The Kindred Coalition is a relatively new power formed in 2772, that is the result of the progress of several alliances eventually brought together from several regions in the Plazith Rim and beyond. The faction is composed entirely of culturally diverse human factions who were transplanted from Earth millennia before, and is allied with the United Nations which played a role in it's formation.

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Ancient history Edit

The first humans to leave Earth were not Homo sapiens, unknown to most of Humanity even today, the Denisova were leaving Earth as the first Homo sapiens left Africa. They called themselves the Ashtar, who advanced themselves to levels beyond even the modern Gigaquadrant, joining the even older Milky Way Precursors in transcendence. Relics of their technologies would survive...

Some however, were unable to ascend, and evolved into several races of what would later be called the Greys. Some were good, some were bad, enslaving Humanity with symbiotic parasites and genetically tweaking them to survive on different planets in the Plazith Rim and beyond. Alien interest also gathered around Earth, ranging from the Draconid Imperium and Pseudomorphs to the Xhodocto Awakening. The Ashtar returned and with the Krassio, established Earth as a protected zone, though this did not apply to human descendants and enslavement continued. During the early rise of Civilisation on Earth, humanity managed to repel enslavement and Earth was soon forgotten, thus, so was the protection notice.

The transplanted humans began to develop their own unique cultures and even physiologies, some even progressing to space even quite close to Earth, but with other factions in the Scutum-Crux Arm and even in other galaxies. Many however were still enslaved off-world to Earth. The DI stayed in watch of Earth's slow development, even influencing the rise of the Roman Empire and it's language, and creating it's own spin-off race of transplanted humans that themselves made it to space.

Orion-Cygnus Arm - Federal UN years Edit

During the late 20th and 21st century, Humanity was making great strides in scientific and technological progress. For example, within 40 years from 1899, humans had discovered gamma rays, neutrinos, the conversion of mass to energy, transmutation, particles of electricity and antimatter, all from starlight, a mystery that humanity struggled with for the past 100,000 years!
Though officially achieving interstellar travel by the 22nd century, governments on Earth had already been involved with both alien and posthuman factions in secret (with the discovery of Ashtar relics), and were involved (with the help of benevolent benefactors) the end of humanity's enslavement by malevolent forces. Unfortunately in the late 21st century however, a nuclear war broke out on Earth and coupled with environmental problems, almost ended the Terran story. Luckily by the 22nd century, human nations, perhaps forever divided crawled into space and began colonisation.
Meanwhile, the transplanted post-humans in the Orion Spur largely opposed the new human empires who were competing for space, and are now thought to have triggered the Inter-Colonial Wars in an attempt to weaken the Terrans before invasion. But Terran humanity continued to grow, thanks to the United Nations. Between the late 22nd and 23rd centuries, the UN managed to ally with some of the transplanted races, creating huge O'Neil cylinders as places of cooperation and trade. From there, the UN tried to act as a Federal power, a time marked by peaceful exploration and scientific discovery, but not without occasional internal conflict and cold war with factions that didn't join it. Somewhere around this time it became obvious the transplanted humans had a common ancestor with Earth humans. The UN allowed cooperation between Terran nations and the Transplanted humans, and created a voice to communicate with alien powers far more foreign that even humans separated by millennia. Humanity in the Orion-Cygnus Arm were able to shrug off threats from the Grox Meta-Empire, Borg, Pseudomorph Dominion, Ataiens, and Cognatus.

An unknown disaster occurred on Earth in the 26th century that was so serious, Earth and it's immediate surroundings were evacuated for over three centuries. The Orion-Cygnus humanity even thought it's end was nigh, and seeded a world on the far side of the galaxy that would genetically inherit Humanity. This race would become the Jovar Empire. As it began to expand from the Orion Spur, it likely also met the Bearian Nations Space Command, Defencive System's Bloc, Radeon, Ravons, Gablinus-Avis, Dragonisk, Salsetthe Republic and the Delpha Coalition of Planets, which one or two factions of Humanity went to war with.

Scutum-Crux Arm - Troubles with the Grox Edit

It is thought that Humanity had crawled through the Ashtar's wormhole corridors to the Scutum-Crux arm to escape oppression by the Ataiens, Greys and Pseudomorphs. But like their cousins in the Orion Spur, these new civilisations had a tough time. Some made use of the corridors to establish imperialistic empires, but over the millennia, diverged too even in physiology.
During the 14th century, a contingent of Grox drones were surveying the sector, but became hit by an unexpected spatial anomaly, becoming severed from the Meta-Emperor. The severed limb groped in the darkness to survive, snatching surrounding races into a new collective. They would be known by names such as "Grob", or "Borg". Life now became very difficult in the region, even disease became a problem again. Empires collapsed into hunter or swarm races, or hiders.

Sometime before the 29th century, Humanity had already created a coalition, perhaps influenced by contact with humans from the Orion-Cygnus Spur. It began as a military pact, but it grew into a government. The Kindred Coalition partly owes its name to the human coalition.

Formation of the Kindred Coalition Edit

In the year 2772, the Girdo Campaigns raged across the Milky Way, as the radical Emperor Tokzhalat wanted to metaphorically put "godspawn" life on one side of the galaxy, and "truly alien life" on the other. The Orion Spur and Cyngus Arm were effected too, as the Girdo Empire sent a huge invasion force of Drones to force Humanity to unify. In the Orion-Cygnus Arm, three warrior-centric factions had yet to join the United Nations. After several days of battle, an agreement was made based on a warrior duel between Commodore Hlraka and a human. Hlraka winning meant the human factions must join the UN.

Meanwhile, in the Scutum-Crux, attacks by the Borg and Grox forced humans on both sides of the galaxy together, and eventually after using a planet buster on the Grox's fleet, stopped the invasion. Now allied, the transplanted humans decided to form their own Coalition, with it's own elected seat in the UN. The Delpha Coalition of Planets was so impressed, it lead to an even greater alliance, an important step in the formation of the Plazith Rim Cooperative. But soon after the Girdo Campaigns, the New Grox Wars began and it saw humanity uniting with other Milky Way powers to defeat the Grox Meta-Empire. Unbeknown to the Kindred Coalition and UN, the involvement was a cover-up of Earth's conquering by the Thals.

Since then, the Kindred Coalition has been in communication with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth to explore the cultural connections with humans living in the distant galaxies.

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  • Members of the Kindred Coalition were originally fanfics based on races from Babylon 5, Doctor Who, Stargate and Star Trek, but now have been re-developed into SporeWiki fiction, though are still inspired.
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