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"United in the hopes of a better future..."

Your highness, look. All this year, we've been doing absolutely nothing but stand still. Doing nothing but look as the rest of the universe's chewing itself out. We get it, you are afraid of being invaded. However, it doesn't matter whether you're out there fighting for a better, safer Gigaquadrant, or cowering in a corner. Eventually, someone will come chasing after you. It's best to actively fight for good and be remembered by your allies as you're taken down, than to be destroyed and nobody remember you. And, quite frankly, most of your population agrees with me: they want to be part of a nation that fights for Good. As the Empire's law says: "Should the population ever heavily disagree with or be oppressed by an Emperor, they can overthrow him or her." Are you truly an Empress loyal to her population? I ask you, Your Highness: are you?'

- President Wasmon, aiding Hapte during the rebellion against the old empress

The Kingdom of Agethime is an expansionist, ultramodern pseudo-socialist civilization located within the Milky Way and Mirus galaxies, known for being the spiritual sucessor of the Old Tadpole Empire. Unlike its main competitor, Tadpoles are not the only species present within its society. While they still represent the majority, they represent around 76% of the Kingdom's demographics, the rest being filled by immigrants, members of allied nations and organizations, and even those from absorbed civilizations, leaving the Kingdom in a stark contrast to the New Tadpole Empire. It is also known for its fast expansionism, possessing multiple colonies throughout the Milky Way. This sometimes leads to their reputation of being 'pests', as they tend to terraform planets they inhabit into large, warm swamps or oceans to satisfy their amphibian biology.

The Kingdom gets its name from its homeworld, Agethime. It is a relatively uniform tropical planet which possesses few biomes, most notably its large swamps, jungles and oceans, with colder tundras near its poles where it has little life. Due to it having a mix of wide swamps and deep oceans, it has allowed to be a safe haven for Tadpoles and amphibious creatures alike, providing the perfect biosphere. However, it was the threatre of a worldwide nuclear war which left it irradiated and polluted, and leaving Tadpolekind scattered. Its effects persist to this day, but fortunately have diminished greatly, and it is estimated that Agethime will become fertile again in just a couple decades.

Its flag represents the state of the universe, as well as the Kingdom's hopes and objectives. The black regions represent the dark and evil forces of the galaxy. The yellow represents order desesperately trying to fight back the black and protect the dark blue - which represents the innocent. The white star at the center represents the hope for peace that empowers the yellow.

History Edit

As stated above, the Kingdom is one of the two direct descendants from the Old Tadpole Empire, and was formed when the Old Empire dissolved. Since the dissolution happened not too long ago, the Kingdom is an incredibly young civilization, but still inherited most of its predecessor's technologies and territories.

The Old Empire was an isolationist civilization at heart, and had been for several decades on end. The general population, however, disliked the isolationism and accused the emperor and his supporters of cowardice and xenophobia, alongside not listening to its population. Following the news that the Old Empire's age-old ally, the Miperiors, had been annexed by the Grand Tarkan Empire, this sentiment spiked up to alarming levels. This period led to the rise of the Progressists, a group led by Wasmon which aimed to bring back Tadpolekind into the universe's presence.

The Council had a large ammount of public support, a factor which led it to spread throughout Empirical space at alarming rates. After some time, it met a peaceful group of rebels which outright demanded change on the Old Empire's leadership, led by Hapte, a popular figure throughout the Old Empire. While the movement at first wasn't recognized, it continuously grew in members and support, and finally reached a fever pitch after a petition by the Progressists surpassed one billion signatures, resulting in both the Council and the Movement to confront the emperor.

After a rousing speech made by both Wasmon and Hapte, the empress admitted to being unfit to rule and ceded the throne to Hapte. However, many of the empress' loyal followers refused to accept defeat or to be associated with the independents, and deserted entirely from the Old Empire. Most of those who deserted, however, were key members of the Old Empire - scientists, generals, political allies, etc. - and it couldn't function without them. Nevertheless, many who were participants in the Progressists and the rebel groups were also members of those positions, and even though they weren't as skilled as those from the Old Empire, helped Hapte reform the Old Empire from ground-up, resulting in a far more diplomatic civilization based on pre-war nations.

On the other hand, most Old Empire members who deserted to avoid supporting the Kingdom went on to form the New Tadpole Empire, which seeks to maintain the Old Empire's legacy and seeks to fulfill its original role. While the two powers are not exactly at war against each other, they maintain terrible relations and mostly avoid each other, being essentially on a cold war. Meanwhile, Hapte worked on improving the Kingdom's image and diplomatic relationships with other civilizations - most notably with the Mou'Cyran Accords and the New Cyrannian Republic, among others.

