Never cast suspicion on others without proof. No running in the hallways. No running in the classrooms either. And the basement is off-limit. I would like you to take all these rules at heart with utter strictness.

- Kincaido'scr to his class

Fufufu...You fools. I have never been the teacher I know was the favorite one of you all. I only played at being Mr. Kincaido'scr. My true identity is...
The Dark Koatria's Guiding Light!
Mr. Kincaido'scr!

- Kincaido'scr upon revealing his true alligeance

Kincaido'scr is an Raptoranean who currently teaches at the same Koatria College where the first and only Koatria of Radiation, Niyra, is stationed at. Extremely uptight, Kincaido'scr is unpolular with many cadets, safe for those of his own class, to whom he is a lot laxer and encourages to gain good marks. Despite this, Kincaidop'scr maintains that he is actually the most favoite teacher of the whole College by a large magrin.

While hated amongst Cadets, he is generally well liked amongst his fellow teachers. It can certainly be said that his way of teaching stands out, often causing the most promising cadets to get in his class. At least, those whom he hasn't trouble with. He also actively seeks the thrust with those cadets other classes that get good results, and commonly comes up to their defense.

Kincaido'scr keeps various books in his room, including "The surefire way to promotions", "How to earn the praise of your Boss", "How to upsurp without proof", "The Liber Corruptica", and most famously, "The Ultimate Handbook: How to prevent running the the hallways".

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This is me. I am awesome. What else can be said?

- Kincaido'scr on himself

Kincaido'scr, like most of his kind, is concidered to be extremely attractive by most known species. However, unlike many of his kind, who just go with what they call their "natural beauty", Kincaido'scr actively tries to look even more handsome that he already is, taking it somewhat over the top. Most notably, he dyes his hair blonde, and uses tonnes of hairspray to turn one side of it into one big golden curl.

The clothing of Kincaido'scr nothing less than stylish, and unlike regular Raptoranean dress, covers most of his body. It consists of a greyish-black jeans, a purple tie, a beige shirt with a black collar, and a vest of red leather with a confortable innder side of short black fur. Kincaido'scr keeps numerous exact copies of these clothes in his wardroom, so he can wear the same clothes all the time, or at least make it seem he does.

His clothing as a Darkling servant consists of an armored, black suit that also covers his neck and mouth, with some purple parts on the sleeves and a purple personal insignia on the chest. It also features black glasses and a long black cape. The glasses cast a shadow over Kincaido'scr's facial features, allowing pass security gates unnotices should he need to do so. His cape, meanwhile, leaves behind after-images of pure shadow as he moves, therefore making Kincaido'scr very hard to hit, not taking into account his agility and speed as a Raptoranean. However, Kincaido'scr mainly wears both his cape and black glasses not for their function, but to reinforce the association of him with a dark superhero of some sorts, as Kincaido'scr indeed sees himself as the foremost dark champion of the Brotherhood.

This insignia concists of his hair curl, but colored purple, with two purple devil's horns behind them on the upper side, and two purple bones behind them on the lower side. He also keeps a large flag with this symbol behind his desk, claiming it to be his personal heraldry.
Most have labeled its design "stupid".

Kincaido'scr, after his further ascension into the Darkling Brotherhood, has been given the opportunity to craft a Beam Sabre himelf. His has a curved hilt, a black core and a purple edge. However, he has also modified the power coil to produce a thin golden middle in between core and edge. The curve of his hilt is also located at the ricasso of the hilt instead of at it's pommel. While this makes the blade more unwieldy as it forces Kincaido'scr to adjust his arm movements, it does allow him to strike at unexpected angles.

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No running in the hallways!

- The catchphrase of Kincaido'scr

In stark contrast to many of his chaotic race, Kincaido'scr is extremely uptight, often wishing students to follow the rules at the Academy to the letter. Extremely strict as well, he is known to freak out over the most minor of rules being broken. Despite this, he far more laxer regarding his own students, wich gave causes many Cadets to rumor that he favors his own class over the rest. The Training Teams in his class include the Teams Karruka, Volorin, Keno, Kad'Orvin, and Era'korian. Though Kincaido'scr actively denies the favours these teams, and amongst them, certain cadets, above all others, the rumors are not wrong.

