To be a Koatria is to defeat all those who oppose you? Is this what you believe a Koatria to be? A mighty arm to strike down your enemies? Your power is nothing. Your power can move dirt, your mind and heart can move mountains

- Unknown Toragii

The Koatria teams are Knights, Warrior-Monks and peacekeepers used by first the Mendel Pact, followed by the Unified Federation, then the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment to act as the Alliance's guardians and protectors. They originate from an order of Warrior-Monks and Knights dedicated to preserving peace, unity, duty and destiny amongst the fractious Mendel Clans, and their formation helped usher in an area of peace and prosperity, the Koatria first fighting back against oppressive forces, then against social inequality and systemic oppression. Their example was an inspiration to all, and the Mendel continue to cherish every Koatria as nothing less then a divinely touched being blessed by their Goddess and her pantheon. Their respect is well earned, for the Koatria have fought against many horrors to protect their people.

While they remain within frontier settlements and villages to protect and serve the people there, Koatria can be found across the galaxy, and indeed, will travel to even other galaxies to administer justice, fight against oppressors, or lend aid when needed. For ages, the Koatria had maintained vigil across Mirus as the Guardians of Zarautrai herself, but even they could not remain, and happiness was not to last. Terikalinra, their immortal enemy, grew tired of their interference with his plans, and finally manipulated segments of The Hegemony into acting on his behalf, slaughtering countless Koatria to fulfill his own grand designs.

The slaughter bleed the Koatria white, and made them incapable of fulfilling their duties, forming the Koatria Protectors to oversee the protection of the galaxy. By the time the Second Great Cyrannus War rolled around, the Koatria had recovered some of their strength, and, as sign of respect, sent Takanius Clett, Koatria of Light with his Wife, Mikand'r, Koatria of Mud.

History Edit

Early history Edit

Thee Koatria came about form editing of the Mendel genome by Zaraturai, in an attempt to prepare them for battle against the Darklings, her brother and his minions, as well as various other horrifying forces at work. To accomplish this, she combined the unstable Liminal strain of Elemental Energy which gave the Koatria power of the elements of nature, with Valin'uvalyë to calm the normally wild energies. The first Koatria, was also the first Kulaung, the Origin Point of their species in a sense. Christened Helcayrx by Zaraturai, various warriors would be created, and their powers seeded into their genetics. While Helcayrx was blessed with more power then most Koatria even today, her peers, for whatever reason, did not, and it would take much time for the Koatria's powers to show in time. Further, she foresaw the need for a team to act as her vanguard, and seeded within six races the power that would manifest later as Koatria energy, though not as strong as that in the Mendel.

As time went on, the Mendel grew more and more attached to the elements of nature, working them into their society and religious and spiritual believes, until the very first Koatria, not Helcayrx, came into being. El'corai of Clan Zukamen manifested the powers of ice, and developed these powers under the subtle influence of Helcayrx to protect his tribe and people. As he grew older, and began to teach others his ways and powers, he developed a Code of Honor that would be held as grand importance to the other Koatria that followed Zukamen's footsteps. These rules varied, but all of them stated to act honorably, never to steal, and murder especially was outlawed. To protect the serve the people as honorable knights, the Koatria must never take a life, unless there was absolutely no choice. Their service in the military would be limited, and though this was controversial to the warlike Mendel, it came to be accepted due to their position as Warrior-Monks.

The Koatria helped with many battles in stabilizing the Mendel, lead by the famed warrior Adaer, including the killing the Sisterhood of Shadow, a nihilistic death cult, and stopping their "Dark Alchemy" from spreading in use among the Clans. Further, the Koatria helped the early Estacheni Command's ancestors flew persecution, Adaer standing against the High King and allowing himself to be tortured for information, suffering torture at Jorango's hands for weeks on end, before dying, his body dumped in the public square for scavengers and for others to look upon him, but all declared him a saint of Zaraturai, Mendel and Estacheni alike admiring him as a true hero.

As the Mendel expanded outwards, they came into contact with other races, and though it took many more centuries, these other races, Spikron, the various Waptoria races, Mendel allied races, and Vanara, began to display the same Koatria energy, while manifesting it in ways previously thought impossible. The Vanara Koatria, Niyra, became the first Koatria of Radiation. Though they grew in importance to the Alliance, the Koatria maintain the stance that they are a separate group all together from the Alliance's military and command structure, so that they will not fall under government surveillance, and protect all who need it, even if it meant defying military command at times.

