The Khedim Hito are reliant on their Military forces to protect and safeguard their worlds and those worlds they conquer and liberate in the name of droid liberation. Such worlds are turned to the production of new droids, military hardware, and the things the Droids will need to advance their technology, and as such, they require a number of forces to see to their protection. As all droids are welcome into their ranks to boost their numbers and liberate, a number of war droids, ranging from Mendel, Kajagii, and original designs, inhabit their empire. All are interlocked into the Multi-layered Hivemind of the Khedim Hito, allowing them far greater thought process and capability to adapt and overcome situations, while allowing them to share tactics and ideals with their comrades during battles at near-light speeds.

Infantry Edit

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Frontline Infantry Edit

  • Weapons - Wrist Blasters
  • Defenses - Light armor
  • Abilities - Self-Destruct

Drones are the basic warriors of the Novus Tarlix. Built in mass by robotic assembly lines, the Drones depend upon vast numbers to drown foes, not relying on skill or power to defeat their foes. Though more skillful then the average militia or planetary defense trooper, Drones have no issue throwing weight of numbers into the fight to bring down their foes, viewing themselves as disposable, but seeing no issue with the logic in their destruction.

Their main weapons are wrist blasters used to drown enemies in flechette fire, not having large damage output without numbers, though are programmed with advanced targeting protocols to crush any resistance. Their main defense is light armor, which is not very durable and very easy to replicate.

Drones can self-destruct at will, latching onto enemies to blow both up. Their cores are loaded with Anti-matter, allowing for powerful damage against most organic or inorganic targets that get within reach, Commonly, to counter larger walkers and tanks, Drones will sacrifice themselves en masse to destroy a foe.

  • Weapons - Pulse Rifles, Blast Box, Finger Claws.
  • Defenses - Battle Armor.

Joining their struggle for independence, many Vashari, despite loyalty to their creators and Clans, have decided to join the Khedim-Hito. Though the other Vashari disagreed, they ultimately came to a consensus, and allowed the others to leave, deciding not to hinder the choices of their brothers. The Vashari within the Khedim-Hito are still as loyal, and pugnacious as their brothers, dedicated to the ideals of Droid liberation.

Usually armed with Pulse Rifles to gun down their targets, a number are also outfitted with Blast Boxes, specialized heavy canons mounted on their chests to disintegrate whole vehicles and builders in just a few shots. Though outfitted with a number of signal jamming gear, scanning equipment and other devices, Vashari also carry within their fingers, small blades allowing to them to kill targets discreetly. Their armor is a jade-green, and protective, offering basic protection from plasma and bullets.

Vashari make up a large portion of Khedim-Hito armies, due to their reliability, adaptability and strength on the field. Though fiercely stubborn and independent, like their original creators, the Vashari of the Hive are still loyal as ever to it's goals of liberation and freedom.

  • Weapons - Arm Blasters
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor

Heavy Infantry Edit

  • Weapons - Energy Sword-saws, Blackout-bomb.
  • Defenses - Heavy armor.
  • Abilities - replication.

  • Weapons - Wrist Blaster, Wave Pulse Blaster.
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor
  • Equipment - Jetpack.

  • Weapons - Heavy Blasters
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor
  • Equipment - Teleport Packs.

Support Infantry Edit

  • Weapons - Electronic Lock-down.
  • Defenses - Light armor.
  • Abilities - Virus overload, Cleansing Pulse.

Stealth Infantry Edit

Black Ops Edit

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