By the ancestors... Don't remind me of him. I am the most powerful warlord this galaxy has ever seen... yet merely thinking of him makes my spine shiver. I am not afraid to admit my fear of Mirras III for it is completely justified. That Grox, no, that thing is not a normal creature. It is a scion of pure and absolute evil!

- General Volim

King Mirras the Third, often stylized as Mirras III was the final king of the Borealis Grox Empire and one of the most important individuals in the Borealis Galaxy's modern history. An entity of infinite evil, he served as Regnatus' eyes and fist in the galaxy during his hibernation.

One of the most malevolent and cruel minds of all Borealis history, Mirras III was a cold, manipulative and extremely intelligent entity who always planned to be one step ahead of his enemies, and most of the time his plans ended in flawless success in his eyes, even in occasions where his enemies would otherwise consider them their own victories. Mirras III's manipulations caused the genocide of trillions of sapients and threatened to destroy the very galaxy itself, at to this day, there are few places in Borealis where mention of his name has not become a taboo.


Early History[]

According to the Kormacvar Legacy's databases, Mirras III is a total of thirty million years old, being created after his predecessor, Mirras II, apparently died in a battle against a currently unknown enemy, speculated to have been either the Zarkhator, the Kondrakar or the Ganthorea. During most of his existence, Mirras III remained unknown to the rest of Borealis, with the first actual record of his existence being from the following years of the First Borealis Galactic War, when Mirras III abducted General Volim and took him to his base of operations where he conducted strange experiments on the Wranploer's mind.

Mirras III's first real major act in galactic affairs was the Great Purging, where he ordered his Grox to push into the Inner Core of the galaxy. This war resulted in an easy Grox victory, as well as the genocide of countless species. Prior to the war, Mirras III obtained Marinox drones and used them to create a personal lieutenant and extension of his will, Commandant Khensu. After the creation of the Ottzello Sector, Mirras III allowed some Ottzelloan Grox to join his empire, allowing him to study Chronoscopic for at the time unknown reasons.

Second Borealis Galactic War[]



Mirras III was standard member of the Borealis Grox race, physically identical to all others save for his clothing. He wore an advanced crown-like ornament on his head as well as a cape made of unknown material. Several metallic plates were present on his back, emerging from his body and twisting themselves upwards, giving Mirras III the appearance of a being with a pair of metallic wings even though they did not function as such.


Mirras III was an oddity compared to the rest of the Borealis Grox due to the fact he possessed an individual personality. In contrast to Regnatus, Mirras III was soft-spoken, calm and downright impossible to anger, and none of his enemies have ever seen him emote much more than elevating his voice to make himself louder. Mirras III never displayed feelings of happiness, anger or sadness, usually maintaining a stoic and emotionless expression with a few smirks at certain occasions. He had no strong feelings for his allies or enemies, seem them all, including himself, as merely pawns on his plan of empowering Regnatus.


As a Borealis Grox, Mirras III was physically inferior to a human being in strength terms, but his biology allowed him to survive in inhospitably cold climates and shrug off the lack of oxygen. He displayed fantastic powers over levitation, telekinesis, mind-reading and mind-warping, using the latter to torture his opponents into submission.



Blue face.pngSuccumb, and ascend, in our name.

  • Regnatus - Together, the future will be perfect.


Orange face.pngOppose me as you seem fit, you are all playing your role and in the end, I will benefit from it.

  • Arkarixus - I did not plan your presence.
  • Rebaris - Mere children. You seek to unite the galaxy under your rule when a true lord already governs it.
  • General Volim - Truly the best of the best among the rabble that calls themselves space pirates. Not that it means anything.
  • Falrik Zaarkhun - An ego almost as big as my master's except without any of his might or power. You mortals amuse me.
  • The Mechanic - The discontinuity of your people was always something planned, and a day I was very much looking forward to.


There are few things that genuinely creep me out. Mirras III is one of them, and not even the fact he's dead does much to remedy that. Those damned eyes...

- General Volim

To this day, I still try to wrap my head on what the heck was that entity. It was something out of this world. Out of this dimension, even.

- Rebaris

I'll be very cautious of this one... but he better be cautious of us.

- Falrik Zaarkhun

Impressions can be deceiving. Inferior. But manipulative.

- Lord Korízakh

Hmph, I never really understood what that guy was and, honestly, I'm kinda glad I didn't. He gave me more than just the willies, although he got what was coming to him and that's all that counts. ... I hope.

- Hachiman





  • Mirras III's name was inspired on the name of the Grox homeworld in OluapPlayer's first game, which was called Mirras.
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