We shall prosper together, and lead our brothers to victory.

- Kiun Addedan

Commander Kiun Addedan is one of the Three Top ranking commanders within the Walgolorian Dominion, and a high ranking commander within the Mendel Pact. A silent and observant fellow, Kiun directs battles from both the front and behind the lines, acting in whatever role he is needed in. One of the students of the Legendary Walgolorian leader, Commander Curiantau'va, Kiun is a Master at being a one man killing machine, having all the fire power he needs to execute his goals, and overwhelm his opponents.

Patient, calculating, and aggressive, Kiun's career in the military has been illustrious, even before he graduated from the academies, and he has maintained a reputation as a fierce leader, dedicated to his men, and known to show mercy to even the most undeserving of foes in battle.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Kiun was born to Clan Adeddan, on the estate of W'alor, homeworld of the Walgolorian people. As was tradition, Kiun was raised by his uncle, while his father and mother lead Walgolorian expansion efforts against the Hermicce. As such, Kiun did not know much of his parents, other then his father was a great commander, the likes of which had not been seen since his rival, Curiantau'va. Growing up, Kiun heard nothing but great news about his father, propaganda within the empire painting him as one of their greatest heroes.

However, Curiantau'va was very critical of Kiun's father, as where many commanders, as he violated many of the laws written in the Codes of Fire, which dictated how the Walgolorian would act in war, including forcing captured enemies to be treated as little more then slaves, and executing sub-commanders for not following his orders.

After Kiun's mother's death, his father went on a crusade against the Hermicce, vengefully going after them at every point. His brother begged him to return, saying his son needed him at this time. But his father refused, and finally, meet death at the hands of the Hermicce after his troops abandoned him. Kiun grew up without much contact with others his age, though was noted to be very polite and well liked his elder Clan-kin.

Finally, after being groomed by his uncle, Kiun was brought to the military academies to begin his training. While silent, and prone to avoiding personal contact with others, Kiun was regarded as a model student, proper in every respect, and respectful to his elders. However, he did gain one rival, another student named Saren Seiriol. Known for her hot-blooded, eager to fight attitude, she clashed quite frequently with Kiun's more patient ideals about battle.

Rescue operation Edit

During his training, an outer colony was attacked by strange cultists, who stole away the local Empyreal. The Empyreals crafted together a special team, and included Kiun himself in it, at the insistence of the current Supreme Empyreal, Lod Tyallewd, requested he be included. Trusting his wisdom, the young warrior was indeed taken, and took part in the rescue mission, despite not having graduated yet. After finding the planet, Kiun and his fellow teammates deployed, battling through the enemy forces, as their commander lead them in a battle suit.

After much fighting, Kiun, despite all his attempts, kept coming back bloodied and grizzled in appearance, covered in the blood of his foes. Twice his armor had to be changed out. This caused much deep-seeded fear in himself, as he feared he was given into the blood lust that had nearly destroyed the Walgolorian long ago. Despite, he was able to free his master Empyreal from the cultists before they could sacrifice him, but not before a blood-red gem bond itself to his chest.

After returning, Kiun's contact with others lessoned further, causing many to question him on what had happened, though he refused to speak of it again. However, his actions caught the attention of the Supreme Commander, Curiantau'va. Seeking the best commanders as his students, Curiantau'va chose Kiun, and Saren, his rival, as well as the highly aggressive warrior of Vior'tal, Sywiin Ryaler, a prodigy among his kin, as well as about a dozen other students from across the Dominion. He was request to come to the planet of Dar'nyth, and begin his training.

Kiun made his way through the wild, untamed regions of the world, once even encountering a squadron of Dronox. Though unarmed for the purpose of relying on his wits, Kiun managed to fashion some makeshift weapons, including a slingshot, and, while unable to kill the Dronox, disabled and trapped them long enough to escape. From there, Kiun climbed Yir Wvddya, the tallest mountain in the Walgolorian Dominion, and found his rival Saren already meditating with Curiantau'va. Although weary, Kiun joined them, and, as the day went on, a dozen more joined the group, the last of which would be Ryaler. After meditating on the nature of war, what the Dominion would need of them, and their place within the Abiding Truth, Curiantau'va had them eat and rest up in his estate.

