The Kicath are ancient; they had searched far and wide across the stars millennia before many others had even began to stand upright. Whilst the Gigaquadrant no longer swims in their wake, it would be wrong to believe that they are any less worthy of respect. What is it that has allowed them to live so long that many others in ancient history have come and gone? I suspect we will never know.

- Unknown

The Kicathian Coalition is an expansive federal republic state originating from the Milky Way Galaxy and Andromeda Galaxy. Ancient by Gigaquadrantic standards, the seven hundred-millennia old territories of the Kicathian race have stood as stalwart worlds of respected architects, builders and warriors. Though one of the most fearsome and advanced presences to exist in the First Gigaquadrant, the Kicathian Coalition employ little political pressure on an intergalactic stage; preferring to remain uninvolved in the conflicts that exist around them for as long as possible.

Though respected for their ancient presence, many across the Gigaquadrant view the Kicath as possessing cryptic, cold and melancholic demeanours, and while they are valued as allies for their knowledge and resources, are considered near impossible to truly understand. Most across the Gigaquadrant deem this either as a culmination of hundreds of thousands of years of philosophical evolution, or view their shifting values as something distrustful. Those that know the ways of the Kicathian Coalition better than others consider the Kicath a highly cultured race of warriors, sometimes likened to warrior-poets. While Kicathian culture is nowhere near as militaristic as it was in ancient times, the Kicath hold strict and complex codes of conduct towards foreign races, and while some see this as a codification of xenophobia, the Kicath themselves see formality as a sign of respect. Regardless, the Kicath err on the side of caution in many diplomatic scenarios despite having a known history of total war and extinctions of species they have considered enemies. As a result, many Gigaquadrantic civilians consider the Kicath as a race without a singular moral direction.


Ancient History[]

Originating from the world of Paclernos, the Kicath have existed as a spacefaring civilisation for hundreds of thousands of years. There is much subject of debate to the exact date of founding of the Kicathian Coalition, as even historical records have become obfuscated by time itself. The consensus among Kicathian archaeologists is that the Coalition has existed approximately for 720,000 years; though this is often considered with a point of leniency and possibly a lower estimate judged by archaeological developments in territories near their homeworld. The subject of the Kicath's achievements of space travel is also largely clouded by the vast amount of accounts given, though the nature of the accounts at the time suggest that Kicathian civilisation was highly theocratic and thus several disparate accounts exist attributing the ability to travel the stars as divine intervention while others were purely mundane.

Due to the vast age of the Kicath's territories across the Milky Way and Andromeda, many colonies have been disestablished and reestablished on the same worlds and even multiple times in the same systems. As the millennia have passed, archaeology revolving around the early history of the Kicathian Coalition has become a popular subject of study. Inadvertently, many other civilisations that ascended to the stars nearby abandoned worlds had furthered their own technological advancements through discovering Kicathian technology. Many of these civilisations were later assimilated into the Kicathian territories, thus increasing the Coalition's racial and cultural diversity.

Accurate historical accounts of the Kicathian Coalition begin only to be triangulated by the time other ancient civilisations such as the Draconid Imperium, Church of Spode and later the Dracogonarious Empire opened their own historical accounts. As a result, Gigaquadrantic account of the Kicathian Coalition can only be accurately mapped from the past 250,000 years. Much of these millennia suggest that the ancient Kicathian Coalition had undergone several societal changes; they had since abandoned their native religion and transformed ideologically multiple times - many accounts point to the Kicath waging territorial wars against innumerable smaller civilisations as a means of expansion over the course of 200,000 years. It has been suggested that the Kicath have traveled through many other galaxies, including the Cyrannus Galaxy and Borealis Galaxy in ancient times, though such suggestions are vague.

Recent History[]

Kicathian history during the modern era of the Gigaquadrant has been sparse regarding diplomatic affairs and martial engagements, though they alongside the Dracogonarious Empire and Delpha Coalition of Planets were primary combantant forces during the Second War of Black Fog and concurrent wars against other factions such as The Congregation and their successors, the Legion of Therus in the 28th century. A rare occurrence for the Coalition was the signing of the Mou'Cyran Accords in 2801, one of the few intergovernmental organisations the Kicath have been part of in Gigaquadrantic history.