Operational History Edit

Mirus Edit

Hegemony Betrayal

The Koatria faced a massive problem during the Great Xonexian Schism. As the Sovereign Mirusian Coalition prepared for war against the Xonexi, many members of the Alliance joined the Coalition to defeat them. Once they caught word of this, their allies and members, the Hegemony, revealed their true colors as Xonexi members, and attacked first. They attempted to do as much damage as possible by attacking both Olympians, Koatria, and Warrior-Hunters in an bid to destroy the Alliance's top military programs, as well as hunt down any other important organizations and leaders. The Koatria deployed all teams they could to help fight back, but many teams where destroyed in the fighting. While the Koatria were prepared to fight the Hegemony on the worlds of their home states, they did not expect the Hegemony to arrive at their Koatria Colleges and other Essece Academies, the locations revealed to them by a certain Darkling agent. These Hegemony Commandoes and Psionics began to hunt down any students they could find, brutally killing them to keep the Koatria from refilling their ranks.

Team Olda gathered the remaining teams and hunted down the offending Hegemony Psionics, torturing them and sending their heads back to Hegemony command, before joining the Olympian chapters known as the Peacebringers and the Solar Siblings, who had arrived to try and push back the tide. After linking up with the Black Crusaders, and later the Breaker Dragons, the Koatria teams went on a hunt for the rest of the Hegemony Commandoes in question. As though this where not bad enough, about 10 teams where deployed on Matrukoris, when the Darklings struck.

Sucking Matrukoris into their realm of shadows, the Darklings went out, and began turning civilians and military personnel into Infused, while attacking the Koatria teams, but not before the Grey Hunter Olympians and Rebel Darklings came to help push back the tide. Still, even after they did this, it was not before many Grey Hunters where lost, and 8 of the 10 teams killed, with the numbers of the last too low to keep fighting on their own. Ultimately, the forces of the Greater Mirusian Church of Spode would intervene in the brink of time to save the civilians of Matrukoris, the Hunters, and the Koatria, though this would in turn allow the Imperium to invade their territories. The last Great Sage, the Holy Prophet of Truth, would erect a psychic bubble around the fleet to keep the Darklings at bay and allow it to escape to Mendel borders with the survivors, where they would be safe. Truth himself would collapse and die soon the fleet safely arrived, due to the combination of mental strain and old age. Matrukoris, meanwhile, was lost to the Abyss for time being.

After such fierce fighting, the Koatria where left with only 560 left from their original 200,000, and that was not even counting their cadets who had been slaughtered in the battle. When the Covenant of Mirus was formed, the Koatria opposed it at every turn, being the strongest voice moving against it.


Kaay'tan Adaer

- "In Memory of Adaer", a common saying among Koatria

To honor the Greater Church of Spode, whose sacrificial intervention had most likely kept the Koatria from total extinction, and whose races were amongst the highest casualties of Koatria slaughtered, many surviving Koatria would take up the Plasma Blade for the remainder of the Conflicts, eventually modifying it with Vanara Beam technology into a different saber-like weapon known as the Particle Plasma Beam Sabre, or Beam Sabre for short, which would become something akin to the mainstay weapon of the Koatria.

The Koatria HQ on Matrukoris would be moved to the secret and mysterious world of Dagivry Nui, where one of the oldest -and abandoned- Koatria training grounds was rebuild for the task. Another, similarly secretive Essence Academy was established in the depths of Pandora Academy. Due to the direness of their losses, each surviving Koatria was tasked to train a whole new team when the time came, instead of one younger team simply being placed under the tutelage of an older team. Moreover, the survivors were also given liberty to actively seek out and train these apprentices in groups of six instead of simply tutoring them and overseeing their progress. Despite initial reservations about this turn away from age-old orthodoxy, it was found out that this system would actually hamper corruption, as it forged a stronger and more personal bond between a Koatria teacher and his Cadet students.

Still angered at their losses, the Koatria and their other allies, such as Hydarax, gathered in secret, and formed a secret Coalition called the "Koatria Protectors", seeking to strike back the Xonexi, the Hegemony especially, for their transgressions. Joining them where Order of Zaraturai Agents, Rogue Darklings, Mirusian Church Inquisitors, Persan Espers and Psychokinetics, Waptoria Psions and Emotive Elite, and a number of Mendel Super Commandos and Shock Troopers seeking revenge. Once the Koatria's numbers whould be back up to power, they all agreed to begin a plan to destroy the Hegemony, or cripple it in much the same way they had been crippled. Little do they know that it was the Darklings who were behind it, simply using the Hegemony as a front to carry out the massacre of the Koatria, delivering to them the knowhow and tactics to effectively beat them, and thus making the Koatria loose sight of the true threat.