Not long afterward, the Kingdom's old friend and trade partner, the Waptoria Alliance of Species contacted and invited it to join the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment, paving the Kingdom's path into exploring the fabled Mirus Galaxy, though a war with Mirus' rampaging forces is both predicted and feared.

Notable Members Edit

Name Paladin Girine Girine
Affiliation Kingdom of Agethime
Species Tadpole - Blue
Status Alive
I may look childish and dorky to you... but boy, you don't wanna piss me off.
- A warning commonly issued by Girine

Paladin Girine is the chief of the spacecraft controllers, essentially the commander of the fleet leaders. Though she is usually playful and with a seemingly-unbreakable childlike glee, Girine is well experienced in combat and commanding, to the point where her personality does a 180° during training and conflicts, acting agressively and imposing. Despite that, she's an overall nice person and is a role model for aspiring Kingdom soldiers.

Name Professor Colet Colet
Affiliation Kingdom of Agethime
Species Tadpole - Purple
Status Alive
Most other civilizations have top-notch technologies. We ought to keep up with them, lest we fall behind and become easy prey.
- Professor Colet's motto

Professor Colet is the head of the scientist department. Renowed for his supreme intelligence, Colet also serves as a role model for those who aspire to join the scientific field. A friendly yet shy person, he won't hesitate to mentor those who have difficulties. Due to his prowess, he often serves as the representative of Sector N.

Name Ambassador Yakon AmbassadorYakon
Affiliation Kingdom of Agethime
Species Tadpole - Orange
Status Alive
Handling diplomatic duties like yours seems tiresome, but the celebrations you recieve back home makes me quite jealous.
- Yakon, discussing with Primus

Ambassador Yakon is the spokesperson of the Kingdom. Handling all of the diplomatic affairs, he is essentially the leader of the guild of ambassadors, detailing and organizing how meetings with the leaders of other civilizations should go, instructing newcomers, and talking to other civilizations whenever Hapte is not available. Even on his duties, he likes to occasionally joke around, but he knows when to stop.

Name Ambassador Primus AmbassadorPrimus
Affiliation Kingdom of Agethime / Mou'Cyran Accords
Species Tadpole - Green
Status Alive
Yeah, well, at least you don't have to stay in a Libertus-sized fish tank like a dork all day long on Mou'Cyran.
- Primus, replying to Yakon

While Yakon likes to make the occasional joke, Primus is a full-blown clown, never losing an opportunity to make a joke, pun, or to snark. Due to his constant cheerful mood, he was selected to be the representative of the Kingdom for the Mou'Cyran Accords, and also doubling as an ambassador for the New Cyrannian Republic. Due to Mou'Cyran's non-aquatic nature, however, Primus is not too fond of having to worry about dehydration, resorting to take shower breaks every thirty minutes.

Name Syllia Syllia
Affiliation Kingdom of Agethime / Mariposa Society
Species Tadpole - White
Status Alive
"Yes? What can I do for you?♥"
- Syllia and her irresistibly sweet nature

Syllia is Hapte's wife. Being married to him long since his rise to power, she has been by his side through everything he had to endure, providing moral support to him and his colleagues. Nowadays, thanks to her marriage, she has about the same ammount of power as her husband, but for the most part prefers to not interfere, for fear of doing something detrimental. Nevertheless, she still is liked by everyone due to her friendly nature. Despite that, however, she's known as a member of the Mariposa Society, as her mask gives away. She essentially serves as an ambassador between the Kingdom and the Society.

Name Strallié GeneralStrallie
Affiliation Kingdom of Agethime
Species Tadpole - Orange
Status Alive
You think I'm too harsh? Kid, compared to what you may see out there, I'm your sweetest dreams personified. I'm killing you, reviving you and pressuring you to try harder; your enemies will kill you and make sure you stay dead.
- Strallié, lecturing a young recruit

General Strallié is one of the most notable generals in the Kingdom. Strict and fierce, she tolerates no nonsense in any army she may be commanding. While she's not exactly extremely rude and agressive, she differs from most other Tadpoles in which she's always serious, and easily irritable. However, the main reason she's like that is to prevent her soldiers from becoming, as she says, "softies" and be easily killed off. Due to their conflicting personalities, she and Girine have quite the rivalry.

Astrography Edit

A noticeably big civilization, the Kingdom is mostly focused on the Norma-Outer Arm of the Milky Way, and due to its fast expansion, has created what could be considered a sizable "perimeter" of colonized stars, which occasionally tends to rub elbows with passing-by spacecraft. While it might be confused by them for a power-hungry expansionist civilization, the Kingdom in fact expands quickly due to its population's high reproduction rates coupled with high life expectancy, where if it didn't expand quickly, it'd be quickly embroiled in overpopulation - as is the case in the New Empire. However, while it is notably big enough to frighten smaller civilizations and rival a few supernations, it is not necessarily huge enough to head toe-to-toe with hypernations.


