirus on equal ground. Though their name would never become as notorious as the torchbearers of the New Enlightened or the watchdogs of Mirusian Triumvirate, the Koatria Protectors would go on to be remebered as a perhaps the most effective resistence movement in the era of the Covenant. By the time of the Second Great Cyrannus War, the groundwork they had laid had expanded even further and not only allowed Koatria of the Enlightenment Alliance to forge ties with the Aldárae Order, but, consequentely, also allowed the Alliance's other branches to join the war effort in full - a thing that in the old Enlightenment Collaborative would have been impossible due to the high autonomy of the branches and the rivalry between them.

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The Protectors, while retaining many of the same features, has added new features to itself to keep up with the times. While originally, one elder team would train another, now adays, one teacher will teach a team all by him or herself, with little support unless needed. Things like this are done to desperately preserve the Koatria's numbers after the losses they have suffered. Everything is done to get as many students, no matter how skilled or powerful they are, and train them in the art of battle for when the Hegemony, the rest of the Xonexi, or the Darklings return.

All members of the Protectors, Koatria or not, hate and despise the Hegemony for what they have done, and will never forgive them, or their Xonexi allies. No matter what, Hegemony actions have stained the organization forever, and the Koatria, like the Pact that spawned it, will never forgive or forget. Their goal, from the moment their organization was created, was to bring back the Alliance and destroy the Covenant, a goal they share with the Mirusian Triumvirate, and, more dangerously, with the Hand of Retribution, who initially tried to court the support of the Protectors, before turning against them.

As such, while the Protectors may be small, they still have the connections and resources to carry out their operations, even at below standard strength. Outside of Koatria, they have other soldiers at their side. Ugandalorian Super-Commandos and Shock Troopers, eager for revenge against the Xonexi, Waptorian Psions and Emotive Elite, resenting the path their people have taken, Persan Espers and Psychokinetics, still driven by their hatred for the Hegemony's prejudice even after retiring from the military, radical Greater Mirusian Church of Spode Inquisitors, who see the Xonexi as a taint to be explunged, Warrior-Hunter Kill-Teams, expelled from their former project after running anti-Hegemony training simulations before the betrayal, and even many of the Olympians, who refuse to serve the Covenant as long as the Xonexi are in.

Though, by all accounts, the Koatria are the most prominent among these groups, this never really plays into politics or leadership positions, only usually effecting members when it comes time to fight Brotherhood forces.

Military Bases Edit

The Protectors control a number of bases, on many a planet within and throughout the Alliance, and commonly dotting places that are inhospitable for the most part or otherwise difficult to reach. These bases are also commonly found on remote planets, far from Alliance space, usually designed to hide in plain sight and allow them to operate without outside interference. Such is done to allow the Koatria access to materials and war gear at all times, allowing them to drop off at a planet, pick up whatever gear they need, and get moving, keeping everything mobile.

Their technical "capital", the swamp world of Dagivryn, is the place where all Protectors meet and cool down after missions, resupply, heal and train for the next fight. It is also where their cadets are housed, allowing them to return to train those that they need to. Dagivryn, continuously enshrouded in a dense fog, is the home of the Board of Leadership, and made up of the various leaders of the Koatria Protectors, representing all their various groups and forces.

Training Edit

Koatria used to be trained as a team. One team would train another, and pass on all their skills, this usually done after a Koatria left the academies and began being prepped for the real combat they could face. These cadets would assist the other team until they where ready to fly on their own. With the amount of Koatria lost, however, Koatria are forced to train many more then usual, with one Koatria training an entire team, to compensate for their low numbers, and to do everything they can to make up for it.

Board of Leadership Edit

  • Name - Hydarax
  • Role - Order of Zaraturai Representative
  • Position - Profoundly Anti-Hegemony, Profoundly Anti-Brotherhood, Anti-Covenant, Welcoming to the True Enlightened

  • Name - Akanri Rozu Izeria
  • Role - Psychokinetic Representative
  • Position - Profoundly Anti-Hegemony, Anti-Brotherhood, Suspicious of the Covenant, Apathetic to the True Enlightened

  • Name - Darkling Miterix
  • Role - Darkling Loyalist Representative
  • Position - Anti-Hegemony, Proactively Anti-Brotherhood, Suspicious of the Covenant, Neutral to the True Enlightened

  • Name - Tyndar Maclon
  • Role - Olympian Representative
  • Position - Profoundly Anti-Brotherhood, Anti-Covenant, Profoundly Anti-Hegemony, Welcoming to the True Enlightened.

  • Name - Tarkan Losal
  • Role - Hegemonic Blankplate Representative
  • Position - Proactively Anti-Hegemony, Anti-Brotherhood, Neutral the Covenant, Suspicious of the True Enlightened

Military Edit

In terms of team composition, the Koatria Protectors adhere less closely to the Koatria of old and more closely to the Warrior-Hunters, who are used to matching and adding completely different types of units to one Kill-Team. All members form their own, often mixed, teams for whatever situation they are most needed. As such, it is no uncommon sight to see a single team made up of four Hunter-Veterans with special issue ammunition, a jetpack Super Commando geared for melee, a Psion riding a Biotic warsteed, an heavy-duty Psychokinetic, an Olympian Terminator Trooper, an ex-Hegemonic Commando blankplate wielding the pillaged weapons of his former empire, all lead by a single Koatria who lost her old Koatria team during the Hegemonic massacre, an another team to be completely different. Each team, however, will paint the same part of their armor in a single unifying color, though, aside from the blankplates, each will keep his or her old markings as not to forget where they come from.

Planetary Combat Edit

Planetary Combat is handled by a selected, elite team of warriors, drawn from all manner of survivors from among the Koatria and other elite groups. Due to their training, skills and abilities, The Protectors' strike teams are often small, around six in size, but all of them equipped with advanced weaponry and devices allowing them to keep their enemies on their toes, and balance out the playing field, utilizing everything, from reverse-engineered Grox technology, Multus Esse Relics and cutting-edge weaponry from Togunda foundries, and others. Their weapons are commonly modified versions of standard firearms used by their race, but using modified, special-issue ammunition in battle. Though each member carries a certain role within the squad, every member is capable of fulfilling the role of another, allowing the squad to both cover every corner in battle, and be prepared if they loss a member.

Due to the elite nature of their teams, and the fact their numbers are low, it is uncommon for more then 2 teams to deploy in a battle, both so that their numbers are not too concentrated in one area, but also so they can preserve their numbers as best they can before they rebuild their numbers. These teams, however, are already and willing to do what must be done, even if it means sacrificing themselves to complete the task at hand.

Few teams are made up entirely of Koatria anymore. While survivors exist, causalities where high, and as such, these few whole teams that remain are considered some of the most hard-edged and dangerous warriors the Protectors can call upon in battle. Their numbers include Teams Olda, Indrika Hangrah, Tyris, Waptara and, to a lesser extent, Team S.O.L, now known as Pandora. Recent additions include Team Daas and Adonaios, but most teams now have a large variety in their numbers, including Inquisitors from the Mirusian Theocratic Congregation, Vanara Psychokinetics, and various other groups.

For heavy support, Team can and sometimes will deploy in various advanced tanks to complete their goals, but these are reserved for missions that require large amounts of heavy support. These situations are usually desperate ones, as the Protectors cannot afford to deploy their tanks for just any mission, and special circumstances must be meet before they deploy them.

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We will stand against corruption.

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For Zaraturai!

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