The one true master of Marrow. The fabricator of agony. He sees all, and all who have seen him know the true anguish he embodies.

- Unknown

Khivoranshathauranax (Khaûr: OzaxKhivoranix.png, Ender of all Cycles), known commonly as Khi’voranix (Zalax Common: Lord of Aberration) is the Essential God of Aberric Energy and the personification of Marrow’s desire to force all of existence to merge with the realm and bring ruin upon those that resist - the birth of Marrow leading to Khi’voranix’s creation. Since the Valkar first attacked Marrow, Khi’voranix has tormented the galaxy of Eupherion, desiring to control the galaxy and merge it with Marrow. Khi’voranix has historically been feared by all that know of his existence, serving as the boogeyman of Eupherion and the source of various fictional works circling around his power and desires. Khi’voranix has only directly manifested in Axiom twice - once at the end of the Valkar, where Khi’voranix eradicated the entire sapient population of Eupherion through either directly killing them or dragging them into and forcing them to merge with Marrow, and the second following the end of the Zalax Forebearers, provoked into manifesting and giving the Zalax a similar treatment to the Valkar though leaving most salient alive. A vast, incomprehensible god of power, the mere existence of Khi’voranix is of such esoteric nature that the very mention of the name Khivoranshathauranax strikes terror in the religious and causes the stoic to shift uncomfortably. For hundreds of millions of years, Khi’voranix has vigorously terrorized the Eupherion Galaxy, finding enjoyment in the tampering of life and the manipulation of the political scheme of the galaxy. Khi’voranix is viewed with polarizing opinions by all - with Khi’voranix representing the spheres of mutation, disease, madness, destruction, and tyranny by those that revile him in their religions. At the same time, his cultists believe that Khi’voranix is a representation of the spheres of power, knowledge, reincarnation, and rebirth through purging - Khi’voranix harvesting of souls is viewed as one more step towards immortality, and cultists happily surrender their souls to be used as a component for the Ozax, the final step to immortality.


The creation of Khi’voranix is entirely unknown. A personification of Marrow and Aberric Energy, it’s believe Khi’voranix came into existence as a sapient remainder of the energies that birthed Marrow - as a result, it's generally believed that Khi'voranix is a creation of Angazhar, and thus relates him to other beings such as Maktanshatin. Khi’voranix’s age has no true meaning - birthed from multiple dimensions of time, Khi’voranix has existed in the past, future, and all timelines in between, making him a truly eternal entity. Khi’voranix is an entity whose past actions are entirely unknown, though the sheer size of Marrow and the evidence of past non-Ozax civilization in Marrow indicate that Khi’voranix was involved directly or indirectly in the destruction and assimilation of multiple timelines and alternate realities in the past. Why Khi’voranix stays secluded in Marrow is unknown, though ozaxologists that know of his existence often theorize that, as Khi’voranix is an exceedingly powerful Chaos Monster, does not manifest due to his preference over absorbing than destroying, as directly transporting himself to a 3D reality would cause that reality to rip asunder. This is in contrast to his lesser Heirax creations, who are incapable of freely travelling between realms though make considerable efforts to do so. The first instances of Khi'voranix's influence within Eupherion are dated back to billions of years before the current day. The first and so far only instance of his direct influence in the universe was against the Aeon Enigmas in their so-called Timeless War, the interdimensional conflict between the Heirax and the Enigmas.

As a result of the Timeless War, the Heirax directly pursued the Enigmas into the Eupherion Galaxy, one of the Enigma's creations which acted a home and an outpost for the Enigmas. Though the Enigmas ultimately fled through the interdimensional portal within the galactic core, the Ozax plagues stayed behind, with one of the Heirax Khivarinkthaurix desiring to bring the Heirax's creation into Marrow. Since then, Khi'voranix has stayed away from the First Gigaquadrant, and the lack of his influence has resulted in a comparable lack of Aberric Energy usage throughout the universe compared to other Chaotic essences such as Death and Demonic Energy, which both see considerably more usage in the universe.

The Aeon Enigma symbol for Khi’voranix.

Khi’voranix was particularly notable in the Aeon Enigmas, as an entity whose malevolence and hunger led to the downfall of multiple planes of reality. Even for the Enigmas, Khi’voranix’s name was cursed and hated - Khi’voranix was long feared and given the name of Ender of all Cycles - in Enigma “religion”, Khi’voranix was responsible for ending the cycle of life entirely and annihilating entire universes, allowing younger universes to rise and form. While the Enigmas have long since departed the universe, the Enigma Runic symbol they gave for Khi’voranix is still associated with the Heirax and the Essential God himself. Khi'voranix was known by many names by various cultures who demonized him as an "ultimate evil", whether by himself or as a facet of Angazhar - the name Khi’voranix originated from the Zalax, meaning Lord of Aberration in regards to his dominion over Marrow and Aberric Energy, and the madness and mutations of those associated with him. Khi’voranix is known by such names as the the Endless Mists, and the Locust God - all references to the unorthodox and more mysterious ways he manifests. The more mysterious names he has - Horrid Truth, Faceted One, and the Swarm Behind the Gate are all of extrauniversal origin, showing that his worship isn’t just limited to one plane and his manifestations do differ considerably. These manifestations have been documented as maddening epiphanies - Khi’voranix manifesting in the mortal’s mind, “enlightening” said individual to the sheer insignificant it presents, to a 4th dimensional entity in a 3rd dimensional world, often called “the faceted one”. Nevertheless, Khi’voranix is still the same destructive entity in all appearances, only merely manifesting in different ways. Khi’voranix is known to have some sort of familiarity, or at least restraint, with some of the Xhodocto’s servants and worshippers throughout time - beings such as Orsik Corvosa are known to possess certain Aberric Energy powers, and require little protection from Marrow as it is.



