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People for so long tried to stick me in a plastic cage. They never realized how easy it was to break.

- Kirta Clett

Kirta Clett is a female Kulaung, sister of Koatria Takanius Clett, and half-sister of Crime Boss Deloros Clett, known by her title as High Queen, The Avenger, and as Huntress by her Zarbanian allies and enemies, similar to the Hunter title her father had, is the daughter of Barda Clett and Forbila Clett and an infamous, if somewhat young warrior. She is a bellicose, aggressive warrior, taking after her mother more then her more cold and rational father. Such results in her commonly getting into fights to prove her mettle. As such, she is commonly regarded as rowdy and aggressive, even for a Mendel youth. This qualities tend to annoy or infuriate her peers, but marks her was one who prefers to lead, constantly seeking to bolster others' spirits and fight alongside her comrades in arms.

Kirta has since grown into a strong effective soldier, and though prone to not wanting to be bond to others, preferring to blaze her own path, still has earned the respect of many in her clan and among her peers. This has not stopped her from preferring to avoid contact with her wider clan, though is still quite comfortable around her immediate family.

After the death of her father, and the beginning of the Mendel Schism, Kirta almost left behind her culture entirely, cynical of it and it's flaws, and not wishing to be part of it any longer. However, after a long journey, and encounters with other Mendel splinter groups, she learned to appreciate and be proud of her culture once more, and, by training with Phase-Hunter, became a better warrior and person, while also helping him deal with his flaws and mental issues. By time she killed the Hand of Retribution, and restored peace to the Mendel Clans, she had grown into an accomplished, respected leader, and proud of her people and herself.


Early life[]

Kirta was born on the Planet Eire, a few years after her brother, Takanius. She grew up among friends and family, and was, at first, a happy, joyful child. She did however, question her father, Barda Clett, who had been recently crowned High King, and was overseeing the unification of the Mendel Pact. This, combined with his generally stoic nature and having to work so often, meant his time with Kirta was brief, but as always, tried to make the most of it. One day, when she was six, and preparing for the Trial to Adulthood, with training from her brother and mother, Kirta asked her father why he could not spend more time. Barda, although he did not show any emotion, was disgusted with himself for not being a good father, and explained to her the importance of him being the High King, Lord Ugandalore, and how he had to look out for everyone. Despite everything, he would endeavor to make more time for her. Although he struggled with this, Kirta still had her honorary uncle, Phase-Hunter, who came by every so often to give out gifts and make everything a jovial affair. At first, Kirta and her brother found him hilarious and laughed often at him, despite his horrific appearance, and making them both giggle, despite their initial disturbance at his appearance.

Over time, however, Kirta would develop an intense dislike for just about everything. She disliked the Clan structure, their raucous fighting and arguing annoying to her, as well as their show-boating and love for sword fights. But the epicenter of her distaste, was Phase-Hunter. While as a young girl, Kirta saw Phase as something a kin to a court jester, she grew to see him as nothing more then a leech. Although her father claimed Phase was a good man, despite his flaws, Kirta saw her father as naïve, and believed Phase was taking advantage of him. Her discipline problems also caused her father to send into a Koatria academy, where her stubborn, headstrong nature lead her to clash with the over students. While not strong enough to be considered a Koatria, it was customary for High Kings and important Clan Lords to send rebellious children, Koatria or not, to the academies to learn manner. The teacher, Hydarax, although tough and grizzled, quickly grew annoyed with her stubborn, willful nature. Although the two never acknowledged it, Kirta liked Hydarax, as he reminded her of her father, while Hydarax secretly saw her as something akin to a surrogate daughter of sorts. Although still fiercely independent, rebellious, and spiteful of the Clan system, Kirta came out of the Academies at least able to keep up the image of being more in control.

