The Koalian Empire is a fairly unknown Empire, That has existed for around 1,5 million years and is governed by democratically elected parties of four political powers that will serve a similar role to a prime minister/president. Some of the major events was the Drunk Incident when some of the politicians had a bit too much to drink and agreed on constructing the Mega-Ships that someday will traverse the galaxy of Mirus if they can get enough fuel to run it except that it runs Andasium and it's extremely scarce on the Koalian planets but still the Koalians are not poor in any way there just In the need of Andasium to fule there mega-ships that just orbits there stars in outer rings like massive space stations of there old dreams of galactic dominance. That Dream will have to wait a long time to be real maybe another million years.


The Two Eras[]

The Koalian Empire has not been in this golden hight of its power all this time, in fact, this era of the empire is fairly new only around 500,000 years have the "New Era Koalian Empire" existed before it was fairly simplistic.

Old Era

a nebula station with a damaged old era ship travelling towards it

The old era or "the time of the abyssal winds" as the Koalian Elders call it was a time where the empire only stood around 100,000 systems strong and most of the resource gathering happened within nebula colonies and the empire mostly held itself hidden from others but at the same time they were equally as powerful.

Some of the more recent discoveries from the Koalian past lead to the rediscovery of the monolithian threat that was created in the mind of a hive-minded warrior race that they could control via the queen but it ended in catastrophe.

Between the era shift between the Old and new era empire a large group of Koalians who saw that the empire had begun to change in a way that was breaking there early principles of order left and created the Koalian Outside a group of individual koalians who inhabit long since abandoned nebula stations and abandoned colonies but they did not leave without leaving a mark on the rest of Mirus by denouncing the outsiders existence by warning other Empires about the Monolithian threat.

New Era

The Koalian New era or "the era of order" as the council calls it, is the current state of the empire. With its long alliance with the Aquilians that has been able to join the council of 5000 and get a voice in what the koalians should do to expand. This era is at the highest peak of the understanding about the koalian origins and why they are here and the understanding of the rift plain. this has given the koalians more to look forward to in the future and see what lies ahead.

Society and Culture[]

Cities that reach the skies[]

The Koalians are a race of quite weak but at the same time strong. Their power is shown in their amazing infrastructure of there colonies, most of their cities are built with a white biological material that resembles a bone-like substance with a flashy and living substance on the inside. It's like their cities are alive. the most commonly seen building is the tower of energy often placed an estimated 3 to 5KM from the main city, the towers hight is around 800m in height but the only use for it is to produce energy for there cities with its massive solar panels and hydrogen generators. this is the reason why this metal-like structure often is placed in large dihydrogen oxide deposits like oceans. On other colonies with different atmospheric levels, the tower appears to be floating in the sky gathering gas. Infrastructure: Their cities are often located in man-made creators or mountain valleys with massive walls to protect the city from the mountains collapsing. Also, glass walkways are seen on the outside of the mountains where the scientist are working on there new military projects. A city like this is the main capital of the empire. this city is known by colonists as "the Living city" but the real name of it is Candarina-456b. This city holds around 50 million Koalians but also the main Koalian congress that holds the council of 4 and the council of 5000.


the bottoms of the 4 stations that make up Meridian all stations harvesting heat from the sun

Meridian is a large port city floating over the large sun of Zreiys this hyper-advanced has been Floating over this sun for 1 millennium and is powered by the heat and light from the sun via Advanced solar panels and a system that turns the heat of the sun into energy. Meridian Keeps itself from burning up by heat shields and the new technology called "Super sunglasses" that prevents the inhabitants of Meridian from being blinded by the sun.

Meridian Is technically not 1 place it is 4 floating platforms that send personnel between them.

Forge worlds[]

The koalians main source of Manufacturing all things from war machines to ships everything is made in these planet-sized factories.

They are operated by the koalian organisation/military chapter known as the Clockwork mechanicus. as they operate these factories they see that the metal is stronger than flesh and will often have more cybernetic augments than any other faction and they do it in a cultish way. but all forge worlds are dominated by a Fabricator Logum that in turn operate under a Fabricator General that is also known in the koalian military as the chaptermaster of the military chapter.