Tyris Major Edit

In Tyris Major, the Koatria who were native to the galaxy returned to fight in the Great Tyrisian Conflicts. When the Koatria Purge took place, many of them did not return to Mirus, instead enlisting in the military forces across Tyris Major. While there is no officially recognized institution for training Koatria in Tyris Major, many of the remaining Koatria have been pooling together resource to establish one. There are roughly 50 known Tyrisian Koatria that survived the purge, and they are scattered at that. This makes their goal quite difficult to achieve.

Plazith Edit

When the Hegemony turned on the Alliance, in what became known as the Great Betrayal, the Koatria transferred all of their teams in the Milky Way to launch a counter-strike when things began to go badly for their cousins in Mirus. Nearly 60 teams arrived in Mirus, and began making their way to help defend the Alliance, when the Brotherhood launched an ambush, using a small force made up corrupted Koatria, and lead by Zontross. Many of the teams died in the initial attack, leaving about half of the teams left to carry out the mission. Lead by Team Lensok, the Koatria made contact with their comrades who had joined the Peacebringers, and began attempting to turn the tide. The resulting battles, including the Black Crusaders/Peacebringer/Solar Siblings/Breaker Dragons assault, left only 14 teams left to fight, and resulted in the deaths of everyone but the team leader of Lensok.

When peace was finally achieved, the 14 teams left returned to the Milky Way, battered and broken by the loss of their team, and disturbed to no end by the actions of the Brotherhood and Hegemony strike teams. After the secretive formation Operation:Venegance, the remaining teams of Plazith Rim began training their newest teams for future battles.

Kraw Edit

Three teams where left in the Kraw galaxy, set up to guard the Mendel colonies, and where used to protect the academies there, as Kraw was a rather obscure galaxy, and many doubted the Hegemony had strike teams there. These academies where seen as the potential for the future of Koatria if the Hegemony did succeed in wiping out the Koatria in Mirus and Plazith. These teams sought to join their comrades in Mirus multiple times, demanding from command again and again to join the fight and avenge their fallen brothers and sisters. This was denied, for their role was just as important as any other. Still, the three teams where aggrieved that could not fight alongside their kin back at Mirus, felling they had failed to help. Still, a number of cadet teams in the Kraw where spared and kept safe from the Hegemony's witch hunt, meaning the alliance had more Koatria to call upon in the future.

Traits Edit

Principles Edit

Koatria are heavily inspired by the teachings of the original Mendel Warrior-Monks that formed their Order, along with the teachings of Zaraturai, centered around the Three Virtues. Similar to the very similar Order of the Aldárae and their devotion to the Way of Peace, the Path of Wisdom and the Pursuit of Justice, the Koatria center around Unity, Duty and Destiny. Different interpretations exist within these three Virtues, but they are considered central to Koatria ideals and their way forward. They view wisdom, intelligence and knowledge as the way forward, and while more actively militant then the aforementioned Aldárae, they are dedicated to peace and understanding among everyone in the galaxy. They are drawn to areas with heavy influence on the elements of nature, such as snow-caped mountains, volcanic lands, and watery islands, drawing their power form these areas.

Their main source of power is Liminal Energy, hence their strong ties to Elements of nature and what can be done in the material world. This leads to a strong opposition to the Void and it's energies, due to the opposition to the Liminal. Likewise, while the Koatria see the Ways of the galaxy in a massive rainbow of sorts, they do not tolerate any things a shade too dark that result in the taking away of freedoms from the majority of people and pain placed upon them.

Koatria have become increasingly linked to the UAE, and have stepped away from the Mendel more in the modern times, though most of their members are Mendel. They simply prefer to appear to not be too loyal to one group over another. As all lives are important to them, Koatria do everything, from handling the destruction of planetary tyrants and conquerors, speaking with and assisting in the negotiations of Union strikes, and even protecting citizens from other empires, even those at war with the alliance.

Koatria cannot let another die if it can be prevented, and unless absolutely necessary, cannot kill a foe in battle, and must capture them. Accidental deaths are excused, as are those that would occur if the being was allowed to live and could do short-term future harm to the Koatria and others if left alive. This stigma towards killing, unusual for a military organization, is less about the moral wrongness but has more to do with preventing the trivialization of the lives around them something powerful essence users can be notoriously prone to. Other forbidden acts are those such transfiguration, mental invasion, mind control, necromancy, time travel and divination, and contact with entities from beyond this reality such as Darklings, Void Gods, and Watchers.

