I will retake this universe and reshape it to suite the needs of my people and lords, until the only thing before me are broken bodies, and worlds of cinder-ash and smoke-clouds.

- Kirata The Fate-Weaver

Kirata Cethannia, known by her title as the Witch-Queen and Fate-Weaver, is the Mirror universe counterpart to Kirta Clett, and leader of the Sorcerers of Rathan, and scion of Hegemony Emperor, Emperor Aedanius I. Her reign within the Mirror Universe was brief but bloody, numerous pogroms and slave-missions executed both for the glory of the Hegemony's rule, but also for her personal ambitions. Born to Warlock-King Baharkur Cethannia the Unseen, and Queen-Mother Fertithia Cethannia, Kirata was their second child, Baharkur's third, and the one he placed the greatest emphasis on in training, hoping she would become his greatest legacy and surpass him. She ultimately would, turning him to stone, and claiming his title, and forcing her mother to disappear, to a truly horrifying fate, to maintain her rule.

Though ordered to fight for the Hegemony when the Xeranbha arrived, she decided to take liberties with these vague orders, and instead, lead the majority of her people into the Onuris universe, arriving in locations too remote and too far from civilization to be noticed, and bringing with her numerous legions upon legions of Warriors, Slave-Soldiers and the means to create a new Empire for herself, intending to recreate the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony in her own image.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Kirata was born into the Household of Clan Cethannia, the ruling family of the Rathan Sorcerers, among the most powerful Warlocks and Dark Alchemy masters in all of Rathan space, and trusted servants within Mirus of the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony. Her father was acting Warlock-King of all Sorcerers within the Rathan Order, and was servant within Mirus to the Empress at the time. Kirata was born after her half brother and elder brother, but of all his children, Bahardus felt that her destiny was the greatest of all his brood. He took her and trained her in the arts of magic, politics and mind games, training her from an early age to utilize her ruthless energy and passion, and destroy those that would oppose the family's rule, and the stability of the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony's primacy. Her mother trained her to martial excellence, Kirata wielding sword and axe as effectively as she did any tool at her disposal, Dark Alchemy or otherwise.

During her teenage years, a number of Clans declared their intent to strike down the hegemony emperors, and instate their own rulers in their place, becoming masters of the Hegemony itself, and ruling as they wished, annihilating all who resisted. Bahardus, as a test for his daughter, sent her with his comrade, Wilson, to eliminate and make an example of any Rathanii radicals that stood before them. Kirata slaughtered many, taking many heads, and grew close to Wilson, at first considering him a filthy hedonist, but found he had good Rathanii values in him, and a strong loyalty to their ways. During her journey, she found a warrior with no memory of his past, named Gethissary, and recruited him to her cause, taking his ruthless desire to protect her, and twisting it to great extremes, as well as making him her consort and lover.

Upon her return, with the thousands of mutilated corpses of her enemies, her father brought her to his palace, and congratulated her, giving the approval to marry Gethissary whenever they were ready, but threatening to break his legs and worse if he broke her heart. He further drove home the point that no one was above the Hegemony, no matter personal opinions, and to move against the strongest and most powerful was a fool's errand. With that, he dismissed her, allowing her to relax and spend the rest of her time relaxing.

Becoming Witch-Queen Edit

You've surpassed me in everyway. You will make a great Witch-Queen, Kirata. I have always cherished you.
I...I love you too...

- Bahardus and Kirata's last conversation during their battle.

Bahardus was a strong and ruthless ruler, but many noted he was weak to the rulership of Empress Minerva IV Blané, almost too loyal to her at times. While Witch-Queens and Warlock-Kings had always played service to the Emperors and Empresses in Cyrannus, Bahadur was viewed as too "Libartasi-Whipped" for his own good. When her son, Aedanius killed her in her sleep and took command, Bahardus took it personal, and organized an attempted rebellion against his rulership. Kirata, seeing the idea as foolish, but also seeing her chance, but her cards into action. With Wilson more loyal to her now, and perhaps, fearful of losing his immortality, and her brothers on her side, she arose to challenge his authority, sighting that his emotions had blinded him to the proper path of the Rathanii. Angered, Bahadur demanded to know why his favored daughter would rise against him, when she reminded him of his words, all those years ago, regarding rising up against the strongest and most powerful. Bahadur, enraged, pulled out his Aster Blade, as Kirata did the same, and the two fought on the floor of the Senatorial wing of the palace, for all the Sorcerers to see.

