(Note: This Empire is also in-game, that is, I have created the Keiternyan Empire in my Spore-Galaxy.)

(Note: The 'years' given in this article are earth-years (366,2422 sidereal earth-days (23h 56m 4,09s)), to make it easier to compare. For comparison: a keiternyan year is 324 sidereal keiternyan days, and a sidereal keiternyan day is 27h 3m 18s; however, 324 x 27h 3m 18s = 366,2422 x 23h 56m 4,09s. This means that a keiternyan year is in fact as long as an earth-year. There are 12 keiternyan months with the same names as earth-months. One keiternyan month is 27 keiternyan days long. The current year is 219 AE)

"Although we are currently small, I know that we have the potential of becoming great. My people, I promise you: I will lead our empire to glory and prosperity!" - Emperor Kyantay VII, after being crowned.

The Keiternyan Star Empire (officially the Glorious Keiternyan Star Empire of the Mighty Kyanos Dynasty) is a medium sized interstellar empire in the Scutum-Crux Arm of the Galaxy. They are one of the founding members of the ICoSE (Interstellar Confederation of Star Empires) and are a strong regional power in that part of the Galaxy.

Some of their colonies lie closer to the core or in another arm of the galaxy than the bulk of their planets: this is due to the proximity of wormholes close to the capital of Keiternya, through which the Keiternyan people has traveled to these far reaches.

As said before, they are one of the founders of the ICoSE and they are in fact one of the leading empires in this confederation. This gives them a lot of political power in their sector. The Empire spans over roughly 100 systems and more planets. Some of the important systems are Tjita, especially the planet Keiternya (where the capital, Keiternya City, is sited, plus the Keiternyan Senate (KS)) and Natraimi (where the Keiternyan Health, Ecology and Intern Business Council (KHEIBC) is situated), Yorik, Ascaemac, Iandle, Wykes, Berbency, Cameth and Ulindinix. at the last seven planets are sited respectively: the Keiternyan Military and Defence Council (KMDC), the Keiternyan Trade Council (KTC), the Keiternyan Scientific Council (KSC), the Keiternyan Supreme Court of Justice (KSCJ), the Keiternyan Foreign Council (KFC), the Keiternyan Employment Council (KEC) and the Keiternyan Culture and Youth Council (KCYC). Captain Jinkyax 14:50, July 4, 2011 (UTC)

About the EmpireEdit

The Empire is not one big group of systems lying close to each other. Many of its colonies are established at the other end of wormholes. This gives the Empire a little bit of a loose structure. The Empire posesses around 100 colonies. the major part of these colonies is terraformed. the Empire is a founding and leading member of the ICoSE (don't worry I'm still intending to make a page on the ICoSE) and has quite some regional power in their sectors, as it is one of the few Empires who have ever attempted to attack te mighty Grox Empire.

Explanation of the FlagEdit

The yellow color was the color of Kyrtos the Great (Founder of the Empire). The large circle in the center is Emperor Kyantay VII's Royal Seal (and also the military emblem of the Empire). the text above reads: "Free we are born, free are we, and free shall we forever be."

Map of Keiternya & Tjita SystemEdit


Prehistoric EraEdit

Keiternyan history starts with the first ancestors of the Keiternyan race on Keiternya. This is estimated on around 80 million years BE (Before Enlightment (which means, "before spacefaring")). Before this there is found evidence of simple lifeforms on Keiternya but from this point onwards it starts to get more complex. The first "Keiternyans" (or Camethos in Keiternyan, meaning "The Ancient Parents" (common Keiternyan joke (warning, bad joke coming!): "aren't all parents ancient?")), however, did not really look like Keiternyans. Through fossils found and dna extracted from other related lifeforms, the Scientific Council finally succeeded in creating an image of (probably) a Camethos:

As can be seen, the Camethos is not yet very developed, his legs are short and weak, his mouth is yet to become a real mouth, and also, the Camethos is covered with a thick furry (probably yellow) coat. Also, a few similarities with the modern Keiternyan can be seen: the Camethos is, like the Keiternyan, yellow (this seems a strange protective coloration, but at the other side, the surface of keiternya was yellow-brown long ago) and a rudimentairy ridge along his skull and spine can be seen, which will develop into the ridge we know from the modern Keiternyans.