Training Edit

Koatria generally are taken when their powers first manifest, though when this occurs varies from member to member. Most will show up as children and have longer to master and learn from their elders, while others will be teens and adults, and must work through their personal issues and baggage as well as mastering their training. As par their ideals, they do not see things as a matter of simple black and white, Light and Dark, but a whole rainbow and spectrum of personalities and ideals that must be carefully considered. As such, students are taught to not be black and white and strict in their view of things, but rather, to try and consider how once choice and ideal effects the individual, and everyone around them.

Koatria cadets are also taught not to rely on their elemental powers like a crutch. Rather that their elements exist to augment already existing skills and talents so that they will not be left helpless should events conspire to rob them of their power. Cadets are also allowed to develop other skills, interests, and attachments outside of the field of war and are encouraged to do so (many Koatria maintaining relationships with their families). That way they will have something to do outside of battle and relationships to keep them tied to their fellow beings. Koatria, as such, are driven by passion and a lust for life, but rather then letting it drive them to darker aspects, they let it drive them to protect others and those they care about, channeling their hate not in a general sense, but towards those deserving, and fighting to help all those effected by tyranny, bigotries and injustice.

Elemental powers can be passed onto newer members, rendering the last user less and less able to call on their element, until the final embers die away from them. In contrast, every time a new user takes on the element, they gather more power and strength within it, being able to do more then their predecessor could.

Ranks Edit

Although not really an Order, Koatria after the purge of the Hegemony, have been forced to become more centralized in approach, with members of Team Olda becoming the figurative leaders of the Koatria, occupying a position as a "First Among Equals" attitude among the others, and filtering down from there. Roles and ideals are specialized for each team, and as such, it is difficult to break things down aside from basic rank and expertise.

  • Toragii - Toragii are teachers and elders among the Koatria, beings who have grown to an old age where they can no longer fight, and must retreat to contemplate and mediate on the world and their place within it. They have either passed on their element to ensure the next generation grows strong, or are preparing to do so, and use their wisdom and knowledge to teach and help others. When a Koatria reaches the state of Toragii varies from member to member.
  • Koa - The Rank of Koa is the central rank among the great Koatria, and are the fully trained Knights and members who are ready to fight on the frontlines and use their abilities to defend others. Working in teams of 6 or more, Koa are dedicated warriors armed with all sorts of weapons, and eager to defeat those that threaten their allies and innocents for the Greater Good.
  • Mator - Mator is derived from a Mirusian Common Word for Trainee, and are those singled out for training and further growth by members who are Koa and Toragii. Most do not receive elemental power passed on from another Koatria, and as such, their levels vary, as does their time to train and gain expertise in their fields.

Known Elements Edit

Individuals Edit

Teams Edit

Retired Edit

Rule number one: No running in the halways! Rule number two: Never cast suspicion on others without proof! These two rules are truly important.

Like Loudrak, Kincaido'scr is an retired Ultra Commando, one of poison in his case. With a liking of perfume like many of his species, he differs from them in that he is extremely strict. He is much laxer with his own class, however, encourages them to get good marks. He also actively seeks the thrust with those cadets other classes that get good results, and commonly comes up to their defense. Deep down, he is as compassionate and caring as the rest of his species, or at least, so it seems.

While Kincaido'scr should be able to control poison, in recent years, he has never shown to use it. He states this is simply because he doesn't need it anymore because he is a teacher now, and not a warrior. While extremely prideful, and unlike most of his race, uptight and strict, he also is very intelligent, working with the most bright of cadets work on projects even beyond our knowing of what exactly they are in his personal test-lab in the lowest basement of our prime academy.

It's morning! UP AND READY, CADETS!

  • Name - Loudrak
  • Species - Unknown
  • Element - Sonic

Loudrak is an retired Ultra Commando, and before that, an explorer and pathfinder. He talkative and is full of energy, and now he is retired, does jobs for the Koatria Training academies, as being retired is, in his words, "BORING!" Like most of his species, Loudrak has an extremely loud voice and displays control over Sonic. He is known to have mood swings to some extent, being supportive, trigger-happy but also getting angry when cadets do not get out of bed when he tells them to. Overall, our cadets like him, however.

It is unknown whitch species he actually is, and all we know is that he comes from the Quadrant Galaxies. It seems that he doesn't tell us witch species he is simply because he likes us to keep guessing.