Still, when the time came, she immediately sought out a way to start Bounty Hunting. Although her mother disapproved, trying to get to not take up such a "dirty life style", Kirta scoffed, saying if it was good enough for her father and "parasite" of an uncle, then it was good enough for her. As such, to earn money, Kirta began collecting bounties on various criminals throughout Zarbanian space, helping, ironically enough, an enemy state keep it's crime under-control. Although she kept her identity hidden, Zarbanian officials eventually found out who she was, but their Emperor, Gridlock Personally ordered them to leave her be. He would not go after his rival's daughter, even if her Grand-father had caused much suffering for Zarbania.

At one point, Kirta would come into contact Qurik Skel and become a close confidant of his, continuing this after she became High Queen.


I can't tell you what to do. If you feel this way about your uncle, then I can't change your mind.
He's not my uncle. Don't ever call him that. He's too screwed up dad.
Whatever happens, whether you return home or not, I have always cherished you, Kirta.
I love you too.

- Barda and Kirta's last conversation

Although Kirta fought alongside her Clan in some of the more important wars of the Pact, Kirta was generally absent from home, causing her father much grieve. Not only did he worry that he had failed as a father, but that she was following the same life mistakes he made, regretting his days of killing and hunting others for money like a hunting dog. He contacted her, and tried to convince her to come home, and that bounty hunting was a disgusting career. Kirta flippantly told him that, while she loved him, she did not want to live in the same house as Phase-Hunter, and told her father he needed to get his old friend help. Barda told his daughter she did not understand, but told her her life decisions where hers, and that he had no control of her, not that anyone did. He bid her farewell, secretly believing he had failed as a father, and was unable to prevent his children from repeating his mistakes. This, combined with the loss of an important war, caused Barda to become increasingly bitter and aggressive.

But her attentions where called back to home. Her father, and his comrades, had been forcibly dethroned, through manipulation, trickery and violence. The Pact was under the Command of a man simply known as the Hand of Retribution. A dangerously unstable Ugandalorian, the Hand desired nothing more then to destroy everything Xonexi in Mirus. Kirta gathered her gear to fight this Hand of Retribution, but not out of love for the Xonexi, but rather to simply avenge her father. Joining her where a growing number of Clans terrified of where the Hand was leading their people, back into the dark ages of barbarity and savagery they had struggled to step away from.

Before she left Zarbanian territory with her enterouge, Kirta was visited by Bisarko, the second in command to Emperor Ridanax himself. The Iron Chancellor offered her a strange trophy Ridanax had taken from a powerful Koatria in the past; a hammer. Ridanax himself was worried that the Mendel might turn back to fighting Zarbania again, something he was dead-set on preventing, for fear of more bloodshed and murder spreading throughout the galaxy. He left a message for her. Let this hammer be the one to bring unity and order back to your people, and the galaxy as a whole.

While making her way to Persan space to meet up with her mother, she was invited aboard a Persan vessel, which she accepted and began a journey to the true base of operations of the Persan, their true capital, in order to forge a special weapon called the Vorpalium Blade. Guided there by a mysterious being called the Master, she began her journey by meeting with Jura, and, after explaining her situation to Vanaran God, was transported to the Oversoul. There, she meet with her Great-Grandfather Cadus Clett and Reago Clett, and, although very different from both each other and her father, admitted their pride with Kirta and her strength. However, she was greatly upset when it was revealed her late father was not here, making her believe that something had gone wrong somehow. They, however, encouraged her to go on with her journey and find the Core of Accel Space. After encountering Niyra's Grand-mother, and speaking with her about Niyra and her student, and Kirta's brother, Takanius, she journeyed into the Core of Accel Space itself, where she meet the Intention of Will, who informed Kirta of her purpose within the core, and explained what need to be done to forge the Vorpalium Blade. After the process was done, Kirta was sent on her way, escorted out by the God Jura, and sent back to the land of the living, to begin her real trials.