The Kicathian Coalition has altered its governmental structure innumerable times over the millennia; its most recent constitutional structure is the form of a Federal Republic. Constitutionally, all civilians of the Coalition regardless of race are of equal standing - though unofficially, the Kicath are regarded as first-class citizens (though this is more culturally ascribed and not of constitutional decision). Throughout the territories of the Coalition in both the Milky Way and Andromeda, power is decentralised. There are 125 subjects between both territories - 59 in the Milky Way and 68 in Andromeda. Each of the 125 subjects have individual heads of government, parliament and constitutional court with three delegates per subject in the Coalition's Federal Council. There are two federal districts - one for each galaxy.

Society & Culture[]

Due to the vast number of species that are civilians of the Kicathian Coalition, a majority of the Coalition's territories are extraordinarily diverse and integrated. It has been a long standing policy of the Coalition to both integrate and preserve cultures of the so-called integrated species of the Coalition which has had varying successes and failures. Whereas more recently integrated species have fared better in this - so much so that indigenous cultural practices are still common in their former territories, species that have long since been part of the Coalition have invariably lost their cultural identities over time. Though there is still a traditional notion of Kicathian culture, this is not present in a majority of the Coalition's worlds other than the capital territories. The Coalition's society is not hierarchical by any official measure, though many civilians state that the Kicath themselves are first-class citizens despite being one of the less prominent species in the Coalition by populace. Though a myriad of languages are documented as official languages of the Coalition (often one language for each species), the most commonly spoken language of the Coalition is a creole of many integrated languages. Virtually all of the official governmental documentation and statements issued by the Coalition are in the Kicathian language, and is often the language used in matters of diplomacy. The Kicathian language has a reputation across the First Gigaquadrant of being infamously difficult to learn; often, translating technology is required rather than a trained translator. The linguistic diversity of the Coalition often means that several other intergalactic languages are used as trade languages.

As a post-scarcity society, members of the Coalition do not exhibit cultural characteristics and ideologies based on acquisition of wealth or territory. All documented civilians possess the right to residence and basic resources for survival in the Coalition, though many supplement an income of resources by their occupations. There are many expansive industries in the Coalition that are in constant need of personnel, namely research-based positions in technological advancement. A true show of wealth in the Coalition is only for an extreme few; these are mostly owners of companies or those in high-ranking roles of research and development, or high-ranking members of the military council. Non-civilians living in the Coalition are also granted the minimal standards of living through application; however, those that are not documented by the Coalition government to be living in the Coalition as either civilian or foreigner do not officially exist as living entities under Coalition rule. As there are legal holes regarding the existence of undocumented entities in the Coalition, they are often detained and processed by force. While they are often then documented in the same way as all others, those that forcibly resist processing are either deported or executed. Due to the high standards of living in the Coalition, crime is a rare occurrence though nonetheless an existing issue. Though crimes such as common theft, murder and fraud are negligible, the most common crime in the Coalition fall under cyber-crime. Often, individuals that commit cyber-crimes particularly commit identity theft or defraud the government's records - these often spiral into more malignant crimes such as murder or theft of protected technology. The Coalition often prefers to imprison convicted criminals, though capital punishment is carried out more commonly. The Coalition also press that military defection or desertion is also a crime punishable by death.

Some societies may view the Coalition as less than free in some measure - the Coalition's government claims that formal declarations of political protest are illegal (though this is rarely enforced). Often, any mass obstruction in the daily lives of the civilians of the Coalition can be broken up by the policing bodies; those that refuse to dissolve their obstructions past the first warning are often dealt with forcefully. The Coalition's policing bodies discourage the use of violence in favour of civilians using their common sense - however, police brutality is not non-existent. Civilians do reserve the right to report police brutality if it has been incorrectly used, and this is often dealt with accordingly. Ownership of weapons in the Coalition is highly regulated; most civilians are by law not allowed to carry weapons in public, though those that can obtain the necessary licenses are allowed to do so. Most of the Coalition's military laws stem from the cultural practices of the Kicath themselves - in historical measure, the Kicath possessed military caste civilians that were of a higher order than commoners; the Kicath still hold many complex philosophies regarding the use of martial law.

Though irreligious themselves, Kicath do not discourage the practice of religions of other races. However, the Coalition officially declares that it has no state religion. As a result, the government do not typically approve the construction of religious sites nor do they sponsor religiously-attributed festivals, though they do not discourage or outlaw such practices. It is however required by law that policies or laws enacted by the Coalition are not done so with any religious angle, otherwise they are deemed detrimental and severely unlawful if the courts find reason to. Much of the attitude to religion in the Kicathian Coalition fall under the same laws of cultural preservation, though more than often this is not done willingly.