Unfortunately for the Kingdom, there are a lot of savage tribes in Agethime that keep causing distress for them.

Knowing that seeking the latter would attract such supernations into attacking them, the Kingdom has ceased focusing expansion on the Norma-Outer Arm, and has used a specifically-modified warp drive(labelled "Jump Drive") to start outposts on other regions of the Milky Way. Though these in no way are comparable to the main sector, they're still large enough to hold a population, to perform scientifical experiments, and to defend themselves long enough for backup to arrive. Should a sector be deactivated or conquered, its associated Jump Drives are also accordingly shut down to prevent enemy forces to breach into the Kingdom's hub.

Most of the planets colonized by the Kingdom are slowly terraformed into either a humid tropical world or a completely aquatic one, while Tadpoles set small outposts around. Since it is a lengthy process, the planet being assimilated is typically heavily guarded by military fleets in case an enemy tries to take advantage of the colony's weakness and attack it.

Due to the confusion of labelling the many Agethimian outposts, a system of 'Sectors' is used to refer to a region of colonies.

Milky Way Sectors Edit

Mother Sector
Location Status Description
Norma-Outer Arm, Soloth Sector Militarized The Mother Sector is, like its name suggests, the birthplace and the very core of the Kingdom. It is bustling with activity everywhere you go, and has several roles: political hotspot, residential area, military base, and even economic keypoint. It is commonly referred to as "the sector that never sleeps". On the other hand, The Garrison loves to pester the sector by destroying trade routes, which leads the Kingdom to heavily fortify it from the troublemakers.

Being the Soloth Sector, this place is surrounded by the New Tadpole Empire, the Mariposa Society, The Garrison and the Tadfroggy Imperium.

Its respective president is Wasmon.

Highway Sector
Location Status Description
Scutum-Crux Arm Expanding The Highway sector is the first colony to be built outside of the Mother sector, and is among, but not the biggest within the Kingdom. Despite that, it is still a quite powerful sector on its own, having a large population and military, and also counts with aid from the rest of the sectors.

Its respective president is Myu.

Overwatch Sector
Location Status Description
Carina-Sagittarius Arm Idle The Overwatch Sector has an appropriate name, considering its position and status. Practically the smallest outpost of the Kingdom, it is basically completely isolated from everything. Due to this, the Kingdom simply assumed it is located in a lifeless or scarcely-populated area, but does not have the time to expand. This sector is primarily used for scientific experiments and mining operations rather than residential or military purposes.

Its respective president is Altoloni.

Delta Sector
Location Status Description
Orion-Cygnus Arm Expanding Located in a rather peaceful galactic arm compared to the others, the Delta sector is the only one who can surpass the Highway sector in size, activity and population. However, due to its distance to the Mother sector, it has a higher time-lag in transmissions than other sectors. It is also rather close to humanity, which occasionally makes this sector afraid of being stepped on, but the proximity to the Waptoria Alliance of Species tend to soothe this fear somewhat.

Its respective president is Bimfur.

Sector Name
Location Status Description
Orion-Cygnus Arm, Tyris Mayor Sector Expanding The Valiant Sector is - a little confusingly - located within the Tyris Mayor sector, as part of the Kingdom's membership with the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment. Despite its small and humble origins, it has grown exponentially over the years. It is located next to a wormhole leading to Mirus.

Its respective president is Onala.

Sector N
Location Status Description
Galactic Core Outskirts Exploring Sector N used to be a highly sophisticated scientific outpost owned by the Old Empire, that was later acquired by the Kingdom after the treaty with the New Empire. It is intended to be used to experiment nuclear power and propulsion, while trying to harness anti-matter for practical use, such as weapons. Years of continuing this projet have yielded fruitful results, which continue to aid the Kingdom.

The sector is also located not too far from the Wentals. Its respective president is Squal.

Mirus Sectors Edit

Paladin Sector
Location Status Description
UAE Territory Idle A budding sector located within an UAE-controlled region on the Mirus galaxy, the Paladin sector is also a result of the Kingdom's membership in the Alliance. Despite starting out small and humble, it grew through the years and now is fiercely defended.

Its respective president is Reethy.

Omega Sector
Location Status Description
N/A Expanding The Omega Sector marks the first time in a while the Kingdom expands through Mirus, and intends to serve as a hub for further exploration through the galaxy. Despite being small, it is well-prepared to deal with invasions.

Its respective president is Nulip.

