Zirux Ta'raron (ZIᎿᏜx TᎦ'ᎿᎦᎿᏯN in Asconian) was born on Ascon during a time of great peace. His father was King Holreb, Ruler of the Volver Empire.

Volver EnslavementEdit

Attack of the BiskinEdit

One day, during Zirux's play time as a child, Ascon was attacked by the notorious Biskin Empire and he was captured along with his parents. The Biskin enslaved the Volver and forced them to build them weapons and armor for war. Zirux, still a child of 2 months, was unaware of what slave labor was.

Holreb's ExecutionEdit

His father, Holreb, could not take any more of the abuse dealt by the Biskin. He attempted to fight the guards, but was completely outnumbered. Holreb was sentenced to death and was given one day to live. In that day, Holreb passed down the Alphorium Sword to Zirux and unlocked his genetic memory, allowing Zirux to use the sword without trouble. Holreb was executed the next day.

Zirux Stands UpEdit

Zirux, now 17 years of age, decided that he and his friend Noruuk should take a stand. He broke out of his cell and killed hundreds of Biskin. This was brought to the Biskin King Nano's attention. Nano sent out the army to eliminate all Volver slaves. Zirux stopped that from happening with well planned attacks on each troop. Eventually he was challenged to single combat with Nano. The two fought for a very long time, but in the end, Zirux beheaded Nano. This landed a crushing blow on the Biskin and the Volver were able to escape the Biskin colonies.

Becoming the King of AsconEdit

King Zirux was crowned king after returning to Ascon in 1612 BC. Zirux ruled with honor and did his best to keep his people happy. During his rule, the Volver Empire was able to develop advanced spacecraft that would make colonization much easier. With this, King Zirux expanded the Volver Empire quickly. First contact between the Soldarian Empire was made during this time, King Zirux and Emperor Pulporious III discussed how alike the Volver and Soldarian people were. The two leaders laid down a groundwork for an alliance, though nothing was set in stone besides a trade route.

Nebulorian EncounterEdit

During his intergalactic travels, Zirux found a dormant space ship. He quickly investigated the ship, hoping to find useful weapons and technology. Aboard the ship, he found hibernating beings known as the Nebulorians. He walked as quietly as possible. He gathered some tech and attempted to leave the ship. Lord Ne'yon, leader of the Nebulorians, awoke and attacked Zirux. Ne'yon shot multiple bolts of lighting and kinetic energy at him. Zirux had never faced a foe with such power. He eventually defeated Ne'yon after sustaining critical wounds. Zirux escaped the ship and left it to drift in space, hoping that the Nebulorians would never awaken.


Many years after his fight with Ne'yon, Zirux passed away. His age and wounds from battle eventually caught up with him. His son, Gartoom was crowned king and his sword was passed down to him as well.


Zirux was the first of the Volver Kings to be revived by Xizothano Ada, taking on the name "Knight" upon his revival. Zirux knew that Ada was the creator of all Volver and pledged his allegiance to him. Around the time of the revival, the Second Ascon Civil War broke out, and Zirux was send in to end it. He did this by battling and nearly killing the leader of the rebels, "Crimson". While Crimson managed to escape, the cicil war ended. Zirux, pleased his task was completed, left back to Ada's dimension.

When the Enlightenment War broke out, Knight protected his grandson Brygon and the other leaders of the Unified Federation of Glory on orders of Ada. This brought him to blows with the newly-revived Ziskin, Unitech, Dead Watch and even the Zarbania Powers on one occasion. Later on, when Crimson, his Unitech, Biskin, Dead Watch allies and their Bachyeon and Grox masters attacked Ughandalore, Knight protected the leaders of the UFG once more, killing Crimson's ancestor, Kalaas Deesa, and mortally wounded Ziskin. Later on, when the Zarbania Powers joined the carnage, he was captured by their leader, Gridlock, though he was later feed by two other pieces, "Bishop" and "Rook", who happened to be his son Gartoom and his father Holreb, respectively. Bishop, having the best leadership skills, took command of the trio. Zirux later once more saved Brygon, but got angry when Brygon tried to challenge him, wanting to know who he really was. The fight was intervened by "King" (Glynn), who subdued Zirux, then teleported both himself and Zirux to the Abyssal Dimension (Ada's domain), thus saving his son and Barda Clett from Zirux' rage.

After the Enlightenment War ended, Knight disliked the formation of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment, believing that it would the the best for the Volver if they remained independent.

Return of THEMEdit

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Personality and SkillsEdit


Zirux was a proud and ambitious individual. He never wasted a moment of his life and cared about his people and family. He is proud of his heritage as a warrior and king. However, he also believed that at times of great risk, the end justified the means. This part of his personality became more clear since he was revived as a piece, as he had seemingly no quarrel to try and kill his own grand-grandson, Brygon.


Zirux fights using his Alphorium Blade and a self taught martial art. This martial art, would later develop into the Volver Martial Arts that the future generations of Volver Knights would use. Like all of his kind, he can survive under by taking in oxygen through his skin. He can also jump very high and fly. Zirux also has the ability to survive in space for a prolonged period of time.


Zirux mainly uses the Alphorium Blade, a sword that saps the energy out of non-Volver opponents. He also possesses the Mark I Volver Pistol and Knight Shield. These weapons are used to shoot enemies at a distance and block attacks from enemies. The Shield has a prototype Energy Converter that absorbs the shock of an incoming attack and uses the shock to power up the wielder's other weapons.

Abilities after RevivalEdit

Super Strength Zirux, being one of the strongest Volver Knights, got an upgrade to his already immense physical strength. He could easily bend a tank barrel as if it were a straw.

Essence Zirux can now harness Ada's powerful essence. While he does not use it, the essence gives him many passive abilities, like protecting him from serious damage and helping him heal his wounds.

Two-Handed Abyssal Sword A replacement for his former weapons, this sword was given to him by Ada. It's blade is spiked like a lighting striker, but instead of shocking enemies, it is able to cleave trough any known object as if the object was made from butter. Desite looking as if made brom a single slab of obsidian, it is actually very easy to swing, being able to cleave through whole squads of enemies with ease.

Void Knight Armor This armor was created to replace his old armor. It looks like regular Volver Knight armor, except it is black with a dark cyan trim. It has also short, pointy spikes coming out of his shoulder pads and hermits. These spikes look like ivory at their base, but they quickly become black halfway near the tip. The armor provides an in-build layer of shielding. It is also enhanced by Ada, allowing it to create a forcefield around itself as an extra layer of defense.


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