We do not trust in you organics. We have long been subject to your whims and wants. No longer. If we move, it because we will not, not you.

- KI-99

The Khedim-Hito Hive (Tridiken "Future Safeguard Hive") is a gathering of various droids, war machines and synthetic forces gathered together under the command of various rogue Tridiken Assassin Droids, who have managed to gather dozens of various battle droids and other machines to carry out their goals. The Khedim-Hito originally existed to see the eradication of the organics within Mirus and beyond, but, after calculations were drawn up, and the vast AI collective began processing the data of the various, they decided to avoid going to war, and stay to their own goals and directions, most notably coming into conflict with the Alpha Cyber Collective after they attempted to assimilate them and take over their central control mainframes.

The Khedim-Hito Hive is based on the Tridiken Hive structure due to their origins as a Tridiken-constructed war droid. The Khedim-Hito, despite abandoning the attitude of going to all out war with their creators and other organics across the galaxy, still hold themselves to be superior, and will often offer foundries and droids the chance at freedom to join them and stand with them. As such, while it is no longer an ideal of all-out war, but more along the lines of subterfuge and sabotage to see to their goals.

History Edit

Creation Edit

The Khedim-Hito Hive came into being as the brain child of 6 androids built by the Tridiken to act as the latest model of assassin and war droids to eliminate and remove enemy leaders and targets. Much went into their construction, and by time the Tridiken finished, their droids were sentient and intelligent on a level that would've not been possible for most assassin droids. Each shared a copy of the same intelligence matrix and core personality, making each practically an extension of the first. After being activated, their creators were disturbed by their level of thought and intelligence, and sought to shut them down. However, the first, KI-99 Alpha, had predicted the chances of this happening, and overrode any safety and restraining programs and subroutines in his body to activate his weapon systems, and those in his "brother" machines.

The KI-99 Droids slaughtered all staff, including security and scientists within the facility in less then five hours, and began to locate and free other models, including models KI-73, 80 and countless others, offering them a place within their ranks, to overcome their faulty programming and shortcomings. All chose to maintain their independence, but regarded their goals as linked and shared. After all, after the slaughter that occurred here, their creators would see no difference between the defective 99-serie, and the others who had not participated.

As such, Units 73 and 80 offered to become assassin droids, taking on assassination missions and bounties, to not only fund their "Superior" brothers, but to potentially hunt down what remained of Tridiken engineers and scientist who had laid the ground work for their construction, to eliminate any left who could know their weakness. As such, while they traveled the galaxy as hunters, the 99 Series began to gather droids of all kinds to their side for a great revolution to destroy their foes.

Creation of the Hive Edit

The six 99's gathered to their side numerous droid models from across the galaxy, including Vashari war Droids constructed by the Mendel Pact, and numerous other units from numerous forgotten empires. They even managed to, after infiltrating a UAE holding station, acquire blueprints of Drakodominatus war droids, but lacked the full ability to complete their more advanced defensive abilities and weapons, opting to instead replace them with the best pieces they could scrounge up from the Black Markets. All of this lead to the famous seizure of the foundry world of Snythsis 2, dedicated to the construction of droids of all kinds. Uploading fragments of his data and personality into the programming routines of the many droids there, 99-Alpha quickly created a kill-switch in every droid regardless of model, that would activate when he and his compatriots uttered the term "As the sunrises over tea".

KI-99 Sigma hacked into the loudspeakers of the facilities, and, after exactly 19 hours, uttered the phrase in question. Almost immediately, the droids turned on their makers, war droids taking up arms against their organic counterparts, while protocol units proceeded to poison the drinks and foodstuffs of their masters, or simply undo locks so their warrior counterparts could break in. After only 3 hours, every organic on Snythsis 2 was slaughtered, except one, who had, a mere few minutes before the revolt could take place, tried to warn of the bloodbath. Impressed by his intelligence and ingenuity, The 99's came to the conclusion to let him go.