Notable Planets Edit

Agethime - Mother Sector
Image Description
TadpoleHomeworld Agethime went through a lot. From recieving her first batch of life, to being cannibalized, stripped of her resources, to the worldwide attacks... She still suffers from the effects of the pollution left behind by our ancestors to this day. I ask you, is this the legacy you want?
- Unknown

Agethime is - you guessed it - the homeworld and the heart of the Kingdom. A warm, wet world, it is notable for having rather few biomes - it is entirely consisted of jungles/swamps, seas, deserts and tundras on the polar regions. While, as stated above, it went through a lot of issues, Agethime stood triumphantly as the Tadpoles' proud homeworld for centuries to boot - starting from the Old Empire and extending into the Kingdom's present rule - as it provides the perfect weather for a Tadpole.

Nevertheless, it isn't exactly the perfect place to live. To this day, Agethime still has alarmingly high ammounts of CO² spreaded around its atmosphere and oceans - not high enough to render it unlivable, but still to require purification devices. Despite that, Agethime still counts with billions of inhabitants and will always be the Kingdom's capital, to serve as a reminder to be mindful of the consequences of reckless wars.

Aquoshire - Delta Sector
Image Description
TadpoleSeaworld If you ever plan on attacking Aquoshire, I hope you really, really like the colour blue. And water. And being mobbed on by thousands and thousands of battlecrafts.
- Girine

In a deep contrast to Agethime, Aquoshire is a lush, bright and deeply blue world. Famous for being completely submerged in water except for the poles, it serves a strategic position in the Delta Sector due to it having one of the densest populations in the Kingdom's planets, and thus counts with loads of fighters - manned and unmanned alike, a fact which led it to be considered the capital of the sector. Aquoshire might as well be the only planet in the entire Kingdom which is guarded as heavily as Agethime.

Another thing Aquoshire is famous for is the fact that it is the only ecumenopolis/city-world which is completely underwater. While an outside observer wouldn't be able to tell it's a city-world by looking at it on the daytime side, a quick look on the night side gives it away - the sheer ammount of city lights in it makes the night side glow like a christmas tree. The fact that it is underwater allows Aquoshire to also hold marine life by planting seaweed on the top of some buildings, making it one of the few, if not the only ecumenopolis to have wildlife in it.

Epsollan / Twimme - Paladin Sector
Image Description
TadpoleHotspot Ah, this place reminds me of the theme parks I used to visit when I was younger. I love to go there occasionally!
- Syllia

Epsollan is a luxurious oceanic world located in the heart of the Kingdom's Paladin Sector. Serving in a way as the sector's capital, it is a beacon of commerce and recreation, with its many businesses, factories, hotels, museums and malls. Another thing it is notable for is that it is essentially a binary system; instead of its desertic moon, Twimme, orbiting around Epsollan, the two bodies both orbit around a common barycenter. Despite Twimme being a cold and dry desert, uninhabitable to the common Tadpole, the Kingdom has set an outpost there as well, making it serve as a double colony. The Twimme outpost serves as mainly residence and for factories, but it also has its own recreational facilities, which accepts any visitors from the UAE, an alliance the Kingdom is part of.

Unlike Agethime, the reason for Epsollan's orange tone is that it orbits a red star, giving the world a more orange colouration.

Perlunit - Highway Sector
Image Description
TadpoleIslandworld Perlunit is the capital of the Highway Sector. At first sight, it is just another world completely submerged in water, but upon close look has a couple of islands of varying sizes dotting the landscape. They are, for the most part, used as military bases, taking advantage of the fact that they do not need to waste fuel to leave an ocean or use a large, hard-to-craft carrier aloft in the water. However, a few islands do have cities in them as well, but are of a smaller size compared to those underwater.

There are two main islands in Perlunit, both of which are visible on the screenshot to the left. The rest are scarce and far smaller, but most haven't been explored yet. As of now, it's still unknown what lies within them.

Government, Politics and Economy Edit

The Kingdom of Agethime is particularly notorious for being a monarchy, yet functioning like a pseudo-socialist/communist state. Though the King is still responsible for controlling the civilization and such title is hereditary, there is absolutely zero privatization - everything, from housing to public transport is owned and responsible by the royal family.

Additionally, their currency works a little differently than other nations'; citizens have a "threshold" of how much they can "purchase" transport and other objects and accessories that are not essential - food is always given for free, but always at sufficient ammounts - which lasts per week and is refilled depending on how much one works. All of this is tracked with a personal supercard that can be worn like a wristwatch. However, this type of currency can make trading with other civilizations a difficult task.