My main goal, the truth.

  • Name - Jorkar Doreckt
  • Species - Kaguran
  • Element - Sand

A male, Kaguran, controller of sand who suffers from the same Daydream Syndrome his fellow teacher Enegirii does. The two teach the few cadets who suffer from the same condition. However neither interact with the other cadets, teachers, or take an interest in the academy's general going ons. Jorkar is mysterious, enigmatic figure who was given the title of Chaser for his relentless pursuit of his enemies. His main concern is to discover the truth of whatever he is investigating and is relentless in his pursuit as he is of anything. He also rarely appears worried about anything, even the most serious situations. He also has a dislike for most of his fellow teachers, but is less direct about it than his friend Enegirii.

His primary weapon is a massive chainsword that he uses to rip through his enemies with ease. He wears a strange white mask that has actually become fused to the flesh of his face. How this came to be is unknown, but it is ammumed this happened due to an immense fire attack. It is said that Jorkar one went to northern Raptoranea to search for the dormant form of the Legendary Beast of Truth that is said to slumber there, and awokened it, but it rejected him for some unknown reason, attacking him before returning to sleep. However, he has hinted that the truth of such encounter is far stranger, and indeed only Jorkar is said to know where the Beast sleeps.

The more heart you have, the more it can be broken.

  • Name - Enegirii
  • Species - Pisakt
  • Element - Ice

Enegirii is a female ice Ultra Command that suffers from a mysterious mental defect called Daydream Syndrome that can render the afflicted Koatria unable to differentiate dreams from reality if pushed to far emotionally. However Daydream Syndrome can be used to the affected's advantage as learning to differentiate between the dream and reality can be used to allow the afflicted to surpass their preconceived limitations. While Daydream Syndrome can also make one valuable to psychic attacks for those who learn how to master it, it is a powerful anti-psychic weapon able to quite literally flay the invader in their mind's perception of reality. Enegirii now retired acts as a teacher at a Koatria academy teaching those rare cadets who suffer from the same defect she does.

Enegirii is a serious, aggressive warrior that is often times rather cold. She had a sister named Piteria who commanded fire, but was killed by another Daydreaming Koatria who turned traitor. She now wants revenge on this traitor having become a defining part of her personality. Enegirii hates getting cadets involved in conflict and will usually do her best to keep them safe, flying into an intense rage when one gets hurt or killed. She has been given the nick name three blades for her use of three long swords that she rabidly switches between her two hands cutting her opponents to ribbons with astounding speed. She actually dislikes most of the teachers at the academy she teaches at and they know it.

Traitor Edit

Do not make it worse! Do not make me fear myself even more!

  • Name - Vidhikki
  • Species - Alpha Marinox
  • Element - Air

Vidhikki was once a member of Lirun's team, and an Ultra Commando of Air. While he predates Corhufu, his lust for fame grew, and his jealous for the more famous Corhufu did as well. It came to a head when offered the chance to join the Shadow Hunters and rule Matrukoris. However, Lirun and an army of Ultra Commandos where aware of this, and trapped Vidhkki's army in a canyon, forcing them to surrender, and take Vidhikki with them. Vidhkki, a year later, plotted against Dark One, the leader of the Shadow Hunters, and tried to take over the organization, but was tricked and mutated by Trodaka. Vidhikki was mutated into what he feared most; an insectiod creature, and lost his elemental power.

Vidhikki, while lustful for position, power and fame, has had all of this taken from him, and is now an empty vessel of rage. He notably hates Dark One and Trodaka and desires to betray them. He regrets his actions in the past, and deeply wants a second chance to prove himself a hero.

Face me in battle!

  • Name - Kan Helios
  • Species - Ugandalorian
  • Element - Air

Spin-Blade, born Kan Helios, is a mutated Ugandalorian, whose armor has bonded to his flesh, and now acts as his real skin. Originally a Koatria Ultra Commando, Kan's team was fighting a group of mutated Rakar, when his entire team was butchered, all except him. After killing the last one, he fell unconscious, and nearly died, until Shadow Hunter agents found him and brought him back to life.

Kan's armor was upgraded, and he received new weapons and powers to help the organization, which he know served. Kan's mind was altered to make totally loyal to the Hunters, and his body was enhanced to abnormal levels.

His powers over air where somewhat weakened, but he gained the ability to make the air toxic around him when he pleased, and for his main weapons, gained 2 spears that could also act as blades when spun quick enough.