The battle, a clash of blades and Dark Alchemy, lasted many hours, and the two were bloodied and tired by the end of it, but Bahadur had spent too long on the throne, and while physically fitter then most, had lost much of his edge in his older years. As his daughter struck him one last time, he was left unarmed and vulnerable, and, while at her mercy, was slowly transformed into a metal statue by her powers. Rather then howl in rage or deny his destiny like many, he merely smiled and gave his final words, realizing his daughter had surpassed him in everyway, and was destined to do more then he ever could. He whispered a final blessing to her, and while she was shocked, finished the ritual, cementing her tyrannical rule.

With her father dead, her brothers more concerned with military matters or other things, and her "uncle" Wilson as her bodyguard and chief enforcer, none dared challenge her families' continued rule. After dealing with a number of other family members, including selling her mother into debased slavery, and massacring members of the Vermitalon and Krathenia Clans, none could challenge her right to rule.

The Black Cancer Edit

I have no intent of dying for a dying Empire today! Let the Hegemony burn to the ground. We will escape into a new place, and start fresh, build our forces, and create an empire of our own to rule from. It will not be a Libertus Empire, but a Rathanii Empire that rules!

- Kirata in a speech to her followers.

Her bloody rule within her universe was not to last. Almost within a few months of the marriage of Emperor Aedianus, her Prophets with the power of distant sight, lead by Sorcerer Crothal the Shadowspawn, warned of a virulent black plague spreading and devouring the entire universe that would sweep upon them soon. Keeping such information to herself, for she figured such would give her authority and position over the Emperor, and valued spot within his council, Kirata merely authorized the expansion of fleet powers within the Sorcerers, constructing numerous new ships, and stealing technology from the rest of the Hegemony for use in breaching the dimensional plans. She had heard rumors of the Hegemony launching attacks into another universe, similar to their own, but chaffed under the idea of the Hegemony Cyrannian Overlords hiding such technology for themselves.

Utilizing blackmail and extortion, she and her husband acquired the technology they needed, and began sending scout parties into the Prime Universe, setting up small relay station in various parts of the universe, while conducting raids on Hegemony neighbors, taking the weakest worlds' children to act as slaves for their forges, Janissaries in their armies, and Pawns for their Sorcerers. Just as she was beginning to prepare for larger strikes into the Prime Universe, Kirata's informants warned her of a sickness spreading throughout the outer reaches of the Hegemony, consuming whole worlds in seconds. The Black Cancer, had arrived.

Rath Meeting

The Rathan Sorcerer-Prophets meet with Kirata, planning out their conquest for the First Gigaquadrant.

Knowing things were doomed as they were, Kirata ignored all orders form the highest Lord Admirals and Intendants to stand and fight with their forces and die for her Emperor. She was the Queen of a valued ally of the Emperor, after all, and could not sacrifice her people for a suicide mission. Though some betrayed her, viewing fighting the Black Cancer as the perfect annihilation, most agreed with her, and fled, claiming they had orders from Superintendant Cretacea, the Father of the Emperor, to join him within the Prime Universe.

Leading her forces, 90% of the Sorcerers escaped demise, coming to uncharted parts of the Prime Universe, but within radio/SETI distance of their Outposts and small stellar bases, establishing contact, and beginning to set up her new empire there. After a few months, they learned the Emperor was still alive, and being kept prisoner by Lesser beings. With this knowledge, Kirata ordered all of her Warriors, Janissaries and others to prepare for an eventual rescue mission.

Later, Kirata and her Sorcerer-Prophet would hold a meeting near the lakes of fire and lava, and plan out their attacks and conquest of the wider First Gigaquadrant, and how they would go about executing this, as well as which empires to infiltrate and influence to go about their plans. After hearing all sides, she adjourned the meeting, and kept Crothal after, speaking with him on his interests in the Cyrandia Cluster, and giving him approval to carry out his personal missions there.