For a forge world to operate a massive amount of manpower is needed but also assigned Clockwork mecahnicus tech priests that pray for the God machines to produce and day and night these machines work without no rest to keep the Koalian empire running.

one of the most Important forge world in the empire is the one operated by the chaptermaster or Fabricator general Clydrm. this foreword is known to be the only Forge world to be allowed to manufacture the components for Rift gates and the ships of the legion and Clockwork vanguard and as soo, this world is heavily guarded by the clockwork mechanicus' finest warriors.

Some known fabricators

fabricator generals

  • Clydrmn (also in control of forge world Cyris-a in the koalian home system)

Fabricator Logum

  • Pacilas of Forge world Salos 5
  • Alfar of forge world Kyros

Culture, language And religion[]

Normally A Koalian is equipped with a vocal translator that makes them sound understandable to many of the species but their tone is very soft and calm to those who they talk to with a translator but, if the occasion occurs that the koalian does not have this translator or it has broken the koalians Voice turns into a faint and an unwieldy whisper of jibberish

An example of the koalian Language: Nectranac'tsi ant nu mab Koalian. Translation: an example of the koalian language.


The Koalian written language looks quite strange doesn't it

Culture and religion

The Koalian Culture is heavily centred around understanding the unknown and the study of lesser beings but also the everyday life of a koalian is quite simple of just doing their own thing of activities work and more but in the empire, there are 2 conflicting religions in the Empire, one is the Cult of the abyss a Cult of So-called lunatics with purple robes worshipping the abyss lord that they claimed gave them the gift of the rift plane. other religions exist but they are not as biga s the church of the abyss nor the belief in science and logic Other religions are more Secluded and Isolated in massive temple monasteries in the tallest snow covered mountain of several planets. The Church of Spode also has a presence in the Empire but not as large as other beliefs.


Council of Four[]

The council of four the main governing body of the koalian empire is driven by a council of the four most powerful koalians, in there empire once every 20 years the koalians gets to vote on a candidate for the council of 5000 and one new Koalian that has decided to participate in the council of 4 elections this process takes up to 1,5 years. When the election is finished The new councillors are put in a room, where they decide on what to change what to do, and what to do better. Like NOT LISTENING TO DRUNK military engineers! The current council members are council members are

Koalaknigthus of the Council of 4

Age:1050 Height 285cm

Main protector of the Order in the empire and strategic planning but he is also the one that keeps the council in order.

Koalaknigthus was born on the planet Ct-4.5b-H a planet that was an active war zone between The Koalians and the Active wildlife and the main protectors of the planet where the High crusaders an elite organization that was founded by one of the Council members He adored them and later on in his life he studied their arts of sword and gun to become on but little did he know that he would one day lead them.

Toroj of the council of 4

age:2050 height 300cm

Main leader and voice of the empire and the founder of the civil protection order in the empire (A law that prevents any Koalian soldier from attacking civilians and nature without reason and to never kill for own amusement)

Kolo of the council of 4

Age:900 Height 270cm

A likeable person in the empire and the head of politics and foreign alliances with other species that they yet have not encountered. Don't let his charming personality fool you Underneath the surface lies a selfish and manipulative Koalian that is only looking out for his own good.

Sender of the council of 4

Age:1500 height 280

Head of the development of new tech and weaponry also the one who decided to fund the Mega-ship project or ass the project was called "The Hammers of guidance". But he is also a huge asshole and only wants results and if he does not see a species beneficial to the Empire he will order Koalaknigthus to send in a death squad and scorch the entire planet.

Technology and failsafes[]

The Koalian technology is strange to understand with its twisting and twirling design yet it moves their artistry in this front is sadly not displayed in ships nor cities but their tech has made some rather amazing improvement to their living and transport for both the better or worse

  • Rift-gate
  • Use: Transportation

The Koalian Rift-gate is a marvellous piece of tech. By creating a speed up loop in the rift between 2 gates a safe travel through the rift is made. a system of these gates has been put up in mirus. The gates are Aimed in space at each other and with it creating this tunnel through the rift.

