Calm yourself. Starting a war is not only harmful to your empire, but also a mistake when threatening mine.

- Gartoom, speaking to an angered empire.



Gartoom Ta'raron (ᏥᏌᏏᏘᏬᏬᎷ TᎦ'ᎿᎦᎿᏯN in Asconian) was born on planet Ascon. He lived a peaceful childhood, raised within the grand palace. He grew up during a time of great peace and prosperity. King Zirux,his father, trained him to be a skilled Knight. They practiced martial arts and swordsmanship daily.


Gartoom's father passed soon after a strange conflict that happened during his travels. He was then crowned king of the Volver Empire. Gartoom decided that a small empire like his would need allies to continue their advancement through space. As time passed, Gartoom managed to ally a few empires, learning their ways and technology. He eventually had an upcoming Volver scientist, Dr. Que, create colonization packs to help spread the empire throughout the cosmos. Gartoom ordered his best captains to find suitable planets and colonize them. His advisor Noruuk, once Zirux's advisor, told Gartoom that weapons would also be an ideal advancement to make. Gartoom, disgusted with the thought of war, turned down the idea.

Months later, the Volver were attacked by an unknown empire. They managed to fend them off, but their cities had sustained some heavy damage. Gartoom ordered that Dr. Que and his colleagues create new weapons to defend their empire.

The BiskinEdit

During the Empire's age of industry, a man known as Ziskin arrived on Ascon. He told Gartoom that he had weapon plans. Dr. Que looked them over and discovered that it was far more advanced than any Volver technology at the time. Gartoom agreed to help Ziskin build it. Gartoom's son, Glynn, told him that he did not trust Ziskin. Gartoom dismissed his son's suspicions and continued to allo Ziskin to work in the Volver labs.

Almost a year passed and the weapon was finally finished. Ziskin unveiled the weapon in front of the entire empire. It was a hulking mech-suit with machine gun hands. the citizens as well as Gartoom applauded Ziskin. Suddenly, Ziskin oreded the machine to open fire on the crowd. Biskin troops dropped down into the crowd and began to cut down the civilians. Gartoom called an evacuation and sent in the Volver Knights to dispatch the Biskin. Glynn and his friend Shaank, Noruuk's grandson, managed to defeat Ziskin during the confusion. The machine was eventually taken down. Ziskin somehow managed to get away after the machine fell. Gartoom ordered that the machine be salvaged for parts.

War of Tyris MajorEdit

Years after that tragic event, the empire had become stronger. Powerful ships, armor, and weapons were produced for the new generation of soldiers in the Volver military. Gartoom now controlled a large portion of Tyris Major, expanding the Empire to well over 3,000 systems. systems and their surrounding space.

Gartoom noticed his son's great work ethic and decided that he needed a vacation. He sent him off to a resort planet for some rest and relaxation. While his son was away, the Biskin attacked Ascon, hoping to take advantage of the Volver's greatest warrior's absence. The Volver City, the empire's capital, was nearly destroyed by the attack. The Biskin left, seeing as they could do no more damage. Gartoom and the survivors were imprisoned in Biskin prisons.

Eventually, Glynn arrived, saving Gartoom and the survivors. Gartoom fled to a nearby ship as his son lead the attack. Gartoom later discovered that Ziskin had constructed a weapon called the Galactic Devastation Ray (GDR). This weapon was powerful enough to wipe out life in a set radius. Glynn and his friends managed to destroy the machine.

Later on, Gartoom found out that the Antroth Empire was still intact from the war. He saw them as a threat and had his son lead an attack on their homeworld, Farmia. The battle was won, ending the war for good.


Great peace followed after the war. Many alliances were made by Gartoom and his son. As he grew in age, Gartoom became bedridden for days. He eventually passed away in his sleep.


During the Enlightenment War, Gartoom was eventually revived by Xizothano Ada, now going by the name of "Bishop". Holreb, knowing Ada was the creator of all Volver, pledged allegiance to mim. He and his grandfather "Rook" (Holreb), both pieces revived by Ada, rescued Gartoom's father Zirux, now known as the piece called "Knight". After rescuing Zirux from the hands of Gridlock, the pieces returned to Ada's domain, were they were introduced to the newly revived Glynn, now known as "King", who'd become the internal leader of the pieces, a role previously fulfilled by Gartoom himself.

After the Enlightenment War ended, disliked the formation of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment, believing it would get the Volver involved in wars that they didn't want to end up in.

Return of THEMEdit

Ongoing at the moment

Personal InformationEdit


Gartoom was a calm and collected individual. He did not believe that war was necessary to prove his empire's power. Gartoom did believe however, that allies were necessary when you are a space faring civilization. He was an excellent talker, able to convince many to join the Volver's cause. He did not change much after his revival, though he became zealously loyal to Ada, and far more open to the idea of purging those that opposed his god.

As one of the Pieces, Bishop held the position of leader until his son was revived as well. He was then placed second in command of the pieces, due to King being overall stronger and more skilled than the others.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit


Poison Tail Like most Volver, Gartoom is able to produce toxins in a sack near the tip of their tail. He can shoot deadly poison that can cause temporary blindness, paralysis, and if hit with enough of it, death.

Alphorium Blade This blade is forged from Alphorium. Alphorium is a strange element that can drain the energy of whomever comes into physical contact with it. Volver had evolved to negate the effects, so Gartoom can wield the blade without it draining his energy. This blade was also used against Lord Ne'yon hundreds of years ago. It is the only known Volver weapon that can harm even gods.

Volver Knight Shield A shield made of Asconium, a strange material found only on Ascon. It can absorb the attack of the enemy and convert the force of the blow/shot into energy for the wielder's armor. This shield originally belonged to the first Volver king, Holreb, Gartoom's grandfather.

Flail Gartoom's original weapon of choice. It served as an excellent crushing weapon, and being a flail, had also a good range. It was buried alongside Gartoom.

Abilities after RevivalEdit

Acid Tail His tail now shoots deadly acid, capable of melting through some of the toughest metals.

Essence Of all the pieces, Ada has provided Gartoom with the largest amount of his own essence. He can shoot void bubbles, open up black holes, create implosions and use telekinesis to lift and crush objects with ease. He also teleport around with great ease, can take other with him, and can even teleblock others. Finally, Gartoom gained an protective barrier that protects him from serious damage and that speeds up the rate of his regeneration.

Abyssal Mace Gatroom's new weapon, it is an upgraded version of his old flail and was given to him by Ada. It looks like a staff but with the head of a true mace. The head is hollow, made from shattorium crystal, and a cyan orb of light can be clearly seen inside it.

Orb of the Abyss Gatroom's main defensive item, it was crafted by Ada personally. While it is not a weapon in the true sense, it does enhance Gartoom's essence abilities further. It allows Gartoom to make contact with Ada, to replenish his barrier faster than usual, to create illusions and even to foresee essence-based attacks. It looks like a transparent orb, glowing cyan.

Void Priest Robes This robes was created to replace his old armor. They look like priestly robes, with some parts (the shoulders, helmet, gloves, boots and legs) being armored. They colored white, dark purple and cyan, with the armored parts being silver and cyan in color.


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