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

Kirata Tomb

Kirata Cethannia visits one of the tombs of an Ancient Lords upon Rathan Nova

Kirata is noted for, above all else, her driven and ambitious nature above all else. Willing to betray friends, then her father, then finally all of the Hegemony, to either push herself along, rise into a greater position, or save herself, Kirata is unwilling to sacrifice or lose anything to those she views as lesser. This ambition leads to great pride in herself as a leader, to the point that she will order all planets scoured of life if rebels within them challenged her rule or execute others for questioning her authority. Although willing to hear differing views before acting, the idea that she is unfit to rule is worse then any injury she could suffer, and she will lose all focus to pursue her revenge.

Kirata is a passionate and deadly foe, intelligent enough to combine her many, many Sorcerous Dark Alchemy powers with her surroundings, environment and work against her targets, quickly learning their weaknesses by their body language and stance during a fight, while also willing to suffer an injury if it means learning what powers her foes have in battle. She is easiely angered and enraged, but never lets this blind her, unless of course, her leadership is questioned.

Despite her ruthless qualities, she does cherish certain members within her inner circle. She trusts Wilson for his long service to her family, and ruthless aggressive. She cares for her brother, Takumin the Lesser, and truly loves her consort, Gethissary, due to his loyalty and devotion to her, which she returns at every chance. Though still loyal to the Emperor, despite the fall of the Hegemony, Kirata is more ready to rescue him, though for her own advancement then any actual loyalty to him.

Appearance Edit

Kirata appears near identical to Kirta of this universe, but her face bears three deep scars going across her right cheek, with many more scars across her body, as well as the tattoos of her House burned into her arms to show her loyalty and position. She is much more physically built up and highly muscular, her frame stockier. Her eyes glow a dull cooper-red. Her right armor, heavily damaged in a battle, is mostly cybernetic and synthetic muscle with skin laid over it.

She commonly wear regal robes and courtly clothing, interlaced with armor and protective gear to protect her body, even when dressed in fine clothing, to project the image of a well-cultured patrician. Her armor and clothing are commonly cooper-red and other, similar colors, going for a muted appearance so as not to attract attention.

Equipment Edit

Kirata wear a complex series of robes and armor weaving, interlaced together to provide protection and durability, in even social gatherings and such. In combat situations, the armor and rubes are still capable and do not restrict her movement, if need be, folding up to be more form fitting for serious combat battles. The armor includes life support, and chemical holding tanks for the drugs she might need to perform her rituals for Dark Alchemy.

Her main weapons include her Aster Blade, a glowing red energy sword used to butcher any of her opponents in melee combat, reflect blaster bolts, and acts as a symbol of power. Her other weapon is the Staff of Kolrmen Liao, one of the Kenzer Lord-Ravagers who helped found the Sorcerers of Rathan, and every leader has yielded it as a symbol of authority.

Abilities Edit

The Witch-Queen is armed with many powers and abilities derived from her position as Witch-Queen of the Sorcerers and years of studying various powers and arts under various teachers. His mastery of the various arts, along with the power imbued within her bloodline, has lead to her becoming one of the most powerful Rathanii Sorcerers among her people. She mostly centers her powers around lightning and using it to either disintegrate targets at full power, horrifically damage them, or use it to drain away their life. She further has powers over the Hellfire Spire, mastery over the Metallurgy Spire, and command of Flesh-Sculptors spire. Her desire for more knowledge and power over the esoteric leads her to many sources, often having unlucky minions testing said powers for her benefit, to see if anything negative occurs.

Relations Edit

Blue face Allies Edit

I have use for you.

  • Ghrokass - You are mine.
  • Crothal - Interesting comrades you with, Crothal.
  • Wilson - Keep your desires in check.
  • Takumin - You are the ultimate instrument of war, brother.

Orange face Neutral Edit

Do not pester me.

Orange face Disliked Edit

I will crush you if you continue.

  • Kirta Clett - You'll be on your knees soon enough, I'll have a hold on you.

Red face Enemies Edit

Death is your only fate!

Quotes from others Edit

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Notes Edit

  • Though the Mirror counterpart to Kirta, she is, ironically enough, also the Mirror counterpart to the Hand of Retribution.
    • Although she is indeed the counterpart, due to genetic purges in the past, Kirata is not a 1 for 1 mirror like others in the Mirror universe. Her genetic code is vastly different, and while related, the two would be genetically seen as sisters, not identical.
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