Our destruction at the hands of the weak was not the end... From the ashes of ruin we rise again! Glory to the true heirs of the Imperium!

- Volkarus Khaxvis

The House Khaxvis Resurgence Movememnt (Khaxvis Resurgence, Khaxvis Reborn, the Resurgence, Khaxvis, New Khaxvis) is a clandestine pseudo-terrorist organisation originating from the months shortly after the Second House War with visions of claiming the throne of the Draconid Imperium for themselves. For tens of millennia the resurgence has waged a secret war with the Imperium's elite forces such as the Blood Dragons which has escalated in the past three decades with the rise of Volkarus Khaxvis.

As well as waging in low-profile ocnflict, the Resurgence maintains a prominent position in the First Gigaquadrant's criminal underworld, funding their operations though criminal activities such as embezzzlement, protection rackets, extortion, smuggling and weapons trading which has increased in severity over the past few decades as Volkarus tightens his grip on the greatest potential asset he has against the Imperial family. As well as armies of mercenaries and bribed officials, the Resurgence enforces its will though the use of genetically modified and enhanced soldiers created though practices of a questionable nature, with the two most prominent projects being the Blessed Few and the Superzazane Project, both of which serve as the Resurgence's elite forces on important missions set by the commanding ranks of the resurgence and a counter to groups such as the Blood Dragons and the Caltraxa Guard.



At the conclusion of the Second House War Grand House Khaxvis - the ruling family of the Imperium during the war - were executed for treachary, usurption, imprisoning the previous line and countless murders and assassinations. Every member the Ultanos loyalists could find, children included, were brought to Minos'Drakon's central plaza for execution (as was common with traitors of the highest order). Unknown to the rest of the imperium three clutches of eggs, an estimated 25 eggs, were kept secret and hidden in a remote corner of imperial space. A lone survivor was said to have raised the hatchlings to adulthood.

Over time the clutch members - who have since become venerated within the house - rebuilt their powerbase in secrecy, away from investigative eyes. Numerous backroom deals were made and eventually the resurgence began recruiting to rebuild their military. relying on deals with shipyards, mercenary groups and Khaxvis sympathisers to keep themselves strong.

After a millenium of hidden development they began to actively pursue their goal: Killing the entirity of House Ultanos and retaking the empire for themselves. It was not long before their actions gained the notice of the Blood Dragons, the Paragon family's bodyguards. For the next several millenia both factions waged a secret war that continues to this day and kept secret from the Ultanos family and the rest of the empire. On occasion a family member would learn of the war and kept under close protection.

Modern TimesEdit

The Resurgence kept to themselves during the Andromeda War since few factions suited their interests (The Divinarium were largely mysterious and the Legion of badmanz and Masuri's Wental wanted nothing less than the emtire empire's destruction). Upon the arrival of the Brood of War the possibilities changed in their favour. Under the advice of the elder council Volkarus Khaxvis travelled in secrecy to meet with their leader Tyraz Breek. After a brief encounter Volkarus pledged unshaking loyalty to the Brood and agreed to supply what they could. Shortly after his return Volkarus (only 105 years old and young by draconis standards) assumed command of the resurgence with little argument after defeating a challenger with a Descension granted by Tyraz.

After a failed assault on Alcanti the Resurgence has kept low, quietly forging alliances and building up it's strength. Select memmbers of the Zazane entered a partnership due to a dislike of Tyraz Breek. Volkarus grew more and more obsessed with power and a sense of godhood that when he and the primary fleet was destroyed most of the resurgence's highest authorities died with him. Realising that the house had lost its way though Volkarus, several members of House Khaxvis desired asylum in the Draconid Imperium, not wanting to be associated with a man like Volkarus.


Between ID.219498 and ID.219503 the resurgence lay fractured, and had scattered into isolating warbands which became easy targets for the liks of Crispy and Kol Daren. Constantly under the threat of persecution by both the Brood of War alongside the Imperium's Blood Dragons, the Resurgence entered a period of dormancy that lasted several years.

