Kekta and Hekta are 2 Kraw musicians who took a challenge by Tamzeka sound company (KUL: Kropa Folai Tamzeka) to sell covers of songs from the Universe across the Kraw Galaxy and beyond. They were successful with their first 3 serious albums, "Dire moment" (398 KRE), "New age dance" (400 KRE) and "Kekta + Hekta command you to dance" (403 KRE), however, they are only found in the Kraw Empire, and for outside the Kraw Galaxy, their career begins with their 4th album, "Oh we're hillybilly now?"

Style and Distribution Edit

Before Oh we're hillybilly now? (OWHN) Edit

Kekta and Hekta used a style of electronic music in their first 3 albums. However, the style was diffrent on each album. On "Dire Moment" (KUL: Ohnovak Vrem), they used the Tikomorgak style, which is characterized as being similar to a mix of dubstep and trance, while adding fast singing. The second album, "New age dance" (KUL: Tantzag Novak Aagai), had a more obscure style, similar to human songs such as scooter's "Cosmos" and "Monolake". The third, "Kekta + Hekta command you to dance" (KUL: Kekta I Hekta Kjauvaigek ukek Tantzagek!) had more hardcore beats, which in some songs came a bit close to Speedcore music.

These 3 albums can only be found in the Kraw Empire, unless if imported.


"Oh, we're Hillybilly Now?" (KUL: Hek, Eikek Hilibilak dazrat?) is the first K+H album to be released outside the Kraw Empire. There exist 2 versions of this album. 1 in KUL, and the 2nd in English, although the english in the english version is somewhat poor. A deluxe edition exists where both the KUL version and the English version are included.

The album has 11 tracks, and they cover songs from around the Universe, and the covers are in the style of K+H's 3 previous albums. They are covers of songs from the Universe, from various empires.

  • 1. Hello! (Covering a ULE song) - Shouts a good Hello to the Universe from K+H.
  • 2. Kill us, will you? (Covering a DCP song) - This song insults the DCP for their deeds against the Kraw Galaxy.
  • 3. Snowball Earth (Covering Scooter - Hyper Hyper) - This song condemns TDP for what he's doing to earth.
  • 4. Magic doesn't exist (Covering a Zazane song) - This song condemns the fact that there's too much "magic" in the universe.
  • 5. URCAS (Covering a URC song, and a CAS song) - This song tries to convince the URC and the CAS to give up on their war.
  • 6. Mirrarcarena (Covering Marcarena) - This song condems the ULE for destroying the FRA.
  • 7. Tokzhalat to hell (Covering a Zazane song) - This song condems Tokzhalat for his attack on Horehronie. This song is notorious for its bad english grammar.
  • 8. Leave them alone! (Covering a Tahar song) - This song tries to tell the Tahar not to go overboard on their conversion attitudes.
  • 9. Robot Galaxy (Covering a Wental song) - This song talks about the Wental Galaxy, even though it was destroyed, and it's the New Wental Sector of Andromeda which contains the mecholife.
  • 10. Dracophone (Covering "Taking the Hobbits to Isengard") - Talks about Dracogonarious Technology.
  • 11. Not the end (Covering a song from K+H's last album) - Shouts to a happy ending of torture in the Kraw Galaxy.

Reviews and Charts for OWHN Edit

Fresh and speaks the Truth!

- Kraw Empire

meh dis albums a bit dum man it doesnt talk bout us but som of da beets is catchy. 7.4/10 is mah scor.

- Loron reviewer

What is this mess? An insult to my hearing organs that's what!

- Tralor reviewer

All I can say is that, judging by this, the Intergalactic Band still only has Mirus Intergalactica as its only major competitor.

- TIAF music critic

I'm not sure what I can make of the songs, my mind interpretates audible sounds differently and they mean different things. Although the ones which is meant to insult the DCP sounds similar to the war chants we sing when we need to punish one or more planets of the Kraw, and brings me back to the gool ol'days when me and my mates were racing to see how many Kraw we could kill in one minuite. Good times.

- Grimbolsaurian of the MSP

Why are they talking in the middle of the music? It's ruining the entire experience.

- Dracogonarious reviewer

Such disharmony... Make me unhear it...

- Radeon

My ears have been offended by this racket.