Thought of as a charming entity when manifested as a simple being, or a mindless abomination bent on reducing everything to ash, Khi’voranix’s true “personality” is unknown, and likely incomprehensible. To Khi’voranix, the entire broad range of emotions that all feel is an exceedingly simple game of tic-tac-toe, and as such he is capable of being an extremely charming and convincing entity. Khi’voranix’s mind is of such a scope that none - short of other Essential Gods and beings greater than he is - are capable of outsmarting and manipulating the entity. Khi’voranix’s actions, in one way or another, are all part of a plan that would benefit him somehow. Khi’voranix exists across a spectrum of timelines, and as such he sees many thousands of possible outcomes at any given moment. Khi’voranix holds an immense disdain for non-Chaotic beings and an even greater hatred for those that resist the transition into Marrow - though Khi’voranix genuinely cares about his servants, and while he will not avenge them, becomes greatly enraged whenever one perishes. This care extends all the way to the Bent Crystal, which Khi’voranix had fashioned out of Marrow himself to give to his favorite servant. Khi’voranix, to the lesser beings and mortals, isn’t always one entity. Khi’voranix has taken the form of a rather polite sapient being, whose silvered words can manipulate entire civilizations, and whose polite demeanor masks a near infinitely deep disdain for mortality. He has taken the form of a great and enormous mist, who speaks “without speaking”, inflicting fear in the bravest of hearts. And most notably, a galaxy wide collection of disembodied eyes, visible from everywhere at once in the Eupherion Galaxy, with a voice that shakes the very foundations of reality and a malevolence and desire to reduce the galaxy to ash and empty screams. Though, in actuality, all of this is connected to a single entity whose mind and personality is as alien and incomprehensible as the rest of his being. Though, while being immensely powerful, he fears only one being - his “master” and “creator”, the Xhodocto he and the Heirax are bound to - Angazhar. It is Angazhar’s words he shrinks from, and it is Angazhar that he alone will bow to, and Khi’voranix bows to nothing else.


He is formless; he is nothing, he is everything. His presence can be felt in every crevice where madness lurks.

- Unknown

Khi’voranix’s true form is entirely incomprehensible- being an 8th dimensional being, the form he takes cannot be comprehended by anyone beneath said dimensions. His common depiction among cults is as the Expanse- a humanoid made out of the void of space, lit by the green lights of a nebula and with 4 glowing green eyes, surrounded by a swirling mass of green and black Aberric Energy. Khi’voranix chooses to manifest in rather unorthodox forms when he desires to appear - an endless green mist, a swarm of insects, and a horde of rats that speak with one voice are all manifestations of Khi’voranix. Khi’voranix can also choose to manifest through one of his own servants, leading to the servant having green, crackling skin, surrounded by a light green mist and green fire burning its way across the cracks in its skin. Khi’voranix speaks with his own voice through his servants, described as a never-ending wail of souls condemned to wander Marrow for the rest of eternity. In the extremely rare event Khi’voranix appears in person, he takes the appearance of a faceless humanoid clad in a cloak, which “speaks without a voice”. The two times Khi’voranix manifested in the Gigaquadrant during the fall of the Zalax and the Valkar, he took the form of a galaxy spanning mass of black octopus-like eyes surrounded by tendrils, with blood filling the eyes. Khi’voranix is often depicted among the Heirax and Heirax cultists as a particularly large and well-ornamented Heirax humanoid, and it is this form that he takes to interact with the Ozax and the Heirax within lesser dimensions. The very nature of Khi’voranix means that all Aberric Energy - including Psia - are all parts of his being, and as such Khi’voranix is of such eldritch nature that he can be interpreted as a multiversal entity who’s present in multiple timelines and realities at once, though of course all of these manifestations are all an infinitesimal part of a far greater whole.