Known as architects and cosmic engineers to an unprecedented degree, the Kicathian Coalition is an extremely advanced civilisation in regards to technology, with only other civilisations the likes of the Delpha Coalition of Planets can compare to. It is not known as to when the Coalition either discovered or harnessed hyperspace, though their lack of involvement and interest in the technological revolutions in the 28th Century imply they have long-since cultivated their own technology, possibly hundreds of millennia ago. The lack of cooperation on the Kicath's part in the technological advancements of the Gigaquadrant have constantly been met with criticism; Kicathian scientists often claim that all technologies will be discovered in the right time, regardless of who discovers it. The extent of the Coalition's advancements in technology are ultimately unknown due to their secrecy of what they know - though what is understood is that the Kicath have sophisticated understandings of hypercomputation, thus implying they are capable of engineering basement universes to safely contain such processes.

The Coalition is staunchly secretive on their technological advancements, even to their own public; while some liberties such as immortality via technology is available, more widespread applications of their technology (including that of military technology) are considered private matters. Though immortality is an infrequently taken path for most in the Coalition, civilians are able to prolong their lives indefinitely by ways of either cybernetics or more bio-centric ways such as cloning. Some individuals have lived incalculably long lives due to this process, though laws have been stated that even the prolonging of life must have a limitation. Some species in the Coalition (including the Kicath) have psychologically evolved beyond the need for sexual reproduction due to bioengineering of their own species - most or all Kicath are are no longer born naturally but much rather 'grown' to ensure a perfect birth. While natural birth is still an occurrence in the Coalition, this has become increasingly rare.

It is known that items of Kicathian technology, specifically transport or weaponry, are highly prized across the Gigaquadrant. As the Coalition have strong laws on technology possession, all transport and weaponry unless stated otherwise are property of the Coalition even if it is not in their hands - thus, unlicensed use of their technology is a crime frequently punished by death.


Should the Kicath send their warriors to a front, know it is a dire situation indeed.

- Unknown

A seldom-seen force in the Gigaquadrant, the Kicathian Coalition's military is something of a mythological presence even among the Coalition's oldest allies. The Kicath themselves have rarely sent a sizeable force to combat their enemies in written history, save for the War of Ages and Second War of Black Fog; however, there are ostensible documents of Kicathian-craft ships and outfitted warriors boasting frightening potential in the theatre of war. As the Kicath are a politically neutral force to nearly all of the Gigaquadrant, their military is often seen as a peacekeeping force rather than a force used in invasions. If political instability ensues, or if the Kicath deem a threat sizeable enough for them to turn an eye to, they often send Agents - specially-crafted supersoldiers - to deal with the issue. Most that know the Kicath in their martial practices often consider it idiocy to engage them violently.


The naval branch of the Kicathian Coalition's military comprises a myriad of aesthetically intimidating ships; from the swift and stealthily crafted Thanatos-class fighter to the colossal Deimos-class Supercarrier. Built and docked in what is believed to be basement universe shipyards, the Coalition's ships are fitted with some of the most advanced technology in the known Gigaquadrant. Little is understood of the technology contained within their ships, although it is understood that the Deimos-class Supercarrier possesses artificial intelligences capable of performing oracular hypercomputation; able to simulate and plan strategies infinitely farther ahead than other ship-based artificial intelligences. Most long-range crafts are fitted with a so-called true hyperdrive, capable of reaching hyperluminal speeds in excess of 100 Mc (one hundred million times the speed of light). Stealth-orientated crafts are typically fitted with ghost phasing drives.

Notable Individuals[]



Mutual military cooperation with the Kicath has proven vital to the continue existence of Plazith Rim during the first Corruptus uprising. That is to say, they are valuable allies.

- Royal Marechal Jerkon of the Indoctrinate Collective

We could use more warriors like these! They have decent ideas.

- Chief Major Xerkea of the Niaka Special Forces

Their blood will be spilled as freely as any other. They claim themselves ancient, but they are mere children before the Nightmare.

- Arrtkar Crowart of the Corruptus

yo dis is all wrong. da kicath is ment ta be an empiya and den a remnant and den a republic and den... i lost trakk. anyway DEYZ DUM AND I DUNT LIKE DEM

- Brag'klogga

My time outside of the Throne has taught me that there are much larger - and antisocial - threats than we are used to outside of our galactic isolation.

- Khargorax


  • The Kicathian Coalition is a major retcon and amalgamation of the former canon regarding the Kicath - while originally split into two factions, the Kicathian Coalition is now a singular entity.