Spain is an intergalactic nation with the biggest part of it's territory in the Milky Way. The Kingdom of Spain was formed after the restoration of the House of Bourbon after the Spanish Restoration War

Territory and population Edit

The biggest parts of Spain's territory and population are located in the Milky Way (64 trillion), Selten (16 trillion) and the Great Magellanes Cloud (12 trillion). The remanining 5 trillion is distributed across the scarced colonies of Spain in Borysthenis and it's satellite Kilmea.

Although trying to remain as neutral as possible in intergalactic affairs apart from colonization, Spain has a mighty military of 19 trillion soldiers. To protect Spanish territory and interests, Spain keeps a militarist policy in which Spanish citizens older than 18 are required to serve in the Reserve Corps for at least 2 years, which adds another 37 trillion soldiers to the army, making up a total military force of 56 trillion soldiers.

Government Edit

The Spanish Empire is lead by a joint government of the King, currently Charles VI, and the Cortes Generales.

Foreign Relations Edit


Green faceYou are under our protection and guarantee, may our friendship prevail.

  • German State - We have a common friendship since almost a thousand years ago, and may it last another thousand years!
  • Japanese Diarchy - Yamato may be crumbling, but its spirit will forever glow within your hearts.


Green faceYou are under our protection and guarantee, may our friendship prevail.

  • Kingdom of the Netherlands - Once enemies on the sea, now allies on space! An origin on planet Earth unites us both.
  • Neanderthal Empire - We used to have a rivalship, but the Great Orion War couldn't have been won without you.


Blue faceWe hope you accept our alliance request, for we see in you a true example of a proper empire.

  • French Empire - Our honorable and powerful brothers from the northern Pyrinees.
  • Allied Terran Republic - Although we want to keep Spain's independence, we will always be human brothers.


Yellow faceWe have had our conflicts in the past, but we don't dislike you much either.

  • Alpha Draconian - We don't dislike you as long as you leave the human race alone.


Orange faceWe dislike you quite a lot.

  • Sovereign Caribbean Federation - Traitors to the Spanish motherland, to the empire, the one where the sun never set. Your treason will be forever remembered.


Red faceThe whole power of the Armada shall fall upon your worlds, and suffering will eclipse your suns.

  • Grox Empire - We will destroy whatever has remained from you, your crimes to the human race cannot be forgiven.
  • Grey Interstellar Empire - Your cities will be besieged, your shields shall break, and epidemics shall take over your resisting ones, thee have made a big mistake when sub estimating the will of Humanity and the Spanish Empire.
  • Adresaas Republic and allies - The extragalactic version of Nazi Germany and the Axis... Such a lovely sight to wipe off the galactic map.
Spain-Flag Spain
"Non Suficit Orbis."


I see an Empire lost in its own greed. An empire stuck in a loop of aggression of hatred... Xenophobia... Disgusting to let their hatred cloud their judgment Like my brothers and sisters did when their crazed hunger for power betrayed their own, someone will bring order to them before it is too late”

- 'Astosein Shrius chaptermaster of the Legion, Koalian Empire'
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