However, whereas the Royal Family is determined hereditarily, there is another governing body which is elected democratically: The Councils, responsible for taking care of each Sector. Councils tend to have a lot of members, which are elected by heading personally to a booth and voting, or online through the wristcard. Similarly, the population can also request for new features and/or criticize existing ones through a democratic system. If a feature is requested or criticized enough, a public poll will be opened where citizens can vote whether they want such feature to be added/changed/removed or not.

Current King
Name King Hapte Hapte
Affiliation Kingdom of Agethime
Species Tadpole - Blue
Status 92% Approval
We've been standing idle for a long time, and look what's happening. We must make a name for ourselves.
- Hapte's now-famous statement upon rising to power

A smooth, overly formal yet friendly person, Hapte is widely considered to be the incarnation of an ideal leader. The wisest of his five siblings, he has taken an interest in equalism, pacifism and order since his pollywog days, and vowed to improve the Kingdom's state since then. He is mostly busy managing all of the Kingdom's sectors, however, thus it's hard to actually talk to him.

Sector Presidents
Name Wasmon Myu Altoloni Bimfur Onala Squal Reethy Nulip
Province Mother Sector Highway Sector Overwatch Sector Delta Sector Valiant Sector Sector N Paladin Sector Omega Sector
Race Tadpole (Blue) Tadpole (Orange) Tadfroggy Tadpole (Purple) Tadpole (Green) Minissaurus Tadpole (White) Irradiated Tadpole
Influence High Medium Low High Low Medium Medium High

Technological Achievement Edit

In addition to salvaging those used by the Old Empire, the Kingdom has developed several forms of advanced technology, the wrist supercard being one of those. They have constructed numerous megastructures, ranging from large space stations to entire dyson spheres dedicated to supply power to the Kingdom's incalculable colonies. While not every star system owned by the Kingdom has a dyson sphere, the ammount they produce is incredibly large due to the massive population requiring a lot of energy.

One of the most notable technologies made by the Kingdom, however, is the Starship Teleporter. As they currently don't have the technology to create wormholes, they instead seeked to simulate them - the Starship Teleporter is, just like its name says, a teleporter powerful enough to teleport entire starships, ranging from small fighters to massive motherships.

Of course, it has its limitations: It can only teleport to Teleporter Beacons, which need to be set up in the desired location. You also need to use a Teleporter Drive to actually teleport, which are for the most part too large and heavy to be carried around in all but the largest starship. In order to work around this issue, the Teleporter Drives are designed as seperate objects which your starship needs to dock into for you to use. Their energy usage is also tremendous, which increases relative to the teleporting ship's size.

Nevertheless, the Starship Teleporter is used quite often by the Kingdom to easily transport starfleets between sectors, especially from the Milky Way sectors to the Mirus sectors. Other notable technologies made by the Kingdom include Sentry Robots which patrol planets and colonies autonomously, and a limited supply of anti-matter weaponry.

Military Edit

We are believers in the possiblity of a peaceful universe. That does NOT mean we won't get our hands dirty to achieve that.

- Strallié

To match the Kingdom's technology, their military can be fomidable as well; though it is nowhere near the most powerful, it boasts one of the highest resistence and versatileness values in the galaxy, specializing in packs of fragile yet quick fighter spacecraft able to distract a larger enemy, and large carrier vessels, shipping backup vessels and crewmen alike. Though such weapons have not been in use recently, there are indeed trained soldiers and pilots who are magnificent at handling such crafts. The Kingdom has an incalculable ammount of soldiers ready for duty, which increases as time goes by due to its large population. Its commanders are also of honour to note, providing moral boosts to soldiers and mentoring them on efficient skills to attack.

Like the neighbouring New Empire, a fair bit of the Kingdom's infantry can be identified by their power armor, salvaged from the Old Empire. Noticeable blue, yellow and white stripes help to differentiate Kingdom soldiers from the New Empire's, which use identical power armors. This type of power armor is known for being highly resistant to any kind of incomming damage, at the cost of significantly reduced agility - an issue that never managed to be corrected by the Old Empire. However, the Kingdom does not have as many power armors as the New Empire, and as they take a long time to be produced, a fair percentage of their soldiers have to go without the armor. Nevertheless, even those without it have proven to be exceptionally well at combat.

Spacecraft tend to use the naming scheme "AAC"(Agethimian Astronomical Craft) -Ship Name-.

Vehicles and Units Edit

(Credit to user dounttron as he made these vessels, not me)

Spacecrafts and Strikecrafts Edit

DVC-220Paragon ECS-117Genoa CPS-695Nomad
DVC-220 Paragon ECS-117 Genoa CPS-695 Nomad
Commercial, Diplomatic
Scouter, Quick Crew Carrier, Atmospheric Striker
The Paragon is a multi-purpose craft, used almost everywhere throughout the Kingdom due to its versatile nature. Possessing potent weapons, enough room for crewmen, a fair cargo hold and reliable particle engines, the Paragon is essentially a jack of all trades. The Genoa is the go-to craft for handling diplomatic missions, transport of V.I.P.s and transport of basic cargo. Possessing a comfortable interior and a notably high ammount of space for its size, it also doubles as a spaceplane, being able to safely land on the surface of planets without added assistance.