Kincaido'scr is also extremely vain, always working to look in the most attracting way as possible. He is furthermore something of a beaurocrat, and much of the paperwork of the Academy passes trough him, a position that gives him more power than most realize. His pride is so high that he sees himself as the foremost mortal champion of the Darkling Brotherhood, being unwilling to bow to any other Darkling cultist, even not to Gridlock. His penchant of vainglory goes so far that he always sees himself as the leader of the Darkling's pawns in whatever situation, and his massive ego will make him accept no less. So highly he thinks of himself and his deeds that he has even tried to out-manipulate the Darklings themselves, trying to set up his dual masters, Torackix and Trotodrake, against each other, so to advance his own cause.

Kincaido'scr is also quite infamous for his penchant for random good luck, allowing him to turn the most likely of failures into success, which he then attributes to his own "magnifiscent" skill. Team Team Shit Outta Luck's simmilar natural penchant for causing the most ordered plans to go completely and utterly haywire might as well be a greater threat to his position than the actual Koatria themselves.

The two most famous rules of Kincaido'scr are "No running in the hallways!", wich has become his catchphrase over time, and "Never cast suspicion on others without proof.", a rule whom he himself is, ironically, phrone to breaking. There are also myriad other rules Kincaido'scr often tries to make the Academy Cadets follow, including rules over the unexisting shool uniform and where one can go and where not.

Abilities Edit

Formerly, Kincaido'scr had elemntal control over the element of Poison, though after he betrayed his squad and willingly joined the Darkling Brotherhood, he excanged it for elemental control over Shadow. His mastery over it is said to be superb, though he currently prefers not to use it, since it would give away his position as a Darkling agent.

While not being able to archieve a Dark Form, Kincaido'scr is capable of overloading his body with highly unstable Dark Energy, causing the outline of his body to glow purple and his whole body to flash erratically in the same color. Whil overloaded, his aggresiveness increases by a large magrin as the excess of energy allows him to speed up the quality and quantity of his attacks. Overloading himself is not without risks, however, as Kincaido'scr becomes extremely exhausted and temporarily devoid of any sense of balance when he leaves it, leaving him defenseless for a few critical moments.

Like all Dark Raptoraneans, Kincaido'scr has perfect night vision, and gains energy in the absence of sunlight, rather than from sunlight itself.

The Dark Raptoranean seems to possess a natural affirmity for the war-beasts under the control of the Brotherhood, being able to direct even the most uncontrollable of them towards a target. He even seems to be able to control Zarbanian warrior-Beasts to a degree, possibly meaning he has some ties to the Zarbania Warrior-Beast Project as well, likely as a representaive of the Darkling Brotherhood. Kincaido'scr seems to have the largest liking for those beasts that are the most stupid, most likely because he can feel highly elevated above them, like a slave master often feels elevated above his slaves. None the less, his control is not absolute, and it is often the sheer stupor of his chosen war-beasts that causes his plans to fail more than anything else.

Relations Edit

Green face Serving Edit

Surely I deserve a promotion, hmmm?

  • The Dark One - It is only due to me that you could gain such wonderful Dark Koatria, M'Lord...Surely I deserve a promotion?
  • Trotodrake - Lord Trotodrake...Feed on the sadism of those pesky Vanara...they are yours...
  • Torackix - M'Lady...Kill that annoying bloodline of Yager already! They are yours....

Green face Class Edit

Study well, and you will go far.

  • Ahokmu - My favorite student. I am glad beyond words I could show you...the truth...
  • Gartla - Abuse...It is all over. I will show you.
  • Kitrop - Forget the past. I will take you under my wing. A bright future awaits.
  • Viicrax - You know no pain? How...How convenient...
  • Vulkran - I have never been lucky with subordinates...
  • Raniek - I shall teach you courage, boy.
  • Isu - Under me, you shall become the greatest!
  • Lavanar'k - Go on. Vent your anger. Your enemies deserve no less.
  • Drought - Have no fear. I accept you and shall reward your loyalty in due time.
  • Blue faceIsajac - So innocent...And with so much moral light...Yet so easy to manipulate.
  • Vonnes - Dark energy? Fuwhafufuwhahafuwha!