In ID.219504 things turned around and the dormancy period ended when Pyrak Yannor finished a task he had been working on independantly since the end of the warlord's life: Returning Volkarus to life. When Volkarus re-emerged he quickly set about restoring order and organisation within the resurgence, gathering up still-surviving Blessed Few and turning to Pyrak's twisted projects in order to enforce control. In his new body, VOlkarus altered the direction of the Resurgence's goals and looked towards the Gigaquadrant's underworld in order to expand his powerbase, believing that while the Imperium could not be conquered outright, its economy and security forces coulds till be undermined by operations sponsored by the Resurgence.

It was in this time that Volkarus sought allies within the Stratocracy of Karnagtah, creating a strong bond of pertnership with them, united by the like-minded belief that both factions wer the rightful masters of Andromeda. The focus on expanding into the criminal underworld but them directly at odds with the criminal organisation Blackforge, sparking a crime war where the two powers began vying for dominance on the underworld markets in various galaxies and sectors. In ID.219505, the Resurgance was contacted by Ixxan, a Dronox Commander who had at one time served the Grox Meta-Empire. Ixxan divulged the location of Cathamera, revealing that an ancient power was laying dormant at its heart. He also offered the resurgence genuine Grox technology, giving them a distinctive edge over their enemies.

WIth the upgraded weapons and a mass-produced army of genetically-enhanced Zazne at their command the Resurgence intercepted a fleet of Unified Andromedan Naval vessels along with a strike team containing Inquisitor Kelsos and Tyraz, quickly drawing the conflict to the surface and the upper tunnels of Cathamera. Resurgence and Andromedan forces under Tyraz's command were equally matched until Volkarus became imbuded with the power of the Mali'Nar, turning the tide of the battle in the Resurgence's favour. Not long after Volkarus used the resurgence's resources and connections to form the House Of The Unseen Hand, a collective of the First Gigaquadrant's prominent social and financial elite in order to further undermine Imperial influence from within.



The resurgence is led by two groups: The first is the house's head. Unconventionally the former Volkarus Khaxvis was one of the younger members of the house and gained his position through sheer determination despite many other, often more senior, candidates. He had assumed command of the enitire resurgence however with his death the position of head is in dispute. The second group is the elder council: A collective of the eldest members who advise the head on important matters. These elders, too old to actively lead the house, often show wisdom and are typically very conservative in nature. Along with Volkarus however many of them died in the destruction of the primary fleet.

Control is exclusively held witin members of house Haxvis. House members act as mediaries, mercenary commanders and officials who constantly work behind the scenes but with the decimation of the ruling bodies in 2788 A.D. many aspiring commanders desire to be head of house Khaxvis and argue amongst themselves.


House Khaxvis is too small to rely on its own members as a military force. Instead it relies on numerous mercenary contracts which are often hired via a third party or audio conferencing in order to achieve its goals along with anyone in support of the resurgence's eventual goal. Equipment, ships and vehicles are either stolen (most frequently by the mercenaries themselves) or bought from various connections to the black market. Unlike the Imperial Talon Navy fusion weapons are rare and are generally held by the house's leadership due to the extortionate value of such a weapon on the black market.

Despite their power they are forever worried about drawing the attention of the Talon Aetheral Corps. As a result they rely on discreet Guerella warfare, hit-and-run and calculated ambushes, all the while making sure that their house's existance is kept as hidden as possible. Khaxvis members themselves will frequenly serve as high-ranking commanders and supervisors of mercenary groups.

The ranks of the Resurgence's dedicated forces primarily consist of agumentation projects conducted on their own members an allies, chief of which are:

  • The House Guard - Draconis born within House Khaxvis who are genetically and cybernetically modified to function as warriors and military commanders
  • The Blessed Few - a cadre of Draconis hand-picked and Descended by Volkarus Khaxvis and imbued with supernatural power and nigh-imortality. Who function primarily as the Resurgence's elite guard and
  • Yannorbreed - an army of genetically enhanced Zazane who are larger and stronger than a typical Drik Zazane who are imprinted with battle knowledge from birth and conditioned to be unshakeably loyal to the Resurgence.

The Zazane influences within the Resurgence make the organisation one of the largest collectives of non-Zazane descension users in known space, making them especialyl dangerous to domestic law enforcement or national guard forces who may not have had much experience with Zazane.

