Get ready for combat boys. Welcome to a world of bloody evolution.

- Brygon to his knights.



Brygon Ta'raron (ᎤᎿᏍᎾᏯN TᎦ'ᎿᎦᎿᏯN in Asconian) was born 4 years after the inauguration of King Glynn, his father. He was an adventurous kid, he wandered around Volver City often. Brygon learned martial arts from his father, and weapons training from his mother. He attended school with normal children, though he felt uncomfortable being the only half-breed on Ascon. His father toldj him stories about the Volver History.


When Brygon was 16 going on 17, the universe wide Nebulorian-Alpha War began. Ascon was attacked and his father told Brygon and his mother to hide underground until the attack was over. When the Nebulorian and Dead Watch fleets finally retreated, he came above ground. Glynn had to leave to fight in the war. Brygon was left in charge in his absence. The war raged for about a year. The allied forces were victorious, but Glynn had not returned. All that was brought back was his sword and helmet. Brygon was in disbelief. His father, the man who wiped out the Infectants, Defeated the Antroths, allied the Hyperon, and defeated the notorious Biskin Empire, was gone.


Brygon was crowned king at the age of 23, making him the second youngest king in Volver history. As king, he kept all of his father's policies. In addition to being king, Brygon continued to train and became a true swordsman. He had become good at using the Sword of Zirux. He also wore his father's helmet, to always keep him close. Brygon boosted morale for his troops and increased the empire's military strength ten fold. He also formed a true alliance with the Antroths for aiding the Allies in the war. Brygon decided to continue searching for any remaining Nebulorians or other enemies of the Volver Empire.

The Second Infectant War

Brygon Shooting Omega

Brygon opens fire on Omega

During a short conversation with, Noruuk, the Infectant Scourge had been revived. They are led by Omega, the Infectant son of Ne'yon. Brygon fought alongside Noruuk and defeated Omega, though Omega was able to escape.

He then contacted the Soldarian Empire for assistance. The Soldarians were attacked by the Infectants soon after and were defeated.

The Antroth Empire and the Waptoria Alliance of Species joined the Volver efforts against the Infectants. In an epic battle, Hive Mind, the true leader of the Infectants, devoured Omega and became the size of a planet. Th final battle was won when Brygon and his allies managed to defeat Hive Mind and the Bio-Morphling, Dead Watch, and Grox fleets. He lost his advisor, Noruuk during the second battle with Omega. Ugandalore the Great, a close friend of his father's, died as well.

Second Ascon Civil War

Brygon was attacked by one of his trusted knights, Reathee Desaa now known as "Crimson". Brygon was able to fend him off and returned to his castle. He arrived the next day on the planet of Ugandalore to discuss his encounter with the Unified Federation of Glory. He later found out that the leaders of the UFG had been attacked by his knights the day before. They believed that Brygon was a traitor. He quickly told them that he was also attacked. Their only conclusion was that some knights had rebelled against the Volver and UFG.
Brygon vs Crimson

Brygon faces Crimson

The UFG capital was then attacked by the rebels and as partially destroyed. Brygon and his friends managed to halt the attack. But this attack was only a diversion. Brygon returned to Ascon only to find that in his absence, Crimson had taken over the empire. His castle was damaged in the previous battle.

Brygon and the UFG forces beamed down and engaged Crimson's army. The battle was being lost quickly. The Loyal Volver and UFG forces were dwindling.

Suddenly, a Volver Knight clad in black armor appeared and defeated the entire army with no trouble at all. Meanwhile, Brygon was engaged in combat with Crimson. Crimson defeated Brygon using his stolen Nebulorian Battle Armor and Sword. Before he could deal the final blow, the dark knight entered the castle and defeated Crimson with ease. Crimson managed to escape, with his Unitech allies. The war was over, and the Volver Castle was rebuilt.

