Searchers after understanding haunt strange, dark places.

The Kelipoth are a highly zealous, incredibly aggressive organization that openly and fanatically support the worship of mysterious, enigmatic entities that they refer to as Thamielans; creatures that are said to exist upon an outer plane and watch over them, demanding their co-operation in exchange for understanding beyond material existence and the collective evolution of their kind into a supersapient organism. They descend from Zazane that were stranded within the Andromeda Galaxy many eons ago, a history shared by the Sacrenar.

The Kelipoth are considered a growing threat within Andromeda due to the nature of their existence; they are extremely violent and xenophobic, appearing almost at random to assault colonies and installations in no particular order or pattern for the most part. The Kelipoth's biggest assets, however, are their Essence-based weapons, capable of causing vast amounts of physical and psychological damage through the demonic, unholy characteristics of their arsenal.



The Kelipoth descend from the ancestral plains of the world known as Lorschanaar; a technologically-regressed colony of ancient Zazane that had seperated themselves from the imperial regime of the Zazane Empire. Zazane settlement upon Lorschanaar lasted for millennia up until the rediscovery of interplanetary travel, where they colonized Lorschanaar's moons and natural satellites while also making use of automatons for the terraformation and colonization of neighbouring worlds. While the society and territory of the Lorschanaari Zazane increased exponentially, this made them a vulnerable target in the eyes of far more advanced creatures...

Through internal manipulation of Lorschanaari politics and provoking public dissatisfaction, the Mali'Nar caused civil unrest amongst the Zazane's expanding civilization, allowing for the emergence of two political parties to emerge from the nigh-conflict; the Sacrenar, who believed in the suppression of free-thought and sought to expand outward under various guidelines and restrictions, and the Kelipoth, who believed in the freedom of opinion and the belief in freely expanding without regulation. Machines that once served the purpose of preserving life were converted into monsters of war, designed explicitly to kill one another's armies.

Eventually, the civil war resulted in the annihilation of life upon Lorschanaar. Both parties decided to surrender the system they had once called home and exiled themselves into the space beyond the stars using advanced and sophisticated generation ships. This would not mark the end of the Mali'Nar's interaction with the Kelipoth, however; at some point, inter-Kelipoth politics became corrupted, with many representatives and politicians being driven insane and seduced by the Mali'Nar's daemonic influence and promises of understanding and true freedom.

The Kelipoth became increasingly violent, with huge masses of Zazane surrendering themselves to their primitive, instinctive urges of bloodthirst and aggression. The Kelipoth found a unique pleasure in the expression, as well as the provocation, of these urges; society revolved around philosophies and ideals that upheld "enlightenment" and "spiritual evolution", driving the Kelipoth collectively further into the realm of psychological instability until, eventually, they had come to accept the Mali'Nar as deities, calling them Thamielans (meaning Outer Guides).

The Kelipoth renounced their Zazane heritage and gave themselves to the Mali'Nar, finding release through anarchy and madness under the belief that the damage inflicted upon their psychology allows them to understand and speculate concepts that their mental bonds prohibited them from comprehending previously. The sacrifice of sanity allowed the Kelipoth to become physically far-more adept than their predecessors, their bodies contorted and twisted to reflect the state of their mentality, while their Essence-potential was manipulated and amplified by the Thamielans, allowing the Kelipoth to spiritually and physically corrupt all they are exposed to, allowing them to create and wield their accursed weaponry.

Eventually, the Kelipoth reclaimed Lorschanaar for both themselves and the Thamielans, emerging from their exile and proceeding to construct labyrinthian mazes and cities upon its devastated surface, reaching far into the world's crust and erecting structures deep underground for reasons unknown but significant. It is thought that the Kelipoth, during their exile, came across a variety of ancient artefacts relating towards the goals of the Thamielans and collected them, keeping them for future usage at the Mali'Nar's request.





The Kinship[]

The Kinship is the main militarized force of the Kelipoth and is the most vital component to their organization, responsible for initiating assaults and accomplishing objectives. The Kinship consists of many millions upon millions of individual soldiers, each of which heavily mutated and augmented to suit the purposes of warfare through both demonic and cybernetic enhancements and are equipped with accursed weaponry to spread their corrupt influence further. Despite the Kelipoth's free ideal-philosophy, the Kinship retains harsh, disciplined professionalism amongst its ranks during combat.

The Kinship is built up of pureblood Kelipoth as well as corrupted madmen, criminals, insurrectionists, and cultists that have been converted from Zazane stock, with a fair number of alien soldiers operating amongst their hierarchy alongside. The Kinship participates in occult practices and rituals such as sacrifice and bloodletting during combat as a means of paying trubute and respect to their deities while also threatening and intimidating enemy forces. The Kinship makes use of demonically-influenced machines of war and combat-based automatons alongside regular infantry to devastate their foes, slaughtering them and creating bloodbaths and massacres wherever they materialize.

The Kinship's technology and weaponry is diverse, ranging in the tier of advancement, although all share common aspects between one another; they are all cursed and demonically-influenced, allowing them to deal both physical and psychological damage. The Kinship also uses demonic mounts as much as they do vehicles, making them a varied and unpredictable combat force. All soldiers are indoctrinated to be fiercely loyal to their superiors and they do not fear death, only fearing the aspect of death without accomplishing their mission.

The Kinship possesses its own established hierarchy that is determined through merit and achievement as well as raw physical strength and Essence-based potential, with the commanding officers of the Kinship being incredibly potent Essence users and psychics. The Kinship is usually joined by at least one Discordian during important operations, although for the most part their tasks and objectives are random at best, with most of their assignments being merely to appease and satisfy their Thamielan gods.


Society within the Kelipoth is both violent and fatal due to the immense amount of bloodshed that is commonplace throughout their territory; sacrificial religious practices, entertaining blood sports and military training for the main military body, the Kinship, are highly important cultural aspects for those within the Kelipoth as they believe anarchy and death satisfies and appeases their fiercely-worshipped deities. Any form of standardized currency is outlawed as the Kelipoth believe in upholding the anti-structure of chaos despite their disciplined military force and hierarchy.

A majority of denizens within the Kelipoth are inbred as there is no recognizeable form of bloodline designation. There is little to no form of discrimination within the Kelipoth; gender, age, race, sexuality and other factors are disregarded and treated with equal opportunity so long as they display full loyalty towards their Thamielan gods and uphold the established philosophies of chaos and anarchy. Instead, what is truly valued is one's skill and cunning which can be shared between any and every ethnic group within Kelipoth society. Reserving one's expressions and emotions, as well as resisting primitive and instinctive urges, could be considered an act of insult towards one's colleagues due to their misguided association of orderly races being supposedly pompous and self-righteous.

Laws are few with little to no form of enforcement, although heresy and attempting to establish order outside of the Kinship are considered the most heinous of acts and are punishable by death most likely through sacrifice. Murder, theft, self-augmentation, drug abuse and more, otherwise disgusting offences, are allowed within domestic Kelipoth society. The Kelipoth reside within twisting, contorting maze-like cities that are riddled with corpses and religious sites, with occasional skyscrapers slithering into the sky at certain points while murderous beasts and flesh-devouring plagues patrol the streets.

The materials used for the construction of a majority of their weaponry is mass-produced in large factories from supposedly demonic materials, giving them an organic appearance as well as a demonic-looking influence which is capable of psychologically scarring those that they injure. Materials are also scavanged or stolen by the Kelipoth during their raids and assignments and converted for their usage as demonic material.









  • Discordian Gojira
  • Discordian Primal
  • The Primogenitor



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