- Draconis
  • Kraw Empire - #1 in 27/11/406 KRE
  • Tahar Empire - #2 in 25/11/406 KRE
  • Borealis - #10
  • ULE Charts - Failed to chart
  • Bunsen Galaxy - Failed to chart
  • Magellanic Sovereignty of Planets - Failed to chart
  • Indoctrinate Collective - Failed to chart
  • Quadrantia Net Music Hitlist: #4 with the single "Hello" in 05 AQF in the 6th month.
  • Solonese Union - #9 in 2783 AD

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History Edit

Kekta was born in 11/03/380 KRE, which was around the March of the apocalypse era of the War of Ages. However, Hekta, being younger, was born in 09/09/382 KRE. Hekta was born in Horehronie, but in 385 KRE, his family had to move to planet Kmohekta over fear of a meteor shower. Kekta was born in Kmohekta.

In 387 KRE, they met each other in an education facility for the first time, and they became friends with each other. Their interests were in music, which they shared a lot. However, when Hekta was bullied for his size, the bully was arrested and Hekta was then homeschooled, leaving Kekta alone in the facility. However, he saw Hekta often later on.

In 395 KRE, Kekta contemplated making music for the masses. He made an early song, "Vondrat" (English: Away), which had similarities to "Speedcore dubstep", using a manual for the equipment. He showed Hekta the song, and dared him to make vocals. It was from then on that Kekta started producing, and Hekta started singing, forming Kekta and Hekta.

They played Vondrat in the Vnorgavu (educational) training center, gaining a lot of hype and success, and one of the students proposed to help them get them to the rest of the Kraw Empire. He called a recording company to record an album for them, with Vondrat as their lead song. Since the concept of single doesn't exist in the Kraw Empire, they were asked to record at least 9 more songs. They did that over the next 3 years, the delay being due to their hard work studying.

Their first album was released in 11/05/398 KRE, being called "Ohnovak Vrem" (English: Dire Moment), which slowly became a major hit in planet Kmohekta, after 1 month, reaching #1 in the planet. By 399 KRE, they reached their peak, #16 in the Kraw Empire. They were asked to do another album. Since Kekta has finished his education, he produced more often, however, due to Hekta, they could not have concerts yet.

Their second album was released in 08/11/400 KRE, being called "Tantzag Novak Aagai" (English: New Age Dance), and now that both Kekta and Hekta were free of education, they could tour the Kraw Empire, promoting their album. In the first week, they became #9, however after 4 weeks, they became #1 and had a large fanbase throughout the Kraw Empire, having 460 Million Fans according to

Their third album, being called "Kekta I Hekta Kjauvaigek ukek Tantzagek!" (English: Kekta and Hekta command you to dance!) was released 2 and a half KRE years later, in 19/05/403 KRE, due to their concerts which kept them away from producing. The album became an instant hit, reaching #1 in the Kraw Empire within 2 weeks. This album was notorious for some songs insulting essence, "magic" and everyone who threatened the Kraw Galaxy.

After 1 year, their huge success was seen by their recording company, which also saw the intergalactic band. They were asked in 11/08/404 KRE to make an album covering songs from around the Universe, to make them official competitors against the Intergalactic band of the TIAF. Initially Kekta was hesitant due to the "complexity" of foreign music, and how his hearing was not adapted to the music, but later was convinced by Hekta to make the album.

After a lot of remixing and resampling by Kekta to meet the Kraw ears's demands, they released their 4th album, "Hek, Eikek Hilibilak dazrat?" (English: Oh, we're Hillybilly now?) in 30/08/406 KRE in the Kraw Empire, and in subsequent months in other Empires. K+H's importers initially claimed to them they were going to be massive, increasing their hopes tenfold after their album struck #10 in the UNO and #4 in the Quadrants, however, in most other empires, their album was panned and even banned, and K+H were even beat up in the ULE. Kekta and Hekta were very dissapointed, and Kekta even has gone as far as saying: "Most of the Universe is against us and our Galaxy!"

However, in the Kraw Empire, they reached #1, and in the Tahar Empire, #2. K+H said in an interview that they were planning to make another album for the universe in 408 KRE, and that "If it does not work, we're done outside the Galaxy." But in 11/12/406 KRE, after they were attacked when entering the Bunsen Galaxy, they announced that they were done in anywhere but the Kraw Galaxy, Borealis, the Quadrants, Andromeda and Cyrannus.

Fans were shocked at the reactions from around the universe towards K+H, and they believe "Everyone has a bias towards the Intergalactic band.", who never charts in the Kraw Empire. After the reactions, K+H are said to have become more sinister towards the universe, who they think are "Racist against Kraw".

Trivia Edit

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