Enlightenment War

Attero Dominatus


Return of THEM

Xizothano Ada, leader of a God Race known as the Nyarqaeshu, had entered the galaxy, attempting to claim it for himself. Brygon and his allies in the UAE rallied and took on this new threat. Ada, however, had revived Brygon's past foes, such as Crimson, Omega, and The Infectant Hivemind. With this, Lord Ne'yon had been revived as well the man responsible for King Glynn's death. The Infectants and the Nebulorians, Lord Ne'yon's race, were revived as well. The UAE forces were severely unprepared to handle these many threats and were forced to work alongside King Ziskin of the Biskin Empire, sworn enemies of the Volver Empire, and the Unitech Citadel of Sentients, enemies of the Waptoria Alliance. This temporary alliance allowed the UAE to storm their way to Ada's domain.

Brygon was then forced to fight King, later revealed to be King Glynn himself. Ada had revived the old Volver Kings and forced them to become his Pieces. Brygon fought alongside Barda Clett, managing to defeat his father, freeing him from Ada's control. Glynn teamed up with Bryogn and Barda, meeting with the other leaders in an attempt to take on Ada.

Brygon and his friends fought against Ada, only barely wounding him. Ada later achieved what he called his God Form. He had gained unrivaled power and almost killed Brygon and his allies. Brygon later discovered that he was the chosen one, known as the INDEX, that Ada had planned to recruit to his side. Brygon refused to join Ada. Luckily, Dr. Que, a leading Volver scientist, had developed a weapon called the Deity Pulse. The weapon was mounted on the Ascon Warship, protected by the UAE's allied fleet that had just arrived in Ada's dimension. The pulse was fired, stunning Ada, allowing the fleet to open fire. Ada was defeated, though he was later absorbed by The Dark One, allowing Ada to avoid death. The Dark One expelled the UAE and it's allies from the dimension, sparing their lives.

After the war, Brygon was gifted Void Essence, a powerful and very dangerous form of energy, by his father. This was King Glynn's last gift to him before he returned to the afterlife. Brygon was unsure how to use the essence, however he knew that it would prove useful in the future.



Brygon was usually a quiet child. He tended to wander off to find some kind of crazy adventure. Brygon enjoyed training with his parents, seeing that it was the only time he really got to spend with his father.

After becoming king, Brygon adopted a more serious personality. He carefully chose what he wanted his army to do before just sending them in. Brygon has been shown to be quite stubborn at times, especially when going into battle. One time he charged a military base alone, which was against what his advisor told him.

Brygon cares deeply for his friends and family. He will lay his life on the line for them if he must. Even though his father "betrayed" him, Brygon still sees Glynn as a loving father.



Alphorium Blade

This blade is forged from Alphorium. Alphorium is a strange element that can drain the energy of whomever comes into physical contact with it. Volver had evolved to negate the effects, so Brygon can wield the blade without it draining his energy. This blade was also used against Lord Ne'yon hundreds of years ago. It is the only known Volver weapon that can harm even gods.

Volver Knight Shield A shield made of a strange material similar to Bengo Flett's Soldarian Elite armor. It can absorb the attack of the enemy and convert the force of the blow/shot into energy for the wielder's armor. This shield originally belonged to the first Volver king, Holreb, Brygon's great-great-grandfather.

Volver-Class Plasma Rifle

The Plasma Rifle is a basic weapon for most empires. This version has been upgraded and modified by the Volver to better suit them in combat. It holds 3 plasma rods (30 shots per rod), and has a quick reload time. It fires quickly too, which makes up for its low power.

Volver Storm Rifle

The rifle Brygon usually uses. This rifle is of Volver design and was created using Volver and Nebulorian technology. It can fire 360 plasma rounds per rod, causing severe plasma and electrical damage to opponents. The rifle can also use bullets, being able to fire 120 rounds per magazine. The rifle cans switch semi-automatic and automatic with the press of a button.

Brygon (holding Gun)

Brygon, holding his Volver Storm Rifle in Mark VI Armor.


Cadet Armor

As a child, Brygon wore cadet class Volver Battle Armor. He actually didn't like the way the armor fitted him, and only wore it if he was training.