According to earlier scientists, the Keiternyan origin lied on Keiternya itself, but after much research it became clear that the dna-helix of Keiternyanoid creatures does not match at all with more than 90 percent of the other creatures and plants on Keiternya. Also, Keiternyanoids have a completely different nervesystem, working with entirely different minerals than the authentical Keiternya-originated creatures. This made the scientists suspect that the roots of the Keiternyan people lie not on Keiternya itself, but on another planet nearby. Looking at the moon of Keiternya, Radelmerni, or the nearest planet, Urleer, did not give any clou, but when scientists studied the tiny plants growing at the neighbouring planet of Natraimi, they discovered that Keiternyan dna-helixes are nearly identical to those found on Natraimi! And when the archeologists started digging in the surface of Natraimi, they found fossils of creatures looking almost the same as a Keiternyan Camethos. This was the final bit of proof that the scientists needed to prove the Exogenesis-Theory: the Keiternyan species originated not from Keiternya, but from Natraimi. In some way, aliens must have transported it to Keiternya.

Back on Keiternya, Keiternyan evolution went through a few steps, displayed with recreated pictures of the creatures below:

In the last stages of the evolution, you can easily recognise a Keiternyan. The current Keiternyan is a little bit shorter and more streamlined, but that is every difference there is to find.



The Empire's governmental structure is that of a constitutional monarchy. Most of the power in the Empire lies within the Octacration: the eight councils of the Keiternyan Star Empire, mentioned above. The first of them is the Keiternyan Military and Defence Council (KMDC), situated on Yorik. They concern themselves with military business, like planetary defence systems, the Keiternyan Interstellar Navy or the Keiternyan Army. An extremely important task is the defence against the Grox. The second Council is the Keiternyan Trade Council (KTC). They concern themselves with trade and other economic business within the Empire and between empires. They also manage the treasury of the Empire, and taxes. The third one is the Keiternyan Scientific Council (KSC). Their job is to invent, create and develop new and useful technologies. Every University in the Empire has his representatives in this Council. The fourth one is the Keiternyan Supreme Court of Justice (KSCJ). This Court has to be entirely independent to function well as the highest Court of Law. Therefore, they have no members in the Senate. Number five is the Keiternyan Health, Ecology and Internal Business Council (KHEIBC). They make sure that everyone is healthy, that the ecology of planets is protected and further business concerning the citizens of the Empire. Number six is the Keiternyan Foreign Council (KFC). They manage the foreign affairs of the Empire, forging alliances, paying tribute (or not), establishing trade routes, etcetera. The seventh is the Keiternyan Employment Council (KEC). Their task is to give every citizen a fine job and to take care of the infrastructure of the Empire. the eighth and last one is the Keiternyan Culture and Youth Council (KCYC). They protect the original culture of the Empire's inhabitants, they control the religious affairs and they make sure that every child gets a fine education. All of these councils are represented in the Keiternyan Imperial Senate (KIS), each of them has 30 representatives. The Senate also has 10 extra members who represent the Emperor himself. Each 4 years one of the members of this senate is elected to be Chancellor of the Empire. Also, every year there is an election for one of the councils, except for the Court of Justice (who is supposed to remain independent), so that every eight years the election cycle starts again.

The SenateEdit

Keiternyaanse burgemeester

A Keiternyan Senator/representative for the Council of Trade.

As said above, all councils are represented by 30 representatives in the Keiternyan Imperial Senate. The total number of representatives is 220. This Senate debates about issues that concern multiple councils or the entire Empire, like wars and alliances. Every vote of any representative has the same political weight.

At the contrary of the constitutional monarchies we are used to (with a monarch with no political power), the Emperor does have a little bit of political power in the Senate. He has 10 representatives who vote in behalf of him and his family. This is a political structure seldom encountered, and it is one of the characteristic features of Keiternyan politics.

