Histroy Edit

King Pixel Spike,son of Mary and Maxwell Spike,was the Prince of the Empire.After his father died during the Spikey Civil War,and his Brother refused the throne,he inherinted the throne.Once all of Maldwis was under controll,he steped up their space research to find who crashed the "Mysterious Vessel"millions of years ago.

Rule Edit

King Spikey was called by many to "act like a child".His rivals said he was crazy for wanting to find other life froms in Space.His brother called him "essentric".But he keppt the warrior empire under controll and was always willing to ally with another strong empire.He put his brother Commander Zill,in controll of the Armed forces.

Wars Edit

Despite the eniemies the Epire has faced,Pixel reamins a determined figure.He allowed the Trogg king to live as Pixel's servent.When the Spikey attacked the Trogg homeworld,Pixel and his Brother lead the attack.It was because of Pixel's miltary geniues that the Spikey fended off a usally deadly ambush.He is also trying to come up with a way to recreat the Staff of life. All have failed.

Flag Ship Edit

King Spikey Commands his forcs from his flagship, The Pride of Mary.The Ship is a hevy assault Spikey gun ship with an Elcectro-pulse that freezes eniemies,simalear to Staic CLing.

Relations Edit

Allies-What a fine peole they are. Edit

Commander Zill-My Brother and best warrior.

XarPhobos-A mysetroius Chica who had earned my trust.

Ughandalore the Great-He as shown Honur to be, and so i returne the favor.

Friends-They have earned my trust,so far. Edit

Barda Clett-Has a very Dark past.I would like to work with him further.

Chief Spikey Trader Golarp-A devious, scheming little Back satbber,who like a strange barnacle, has attached himslef to my side.

Mokar-Who ever the X-Space Pirate is, he certainly is kind to others.

Neutral-Um...Hello Edit

Anyone he first meets

Hates-Where's my Sword?! Edit

Emperor Zmak-Die in pain!

King Gorgg-Trugg Scum.

High Priest of Truth-Follow the Grox...To your death!

AT war-Taste My Blade! Edit

Grox-You're all scum,excepte them Rebels...

King Terrox-I'll kill you Terrox,and your little EMpire to!

Zinochonshosa-You'll pay for your crimes someday Ughandal traitor.

Any back stabers or murderers.

CRE King pixel Spike-0d1c71b8 ful

King Pixel the Uplifter, in full battle rig.

Qoutes from Him Edit

Taste My Blade!

Come ON,give me my true challenge.

All units concetrate fire to that TARGET!

You are finished

Personality Edit

Pixel at first didn't want the throne,believing his brother could do better.It shows he isn't very self-confident,but this improves later.Becuase of his Spike Fu training,he can remain extremely calm in high stress situations.He also takes betrayals to his Empire very seriouly. It is hard to become his frined, bu once you do, he wil die for you when nessiary. He also likes shiny Glass Bottles and has a whole collection in his cellar.

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