If an unauthorised ship/fleet decide to use these gates for own personal gain the will shutdown dissipating the safe rift field that kept the gates connected leaving the once using it at the moment of shutdown trapped in the Abyssal rift This failsafe is crucial for the protection of the Empire as if one where to be hijacked it could leave a massive security hole.

Thanks to Backdoors in the system discovered by the Lsjanpodos on their first expedition into the Abyssal rift as that the tunnels can be seen in the rift as well and thus can be used to Escape if a Rift Drive that allows both entry or exit from the rift is not installed.

  • Rift drive
  • Use: ways to enter and exit the rift for both small and large ships

The rift drive is one of the most important inventions from the Koalian empire as it allows koalian ships to enter and exit the dimensional hellscape known as the rift and travel through it like hyperspace travel.

The real importance of this Invention comes for ships like the Akiles class ship. Due to most of koalians massive ships can't survive Hyperspace travel due to the overall size of the ship, it is estimated that the ship would collapse on itself if hyperspace travel was to be commenced. that is why the rift drive was implemented. Its original use was to be used on the massive hammer ships but when the hammer class turned out to be complete failures. and the tech was ported to the other classes of ships.

  • Universal translator
  • Use: comprehending and communications with alien species.

This device allows the user to comprehend alien languages as if they are speaking the same language tough the device allows the foreign aliens to speak to one another it does not allow the user of one to comprehend different writing languages and if a message is written in the alien language the translator is incapable of comprehending.

The translators are often seen as small earpieces tacks on the collars of uniforms even as necklaces. Most often they are built into helmets of the koalian military soldier capable of understanding allies and enemies commands but it is not perfect (it is a 50/50 chance it will be a correct translation)

Diplomacy and alies[]

Koalian Empire

Sword&Shield.pngYou are welcome to trade but don't think of doing anything funny.

  • N/A


Green face.pngWe are glad to see that you are willing to fight alongside us.

  • Green face.png AquiliansWe are one and the same you are part of us we are part of you we are one.
  • Green face.png RhodochroYou are old but your research had staggered att a point. We Gave you a push in the right direction and there a strong Alliance was born between us
  • Green face.png Lsjanpodoswe find it strange that a much younger empire then us seeks out an alliance but we are honoured never the less I hope that this will lead to a prosperus future for the both of us


Blue face.pngYou are open to travel through our space but we will not share our technology. we will still keep a close eye on you.

  • N/A

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Yellow face.png we acknowledge your existence but We don't see you in use of us.

Yellow face.png Adressas RepublicOld Overprotective... what are they Protecting exactly in the centre scans are disrupted due to high energy anomalies. but we do know that they fear AI almost to the rink of starting a war over it so When approaching deactivate or mask all A-vI or other AI units. if hostile well they will regret attacking us. since they appear to be rather smaller and weaker than us

  • N/A

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Red face.pngWatch your back from now on you never know if we are behind you

  • N/A

Crossed Swords.pngThreat detected obliterate Destroy leave nothing Left.

  • Crossed Swords.png MonolithiansYou despise us We made you and you turned on us, WE SHALL OBLITERATE YOU!


kaptian Koala a wandering spirit of the koalians

I never left this I was born an outsider and shall forever be one and thus you shall respect me like you respect the others yet I am traversing the galaxy just to find the truth why we have been split for so long

- Koalaian outsider

I visualise a multitude of worlds where every single one had a different consequence to one of our actions and where the outcome varied and by knowing this we can calculate the best possible outcome and leave as little bloodshed as possible in battle

- Sender Council of 4

For an elder race, they seem rather underwhelming. But I cannot ask much of them - they may very well prove to be far more powerful than they let on.

- Vhamlas Naralhi of the Dynastic Systems

They are quite small and primitive for a million-year empire, and in terms of sheer size, we are of around the same or even larger size than the Koalian Empire. However, their presence in Mirus dwarfs ours and they are far more advanced than us in many fields of technology. We are proud to have them as one of our allies

- President Somonthalle of the Lsjanpodos
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