Lavern is a quite brutal lord of fire, with noble intentions none the less. He hails from Planent Volcanis and rules it with a firey fist. He has the ability to walk through lava and survive blistering heat.



Lavern ( Lavern (dovah) in his native language ) was born on Volcanis thousands, maybe even millions of years ago. His people were around during the Spoxid-Grox War. While growing up, Lavern was facinated with the war and technology of the Grox. Groxic technology was shattered across Volcanis, as the Meeno Grox had once placed a colony on Volcanis in a bid to manipulate the Lavantufts, something with Meeno grox king Mortox II personally oversaw. When the Lavantufts reached tribal stage, the Meeno tried to assimilate them all, but failed and were pushed off the planet. As he grew older, Lavern learned how to manipulate and create lava and fire during his training sessions as a child. During his teenage years, Lavern participated in the Lavatuft-S'actha War. King Firoth, the king at that time, believed that all empires should worship his philosophy: to bring Hell to all planets. Lavern originally supported Firoth's ideals, but later saw that Firoth was after another goal. Firoth used the Lavatuft's legend, The Dragon of Hell, to cover up his true intentions. The Dragon of Hell was said to appear before thoses who proved their worth and granted them one wish. Lavern and the Lavatufts were told that the dragon would appear on planets they de-terraformed into lava planets. Lavern quickly exposed Firoth for the fraud he was and was executed.

Lavern then told the S'actha what happened. The S'actha agreed to end the war and moved their empire to another arm of the galaxy. For his great accomplishments, Lavern was crowned the King of the Lavatufts.

First Infectant WarEdit

The Lavatufts accidentally unearthed an ancient virus while terraforming a planet by the name of Floo. The virus mutated into the Infectants. Lavern and his people were pushed to the brink of extinction by these monsters. He allied with the Waptoria Alliance and the S'actha Republic and managed to set ablaze to the Infectants. He crippled them by scorching their planet with his fire.

During this time, the Lavantufts once again came into contact with the Meeno Grox, who had send a small exploration fleet to subjugate Volcanis. They were defeated before even coming close to the planet, however.

Waternan-Lavatuft WarEdit

The Waternans, a race of aquatic life forms, went to war with the Lavatufts over territory in space. The war lasted for a century. The final battle took place on Volcanis, a last ditch move by the Waternans to win their losing war. The unleashed their entire army on the Lavatufts. Seeing that he needed reinforcements, Lavern ordered his troops to leave the battle field to gather reinforcements. Lavern had lost his arm in an earlier battle and had not yet fully recovered. He held off the entire army alone for eight days until reinforcements arrived. The Lavatufts managed to win the war and scorched the Waternan Homeworld as well. Lavern later regrew his arm using his race's healing ability.

The Galactic WarEdit

A old threat came to the Lavatufts, the Infectants. The Infectants attacked Volcanis and almost defeated the Lavatuft army. Luckily, Lavern, his son Magmoss, and the remaining Lavatufts were able to push the Infectants back to their home world, Planet Floo. The war of Floo was a huge fight. The Volver Empire aided them in this battle, as another subsequent battle had taken place before. The allied Empires defeated the infectants and made them completely extinct. King Lavern joined the Volver and their allies.

Resigning Lavern, after recovering from his injury, passed his rule on to Magmoss. He simply became Magmoss' advisor and gave him tips on how to rule an empire.

Nebulorian-Alpha WarEdit

Lavern joined forces with the Volver Empire once again to defeat an ancient threat, the Nebulorians. Lord Ne'yon wanted to destroy this dimension's life in order to gain complete control over it. Lavern participated in the final battle alongside his allies. The threat was stopped, but his friend, King Glynn had sacrificed himself to destroy Lord Ne'yon.

Second Infectant WarEdit

On a peaceful day on Volcanis, Lavern was alerted by his son that the trading ships from the Soldarian Empire had stopped coming. Lavern went to investigate and was attacked by an Infectant Brute. Lavern easily defeated it and was angry. The Infectants had returned. He and his army attack the new Infectant Army who are now allied with a rogue Hermicee clan known as the FloodClaw Clan. The battle was being lost so he ordered his troops to evacuate all remaining people on Volcanis. He stayed to fight the battle, like he did once before. With a great last stand, he managed to make a huge impact on the success of the Infectants, but still lost the battle. Not soon after, the Infectants betrayed the FloodClaw Clan, and called in the Meeno Grox together with their Morphling and Dead Watch pawns, having secretly allied with them since the beginning of the war. The Meeno then occupied the planet and assimilated most of it's inhabitants, but eventually, Lavern's son, Magmoss, drove them off and freed Volcanis.

Lavern later awakened from his coma to find out that his allies had won the war and that his son was a strong leader. Lavern rested easy, knowing that his empire would live on.

Second Ascon Civil WarEdit

Lavern aided his Volver friends once again by helping put an end to an uprising. Though Short, this war was well fought. He helped stop the rebelling Volver from taking the UFG capital and later shined on the battlefield when helping take back Ascon, the Volver homeworld.