As always, Curiantau'va analyzed all of his students, and, as master of all strategies within the Dominion, taught each a strategy that would best fit each one. While Saren became an expert at Patient strategy and coordination, Ryaler a leader of the aggressive frontal assault and deep strike, Kiun wished to master the "Lone Hero Strategy", outfitting the repaired and refurbished battlesuit of his mother with multiple weapon systems such as missile launchers, Plasma Rifles, and flamethrowers, and other weapons to be able to handle any foe that got in his way. Although largely withdrawn, Kiun became a bit more out-going as the years went on, but, when roused to anger, would fall into a great rage that only Ryaler and the stronger students could stop.

Curiantau'va, as always, calmly apprised the situation, and would, at the end of each night, meet with and speak with Kiun on his missions before to rescue Empyreal Vyash Co'ven. This was the first time Kiun had spoken with anyone about the encounters he had, and it felt like a great weight off his chest. From there, Curiantau'va gave Kiun special Battle Meditations to calm his mind and center his soul, so he could control himself more, as was expected from a commander. Though difficult, Kiun mastered these Battle Meditations, focusing his mind and calming himself, controlling outbursts much better then before.

Graduation Edit

Kiun, Ryaler, and Saren where taken with Curiantau'va to Tohoch, homeworld of the Orgaat, in order to assist them against the Hermicce, who where being pushed back. All three had proven effective against the savage insects, especially Ryaler, and the next battle would be the deciding factor of who inherited the title of Walgolorian Supreme Commander. The three where silent days before the fight. This was important to all of them, and they would not suffer to have their rivals beat out over them.

Though given a smaller force, due to his infamous blood-rage in battle, Kiun paved a path of destruction through the Hermicce and a number of rogue Orgaat, who shunned the outsiders, while leading his small cadre, and Orgaat allies, to victory. Ultimately, despite his efforts, he was ultimately not chosen, and, as par orders from the Empyreal Caste, he and Saren where placed in Cryogenic storage, until they could be called upon again, as Ryaler was chosen to lead the remaining Mendel forces against the Hermicce remnants.

After the victory, and the establishment of new colonies over Hermicce holdings, Ryaler soon joined his fellow students in sleep. And, for the next few years, they where only awakened once or twice to make sure they where still of use to the Walgolorian. Kiun was brought back online to fight, and ultimately establish the Pact colony world of Fa'ros.

Dominatus wars Edit

During the Dominatus wars, Kiun was brought online again, with his comrades, to lead war operations against the Dominatus Tyranny during Attero Dominatus

Battle for Alastor Edit

Kiun was again awakened to lead a joint Federation-Mendel legion in Alastor, to help the Vanara there reclaim their world. After being briefed on the situation, Kiun armored up and joined his forces for transport to Alastor.

First and Second Mirusian Coalition wars Edit

After the victory of Alastor, Kiun and a majority of his forces where rerouted back to Mirus to help his fellow students in the First and Second War of the Mirusian Coalition, against the invading forces of the Xonexi. For many of the battles, he was deployed right with Ryaler and Saren, so that all three of their strategies could meld together to properly beat back the joint Xonexi forces.

