Koala was born in the large city of Saledrs-5 on Koalitopia. Even though he was born into one of the wealthiest families on the planet and he was one of the rare occasion to be a new soul and not have inherited some old soldiers or man/women's continuousness from the rift. well even from the early age he did not seem to fit in might have been because of several of his relatives were outsiders but nobody was ever sure. Bullied and beat during the day he would avoid contact with the older ones a skipped the process of learning instead, he would head to the bottom layers of the city and not return until late in the evening.

Down at the bottom 10 layers, he could see the land that was originally paved ground now plants had taken their course and sprouted back out and in the mist of it all was one of the outsider camps with there damaged limbs and robotic augment's, HE would spend hours studying them drawing sketches. At the age of 70, he dared to approach them, he asked them if they had hard something about his relative and they just looked at him in sorrow and told him the truth of why they were here and more.

The reason for the outsider's presence was to report to his family that the outsiders in his family had learnt about something they referred to as Project Traveller. The council of 4 with there eyes and ears everywhere sent a death squad after them and... death squads do what they are ordered to do. one person of the group that his relatives where it survived. Well, they told him about what he needed to do to escape the planet with them and join the Outsiders. At the Age of 100, he had reached the highest rank in the outsider guild and he was ready to do what his Outsider relatives failed to do 40 years ago.

THe Acquiring of the TravelerEdit

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Koala and his crew in the traveller's research bay

at the 19 of January ******* Koala and his two closes companions successfully infiltrated the research facility of the traveller project with the success they managed to extract all files, At the moment of the finishing of downloading something or someone found them in there hurry they rushed into the traveler ship and well used the rift jump into orbit. After this Koala has been in cryo with his crew for 96.000 years to get his record clear since he and his crew were presumed dead for 96.000 years when they woke up from cryo in the traveller and returned to the outsiders

his crewEdit


The two people in Koalas crew

Koalas crew is mainly composed of his two friends and high ranking Koalians Sanath and Nathal which are roughly the same age as him and where born new souls but still, they are his best friends.

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