Kirta did intend to start a revolution, but with so many Clans behind her now, She figured it best to try and gather forces for her little revolution. She traveled to the last place any True Ugandalorian wanted to go. To the city of Death. Before she left to find the Ruins Hand, she was visited by Archarax Heaven-splitter, leader of the Skallin under the Brotherhood. Although a Darkling servant, Archarax spoke with her at length, warning her the Hand was corrupted by Lightling energy, and was a threat to all the Mendel and Skallin alike stood for, despite their differences. The Hand had to be stopped, or he would destroy everything. Kirta, while untrusting of him and his ideals, agreed that the Hand must be stopped, and saw Archarax and his servant, Wulkun, left.

Arrival in Death City[]

Thanks to the work of Renarch, the leader of the Polychromatic Cult, who had declared their allegiance to Kirta in exchange for uniting the Mendel people, Kirta's forces, the Reclaimers, found the hidden base of the Ruins Hand. The Reclaimers, knowing they would need to defeat one of the Clan Lords to avoid being evicted from the base, went after Clan Kverik, and assaulted the fortress, Phase-Hunter and Kirta going deep within the bowels of the fort and killing many guards, before encountering Lord Kverik himself, Phase fighting his bodyguards, as Kirta faced Kverik in personal combat. As Kverik was more focused on subterfuge then direct combat, and Kirta had grown stronger since the Reclaimers started, allowed the two to fight to a draw, until Kirta tricked Kverik into letting his guard down, allowing her to stab him in the kidneys. This killed him, and allowed Kirta to become the lord of the Clan.

After this, weeks went by, as Kirta strengthened her hold on the Clan, fighting any high ranking leaders who dared challenge her, growing stronger over the weeks as Phase tutored her on fighting, and guiding her in her duels. When she finally was ready, and the Clan firmly under her command, Kirta made her way to the center of the city, prepared to face and challenge Lorka Gredyc himself. Upon arriving at the central palace complex, they where greeted by Lorka Gredyc, and his hordes of warriors, Ruins Hand and Alien mercenaries of countless races. There, Kirta issued her challenge to Lorka Gredyc, who initially laughed such a thing off, mocking asking Kirta if instead she wished to bow to him. Kirta, however, kept taunting hi, drawing his bravery and leadership skills into question, and asking if he was afraid to accept her challenge out of fear of losing. With all of his warriors' eyes upon him, and the facta younger warrior was insulting his courage, Lorka accepted the duel, as Kirta hoped he would, and the two left to prepare themselves for the coming duel.

Upon arriving at the coliseum, where many of the Ruins Hand had gathered to watch the fight, Lorka congratulated her on her progress and strength as a warrior, and allowed her to choose their style of duel. Throughout their duel, Kirta managed to keep the upper-hand on her foe, through her trickery and deception, but this could only do so much. Lorka was, for all intents and purposes, the superior fighter, thanks to his strength and experience. Although he was not used to her strange fighting style, more used to the more direct fighting styles of her father and mother, he was not completely defenseless, striking Kirta many times in their bout. Despite this, she managed to, with a lucky strike, disarm him, and held both blades up to his throat. Although he said he would not surrender to her, Kirta merely replied she had no intent of doing so, sickened by his actions and brutality, and immediately took his head. The arena erupted into applause and roars of approval, and the remaining Clan Archons jetpacked down to meet with her, and voice their approval of her ascension as ruler.

End of the War[]

Kirta, after uniting most of the Mendel splinter groups, made her way to the Hand of Retribution's base, and developed a battle plan with the rest of the allies. With her massive fleet, the allies would engage The Hand's first fleet, and keep him locked down. Once he deployed his second guard fleet to try and overwhelm, she would hyperspace in with her own fleet, and keep the second fleet from interfering, as she and her strike team boarded the area. A representative of the Multus Esse appeared, and warned them of the importance of the station, that it could not be destroyed, and more importantly, those stored aboard could not be unleashed. With that, Xonexi and Mirusian power alike, gathered their forces, and prepared for a vicious fight.