The Genoa has a high reputation due to, among other things, its fantastic sound system.
The Nomad, while fulfilling the meaning of its name, has quite more than meets the eye. While its weapons are sub-par for combat, it more than makes up for that by being incredibly verstatile and agile, which makes it the perfect scouter spacecraft to distract enemies from the rest of the forces. Another adding factor is that it has a larger cargo hold than usual, which permits it to be a lightning crew/cargo dropper for when an Artisan would take far too long.
As if that isn't enough to make the Nomad a verstaile craft, it has the added ability to function efficiently when it is within an oxygen-containing atmosphere, making it double as an atmospheric strike craft. However, unlike the Genoa, it cannot land.
AIS745 CDTS-4Artisan
AIS-745 Supernova CDTS-4 Artisan
Heavy-damage Interceptor
Tanker, Large Crew Carrier, Terraformer, Battle Cruiser
Very Limited
The Supernova is the attack craft. A mid-sized anti-ship interceptor, it does not get its name for nothing; its weapons are powerful enough to leave nothing but a wave of semi-vaporized debris on its wake of destruction. Though it is quite limited in production due to the difficulty to produce it, a main strategy for Supernova pilots is to group together with others piloting the same craft to take out massive targets, such as transports, battle cruisers and even small space stations.

While one would think those who get the honour to pilot a Supernova would feel incredibly powerful, most complain that it is a bothersome experience to be in the seat of one due to its terrible temperature regulator. Indeed, tests have shown that the craft tends to drastically overheat thanks to radiation and stellar heat, which makes piloting a Supernova a dangerous act by itself.
The only Agethimian craft that can stand besides the Supernova in awesomeness is the Artisan. A massive, hulking structure the size of a football field, this craft is not to be taken lightly(pun not intended); it is able to carry large ammounts of crew, and even other spacecraft when the former is not as present. While it is mostly used to aid in setting up colonies on other planets and even in terraforming them, the Artisan also has its presence on the battlefield, serving as the main method to carry large ammounts of crewmen when other crafts won't suffice. As if that is not enough, it also boasts weapons that triumph over even the Supernova itself, making it double as a mothership.

Naturally, since nothing can be too good, its awesomeness is balanced by the fact that it is extremely rare in battlefields as it is difficult, expensive, lengthy and tiresome to construct.

Terrestrial Vehicles Edit

CLDS-72Helios SCOV-76Shadow AES-68Airkiller
CLDS-72 Helios SCOV-76 Shadow AES-68 Airkiller
Mobile Turret, Craft Overheater, Crowd Controller
Stealth Craft
Aircraft/Spacecraft Neutralizer
Powered by pure stellar energy, the Helios is the proof that heat is bad. Its large dish is incredibly versatile for its size, which, when combined with its range, makes it an excellent crowd controller. However, this benefit is also a weakness, as the same dish can be easily attacked due to its size, incapacitating it and rendering the Helios harbouring said dish useless. Nevertheless, most agree that its choice of lasers over ballistics is a creative move. The Shadow is a piece of engineering which lives up to its name. Completely immune to conventional radar tracking and bearing mostly-silent weapons, it serves as an indispensable stealth craft capable of leaving a large radius of destruction on its wake without anyone noticing. Though its use is limited to when one region within a planet is occupied as opposed to the entire planet, it still is a valuable vehicle for re-taking lost territories. Ah, the bane of aircraft and starcraft raiders. The Airkiller, once again, is named like that for a reason. Boasting eight missile pods and a single heavyweight, high-speed missile launcher, it has the ability to reduce even the most powerful aerial strike vessels into a cloud of debris. Thanks to its powerful weapons, it essentially serves as a mobile, manned turret, and air strikers' worst nightmares.
AUV-560 Ratel
Heavy Battle Tank
The pinnacle of Agethimian ground-based combat, the Ratel is the symbol of true perseverance; it is resistant to the point that it can take punishments to the morgue and back, yet still be able to function. Though its firepower is not exactly at par with its durability, its mass-producted rates make up for that, being able to form what can be described as a titanium curtain for land-based opponents. Its resistance comes up to light when it is used as a bomb and crew escorter.

The Ratel is peliculiarly known by the public as the "Party Van".