Zome battlez latta

Kiun, after the victory, had little to rest, being again prepped for war against the French Colonial Empire and Eldarisian Empire. The most surprising turn came, however, when the Imperium of War started the fighting, and, to everyone's surprise, The Zarbania Powers did not join them, instead remaining with the Coalition to help them, despite being long-time enemies. Kiun himself was more eager to face the Eldarisian, viewing their savage religion and genocide as everything the Mendel stood opposed to, though his High Kings told him to keep his emotions in check. Despite having to lead three war efforts with little rest, he still awaited the chance to test his skills again. His first operation was engaging the assault of Warmaster Brutius from he rear of the Coalition lines, facing overwhelming odds in his defense. While capable, he was quickly losing ground, and reinforcements could not arrive, for it would lead to an attack by the French and their allies. Unfortunately, a number of forces from the southern defensive zone moved to reinforce him, something he balked at, believing he could hold the Dragowar with the force he currently had at hand.

Luckily, the United Perscan Descendants struck from a separate front against the Imperium of War, assisting Kiun just as he had done for them - if indirectly, helping push back against the Imperium of War, until it became a grinding stand-still, with no clear side being able to claim victory.

Finally growing tired of the Imperium's tactics, Kiun gathered his cadres and regiments, organizing a massive legion and fleet, and met them at the Battle of Trinity. Taking many Orgaat Carnivores with him, as well as the most experienced melee fighters in the Pact, Kiun met the Imperium above Trinity, quickly sundering their navy, and landing ground forces, backed up by Zarbanian forces, and a new ally, the Draekar Dominion. Commander Kiun, and his sub-Commanders, Ugandalorian Marshal Talorn, and Elder Orgaat Ha'brk, landed and quickly slaughtered the War-Imperium forces, forcing Brutius to retreat, and allowing his fellow commanders, Ryaler and Saren, to concentrate all their efforts on the French-Eldarisian line. This would cause a shift in War-Imperial command that would see Warmaster Ionius in charge of the Coalition front. Under the leadership of Ionius, the Imperium of War would fight to be much more adaptable and much less rigid. The Imperium even managed to gain back slightly more territories than they had lost to the Mendel during their initial attack, especially now Kiun's focus lay elsewhere.

Finally, with more disciplined use of Angelfire barrages, and the destruction of several fleets by a Rogue TIAF fleet and French Void-Hunters, the Mirusians where forced to negotiate with the French and Eldarisians, especially after the Imperium revealed their own Hyper-space missile weapons, and devastated much of Kiun's fortifications.

The French where firm in their stance, but many Mendel, including Kiun himself, feared the ultra-reactionary stance of the Eldarisians. When they heard the stance of taking extreme territory and repressions from the Coalition, Kiun promised his troops that no Eldarisian savage would be taking their homes. With or without the Pact's backing, they would continue to fight the Eldarisians, even if their Clan chieftains gave in. Luckily no such action occurred, and many territories that the Mendel had conquered were returned to the Xonexi. Kiun himself was enraged at this, as he had lost many good soldiers taking these territories, and almost seemed ready to attack his own chieftains for the "betrayal". France and Eldarisia would force the Coalition to disband and form a new galactic government, called the Covenant of Mirus, while continuing to fight the Imperium. Kiun himself, like many Mendel warriors, was doubtful of this new Covenant. It was merely the same thing that the Xonexi had bullied their way and grabbed territory, this time through open war. While -mostly- ignored by High Command, he warned things had not changed, and that Franch and the Eldarisians would continue their dirty politicking.

Although many of his troops where ashamed for losing the war for their great commander, Kiun gathered all his troops together at the planet of Ko'shaas, as well as the Zarbanians that had assisted them, and gave a speech, praising them as the greatest fighters he had ever seen, and a pride to their clans and gods. No matter what happened, Kiun would continue to be proud of his troops, for in his heart, they had won something far greater then measly territory. With tears in his eyes, Kiun said that he himself was unworthy of leading such a magnificent force, with his sub-commanders and advisors hiding their own tears of emotion. Kiun told his troops, that while they still had many brothers and sisters to bury, they would honor their sacrifice by burying the Imperium of War, for one last time. Kiun promised himself, if he was going to do one thing for his troops, it was to finally end Warmaster Brutius himself, and Ionius as well, if he could get him.