Yellow face Neutral Edit

Never cast supicion on others without proof.

  • Hydarax - I have never been lucky with superiors...
  • Orange faceSle Spena-iisk - If I have to work with you...It is as the Dark Lord commands.
  • Usi - The taint of Sle Spena-iisk is upon you. Your jests shall not be tolerated here.
  • Team Tyris - Nothing wrong with them.

Orange face Disliked Edit

No running in the hallways!

  • Team Indrika - They could be...a treat....
    • Jallas - Hmmm...He is keen-eyed...I must watch...
    • Makoro - You warm up you the Vanara. How pathetic.
    • Halha - You lack discipline.
    • Kogro - ...
    • Nukoru - ...
  • Team Team Waptara - You will not get in my way.
    • Aspuyra - You...Who are you? Or more precisely, what are you?
    • Nykola'flr - Brats who do not know how to watch their mouths must be punished.
    • Boldok Wrav - Brute.
    • A'Gabi - Freak.
    • Glaco-Fenri-Uss - Runen. Your natural capacity to uncover Darkling corruption is...dangerous...
  • Dione - You progression upon the Biskin is...unanticipated. I shall watch.
  • Enegirii - You are an annoying little louse, nothing more, nothing less...

Red face Enemies Edit

Fufufu...To everything, there is always a limit...Fufufufufufu...

  • Team S.O.L - You run in the hallways, sneak into basements where you do not belong, put dye in my hairspray...It is only natural I cast suspicions on you without proof.
    • Niyra - I am beyond words with you...Fufufufu...I will make sure you will end...
    • Mayra - Elemental control of Blood, hmmm? To my knowledge, the Imperium of War where one of the first to have that. So...Good.
    • Fenric - Dual elemnts...A threat? Hmmm...Fufu...Fufufu...Fufufufu...
    • Ahred - Putting dye in my hairspray is not funny. You shall be punished.
    • Wereney - No threat...No threat at all...Fufuwhahaha!
    • Gagenel - You! Stop ruining my hallways!
    • G-Sker - ...There is nothing wrong with this one...Strange...
    • Asper - You traito-...Ahem...You should not sneak around in the basement...
  • Nld Spena-iisk - Absolute...utter...NUISANCE! Be glad your father protects you!
  • Jorkar Doreckt - Truth? Try ideals instead. An ultimate truth does not exist, ideals can be warped and twisted as you wish.
  • Ibari - Sister to that annoying Yaeger. Fine. You will end just as well.

Quotes from others Edit

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Fuck you, I run where I want, wear what I want, and eat donuts whenever and wherever I want!

- Niyra

Don't go into the basement, hmmm...I wonder what you have down there? Ku ku ku! I will discover the truth.

- Jorkar Doreckt

Never cast unreasonable suspicion, practice what you preach.

- Enegirii

Kincaido'scr, sir. I don't know what this "truth" is. But perhaps your interest in me is becoming a little...out of hand?

- Vonnes

You're really up tight dude. Learn to chill out. Vonnes means a lot to me...stay away from him!

- Dione

I still think that you're a nice teacher...despite what the others say.

- Nu'Iva

Men like you have such easy souls to steal, and I hear Raptoranean brains taste delicious! So stay away from Niyra and My Asper.

- Mayra

I bet your own mother's ashamed.

- Jallas

You mad, asshole?

- Hewpu

Oh you seek control over others do you? Well we'll just have to see if that dream comes true

- Sigiru

You serve darkness askew. The opposite that opposes its opposite leaving everything empty and incomplete. What a pity you cannot see the bigger picture, the great balance true power rests in.

- Alva

Also my family name's not Yaeger, that's the last part of my formal name, it's Draken.

- Niyra

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Travia Edit

  • Was based on Kincaid from Ranger: Shadows of Almia. Also is somewhat based on Thanquol from Warhammer, especially his penchant for good luck and beast handling (though Kincaid possesses a bit of the latter too).
    • Kincaido'scr was originally going to be an hostile teacher to Niyra and main antagonist during Niyra's Training, though the latter was downplayed after Sigiru took that role.
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