Our civilization will thrive, as it always has. Even after I'm gone, the Volver will remain free!

- King Holreb during his execution



Holreb Ta'raron (ᏆᏯᏝᎿᎧᎤ TᎦ'ᎿᎦᎿᏯN in Asconian) was born on planet Ascon during a time of war. His father, Chief Jorim, led the Volver in a hectic war against larger civilizations. Holreb was forced to fight in the war at the age of 15. Holreb had seen the horrors of war at such a young age.

First Ascon Civil WarEdit

The Volver were a simple tribe of people who lived in peace. This all changed once larger civilizations begat to exterminate smaller ones. Holreb was now 25 years old. Over the past ten years, he had become a skilled warrior. During the war, Holreb led attacks on small cities belonging to their enemies. He would then escape unseen. He was an illusive fighter and would only attack at night. Jorim promoted Holreb to the title of Volver Knight. Holreb was the leader of the knights and became an even deadlier foe. One day after taking down a large city, he and his knights returned to the village. The village was completely ruined. Holreb searched for survivors. There were many Volver that survived, but some were unlucky. Jorim was found dead, his neck slit. Holreb was horrified. He vowed to end the existence of his father's murderers. He forged a sword out of his father's Alphorium Armor and added itto his arsenal.

Alliance with the DoopiesEdit

The Volver shared Ascon with many races, but one race stood out from them all. The Doopies. They may not be the smartest bunch, but they are powerful. Holreb asked to ally them. The Doopy knew that they shared a common enemy and agreed to ally. The Volver and Doopy tribes ruthlessly attack other civilizations and leave nothing of them. They had conquered the planet.

Volver EmpireEdit

Holreb becomes king of the new Volver Empire. He agrees to share the planet with the Doopy Tribes and will supply them with necessities when needed. Holreb ruled as a fair king and created a functioning government and military force. He began recruiting Volver Knights as his personal guard. He also met with a lost traveller that claimed to come from a place far away, and that called himself W'tze. He soon became a friend of this traveller, and even went trekking with him at various occasions during the more peaceful times.

Biskin EncounterEdit

A few years passed and Holreb got married. He had a son named Zirux. Around this time, W'tze mysteriously vanished, something that saddened Holreb, but he got over it , well knowing he has an empire to watch over. As the Empire began to grow, Holreb realized that the Volver would need to expand out into the cosmos. This is when he encountered creatures known as the Biskin. They were led by King Nano. Nano told Holreb that they could supply the Volver with technology to colonize planets, but would require them to work for them. Holreb saw this as slave labor and denied Nano's proposal. Nano decided to enslave them and captured Holreb.

The Volver military was quickly defeated and apprehended along with the rest of the Volver. The entire race was enslaved and was forced to mine for the Biskin.


Holreb was caught trying to boost morale for his people and was sentenced to death. During the days leading to his execution, Holreb took his sword and bestowed it upon his young son, Zirux, who he hoped would lead the Volver to freedom. He knew that as long as Zirux had the sword, no harm would come to him.

The Biskin led Holreb in front of a large crowd, full of the Volver slaves and Biskin civilians. Holreb was then executed in front of the crowd, scaring his people.


Zirux grew up to become the new king and beheaded Nano with his father's sword. The Volver were free and finally became a galactic empire. He later defeated the galactic overlord Lord Ne'yon.

The sword was passed down to Zirux's son, Gartoom, who wasn't much of a warrior but could still hold his own in a battle. He used the sword to give the Volver hope during time of depression.

Glynnoious, Gartoom's son, inherited the blade. Glynn was known as a legendary Volver and saved not only the galaxy, but the entire universe from Lord Ne'yon when he returned.

Brygon, Glynn's son, was given the sword after his father's disappearance. He rebuilt the Volver Empire from the ashes that the Nebulorians left behind after their ruthless attack on Ascon.


During the Enlightenment War, Holreb was eventually revived by Xizothano Ada, now going by the name of "Rook". Holreb, glad to be alive once more, pledged his allegiance to him. He and his grandson "Bishop" (Gartoom), both pieces revived by Ada, rescued Holreb's son Zirux, now known as the piece called "Knight". After rescuing Zirux from the hands of Gridlock, the pieces returned to Ada's domain, were they were introduced to the newly revived Glynn, now known as "King", who had become the internal leader of the pieces, a role previously fulfilled by Bishop.

After the Enlightenment War ended, Rook, together with King, were the only pieces that actually liked the formation of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment. However, the formation of the UAE none the less greatly displeased Rook's master, Ada, who believed the UAE to be a potential threat to his plans.