Kiun, as a high ranking commanders, was made aware of the pact made by the three powers forming the Mirusian Triumvirate, and gleefully promised to finish the fight that they had started.

Berserker Onslaught Edit

Such an insult! These Xonexi are not satisfied with taking from us once, they need to take territory from the Imperium of War, after we conquer it! We bleed and die, and they get the spoils! Why? This is our galaxy! Ours! Not theirs, they have no right! One day, I swear upon my Clan, I will see this "covenant" undone. One day, there will be blood.

- Kiun in his personal journal.

Kiun, after re-arming and resupplying his forces, began drawing plans for the War with the Imperium of War itself. Patient as ever, Kiun and Ryaler where to be among the first of the Commanders within the Pact to lead the assault right into the foe, after which they would be followed in by the likes of Saren, and one of Curiantau'va's lesser students, Kaworvol Nieras, among others. Kiun and Ryaler's objectives where simple; lead the allied forces in the heart of the Imperium and break up their major holdings, before Saren and Kaworvol came to provide support to finish off the beasts.

Kiun, unlike before, approached the news that any territory gained would immediately go towards the Xonexi instead of those who seized it. Still he was less then thrilled, as where a number of his warriors. Ryaler, likewise, approached the situation with his usual hot-blooded anger, asking Kiun if they should hold the territories by force and fight any who tried to dislodge them. Kiun gave no answer, though his expression said everything. There was no doubt he agreed.

Da Reckoning Edit


- Kiun on the Loron

When Da Reckoning began, the Mendel where prepared for attacks on their Borealis, Milky Way and Cyrannus holdings. For them, the attacks on Cyrannus would mark the first time they would be fighting alongside the New Republic has brothers in the Mou'Cyran accords. To symbolize their commitment to their brothers, a second of Curiantau'va's students was awakened, the reclusive, and mysterious Kaworvol Nieras. Both their styles complimented one another, though Kiun was still uncomfortable with Kaworvol's presence. Still, their two forces made it to the capital of Frenal, and from there, planned their defense of Cyrannus, and coordination with the native powers there.

The Hand of Retribution Edit

I hate the Xonexi, but the path he speaks of has no future, not for us, nor for our allies.

- Kiun to Ryaler

Years after, the Hand of Retribution, a rogue Ugandalorian, would come to power, manipulating the political systems in the Walgolorian and Kodalorian societies to gain power over them, while defeating Barda Clett, and thus gaining complete power over the Mendel Pact. With the secret weapon programs of the Mendel now ready and at his finger tips, the Brazen Bulls Olympians at his back and call, and the entire Mendel people ready to destroy all who opposed them, he declared that Mirus' slavery to the false Coalition ended today, threatening Waptoria if they did not join him.

Kiun could only watch in shock. It was as though the gods had answered his prayers, but in the most twisted, dark way possible. He and Ryaler knew not how to take this, to see their people embrace bloodshed and war, after they had worked hard to balance themselves as Warriors and defenders of the people who needed them. Kiun was reminded all too much of his father, and his fall driven by a need for vengeance. Still, for now, there was nothing he could do aside from obeying the Hand, and thus, he, alongside Saren and Ryaler, was forced to lead the massive retribution force tasked with conquering the space held in Mirus by the weakened Hegemony. After, the Hand would deploy most of the active forces under his command into Segmentum Exterioris of the Andromeda, leading the charge to finish off the crumbling Hegemony himself. When they arrived at the Hegemonic Palace on Durac, they found it already under attack from the Brotherhood of Darklings, and could not reach Commander Marius, the leader of the Hegemony, whom, unbeknownst to them, had already been killed by none other than the Dark One himself. Kiun eventually managed to convince the Hand that the Hegemony was already finished, and that they should retreat, for there was nothing more to gain here than death. While avoiding the killing of civilians all the way trough, and even helping some to evacuate from the Darklings in secret, Kiun took great pleasure in destroying the Hegemony, though still plotted to turn from the Hand sooner or later.