The plan went off without a hitch, each force deploying their fleets, and Kirta taking the Hand's forces by surprise. She and her teams deployed via drop pod, Kirta and Phase arriving on one level, but her new boyfriend of sorts, Ghkess Vhardi, separated from them. Though bothered by this, she re-focused her attentions, and moved through the base, fighting alongside Phase against The Hand's minions, and made their way into the storage areas, where biologic creations of the Multus were stored. Here, they found several Mendel warriors reduced to husks, and were soon attacked by parasitic creatures. The two moved fast, though Kirta was also attacked by one, the creature coming close to latching onto her, before Phase grabbed her, and made a dimensional jump, going into the dimension that he teleported through, and teleporting back out of the room, before closing the doors.

After more fighting through The Hand's minions, Phase stood behind to stop Kurlos, a traitor Mendel who had betrayed Barda so the Hand could kill him, as Kirta made it through. Although she did not want to leave him alone, Kirta went into the personal room of the Hand, and easiely fought off his two guards, before facing him herself. The two engaged in a long running battle, clashing sword against axe, before Kirta managed to gain the upper-hand, and electrocute the Hand's right arm, crippling him. After challenging him to a quick draw, she managed to shot him in the head, but not before she took a shot to her side.

With that done, and Phase-Hunter victorious, the two went to the control panel, and ordered the Mendel Fleets to stand down at once. Though a few fled into the void, the rest obeyed, and the war came to an end. Tired, but happy, Kirta reunited with Ghkess, and the rest of her warriors aboard her flagship, and made their way home to Ugandalore, to give her father a proper burial.

Fenric's death[]

Joined by her brother, her mother and much of their family, and Barda's own friends and fellow statesmen, Kirta put him to rest, and went to the palace, to take her oaths of office, and begin her reign as the elected monarch of the Mendel. Instead, she found Fenric Vermillion waiting for her, he and his remaining troops taking her and her family hostage, and threatening to have them all killed unless she declared him the rightful ruler. Angered, Kirta at first had no choice, before Phase gave her words of encouragement to fight on. As Fenric yelled for them to do as he said, Ghkess greatly increased the air pressure around Fenric's head, surprising him, and causing him to stagger for a moment, before Kirta slammed a punch into his face, allowing Phase to get free and fire a shot at all of his goons, killing them all, and leaving Fenric alone.

Before he could try and aim his gun at her, Kirta stabbed him in the face with a knife, and, at her mercy, tried to beg his way out, offering his services as a warrior, a criminal agent of some sort, and even offering his personal fortune. Disgusted with him, Kirta proclaimed that what he owed couldn't be paid back with money, and proceeded to repeatedly punch him for several minutes, shattering part of his skull, and then his spine, before punching him out the window, and into a trash compactor in the nearby streets, crushing his body and ending Vermillion's threat once and for all.

After this, she took her oaths of office, and began to go about the rebuilding process for the Mendel Pact, bringing their Clans back together and helping them reunify after years of conflict. After the first few weeks, everything began to calm down, as Phase secretly arranged a date between Ghkess and Kirta, to give them a few hours of peace without politics or fights. Their date took place in an obscure bar late at night, with Kirta at first teasing Ghkess over his strange belief that licking his elbow was an amazing talent that would impress her, before the two got to talking about more personal items and ideals, and promising to stick together through thick and thin.

Second Cyrannus Galactic War[]

The destruction of Mou'Cyran sent ripples through the Mendel Clans and tribes, many calling for war outright. Kirta, for her part, was eager to indulge, but followed proper channels, and called the Clan Council and Draiothe Conclave to vote. There, the groups voted in unanimous favor for war, and the Mendel war machine mobilized for war. In Cyrannus, Commander Fenn Shesara and much of his Clan was already there, armed and ready to join the Cyrandia Resistance and help weaken the Empire, when he was told to await further orders. To oversee the war, Kirta had Commander Ryaler awakened, and sent out to fight with a massive force to ensure victory. His forces would arrive just in time to fight alongside the Waptoria and Persan, and face off with the Empire in the Battle of Frenal, driving them off, with some loses. Kirta was determined the Mendel would win this war, not wishing to see the Pact lose in such a major conflict, and prove to the wider universe they could handle themselves. This would also be a hard test for her reign as High Queen, her ability to lead would be questioned by many, and losing would have dire consequences for the rest of the universe.

