I hope for battles to come that will entertain and amuse me to the depths of my blackened heart. The battles of yesterday grew stale, the wars of the old universe grew boring. I so desire, then, that this universe provides me with something more substantive.

- Khahoten the Black-hearted

Khahoten the Black-Hearted is a Rathanii Warlord and Military Commander within the Sorcerers of Rathan, the highest ranking Commander, and the highest ranking non-Sorcerer leader within the Rathanii. His past scrubbed away by his Master and his own requests, Khahoten is only known as a scar-ridden warlord and chieftain of war by his troops and enemies, and one who constantly seeks worthy foes to slick his thirst for battle. His station as a warrior has been carved out by fighting to the top, and his battles against both his rivals, and his foes across the known galaxies within the Mirror Universe, are the stuff of Legend among other Rathanii Warriors and such. In his service to Ghrothei the Cruel, his Sorcerer-Lord and master, Khahoten has fought across the known universe and made a name for himself as a consummate professional, and who prefers to fight cleanly and fairly, while employing his strategic wit, abilities and instincts to beat out his foes.

Thanks to his strength, both as a strategist, and as a personal warrior, Khahoten is regarded as the greatest military leader of the Sorcerers of Rathan, to the point that even Kirata will request his services in her armies to lead them, as will any that can afford him. He, unlike many, does not serve other Lords for great payments of slaves or loot to be sent to his master, Ghrothei, but rather, that they offer him a great challenge and a foe he can remember for ages to come. Although this annoys Ghrothei, he never the less allows it, as Khahoten's success has meant that the forges within Ghrothei's realm are always well supplied with slaves and resources after his battles, even with Khahoten's personal compunctions on slavery and such.

History Edit

Birth and Military Career Edit

Khahoten's early life and any records relating to it are sealed shut and known only to his master, and himself. Though not easy to anger, prying into his past is one of the few ways to enrage him, and as such, leaves many wondering why this is. All that is known of the great military leader, is he one day traveled into the barracks of the territory under Sorcerer-Lord Ghrothei the Cruel's regime. He told the recruiters he had grown tired of the foes in his old lands, and had come to find a new challenge worthy of himself. Laughing at his presumptions, they tasked him with fighting two of their strongest Warriors present, expecting to put him in his place. Despite having no armor or weapons, he managed to hold own, and disarm both opponents, impressing the Trainers. Still, not believing one such as him could really be a true warrior, they took the time to place him in the most dangerous situations they could, hoping to weed him out. Yet, every battle, he not only emerged victorious, but grew stronger and more capable with every victory, rising into higher positions, as was tradition among the Rathanii, for the strongest warriors to become the commanders of the armies.

Rivals grew tired of his success, or jealous, and tried to oust him or destroy him in challenges, but were caste down to the pits, or killed, none providing what he desired. As he fought his way to the top, he came to the Ghrothei, the Sorcerer-Lord of the Domain himself, who was intrigued by Khahoten's abilities and strengths in battle. The Warrior was pitiless in the pursuit of battle and warfare, and showed no mercy for any of his foes. With all of his skills and victories, Ghrothei personally raised Khahoten to his right hand as the Commander of his legions and lord of Khrath-Konar Forges in Ghrothei's name. Even with the Sorcerers becoming servants of the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony, Khahoten never lost the chance for a new battle, always to be found leading assaults on the most well defended and powerful of enemy worlds, bringing back many slaves and others to be work in the forges and serve as future Janissaries. Over the course of his journeys to other realms and galaxies, Khahoten took many injuries, loosing his left arm, and all three of his left eyes, as well as his right foot, and having much of his spinal cord replaced with his mechanical replacement implants.

His skills gained the attention of Kirata the Fateweaver, who had recently come to be Witch-Queen of the Sorcerers, and, by extension, Khahoten's master. With his skills in battle, Kirata desired him as her personal commander, and often requested his services in leading missions of great importance. The two had fought together, briefly, against Rathanii rebels against the Hegemony, and Khahoten respected her abilities and leadership, and gladly allowed himself to serve her interests. As a commander, Ghrothei allowed him to serve others, so long as he brought back slaves and such for his master and the forges of Khrath-Konar. Though at first supplying these demands, Khahoten soon started to serve only if the battles could supply a fight worth remembering. Despite many, eager to use his skills, claiming they had such challenges in store, Khahoten accepted few Sorcerers later on, increasingly disappointed with the lack of good enemies in battle.

With the arrival of the Xeranbha in the Mirror universe, the quickly collapsing situation of the Hegemony, Khahoten recommended a withdrawal or flight from the universe, not wishing to cross blades with them. While a challenge, even Khahoten recognized the Xeranbha were a threat that could not be defeated, and wisely journeyed with Kirata to the Prime Universe, escaping a horrible death, but, more importantly, to him, arriving in a universe that could potentially challenge his military abilities, having grown tired of the battles and wars of his ancient home, and hoping for new thrills to excite him.