His opportunity to turn came when he was ordered to lead his forces out from the Mendel ex-Tyanny territories near France into the former Mirusian Hegemonic colonies to occupy it, as Ryaler was sent to areas near Eldarisia to prepare for battle. Hiding his rebellious thoughts, Kiun went along, but, along with Ryaler, diverged his fleet and set a series of bases, clearing a Skordi warband and taking the planets. Ryaler and his Sub-Commanders, and Kiun and his troops, set up their own personal empires, going radio silent. For many months, the Mendel Clans thought Kiun and Ryaler, along with their troops, dead. However, after Phase-Hunter's joining with Kirta Clett, the two revealed they had formed a group called "The Enclaves" and intended to join Kirta's rebels, Ryaler going as far as to recolor his troops' armor completely red.

Realizing this betrayal, the Hand sent Supreme Empyreal Ord Acaya to bring his two peons under control. Personally traveling with Commanders Kaworvol and Saren Seiriol, Ord Acaya planned to conquer the Enclaves before Kirta could get there and recruit their forces.

Second Cyrannus War Edit

SGCW Kiun's Strike

Kiun's Fleet engages the Rebels of the Republic in Mirus.

Kiun would be awakened again during the Second Cyrannus War, This time to deal with the True Republic, a group of rebels that had broken away from the New Cyrannian Republic. Gathering his forces, and his sub-Marshalls, Talorn, Ha'brk and his students, Kiun prepared a large fleet, not nearly as big as Ryaler's, and began a campaign to subdue the True Republic. His operations would be less aggressive then the Persan, who took a militant approach to subduing the True Republic, and he employed some of the best diplomats the Pact had to offer, their ways of persuasion, intimidation and charisma second to none. They would go to each and every governor within the Republic's Mirus territories, and try and convince them to see the error of their ways, and turn their backs on the True Republic leader, Adelheidis. Many worlds did indeed turn, mostly in fear of the Mendel, who had garnered a reputation for barbarity and aggression. Many did not, expecting their superior technology, or perhaps just sheer arrogance in their cause, to put them ahead of the Pact.

Kiun would begin his campaign proper through an all-out attack on the mining world of Zebas, having prepared his forces for such an attack weeks in advance. He had, secretly, armed the guilds and mining crews on the planet with Walgolorian Pulse Weaponry, and had covertly trained them in basic guerilla warfare, preparing them for the Mendel attack and giving the Mendel much needed support on the field. The Mendel forces arrived a few days later, setting a trap and springing it on the New Republic fleet. Despite their defensive satellites and structures, the Mendel managed to disable the fleet and capture much of the structures the True Republic had used.

Kiun would meet with the Persan Admiral Auvia, they discussed their plans against the True Republic. Afterward, they meet with the New Republic ambassador, Rix, and began their plans to fully end the war in Mirus with one quick, easy strike, on the world of New Corulus.

Battle of New Corulus

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

Of the four students, Kiun is regarded as the most even-tempered, patient, and respectful of the three. Despite, he still deals with his own inner demons and issues, stemming all the way back from childhood to now. Kiun is commonly seen as silent and observant, which, due to this feature, he coined his commanding flagship "Silent Observation", commonly regarded as bit of a cold individual.

However, Kiun is dutifully religious, still following the old Walgolorian pantheon that predates their philosophy brought about by the Empyreal Caste. As par his believes, he asks his enemies to surrender before battle, and tries to spare any after the fight, so long as they surrender to his forces. Despite being kind-hearted and respectful, he has no issue using his rifle to negotiate, commonly leaving a death toll in the thousands whenever he visits a planet in war. However, he actively hates the idea of genocide, not being comfortable with dooming a race, no matter how corrupt.