Enlightenment WarEdit


Return of THEMEdit

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Skills and AbilitiesEdit


Lavern fire hand

Lavern using fire.


Lavern and his kind possess the unique ability to breathe and shoot fire. Lavern's flames are extremely intense, usually able to melt the toughest of metals.

Fire Immunity Being composed of lava and many other elements Lavern also has the ability to walk through lava, fire, and resist extreme temperatures.

Supernova An explosive fiery attack created by Lavern. It is capable of destroying entire cities, with a heavy cost of his energy though. He doesn't use the attack often.

Hypernova This attack is a far more powerful version of Lavern's Supernova. It is capable of wiping out entire fleets if used in space, or powerful enough to devastate a planet. Unfortunately, this attack will kill Lavern if he uses it to it's maximum power. At maximum power, the attack can destroy entire solar systems. This is a last resort technique.

Super Strength Lavern is extremely powerful in terms of physical strength. He is capable of tossing around legions of enemies alone, even able to stop a giant gun ship from crashing into his homeworld. He is estimated to be able to lift about 3,000 tons or more. The problem is that he keeps getting stronger. Because of his strength, he is feared throughout as a molten monster.

Extreme Durability Lavern has rocky plates covering his molten skin. they are able to deflect bullets and take plasma rounds without causing too much damage to Lavern's body. They can however, be pierced by high intensity lasers and blades made of metals tougher than his plates. Lavern even without his plates is pretty durable himself. He can take a lot of damage as well as dish it out.

Intimidation Factor Lavern stands at about 10 feet tall, and has a Hulk-like build. This causes many other creatures to fear him.

Intelligence He may not look like it, but Lavern is a military genius, often having precise battle plans for his army. He has many divisions of soldiers and battle strategies.

Personal InformationEdit


Lavern is impatient and gets irritated very easily. He does hate sitting in meetings would rather be out fighting in a war. He doesn't like to kill, but rather the challenge of strong foes. In war, he does kill all enemy soldiers he comes across. Lavern will not however, kill civilians of the enemy. He believes that it is not their choice to be wrapped up in the war. Lavern doesn't particularly care for religion, and laughs at the fact that wars break out because of it. He is a caring person once people get to know him and is not a speciesist, actually admiring the differences of races in the universe.



Blue faceYou're cool, cool enough to stand the heat that is!

  • King Gartoom - You were pretty stuck up. But I have to admit that you were an excellent leader.
  • King Oskel Leton - Oskel...was kind of an nuisance when we first met. But he's grown on me. I tell 'ya he's one tough bug!
  • Queen Si'daal - An old enemy who joined our side. Si'daal is usually bossy and uptight when around me. I think she's jealous because she's not as hot as I am!
  • King Brygon - Heh, I swear, the kid looks more and more like his father every time I see him. He's actually done a good job leading his empire.
  • W'tze - A nice guy to be around! I've known this guy for a long time...he may not know it, but I knew him far before the First Infectant War.
  • Ugandalore the Untouchable - Strong guy no doubt. I think he fits the title of Ugandalore perfectly.
  • Pulporious V - I respect a man with a powerful army. I hate to admit it, but his army is far more powerful than mine. I hope he doesn't forget who took down the Infectants the first time (cough cough).
  • Kossi'Valicar - I admire his empire's weaponry. Though I don't quite understand the whole "creation" thing the Mirusians keep going on about.


Yellow faceI could like you...or hate you. Depends on your actions

  • King Glynn - What the hell man!? I thought we were bros!
  • Phase-Hunter - He's pretty energetic...though he needs to learn when to SHUT UP. Pfft...humans.


Red faceMy friends will tell you, you're already dead.

  • Lord Mortox III - Damn Cyborg! Trying to assimilate me and my people don't you?! YOU WON'T SUCEED!! NOT ON MY WATCH!!!
  • Commandant Ghorie - Stupid cybernetic salamander! You think you're stronger than ME!? YOU ARE NO MATCH FOR ME!!
  • Tox Cano - I hope you burn in hell.
  • Lorka Gredyc - I. Don't. Like. You.
  • Biskin Empire - I don't care what my allies say, you're still an enemy to ME.
  • Lord Ne'yon - I will melt your bones!
  • Imperator Caligustus - Oh, this one is angry. Good.
  • The Dark One - I hope you've realized that it's HARD TO KILL ME. Next time you won't get so lucky!


Quotes from himEdit

Those who oppose my might shall face my wrath!

Burn! burn!

The Lavatufts will show no fear in the face of death!

There's a fine line between not caring and not listening. I'd like to think that I walk that line every day of my life.

The only time you'll see blue on me is if I'm pissed.

Quotes from others Edit

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Embrace perfection. Become what the Dead Watch never became.

- Lord Mortox II

Our battle was rudely interrupted.

- Karack

You will be processed, inferior slime.

- Commandant Ghorie


- Imperator Caligustus

A true ally, if a little brash at times

- Barda Clett
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