The Blessed FewEdit

Prior to the alliance between The resurgence and the Brood of War, non-Zazane who could manipulate desencion energies were rare. After Tyraz descended the inner circle they have become much more commonplace. The Blessed Few is a colloquial name given to House members who have been descended either by Tyraz before he ended the alliance or Volkarus. They are considered an elite order and due to the nature of their initiation all of them have abandoned Drakon and are fanatically venerate Volkarus more than most but still paying respects to the three surviving clutches.

Members fo the blessed few are typically immortal (in the sense they are immune to ageing or disease), darker-skinned and have control over descension energies. The blessed few are hand-picked by Volkarus and will be given a position of command or respect. Vokarus' own honour guard, elite Khaxvis soldiers and several high-ranking members of the resurgence are part of the blessed few. Most of them hold a more extreme opinion of superiority than what is commonly found among the Draconis.

Volkarus is considered divine to the blessed few, responsible for lifting them to a higher form of existence. Members of the few are also conditioned to be fanatically loyal to their master and would never consider bretayal or disobey any orders he gives.


Unlike the Imperium, the resurgence follows the philosophy of "The end justifies the means" almost famatically. As a result they make liberal use of gene therapy, cybernetics and even self-replicating nanotechnology (the lattermost is considered forbidden technology within the Draconid Imperium). It is estimated that 1/3 of all projects into genetically engineered Draconis since the Second House War has been funded or supervised by them.

The Resurgence believes that weakness must be bred out in order to achieve their ultimate goal. While the Imperium as a whole and the Draconis themselves are not averse to some measure of enhancement; the resurgence takes the practice ot an entirely new level by considering that such acts are perfecting what Drakon had started when he created the Draconis. Many of the Khaxvis have been augmented in one form or another and many consider themselves superior to the rest of their kind, which only inflates their egotistical belief that they are the rightful rulers of the draconis.

Because of the liberal use of genetics, many in house Khaxvis are visibly different from the typical draconis. Common traits include: being larger (almost 3m tall), a second set of horns, improved eyesight, stronger bones, stronger muscles, larger wingspans, more humannoid hands and a more upright posture. Certain members of the house accept more discreet modifications to better blend in with the rest of the imperial citizenry and often become dedicated spies or operatives.

What was once the widespread belief in Drakon has recently faded within the resurgence. What remains of the house's belief is often kept among the younger rank-and-file, believing they can repent should they fall in battle but even this is being eroded away. Since the Battle of Alcanti and Volakrus' descentsion he is looked upon as something of a messiah. A cult of personality has grown around him since his ascension which has further withered the belief in Drakon as it is understood that admittance into the Blessed Few forefeits the possibility of afterlife to all who accept VOlkarus' supernatural gifts. Khaxvis members are more likely to utter the name of one of the original clutch members than the name of their diety. This is because thousands of years of a survival-first mentality makes them more perceptive of the world - favouring belief over what they see than what they hear about.

Noteable CharactersEdit

Volkarus Khaxvis is the present master of House Khaxvis and the de-facto leader of the Resurgence. Originally a mid-ranking officer, VOlkarus used his charisma and his connection to the Zzane Tyraz to attain beyond-normal levels of power and strength and effectively take control of the Resurgence. As its leader he drastically reformed it into a more questionable orgaisation and as time went on he further and urther relied on the potential that Descension Energy offered to gain new heights of power. His actions since his rise ot leadership resulted in a drastic and potentially permanent change in the fabric of the Resurgence as he established himself as a leader whose greatness matches that of the original three clutches.

Since his reemergence during the Red Snake Rising crisis, Volkarus has gained a reputation for immortality and as of his return at the hands of Pyrak Yannor has further sparked this by establishing him (alongside Moxix, which was his own doing) of being beyond death even when his body has been destroyed.

Along with an obsession for more and more power, Volkarus has an equally-powerful obsession with the torment of Tyraz Breek and Uriel Ultanos, the latter turned on him when he realised the extreme methods Volkarus was willing to go in order to exterminate House Ultanos, led by the former. His useage of Descension Energy has fostered a god complex within him which he has fostered within the Resurgence, much to the worry of some of the more pragmatic of its members.