Mark VI Volver Knight Battle Armor

This is the armor Brygon wears now. It has complete shielding with protective padding underneath. It can easily defend him from gunfire and grenades. Because he lacks wings, Brygon has a jet pack built into his armor. This allows him to fly to places that he couldn't normally get to. He also has built in energy reserves that power his armor and heal his wounds. The energy is also known as Anergy, a form of energy that takes hundreds of years to burn out.

Brygon (Mark VII)

Brygon, wearing his Mark VII Armor

Mark VII Volver Knight Battle Armor The only Mark VII battle armor belongs to Brygon. This armor is almost four times as strong as the Mark VI armor. With an increased Anergy storage, Brygon cn use his weapons almost infinitely. The armor is made up of a Asconium-Titanium alloy that is tough enough to protect against even essence based attacks.



Green faceHail friend!

  • King Glynn - "Father, I will continue to uphold our clan's legacy!"
  • Barda Clett - "A trusted ally and fantastic warrior. I trust the man with my life"
  • W'tze - "A great ruler of his people. He understands the culture of my people."
  • Queen Si'daal - She's pretty strict. I wonder how my father put up with her. But Si'daal has been a valued ally over and over again.
  • Oskel Leton - "Oskel is a great warrior. I hear he was once on par with my father. He is probably the most honorable person I know."
  • King Lavern - "He's...ridiculously strong. I've seen the guy plow through entire platoons without breaking a sweat!"
  • Takanuis Clett - "We are the next generation of warriors my friend! Let's make our ancestors proud!"
  • Kyaan- "My trusted advisor. Me and him were raised together. We are practically brothers."


Blue faceI guess we're friends then!

  • King Pulporious V - "I respect the man. He and his army have helped us win many wars. However, he keeps urging me to uphold my Soldarian heritage..."
  • Kossi'Valicar - "I've had a rocky relationship with the Enlightened Ones...But they are good allies to have'"
  • Averil Daxur - "I am well aware of the man's past. But, Averil has proven himself to be a trust worthy ally. He's even come to aid in battles without me needing to pay him first!"
  • Magmos - "I gotta say, the guy is good. Lavern taught this dude how to fight, and let me tell you, Magmos is a beast! Then again, he'd have to be considering his father is Lavern..."


Yellow faceAre you friend...or foe?

  • King Holreb (Rook) - "I know this wasn't your fault. In fact, I thank you for building our mighty empire."


Orange faceNo, I don't like you!

  • Crimson - "Dammit Reathee! I tried to show you the way and you didn't listen! Now you suffer for your betrayal!"


Red faceDIE! By my ancestors, die!

  • Lord Ne'yon - "It's YOUR fault my father died in the first place!! Rot in hell you Nebulorian scum!!"
  • King Biskin - "Don't think for a second that I would actually forgive you for what your kind did to my people! To my friends!"
  • Omega - "You're just a clone of that blue bastard."
  • Hive Mind- "She attacked my planet, endangered my people and friends. I have nothing but hatred for her."
  • Xizothano Ada - "You may have created my kind, but you are no God."


Quotes from Him

Oh yeah? Say that to my face!

Do you know who you're dealing with here?

I promise you, this is going to hurt. A lot.

Quotes from Others

Son, stay strong. You'll be in charge after I'm gone.

- King Glynn

He's a great warrior, one of the best. I'm proud to fight alongside him.

- Barda Clett

An hybrid as a leader? Well, they have proven to be effective.

- W'tze

Threats? Boy, that was no threat! I am the hunter, you the prey!

- Slagan

Theme Music

Brygon's Main Theme:


  • After the death of King Glynn, Brygon has become the main character of my fiction.
  • Brygon's wife is of unknown decent, but she is mostly Volver.
  • Brygon is the first Volver hybrid to rule the empire.
    • He was also the first Volver-Soldarian hybrid to exist.
  • Brygon has participated in more major wars than any Volver king.
  • Though he is part Soldarian, Brygon choses not to uphold that heritage.
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