An event in Ken history which sparked the first battle of the Ken War, and the war. The dialouge is as goes:

[The Ken were on a storage ship heading to a training planet, who was attacked by an group of pirates, to give them more materials]

Halfway through the flight the map just blanked out, even though it was at 46% Battery power

The captain tried to restart the navigation map, but nothing happend

He restarted the controls, but he realized that nothing was working

The ship jerked forward and the lights powered off

The captain waited for a few minutes confused, and then he gone to other rooms, to find that the power was out

Though it was a ship with its own power generator, which had special technology to employ that it didnt turn off

He commanded a crew member to check whats happening, he saw a unknown ship inside

It shot at the Ken blasting on beam through the ship and killing 2 ken

The rest of the crew got battle suits on and contacted the ken about the ship, sending an holographic image

The signal was cut off as the ship was destroyed

The spinosauradea started scavenging

Though after 30 minutes an group of Ken ships started attacking them

Not knowing the power level of the unknown ship the Ken engaged in a gorilla warfare strategy

The spinosauradea suprised fired a beam at the ken ship, which swiftly dodged and enabled the cloaking device

Ships which were hiding behind meteors got as much firepower as they could without being noticed, they would then hide behind meteors and give the notes they took to the Ken infobase

An ambush of 2 Ken ships flew behind and attacked the back, being destroyed once the unknown ship turned around and blasted them

An Ken ship was hit by a meteor and was thrown right into the ship killing 5 spinosauradea and destroying the ship, which is the end of the Ken casulties

Most of the Ken engaged in the gorilla warfare hiding behind meteors and attacking then repeat, that was the same thing until an hour later in the spinosauradea ship was destroyed

The Ken fleet taking samples gone to the planet declaring war

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