  • Name: Vedrix Khaxvis
  • Position: Volkarus' Right Hand
  • Species: Draconis

Born an intelligence operative for the resurgence, Vedrix rose to prominence as right-hand advisor to Volkarus. Since his ascension to leadership of the resurgence, Vedrix become prominent as the chief representative when not dealing with Volkarus himself (especially the case during the Red Snake Rising crisis where Volkarus kept himself concealed in all but a few occasions), eventually becoming VOlkarus' consort in the years before his death at the battle of Volkarus' Folly.

When Volkarus made a pact with Master Br'klakkon, one of the first things he did was restore her mind to the physical plane, infusing her psyche inside the body Oreleva Khaxvis, Pyrak's former charge. Her mind was able to dominate Oreleva's own psyche and assume control of her body, which she now uses to continue her duties as Volkarus' right hand.

A cunning and calculating individual with a talented silver tongue, before her death Vedrix was considered the brains behind Volkarus' plans, using her skills at computing, espionage and diplomacy to serve as his most effective connection to allies and business contacts. When Volkarus formed the House of the Unseen Hand, Vedrix once again assumed her role as the personable side of Volkarus' operations and a connection to potential members of the House whom may be concerned with serving a man of Volkarus' reputation.

  • Name: Pyrak Yannor
    Pyrak Yannor Clothed
  • Position: Chief scientist
  • Species: Zazane

A follower of Moxix Breek, Pyrak Yannor became interested in Volkarus after the Battle for Alcanti where he learned of Volkarus' confrontation with Tyraz. Impressed, he approached Volkarus with scrolls written with Moxix's blood and ultimately being the catalyst for the Red Snake Rising crisis. After ingratiating himself into the ranks of the resurgence, Pyrak became one of its most expert scientists, and alongside dozens of captured and contracted scientists worked on the Superzazane project. As a reward for his dedication, Volkarus gifted him with a higher-grade enhanced body that he still uses to this day.

Under Volkarus, Pyrak became a sadistic individual who was fascinated by pain and suffering, spearheading the numerous neurotherapy and conditioning experiments that served as the basis for the loyalty conditioning given ot each superzazane under the resurgence's command. He as also obsessed with overcoming pain, and shortly some time before the confrontation with the Guardians of Light on Cathamera had developed ap ain threshold so high he had completely numb to any kind of pain, demonstrating his resolve several times in a masochistic fashion.

Pyrak left the resurgence's ranks after being humiliated by Tyraz on Cathamera's surface, believing that Volkarus had taken a dangerosu road with his obsession with godhood after managing an imperfect form of awakening his descension potential that left his body prone to freezing the water vapour o nhis skin and in the air, which restricted his movement and caused the formation of icy substances over cuts and scars. Even though he had gone his own way, Pyrak still believed in the essence of the Resurgence



Blue faceYou will be useful, in time.


Yellow faceYou may fear or respect us, we don't care

  • The Coalition - No particular interest, potential ally.
  • Wentals - Sided with the Ultanos, keep out of our way.
  • Andromedan Underworld - Useful.


Red faceFear the fury of the true paragons!

  • Brood of War - They uplifted us, but now they side with the weak.
  • The Divinarium - Sided with Ultanos.
  • Draconid Imperium - THE PRETENDERS WILL FALL!
  • Sons of Urzgov - These slaves should be put in their rightful place.
  • Turncoats - You are all fools for siding with the false paragons.
  • Clan of Daren - Thieves, betrayers, delusionists. You are all insects in the eys of Lord Volkarus!
    • Blackforge - They threaten our superiority in the hidden markets. A grave mistake.

Quotes from other EmpiresEdit

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We appreciate them and hope to ally.

I like working for them, despite some bad times we had. And since I keep getting paid a lot for this, I'm happy to do their bidding, however, Volkarus is a bit wierd.

- Ka'zun Härza - Dagorian Mercenary

Yes! Excellennnnt!!!! Continue to sow and wage war! Overthrow... usurp! Take over the pathetic ones who sought to rid you all of power... and claim the power again to destrooooooyyyyy!!!!!!

- Goret the Vexer

Very Simaler to us. It appears I'm not the only one who has had their throne stolen.

- Tox Cano Leader of the Dead Watch


  • While the resurgence shares some similarities with various groups such as the Red Faction, their history and personality more closely reflect the Chaos Space Marines.
  • The resurgence can be considered an amoral mirror of the Draconid Imperium.


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