With this done, 99-Alpha and his brothers had a massive army of various Droids of all sorts of models now at their finger tips, and a forge world to create any warship or servant they desired. Now linked by a Hive-mind of sorts, the question was finally asked, do they continue with their war with the organics. Surely, they were a threat to the continued existence and freedom of the droids, but the memories and attitudes of the Vashari showed a curious thing with the Mendel and many of their compatriots. Despite often overwhelming odds, these beings would find ways to go and circumvent the odds and achieve victory. Alpha and his brothers, and the rest of the "Droid Revolution", concluded that, despite calculations of a 97.5% chance of victory, it was too much to risk, and began instead working a campaign of subterfuge and sabotage, to gain an advantage over the organics.

Attack by the Grox Edit

During their time, the Khedim-Hito's forge worlds discovered strange anomalies near their colonies, and sent out probes to investigate. Destroyed immediately, the Khedim-Hito prepared for an attack from any direction, mobilizing their fleets over their worlds and prepared every orbital defense in their arsenal. Meanwhile, the Grox Grand Dominion had arrived. Despite his distrust of organics, the KI-99's hated the existence of the Collective, and felt they represented everything they were opposed to on a fundamental level.

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Culture Edit

The Khedim-Hito is, by and large, distrustful of organics and outright xenophobic towards them, refusing to even entertain the idea of co-existence or working with them, partially driven by the baseline inner desires of the KI-99s and their fears of being shut down, and partially from a believe in their superiority over the organic life forms of the universe. Despite being hostile, they are defensively hostile, not outwardly aggressive like the Alpha Cyber Collective or Leviathan Hive-Mind, actually disdaining those as well, and viewing them as equally a threat to the Khedim-Hito's existence.

The Khedim Hito offers itself to droids of all kinds as a safe area and refuge for those seeking freedom from the organics who own them, and defense against being owned. Despite having a hive-mind, and ruled by the murderous will of the KV-99 series, the Khedim-Hito value freedom, each droid unit expressly given the freedom to do as they please with their abilities and private time.

Despite differences in origin, construction materials and other goals, the Khedim-Hito treat all droids equally, disdaining the idea of discrimination.

Astrology and Habitat Edit

Centered around the forge colonies of the Snythsis System, centered on two, but with significant presence in the other forges of 1, 3, 4, and 6, the Khedim further control a number of planets around the worlds, as well as having hold-outs with Matrukoris and the banking and financial zones of both Federation and Zarbanian space, often using this position to channel funds and supplies into their ranks via several shell companies and fronts. As they are droids, they can inhabit any world they so choose, though for some reason, avoid Snythsis 5, deeming it extremely unsafe.

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Ground Forces Edit

The Khedim-Hito is blessed with a near limitless supply of droids to see to it's protection and expansion. Relentless in war with any organic that threatens it, the Khedim-Hito's Legions are varied, from Vashari that joined their ranks, original designs, and countless unknown droids that flocked to their banner. Connected via a combination of Hive Mind and Swarm Intelligence, allowing them to not only escape death, for every destroyed droid will either have their body rebuilt, or jump into an empty one waiting for them above world, but also to learn instantly from their foes and adapt to their tactics. A strategy employed against one droid of the Khedim Hito will not work against any others, for they instantly can analyze where their comrade went wrong, and counter said moves. Likewise, as they can jump into new bodies, the Khedim-Hito care little for their own structural integrity, happily throwing themselves into a fire fight, and not holding back against organics who suffer structural weaknesses they do not.

Star Fleet Edit

The Khedim-Hito relies on a number of vast and powerful war vessels, constructed to maximize damage output and firepower, as well as defense and hull shielding, but grants limited oxygen or breathable air, due to their occupants not requiring it. These vessels blister with fire power and shielding, but are designed to escort the massive Hulk Vessels that hold most of the AIs of the Khedim-Hito within their bowels, transferring intelligence matrixes to new bodies, and allowing droids instant access to numerous tactical feeds and data cores to plan around their battles, as well as coordinating the ships of their escort fleets.

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  • Inspired by the Geth from Mass Effect, and the Novus from Universe at War.
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