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Personality Edit

Stand, enemy! I have not yet had my fill of war and blood! Stand once more!

- Khahoten to a tired foe near the end of a duel

Khahoten is, despite his title, seen as a warrior driven by personal honor and respect for those worthy of his skill. Although he will slaughter any who stand in his way, such as soldiers and grunts, he will exercise respect and admiration for foes strong enough and daring enough to face him in open combat, even holding back slightly to give them the edge and perhaps even surprise him. If they can surpass these expectations, he will fight harder and harder, hoping they can match his strength and skills in battle. Few ever meet his expectations, and he now adays loathes facing any foe, for none have been able to match his strategic intellect in war and strength against foes. In his long life, 17 warriors from the Mirror universe have provided him an adequate challenge, and actually put him on the ropes, before his victory over them. He remembers each of them fondly, and can recount, with perfect recall, his foes' appearance, preferred weapons, strategies and weaknesses before his victory over them, and will not stand to see a worthy foe besmirched. He is even known to, if he cannot kill an enemy, and finds them weakened from another battle, will see to their health and healing, so they can fight him again on even terms, and will even kill his own warriors if they try to kill the foe.

Khahoten does not indulge in the same politicking as other high ranking members of the Rathanii Sorcerer Spires, and loathes it as dishonest and dishonorable. Stabbing foes in the back is no where near as satisfying as killing them in right, open battle, where only the skills and strength of both are considered. Khahoten regards anything less, as worthless and not worth remembering. He enjoys battle, and believes in using both the environment and his own skills to win, believing a true warrior does not focus on any one field, but rather, seeks to put both the mind and body to work against his or her foes, the mind just as much a weapon as the body and sword. If one is reliant on one over the other, they are weak, and can be conquered, something he frowns upon.

He holds a series of honor codes that he holds to religiously. He will never strike a child or the sick and injured, looks down on any racism or sexism among his troops, and respects all opponents, no matter what. A warrior is a warrior, regardless of their sex or gender, and regardless of origins, and to underestimate them in any regard, no matter what, is only asking for death. A human can kill just as well as a Rathanii, and to underestimate any for that is a weakness a warrior cannot afford.

Appearance Edit

Khahoten is rarely outside of his armor, a more primitive and less advanced design, but one that still invokes much fear in those who see him, for he never lets the blood of his foes be cleaned away, both as a way to intimidate his less worthy foes, and to remember and immortalize those who had the honor of fighting him. Underneath, he is a mountain of muscle and sinew, his darkened red skin, covered in a permeant layer of blackness from forge soot and such, and large even by the standards of his militant race. Further, his left arm and three left eyes are completely cybernetic, and his right foot is as well. He has numerous scars across his face, especially around his cybernetic eyes.

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Abilities Edit

Khahoten lacks any of the Sorcerous powers of his superiors. He is a strong warrior, first and always, and only believes in using the power of his own body. If he had any sorcerous abilities, they have long since atrophied from going unused, and focusing so much on physical health. Due to this, he is overwhelmingly powerful, and able to easily crush anyone in a stand-up fight, assisted by the numerous cybernetic implants lining his system, including a new spine, a boosted nervous system, cybernetic left arm, and right foot capable of extreme levels of strength, and three left eyes able to analyze the muscle movement of his foes, though he usually never uses this, preferring his own strength and power, and his intellect, to predict what his foes will do next.

Outside of this, his strategic abilities are without equal, and his strategies can change at the drop of a hat, usually down to keep his foes off balance. His strategies are more straightforward when dealing with lesser foes, feeling only the best are worthy of his greatest attack patterns.

Relations Edit

Blue face Masters Edit

Point me towards the enemy.

Blue face Allies Edit

Let me handle the gore and guts.

Yellow face Neutral Edit

Do not annoy me.

Orange face Foes Edit

Stay down and do not struggle too much.

Green face Enemies Edit

Give me a fight worth remembering!

  • Helo Roslia - Any who can capture the Emperor and infiltrate his forces such as you, has to be a worthy opponent. I hope your strength matches your mind.
  • Apollo - Even if he is not the Emperor, he must be a worthy foe. He must!

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Notes Edit

  • Khahoten, like Crothal, does not have a Prime Universe counterpart, to keep the Sorcerers a little independent and have their own original ideals not connected to the Pact and it's characters.
  • Khahoten was based on a variety of sources, including Whammu from Jojo, Zodd from Berserk, and US general George S. Patton.
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