Spin-Blade is a methodical, up-beat warrior. He has a love of battle, and cares deeply for his comrades, especially other Koatria. Kan loves showing off to others, and is mostly concerned with gathering the proper image of a "hero" amongst the populace under Shadow hunter Control.


  • Name - Lost to history
  • Species - Ugandalorian Kordikka
  • Element - Earth

Savage was formerly a Ultra Commando who's team was in battle with the Mutran Spider Hordes. He was captured and mutated into a savage, half-animal beast, and escaped, returning to his comrades. When they did not recognize him, and attacked him, he was stunned, and ran away in a fury, destroying parts of the city as he went.

However, Terikalinra and Sentry stopped him, and, upon subduing him, convinced him that his team betrayed him out of jealousy and allowed him to be captured. In his rattled state of mind, he was willing to believe in anything.

Savage has become infamous for his rages, and can only work with Spin-Blade, who he considers a kindred spirit. His earth powers have weakened greatly, but he has attuned hearing and sight. His main weapon has mutated into a wrist-mounted tri-blade capable of disintegrating most metals, and has a paralysis missile launcher for ranged combat.

Savage is totally mad and insane, due to the Mutran venom, and in a constant state of mental pain. He is known to enter into unexplainable rages at the drop of a hat, and hates the Mutran Spiders with a passion.

You fools should seek true order. Not keep with the failed system of democracy.

  • Name - Shiro
  • Species - Ugandalorian
  • Element - Water

Shiro is an Ultra Commando of Water, and formerly part of Lirun's team. While her loyalty seemed in doubt, she maintained loyalty to the Alliance and Lirun for some time, until she stole an artifact from the Shadow Hunters. After the shadow Hunter murdered several citizens, in demand for the stone she stole, Lirun and Vidhikki realized her betrayal of alliance principles, and sought her out for arrest. When she refused, a battle ensued, and, almost loosing, Shiro integrated the stone into her armor, revealing it to be a Koatria Stone, a rare artifact that could radically boost an essence user's powers. While she almost destroyed Lirun, Vidhikki knocked her out by taking away all the air around her. However, after being arrested, she disappeared, leaving a note on her hospital bed, saying

This is the time you almost caught the Master Koatria.

Shiro displays a cruel and cunning side, hidden by a seeming innocence and naivety. She seems obsessed with creating order, and making herself Empress of the Alliance, and destroy all threats to the Alliance before they can arise. However, due to her views, personal freedom would've suffered considerably. Shiro is altogether a plotting being, who should not be trusted.

Due to stealing from Dark One, they are unlikely to be allies, despite similar views.

Its smash time!

  • Name - Phari
  • Species - Unkown
  • Element - Fire

Phari is a rouge Daydream afflicted Koatria of fire. He is a brutal, egotistical, completely amoral being bent on achieving his goal no matter the cost. He was kicked out of the academy he was being trained at for unknown reasons, but it is believed to have something to do with an unnatural rise in the level of Daydream Koatria and the death of several other cadets. He views Koatria a superior to all others (especially Daydream) and plans to gather an army with which to exterminate all those with out elemental control.

He controls fire and wields a scythe-like axe, while his left arm has been replaced with a high-powered melter cannon. It is unknown what species he is as he has become sealed inside his jet black armor, from which burning white flames leap from the cracks.

Relations Edit

Green face Allies Edit

Our elements and powers shall shield you.

Yellow face Neutral Edit

We stand as one.

Red face Enemies Edit

None shall stop the Stewarts of justice!

Quotes Edit

Powerful. We are proud to fight besides them so many times!

- The Vanara Six

Well, yeah. They Koatria are good, for sure. Like, really good. A true force of justice indeed, with goals to be admired.

- W'tze of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

Koatria. Weak, limited. You dely my life-time's journey to conquer this universe. Only yours, will. be. Brief.

- Terikalinra

Trivia Edit

  • Were based off the Toa from Bionicle, the Aing-Tii Monks from Star Wars Legends, the Guardians from Destiny, and to a far lesser extent, the various classes of Mass Effect, the Old Republic, and the Professions of Guild Wars 2.
    • All of their elemental powers where inspired by Toa from Bionicle, with a few original additions.
  • The Koatria had, at the start, a much more Black Ops/Special Forces Commando vibe and feel to them, before being changed and retconed into something more akin to the Toa, as ZF felt it gave the Mendel new dimension, and wanting to explore new angles with them in stories.
  • The Koatria symbol was made by Gorzill.

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