Kirta would also order the deployment of forces under the Clan Hrothur Tenauo in Borealis to oversee the War of the Ancient Three, and assist the Polar Crystal Alliance. Though disturbed by reports of parasitic plants, demonic serpents and succubi-witches, Kirta was pleased with her force's victories in war, and returned her attention to the winning of the war with the Galactic Empire. She faced several issues, such as a group of New republic colonies turning to a Republic rebel movement, and some of the Clans wondering about the prosecution of the war and supplies. She sent Kiun, a student of the same teacher who taught Ryaler, and had him organize a second force, alongside the Vanara admiral Auvia, and retake these colonies, through either force, or diplomacy if possible, using the reputation of the Mendel as barbarians to intimidate many into surrender before a shot could be fired. Not long after, Kiun reported the taking the capital of New Corulus, and went on stand-by to oversee the transaction of these colonies to loyal Republic governments.

Although many victories were to be had, the hardest part of the war was yet to come, one that would surely test Kirta's own resolve.

Battle of Cianbur and Fall of the Republic[]

Kirta's greatest test as a leader would come with the Battle of Cianbur, a heavy loss that forced Commander Ryaler to pull back to safe territory, and rebuild his forces, forcing her to send Commander Kiun's forces to reinforce his comrade's, and awaken Commander Saren from her slumber, and put her forces on standby. The High Queen looked over the reports of the battle, the trap laid for the Mendel, and the losses taken, many Mendel vessels, both Mendel and allied races' own ships, destroyed in the fight, a New Republic admiral dead, and a Vanara Admiral captured. The High Queen was weary of the news, but prepared to redouble her efforts, as did her Commanders. She authorized Ryaler and Kiun, once their forces were ready, to oversee another attack against the Empire, while the New Republic went on the defensive. This would be important. Kirta believed that, as the Empire dealt with another incursion on the world of Vasuband. Kirta believed that the Empire could be taken by surprise with an offensive move, and her Commanders and Clan-Advisors agreed. To assist, she and the other powers had authorized the use of her brother and his Koatria Team to assist Ryaler.

Her strategy, however, was surprised with ill-news from the Galaxy. The New Republic, the Pact's strongest ally, had fallen. The on the Twelve Worlds would leave much of the Republic under Imperial occupation and under the control of a puppet leader, named "President" Zare'Anna. Some of the Clans questioned if they should continue fighting, their oaths of loyalty to the Republic, and some pointing to the fact the Republic senate had agreed to the declaration of peace and an end to the war. Others, however, said Apollo survived, and as such, his New Republic Remnant was the true government to align with. Kirta, after much debate between the two sides, made her decision, declaring the Remnant the true continuation of the Republic, and would fight at their side through thick and thin. With that, she continued to direct the war effort, though now worried of the fate of her people.

Gathering another fleet, she journeyed to Cyrannus, preparing to give it her all, and would lead the war efforts in Cyrannus herself, while meeting with the President and other allied leaders herself to hammer out a new plan on how to defeat the Empire, with these new threats to the allies and their efforts. She also, personally, wanted to meet President Apollo, seeing him as an inspirational leader, though planned to meet with many of the allied leaders to plan ahead for the war.


Guess daddy was sowing his seeds before we two came along

- Kirta to her Brother

Mirus Divided[]

Operation Phoenix[]

Qliphoggr's Ascension[]



When Kirta was younger, she was regarded as something of a rebel, even after some training from Hydarax alongside some Koatria, ordered by her father. She did not care for the Clans of the Mendel Pact, did not like how loud her kind tend to be, which annoyed her, and was regarded as too hot-headed for her own good. While many say she is like her mother, being so aggressive and passionate, she also shares several traits with her father, being, when given a goal, extremely focused, and a lone wolf. She did not regard her father's choice in friends highly, especially her honorary uncle, and felt her father was naïve about a good many things.

