Ken cell 1:

It was the first cell to be brought onto the planet, it has eyes surrounding its upper half (Not bottom of upper half) with a giant flagella on its back. Its an Herbivore, though its equipped to eat small pieces of meat about 0.1x the size of it

Ken cell 2:

It lost a row of its eyes which got replaced by a single eye in the middle of its eye rows. It now can eat meat pieces 0.5x the size of it. It also green now to avoid predators

Ken cell 3:

It gained a set of flagella next to its bigger flagella, it now has the texture of a plant

Ken cell 3: It has gained full omnivore capabilities though it looks like it has a carnivore mouth

Ken cell 4:

It now has gained the proboscis mouth

Ken cell 5:

It has become less clear which makes it harder for carnivores to since it. It has learned to hide in plant clusters slowly eating and and any cells which wont pose a threat that get close enough

Ken cell 6:

It has gotten its mouth longer due to cells not going near the parts where the Ken would hang out in plant clusters

Ken cell 7:

The evolution that is closest to the last evolution only being 105000 years from Ken cell 6 to mutate into this. It has gained poison spitters at its back along with electric parts in front of the poison spitters

Ken cell 8: It gains spikes on its sides



Is was a long thin snake like creature with a flagella on its end for maneuvering, it was also very small (Adults grow up to the size of a adult human arm) it mostly fed on Crabas

2nd: It grown small nubs on its body which were used for easier maneuvering (2 Exactly)

3rd: The nubs grew into arms which didnt have hands by then, they swirled their arms on creatures to grab them

4th: It grew hands, with 3 fingers (2 ontop and 1 on the side, non-opposable)

5th: It grew another finger on the other side of its hand

6th: The 4th finger was removed

7th: The finger on the side was turned into a opposable thumb

8th: It grew 2 tentacles on the back of it


1th: It was a small sphere with 2 fully spinnable and movable legs that are as thin as pencils and 1 at the pack, an eye at the front top and a big spike next to it

2nd: Due to the majority of them migrating towards the forest around 20-30 years after going on land the ones that didn't gained 2 shark like thins on the corner top-sides

3rd: In 10 thousands of years they slowly mutated into upright stance

4th: It gained arms 2 legs and webbed hands

5th: It grew into the Ken today, but had a hardened top of head

6th: The hardened top of head gone away due to having advanced sentience

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