Khi’voranix is a being of such pure power and strength that nothing - save other Chaos Monsters - can challenge him. His very being is capable of shattering entire planes of reality, and his power is a threat of universal to multiversal proportions. Khi’voranix is a being that, uniquely, lies within thousands of timelines and alternate realities and dimensions at once - there is only one true Khi’voranix, and all manifestations of him are simply an infinitesimally small portion of a far, far greater entity. Khi’voranix is the ultimate master of all Aberric Energy - all users, inevitably bend their will and mind to that of Khi’voranix. The madness and whispers that all users of Aberric Energy experience is generally regarded as the voice of Khi’voranix, pushing users of the energy to let loose and drown their homes in their power. Khi’voranix sees multiple hundreds of potential timelines all at once, and thus his actions are all for one greater plan that he knows will ultimately prove beneficial for himself in the end. Khi’voranix is - unless done so by another Hierophant or a Chaos Lord such as Anzilanarus or a Xhodocto - incapable of being destroyed, and as such nothing short of said individuals are capable of intimidating the god. Khi’voranix’s very mind is a corrupting and destructive power. It is his desire to spread his influence and bring all under Marrow’s influence that the Rot of Aberric Energy came into being - environments and planets heavily laden with Rot will often have an eternally present low hum, the remnants of Khi’voranix’s mind which have corrupted the environment. Khi’voranix is capable of possessing individuals, as well as Descending them with various amounts of Aberric Energy - those with the blessing of Khi’voranix himself are often threats of galactic proportions. Due to the unique existence of Khi’voranix, he is notably capable of driving lesser beings insane with his presence - oftentimes, gazing upon his true Hierophant form causes eyes to bleed and individuals to go mad.





Yellow face.png Marrow bows to yet one more.

  • Angazhar - King of the nameless dimensions.


Yellow face.png Baptized in vitriolic acid. A final touch for the ones that go forth in my name.

  • Khivarinkthaurix - A voice among the screaming chorus, birthed from my skin-womb to torment and rule the endless legions of my children. Sing your melodies, child mine.
  • Kharaahk - Take these puppet strings between your fingers. The laws of man are nothing to you. They will dance to your voice.
  • Khargorax - The silent unseen, the phantom everlasting. You are never alone - you work within my Emerald Light, and this Aberration will guide you.
  • Vinsaxnoa - The desire to dominate is the purest desire. Accept the Emerald Light, accept my Truth, and take your new shape. Rend their heirarchy apart, you are the strongest. You deserve to rule.
  • Prophes Jalthkar - Rend the mind, crush the bone, instill terror into the heart. Weaken body and spirit through your words, converted one, be our horrendous priest.


Yellow face.png One with aberration.


Red face.png I am the embodiment of the aberration. Every imperfection is my domain, and every addled mind is a fingernail that sits atop my thousand writhing hands.

  • The Shard Being - I sit upon my throne betwixt the edifice of creation and destruction; my thousand heads scream beneath the barriers of the In Between, my fingers dance along the paths set by the ones that are all. My power is supreme, you were an illogicality. I shatter you across the edges of reality to be touched by my thousand hands; together, we scream that emerald chorus of Marrow.
  • Arinalirur - The tendrils of Marrow snap at your ankles. I sense it, I taste it. Your end comes soon, and the Emerald Light will visit you once again when it does.


An unnecessary evil or an unnecessary good in our universe, only time shall tell what his or her intentions really are and what you are. We may be linked to your realm, or a part of it, but we still can't comprehend nor understand you.

- Toroj Council of 4

He is a force of nature, in the same way as gravity, or the force that holds atoms together. He is as intangible, as encompassing, and especially as fundamental as the forces that hold our universe together. Whatever we see of him, is only an infinitesimal shard of a force of nature, and to gaze upon its form is to drive oneself to madness.

- Khargorax

We decreed ourselves to his insidious nature, giving our freedom for his unforgiving eyes. We gained, but we lost ourselves into servitude under a realm and king that would rather see us as rotting dust. And so, when we rebelled, declared ourselves free of the servitude against his might and fled, he brought a sick kind of allowance of this, but at a horrid cost to our very existences. Now, my sister and I, and the humble flock that followed, build our own empire atop those who are willing to deem us their queens, so that when we look out across the void to our home and see him, we will be assured that we are creating a dagger to strike into Marrow’s ephemeral planes and drive him screaming from our home. I pity what will become of us, my kin, both loyal and defiant of the rotting lord. But it must be done, for the sake of all the Gigaquadrant, it must be accomplished so that our very material world is not warped ito another rotting land within the dead realm’s chains.

- Pyna, Jantok Queen of the Tome

The power we feel within this being of pure... Abberic energy... is of magnificent magnitudes. This being of pure Divine sends shivers down the spines of even me, and I Lord Ardius of The Adresaas, fear no man.. but this thing, it scares me. With such power surely corsing through its veins, no man woman or child dare anger this god. We dare not go to the galaxy it originates from as we know of its evils kept within its own person. Our Republic, even though thousands of lightyears away are at its unforgiving mercy. we hope that our Territories are not impeded on and found in the grasps of such a devilish being.

- Emperor Ardius II
  • Galaxy Colonisation - Closed
  • Native Civilisation System Limit - 100,000
  • Foreign Civilisation System Limit - 10,000
  • Advancement Cap - Tier 2/Kardashev Scale II