During the Mendel Schism, and her subsequent training by Phase-Hunter, and the many battles fought, caused Kirta to mature a great deal. While still passionate and hot-headed, she learned to focus this far more, and became known for her great determination and focus towards her foes. She developed a slightly crazed approach to fighting, such as learning to use tricks of sight and hand, and even, during one fight, lighting herself on fire to counter a foe. All of this passion is driven by her drive to protect and defend others, and, towards most strangers, she will do her best to fight for them. Time has made her less of a warrior, and more of a leader, though her skills haven't dulled, just shifted.

Kirta, after her fights with various tyrants, of her people and others, such as the Hand of Retribution, Emperor Tyrómairon, Fenric Vermillion, Mavarla of the Tul'kaarin and various others, has caused Kirta to have a deep and abiding hatred of those she deems tyrants. Those who use, abuse and enslave others for their own power are to be butchered, and killed brutally to keep them from harming others.

She still has an odd habit of forgetting important terms, for example, forgetting that the Vorpalium Blade could destroy matter, not souls, and annoying three of the people she encountered in the Accel Core. Despite this forgetful nature, it appears to be more a front then anything, as Kirta as an extremely sharp mind and strategic ability.

Although she has fought them very few times, the Zarbanians with The Zarbania Powers call her Huntress, to signify their respect, and her history with their people. Although her Grandfather destroyed many lives, the Zarbanians are loyal to her for her ability to make things right.


Kirta is young, lean and muscular, attractive by her races' standards, and by the standards of most others. She has a lean face, sharp green eyes, which, upon meeting Cadus Clett in the Oversoul, who remarked that they where just like that of her Great Grand-Mother Sarus Arean, and a slight scar, almost a scratch, beneath her left eye. Her figure is rather curvy, though mostly muscle, thanks to a hard life of training and practice in battle, and she has light blue scales across her body, with light green across her back and thighs. She does not care for fashion or appearance, utilizing little make-up or accessories to hide any scars on herself, having acquired many from her battles in life, feeling these, like most Mendel, a true sign of pride in herself, showing all the battles she has seen and witnessed. She colored the tips of her head-tails are painted black.

Her armor is Unitarian and a turquoise blue, with light green accents across it's wrists, chest and the visor, and is noted for the three spike-like frills on her shoulders, as well as a series of spikes that curve upward on her jetpack. She specifically did this to spite her Clan, who warned such spike-like imagery might come off as Darkling-inspired.

Outside her armor, she normally wears a dark blue leather jacket, stylized with the Star symbol of her clan, and a fire pattern on the sleeves and edges of it, and along the sleeves, up to her shoulders, is her name written in stylized letters. She commonly wears a pair of loose fitting jeans, held up by two belts, and what looks like a leather neck choker. She wears blue leather pants, commonly with combat boots.

Equipment and Abilities[]

Kirta's first suit of armor is a turquoise blue and silt accents of green on her armor, adorned with a wolf pelt around her back, acting as a small cape. Equipped with this armor, are various blasters, missiles, hooks and Taser weapons to immobilize and destroy her foes. She prefers electrical weapons, due to her elemental power. A special system added to her armor is a cloaking system, that can briefly hide the wearer for a few minutes, even hiding some of their heat signatures. One of her most notable weapons are a pair of Crush-Gauntlets, specialized metal gloves that can be used for a variety of combat purposes, such as crushing limbs and guns, catching a energy blade when she's fast enough, or being able to amplify the power of her punches.

After her ascension as ruler, Kirta adopted a gold and bronze suit of armor, and a grey body suit. The armor itself is gold, with bronze lines criss-crossing it in a lightning bolt-like pattern. The helmet is a grey color, also adorned with the same pattern of gold across it, stylized bolts going from forehead to checks. The shoulder armor is adorned with small epaulet-like objects, and her waist armor is covered in a special wrapping used by Mendel Sword duelist. She wears a short white cape, one worn by her Great-Grandfather Cadus Clett, in order to connect herself with her ancestors. This armor is normally worn to formal events as well as combat.