Inner Workings Edit

Culture Edit

Despite being a homogenous population, it is difficult to state Tadpoles have the same culture, as the Kingdom of Agethime was formed by the union of several Agethimian nations, each with their own culture. However, the most prevalent cultures are that which seek improvement through rationalization and scientifical progress. Alongside that, the Kingdom's culture also admires order and law in general, preferring to keep everything organized and tidy. Messes are uncommon and highly discouraged in their society.

As with most communist civilizations, the Kingdom's modern culture values hard work and perseverance, and the working class in general. It is not uncommon to see propaganda posters encouraging citizens to do their best in the workfield, and reminding them that it's the civilians which keep their Kingdom moving ahead. The Kingdom's government itself also believes in these messages; while the working class provides objects, furniture and resources, the government in return provides home, comfort, food and transport. Government-owned food shacks are a common sight at transport locations, such as bus and train stations, which tend to be open at morning and afternoon.

The Kingdom's prevalent culture is also rigid on decency. Lewdness is typically frowned upon, and most citizens seek to look presentable. This can be easily observed in the outfits of choice of most citizens - nearly all wear long-sleeved shirts and pants, with t-shirts and even shorts being reserved for the hottest of weathers and for very casual or intimate meetings. Even on beaches, bikinis are hard to come by in the Kingdom. In the words of an anonymous critic, "In a couple of years these folks will walk around, swim, shower and sleep with formalwear".

Demographics Edit

The Kingdom's population is fairly varied in terms of species, except for underwater planets. Nevertheless, due to the Tadpoles' high birth rates they are still the unquestionable majority, which in turn causes the Kingdom to expand quickly to large sizes and to use a lot of energy.

Religion Edit

Religion, unlike culture, is more prevalent and uniform while maintaining variety. Most of pre-union Agethimian nations followed the Sourcism religion - in which the universe they inhabit was maintained by a deity labelled simply as 'The Source', who has been overthrown from its original realm and demoted to an invisible demi-god with severely reduced powers, but still capable of maintaining contact with those who have faith in it, and can bring those to its new realm once they die. According to Sourcism, those who don't follow it but were still good in their lives still get to live on its realm, whereas those who were cruel or neutral would not be rescued by it and stay in an endless limbo - though cruel individuals are said to feel the pain of those they tortured for eternity in this limbo.

Society Edit

Their society is very organized, yet not strict. Usually, every citizen possesses a "wrist supercard" as detailed above, which permits them to acquire and trade goodies such as food, furniture, and other things. Citizens recieve documents when they reach adolescence, while foreigners can get documents if they wish to live within the cities/colonies. However, foreigners can freely buy items from Mission Control if they are in the colonized planet/the homeworld's orbit.

Their government's slogan is "Everyone has a voice in the Kingdom of Agethime", and they strictly follow this motto. Nearly everything they modify, be it new rules, price changes or even resource production rates requires a vote in order to be passed, and it is the citizens/colonists who vote, though inhabitants from other civilizations who may be living within the Kingdom are also allowed to vote, so long as the civilization they belong to is in a good standing with the Kingdom.

Voting goes through two stages. The first stage will have the halls across all cities and colonies in the Kingdom allow in citizens, colonists and aliens to come in and vote about the rule, and then send the result to the Council of the corresponding sector - if it's a Kingdom-wide vote, then it is sent to the Mother Council. The second stage has the council analyze the voting citizens and colonists submitted to this rule. There, they will decide if the Rule is passed, gets an amendment, or is denied. If the rule is denied, obviously the rule will not be added to the Law list, and if the majority of the votes are yes, then the rule is passed, though rarely it might get an amendment.

Another fact of their organized Society is that each Tadpole wears an unique clothing scheme to identify their social class.


Citizens are exactly what it says on the title. They form the brunt of the population, and take on various jobs. Their standard clothing is a Purple outfit, but some jobs may change it to other colours.


Whereas citizens keep the Kingdom charging ahead with production, Government Agents keep it from collapsing. Possessing striking Red outfits, they are the second most varied class after citizens, as they can become anything from a public poll watcher to a member of a council.

Presidents wear a Black variation of this.


Sergeants are the leaders of Military troops. They order the commands to Soldiers and usually plan a strategy route for attacks. They are normally found in Military bases. They wear Green clothing and a cap. Their behavior depends on the situation. If it's peacetime, then they're usually neutral, but if it's wartime or a stressful situation, then they're very demanding.


Soldiers are subordinates of Sergeants. They're the ground fighters who fight in the planet's surface in case it is safe to do so. Their equipment varies depending on if they're Troopers, Shamans or Paramedics, but all of them wear Orange clothing. Pictured by the left is a Guard.


Scientists are the main tool developers. They develop new technology for the Kingdom, both weapons and assistance tools. They're found in most places, but more commonly in sectors devised for science experiments. They wear White clothing.