Retun of THEMEdit

Holreb, along with Bishop (Gartoom), Knight (Zirux), and King (Glynn), were head leaders of Ada's plan for galactic domination. The four were sent to the center of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment's Milky way operations and staged a planet wide attack. Their assault was successful, though they pulled back, hoping that the UAE would surrender. Later on, they attacked the UAE's true capital, Matrukoris, watching as the station's sectors were ravaged by Ada's warriors and those of his ally the Dark One. The assault was topped however, thus the pieces teleported to the center of Matrukoris, the Cornucopia, where they challenged the UAE's leaders into battle. Holreb fought Averill Daxur and W'tze, blocking their attacks with his shield and slowly exhausting them. Exhausted, W'tze revealed he had the memories of his past incarnations, and that he was the lost adventured Holreb has befriended in his former life. As Holreb let his guard down for some moments, he was defeated him in a swift move. Eventually the other pieces, except King, also fell. Holreb then saw the errors of his ways, and together with Glyyn, opened up an portal to the Abyss, where he, Glynn and the other heroes confronted Ada. In blunt honesty, Holreb accused Ada for deceiving him all along, and Ada, in a sudden fit of rage, destroyed Holreb and devoured his soul.

After the War, each piece received a statute in the middle the park in front of of Cornucopia Royal Palace, as the park was where the battle between the pieces and the allies took place. However, Holreb, amongst the other pieces, was not remembered as one who did as Ada commanded, but rather, as an hero who saved the Alliance in times of great peril, an hero who, in the end, broke free from his master's influence and sided with the ones he protected many times before.



Holreb was a selfless individual, always putting the need of his people before his own. He was also courageous, had a great sense of humor, and a true sense of justice. An explorer and adventurer at heart, Holreb always invisioned that the Volver would one day explore the cosmos.


Shield of Holreb This his a shield that Holreb created himself out of the hide of the extinct Asconian Bootle, a gigantic insect that had an unbreakable exoskeleton. The shield can withstand just about any type of attack, even Lord Ne'yon's magic.

Poison Tail Volvers are genetically able to produce toxins in a sack near the base of their tail. They shoot deadly poison that can cause temporary blindness, paralysis, and if hit with enough of it, death.

Alphorium Sword This sword was forged from Jorim's Alphorium armor. Alphorium is a rare element found only on Ascon and used to be abundant. It is known to be an unbreakable element that can be forged into anything. The sword can cut through diamonds with ease and can kill any creature, especially ones composed of Shatorium, another powerful element.

Spear Holreb's original weapon of choice. The spear has good range and strength. It's durable and a trusty weapon when all else fails.


Youngling Class Armor This armor was worn by Holreb when he was younger. It provided comfort and flexability as well as strength and durability.

Mark I Holreb wore this armor during the begining of the civil war. It has shielding and can withstand bullets. At the time, this was the Volver Tribe's most high tech armor.

Knight's Armor This armor was a more advanced Mark I armor invented by Holreb himself. The armor could withstand heavy fire from guns and tanks.

Abilities after RevivalEdit

Acid Tail His tail now shoots deadly acid, capable of melting through some of the toughest metals.

Durability Holreb is the most durable of all of the pieces without armor. He can now take damage that would normal kill a Volver in an instant.

Essence Ada has provided Holreb with a substantial amount of his essence. Ada's essence gave him an energy barrier that cloaks and protects him from serious damage, and helps him heal his wounds. His trowing spears are also enhanced with this essence, allowing them to teleport back into Holreb's hand after he trows them.

Abyssal Spears Holreb's new weapons, they are upgraded versions of Holreb's old spears and were given to him by Ada. The tips are cerulean, somewhat bulky and stone-like look. They are longer than most spear tips, and both edges of the spear tip are sharp like blades, making the spears also an excellent slashing weapon besides it's obvious stabbing and throwing purpose.

Ward of the Abyss Ada created this weapon to replace his original shield (which was passed down to Brygon). The shield is smoother in appearance than his other equipment, and is cyan in color, making it look rather crystalline instead of stone-like, though one can still not look through it. If Holreb places it in front of him, it protects his whole body, safe an small, horizontal maillslot-like opening for Holreb to look through. Holreb's shield has similar abilities as his armor, able to dematerialize projectiles and bullets that hit it. Only Alphorium can break it, but only after a some really hard strikes.

Void Sentinel Armor This armor was created to replace his old armor. Like all of Holreb's new equipment, it is cerulean and stone-like in look. It is extremely durable, able to block projectiles, bullets and plasma that hit it, using their kinetic energy to restore it's own. Only laser-based, essence-based and Alphorium weaponry can break trough the armor.


Quotes from himEdit

Fight until you cannot stand. Prove that you are Volver!

Zirux my son, you will succeed me one day. Free our people from the Biskin!

My father died for this planet, and I'll be damned if I let you take it.

Quotes from othersEdit

Father, I freed our people. We are among the stars now...just as you wanted. I only wish you could have seen it.

- King Zirux, son of Holreb

My father told me of you. The Biskin did return, but me and my son saw to it that they were destroyed. Now you can rest easy...grandfather.

- King Gartoom, grandson of Holreb

I've heard of you in the Volver legends. It's good to know I had proud ancestors.

- King Glynn, great-grandson of Holreb

I will rule as my father did, as his father did, as is father did, and as you did. I will continue to lead the Volver to enlightenment!

- King Brygon, great-great-grandson of Holreb.

Your decendants will pay for your deeds...they will be annihilated!

- Gor'gaan of the R'thaar
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