Kirta is also an expert marksmen, thanks to training from her father, and uses a variety of long-to-mid ranged weapons to take out most targets, including an assortment of Pulse and Laser rifles and pistols. Compounding this, is training from her mother, giving her expert skill with a sword in battle, as well as some knives and daggers. Phase-Hunter furthered her training with swords and the like, and also learning to temper her aggression, improving her abilities to great degree. Her hand-armor takes on a loose-fitting glove appearance, in reality are a Mendel weapon called Crush Gauntlets, allowing her to gripe Energy blades without harm, or, as the name states, crush her foes bones to fine powder. Crush Gaunts also allow her to amplify the power of her punches, while not slowing down any strike or swing.

She knows some Staff work, her father having taught her the use of staffs and spears in battle.

Kirta has only rudimentary control over the element of lightning, and, while good, is no where near the expertise of a Koatria. This, combined with a rather small amount of power already, makes her abilities rather basic, and little threat to proper essence users. Despite this, she is well aware of her own strengths and weaknesses, and knows how to counter more experienced essence users.


LoveRelation.png Family[]

Whether you want me or not, we're stuck together. I'll watch out for you, though.

  • Barda Clett - Father...I won't forget
  • Forbila Clett - Mom, I will not lose you.
  • Takanius Clett - Watch yourself and your team, brother.
  • Ghkess Vhardi - You're a little weird, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Phase-Hunter - You're an idiot, but you're a wise idiot. If that makes sense.
  • Cadus Clett - I won't forget your advice. Ever.
  • Reago Clett - It was an honor to meet you, Gramps.
  • Deloros Clett - You may have had a bad start, but of all of us, you made the most of everything. Dad would've been proud.

Green face.png Friends[]

Stick with me. No one will mess with you, or I'll shove my fist down their throat, ok?

  • Renarch - Smart ass.

Blue face.png Allies[]

If anyone messes with you, I'll rearrange their face, ok?

  • W'zte - You're a good leader, and a good person. My dad always had a good choice in friends.
  • Hydarax - Enjoyable at times. At other times not.
  • Eria - You're kinda cute. Just be careful out there.
  • Ragkuro - Thanks for the vote.

Yellow face.png Neutral[]

We need to meet more.

  • Gridlock - You're not an asshole, but I don't care for ya.
  • Apollo - I have got to meet him. This dude is an inspiration.
  • Qurik Skel - I gotta respect this guy for holding to his own despite everything.
  • Alexandre - I hope we can move forward. Hopefully.

Orange face.png Disliked[]

Give me a damn break.

Red face.png Enemies[]

Hold still, I'm gonna find the perfect punching angle to hit you from!

  • Lord Mortox - You're really disgusting.
  • Lorka Gredyc - You're balls deep in hell, now!
  • Gortoi Kametian - My tricks are guaranteed to "blow" your mind!
  • Hand of Retribution - You should've just killed yourself, would've made it easier!
  • Archarax - At least you're not a rapist...
  • Terikalinra - After fighting the Empire, I can see, "Dark Lord", your nothing but small fry.
  • Commandant Ghorie - Should I flip you off some more, robot? Or, will that get you all...burnt up?
  • Tyrómairon - I don't back down from monsters like you.
  • Captain Titus - You'll pay for Frenal.
  • Savis - Ich...What a creep.
  • Chokuto Gredyc - Gredyc against Clett again? This is a rivalry you plan to continue, but not win, huh?
  • Fenric Vermillion - You really pissed me off.