Arguably the holders of the worst position, but hey, someone got to do it. Hazard Units(HUs) are deployed whenever dealing with a dangerous substance or in a toxic atmosphere, as their name suggests. Arguably the most open group, as anyone from the other classes can become a HU. They wear Brown hazmat suits.

Formerly the Prisoner class.


Ambassadors are the reputation-increasers. Specifically trained to be smart in negotiations, they're usually sent to another civilization to negotiate deals with them to attempt to increase their relation with the Kingdom. They're usually not equipped with weapons, but also tend to be accompanied by Soldiers in case of unexpected attack. Even outside work, Ambassadors are very charismatic due to their extensive training. They wear Yellow clothing.


Fleet Leaders' roles are obvious. They pilot spacecraft to do errands, diplomacy, or to battle. Regardless, Fleet Leaders are there to assist the Kingdom when it is time for space, unless a dweller of the Kingdom happened to buy a Spaceship, at which he's free to explore at will. All Leaders wear Grey clothing, and are usually equipped with tools and weapons to assist them.

Pictured to the left is Paladin Girine, a well-known Leader.


Cyborgs are cybernetically modified versions of Tadpoles. They possess metal plates around their body, a robotic eye, robotic arms and legs, Sprint Jets and Glide Packs. Due to their robotic replacement, they're much stronger than the ordinary Tadpole, though not so much that they'd be able to knock down a tree with ease by themselves.

Unlike the other categories, Cyborgs cannot really be considered a social class of their own. Instead, they are typically scientifical experiments, both used to heighten a willing Tadpole's abilities, and to 're-animate' a deceased Tadpole. Due to the moral implications of doing the latter, it is a commonly-protested subject, both within the Kingdom's own population and outside.

Cyborgs are a recent phenomenon; the Kingdom did not dabble with them until around 2796, months after King Hapte the Great took the throne.

Public Relations Edit

Being an anti-war civilization, the Kingdom of Agethime actively pursues good relations with its neighbours, and tends to avoid any and all conflics. While this stance has its flaws - they could very easily end up allying an evil civilization, or plainly become a doormat/a chew toy in their desesperation to avoid a war - it has saved them from being involved in conflicts. Unlike the Tadpole Empire - both new and old - the Kingdom is not an isolationist civilization, and rather than being aggressive like The Garrison and other Tadpole pirate gangs, they are diplomatic and eager to befriend other civilizations. That said, they are not afraid to defend or attack if needed.

Due to their widely-scattered colonies, they are quite known around the Milky Way, being in the proximities of multiple other civilizations. However, due to that very fact, they're not often grouped together, which leads to contacting or passing-by civilizations to assume the Kingdom of Agethime is a weak Tier 4 civilization, when in reality they're a high-end, fairly advanced Tier 3.

Close Allies

Green faceOur bonds know no limits.


Green faceWe got your back.

On Good Terms

Blue facePleasure to be of assistance.


Yellow faceInteresting...

On Bad Terms

Orange faceWatch it.

On Awful Terms

Red faceWe have our limits. This is unforgivable.

At War

Red faceWe're not going to just idle while you're out there. The salamander indeed bites back.

Quotes from Others Edit

We seem to share similar ideals. It would be fascinating to contact them.

- Coriax Sialis of CAAON

Yeah. Time moves fast. We'd better use it well.

- Oji'b of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

Stand together comrades!

- Krasna Vostok of the Algolurn Popular Republic

Our relationship thus far has been very successful, working together in various organisation such as the Mou'Cyran Accords and the Universal Trading Union. It is my hope that our alliance continues to grow and prosper.

- President Apaltar of the New Cyrannian Republic

...A kingdom...of...TADPOLES?! Well, whatever they are, their accomplishments are to be admired.

- Drakan Thel'Vimicelnes of the Draekar Remnant

Trivia Edit

  • Their anthem is the Hylotl theme from Starbound.
  • They were the featured Empire for June 2015.
  • Many of the Kingdom's cities resemble the Atlantica and Aquatica courses from Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit.
  • Depite being touted as paladins of good, the Kingdom is, in fact, not so above it all. While they do mostly listen to their population, there have been numerous times where this wasn't the case. It has also been noted that they have been especially sadistic when trying to re-animate deceased Tadpoles, ignoring the fact that the dead person may not want to be revived.
    • Fortunately, the latter case has been terminated or at least mitigated after the re-shuffle of moral and ethic codes of 2801, where the Kingdom will now ask the deceased Tadpole's family if they are fine with the corpse being experimented on.
  • This civilization was originally made in 2013, back when I was... considerably less mature. Due to this, they're as of now two years old.
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