Kiun struggles with the fact he never really knew his father to well, and, although he claims to have dealt with his father issues, he still somewhat feels a need to live up to his (overblown) legacy. He would, however, never admit it, vehemently denying it whenever anyone brings it up, believing such issues for a teenager or child who has yet to grow up. Kiun also struggles with his faith, his encounters with Darklings, and the death of a beloved Empyreal, have left their marks on his psyche, and privately wonders what the future holds for one who is not quite a traitor to the W'alor ideals, but no quite loyal.

Kiun's silent nature hides the fact he is, in reality, the most violent and destructive of the three students, possibly hinting that he as been corrupted on some level. He deeply despises what he refers to as his "Demonself", and, as such, as been known to enter a meditative state to prevent himself from lashing out too aggressively in battle.

Appearance Edit

Kiun is noted for being of average height for his race, and is very fit, befitting his military training since birth. Kiun's scales are white with a golden yellow finish to them across his back. His left leg and right arm are completely cybernetic, as he lost it during his fight against the Cultists, and a blood red gem is grafted to his chest, which has discolored the rest of his scales to red pigment as well.

Abilities Edit

Kiun is an expert tactician and warrior, and has some rudimentary skill in melee combat. he is an expert in music, having learned to play a Walgolorian instrument, the Luweddia, an instrument akin to a cello, from a very young age. Most of his Clan members laughed at his skill in music as being "unmanly", but his uncle supported his skill throughout. Some say that of the two fields, Kiun would actually prefer to simply study music and practice with his instrument.

Equipment Edit

Kiun's suit is white with gold markings, and smaller then other suits. It compensates with advanced stealth systems allowing it to dampen sounds it makes, reload weapons faster and with more silence then other Battlesuits and armed with an assortment of weapons, so he can be the one-man weapon platform to accomplish all tasks.

His weaponry includes a Cylonic Pulse Rifle, a large assault rifle/sniper weapon that can switch roles depending on the range, and, empathically connected to Kiun, allowing him to change modes with a mere thought. Mounted on his shoulders are twin missile pod launchers, allowing to disrupt infantry and blast through vehicles. His other weapon is a hand-mounted flamethrower to kill off infantry in close range, and can be used as a Fusion Gun to melt through vehicle armor, though such can only be done in emergencies, as doing to often can over-tax the Flamethrower's systems.

His Cylonic Rifle can fire a charged shot to instantly kill enemies, or leave them with incredible damage, and he can activate mind fields that slow down, weaken and stun enemy targets they step within range.

His suit, while not the strongest, certainly compensates with all it's weapons and support features, which out-weigh those used by his rival students.

Relations Edit

Green face Allies Edit

We prosper, among the stars.

  • Barda Clett - My king.
  • Casio Lwerian'ca - yes lord?
  • Comacar - Whatever you wish.
  • Ryaler - Temper, commander.
  • Saren - ...
  • Nieras - Personal space, Commander.
  • Sub-Commander Talorn - Impressive work.
  • Elder Shifter Ha'rbk - Brutal, yet efficient work.

Blue face Comrades Edit

Our enemies will fear us.

  • Seerkar - You have my respect.
  • Akanri - As savage in battle as an Orgaat.
  • Admiral Ahsahira - You've earned your title well.
  • Admiral Auvia - Strong as the rest of your kin.
  • Rix - It is poetry, the way the Republic can bring so many races together.
  • Aeranyeos - You service your Clan well.

Yellow face Neutral Edit

What of these ones?

Orange face Disliked Edit

Back away.

  • Draccard - I never forget a dirty coward.

Red face Enemies Edit

You should've surrendered, Outsider! Now, it is too late!

  • Kincaido'scr - I've got a buzzing, annoying idiot in my comms.
  • Warmaster Brutius - There shall be bloodshed.
  • Warmaster Ionius - The time for talk is over. Now I melt the skin off your face.

Quotes from others Edit

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So I here I may end up fighting alongside this man in the future. I look forward to it and sticking it to those Xonexi idiots.

- Commissar Kuruki Hyn

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