Alternate Universes[]

As her ancestors had conquered the other Mendel tribes in their ancient past, the Mendel were now one, powerful race, not three separate ones with all their own strengths and weaknesses, and as such, her genetics were mixed further. Naming conventions changed, and she became Ki'rra Clett. She came to power after the passing over her father by a challenger, and eager for revenge, rather then accepting his rule, as was custom, she challenged him, in turn, and slayed him, becoming High Queen, and beginning the steps to a golden age for the Mendel Ultimate Empire. Expansion into the East of Mirus was expanded further, and her people became more closely tied with their allies on the diplomatic stage. Numerous universities and temples were built on her orders, and a grand museum, "The Palace of Wisdom", was erected to further the intelligence of her people and their Clans. Experts in fields of science and industry were brought in from Andromeda, Cyrannus and the Quadrants, and numerous others, to help the Mendel become even more advanced with new weapons, ships and devices.

Ki'rra is not the warrior her Onuris peer is, though showed proclivity with her ability to cut down her father's killer in only a few minutes, but compensates by being a far better stateswoman and leader, her leadership have brought the Mendel to a golden age, even as they wage war in Cyrannus against the Galactic Empire, their numbers and equipment far better and allowing them to fight on equal grounds with the Empire. Her leadership has been an inspiration to those of the Clans and allied races, and also to their allies, her ferocity and hot-blooded nature mixed well with her ability speak and inspire others.

Her title, instead of "The Avenger", is Queen Ki'rra Clett the Magnificent.

Kirata The Fate-Weaver is the Mirror Universe counterpart to Kirta Clett, and ruler of the Sorcerers of Rathan, a Witchcraft oriented counterpart to the Mendel Pact, and servants of the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony. She came to power shortly after betraying her father, and turning him to stone, causing the other Priests and Sorcerers to declare her the new Witch-Queen. Her rule saw the expansion of Rathan power, and the execution of many enslavement missions and pogroms on behalf of the Hegemony and its Emperor, of whom she was intensely loyal to.

The arrival of the Xeranbha caused her and her people to flee rather then fight, and they planned to pave the way for the rest of the Hegemony by conquering the Prime Onuris Universe. However, all contact was lost between their drones and the Hegemony in Cyrannus and elsewhere, causing them to realize they were on their own. The Sorcerers went about consolidating their territories elsewhere, as Kirata sought allies in this new and strange land.

The Witch-Queen is much more ruthless and power-hungry then her counterpart, but still intensely loyal to certain family members and her leaders. However, she did not wish to be killed by the Xeranbha, the terror these beings inspired far out-weighing the loyalty to the Hegemony.

Quotes from Others[]

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She's got a big mouth, but she's also got a bigger heart.

- Takanuis

You learned discipline well, student.

- Hydarax

Hey, don't act like it was just you who improved. I would've been drinking up to my eyeballs or worse by now if I didn't have you to focus on. Thank you.

- Phase-Hunter

Nobody should've gone through what she went through. I can understand the magnitude of a close loss. But Kirta, she embodies her race's toughness and adaptability. I know she overcame her grief. But I find myself disturbed that, when I think of her, I doubt that I ever got over my losses.

- Shlan'ak Phur'an

Belligerent like my father, but more reasonably so, considering all you've been through. I see you also have a fondness for lightning.

- Qurik Skel

My aren't we quite the firebrand! Well I'd rather hang out with a firebrand like her then some stuffy foreign dignitary any day!

- Auvia

Thank you for everything. I still think my elbow-licking is impressive though.

- Ghkess Vhardi


  • Kirta takes inspiration from the Star Wars character Mirta Gev, the Granddaughter of Boba Fett, and Jolyne Cujoh, a character from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and the best Jojo.
    • Her relationship with Phase-Hunter was inspired by that of Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli in Steel Ball Run.
    • The idea of a female character was in the works for awhile. The User's dislike of a certain Marey Sue, and his need to improve upon the past with his earlier work with females that where spotty at best, inspired him to try and improve on a female character's concept, much like her inspiration, Jolyne.
  • Kirta has become the user's favorite character to write about, not only for his liking for well-developed female characters, but also for her development and character growth that he feels is some of his best, personally.
  • Kirta and Takanius started the idea of the Clett Bloodline going beyond Barda and extending through the generations.
  • Kirta was voted a featured character on June 2018.