Another feature is the Chancellor of the Senate. every year, a new Chancellor is appointed from the 10 imperial representatives. His task is to keep order in the Senate and make sure that the political agenda for that meeting is being followed.

Important PoliticiansEdit

Chancellor istros kyalderos (1)

The current Chancellor of the senate, His Eminence Istros Kyalderos. He lost his left eye in battle. The staff in his hand is the Keiternyan Staff of the Law. He who holds it holds order in the Senate.

The leaders of the different councils are adressed as "Lord" or "Lady", Exept the Lord of the Keiternyan Supreme Court of Justice, whose title is "Your Honor". The current Lords are:

  • Lord Turvenos Carnon of the KMDC (for the meaning of the shortcuts, see "Octocration"),
  • Lord Kenyar Dularth of the KTC,
  • Lord Gurdanos Elpertas of the KSC (he is a Gooplet, the first Gooplet to reach the status of Lord),
  • Your Honor Darstian Kuranos of the Supreme Court,
  • Lady Galaria Urleir of the KHEIBC,
  • Lord Baskadion Korteis of the KFC,
  • Lord Kartesion Elbeder of the KEC,
  • Lady Kariane Yrana of the KCYC,

The Chancellor of the Senate is adressed as "Your Eminence". The current Chancellor is Istros Kyalderos.

The EmperorEdit

Emperor Kyantay VII

The current Emperor of the Empire, His Supreme Imperial Highness Kyantay the VII.

The current Emperor of the Empire is Emperor Kyantay the VII (born as Cyrion Kyanos) of the Kyanos dynasty, who have ruled the Empire now for over 200 years. He is known for his rightiousness, kindness and honesty. Loved by his people and feared by his enemies, Kyantay VII is considered one of the best monarchs since Kyrtos the Great, the founder of the Keiternyan Star Empire (who united the peoples of Keiternya, and led them to the stars).

The Emperor has multiple tasks: His role is to be a leading figure and an example for his people. Also, he has ceremonial tasks, like the inauguration of a new colony or space station, or a new captain. his last task is that of a diplomat: he should act as a representative for the Empire towards other nations. However, the Emperor does have some political power, as said in the paragraph 'The Senate'. Kyantay VII's reign is known for its great military and political successes, such as the successfull raids on Grox Colonies and the expansion of the Empire to 100 systems.

The current Imperial Crown Prince is Carmonion Kyanos, the current Empress Huyankyra.

Foreign AmbassadorsEdit

Officially, they have no real power on intern matters of the Empire (that is, they can't vote during senate meetings), but of course the representatives do listen to their advise and suggestions. They do have considerable power on subjects involving other nations, such as making alliances or getting trade agreementes on paper.

Current ambassadors from other nations on Keiternya are:

Ambassador Ramoval

Ambassador Ramoval of the Rambo Nation, location of embassy: Keiternya City, Keiternya.

  • Ambassador Ramoval of the Rambo Nation, "He will do everything to improve galactic relations between the Rambo and Keiternyan" - quoted from Rambo Nation Individuals. His arrival on Keiternya was a reason for much celebration, for he was the first ambassador to arrive, something much Keiternyans had eagerly waited for.

People and CultureEdit

The three main peoples within the Empire are the Keiternyans (the original founders of the empire), who are also the largest group, and the Algernons and the Gooplets. These last two groups have ended up in the Empire after their systems were bought by the Empire or through migration. The native Keiternyans mainly do not believe in Spode or other Gods/Prophets, but there are somy religious minorities consisting of Apes or Ashonasses.

The Keiternyans are born travelers and traders (you could compare them to the Phoenician people on Earth) and are known for their love of the sporebuck and wormholes.

The Algernon society within the Empire are great warriors, so they mainly fight as shock troops for the empire. They are (mostly) also atheistic, but they have their own religious sects.

The Gooplet society, at the contrary, works as scientists in the Empire's Scientifc Council (42 percent is Gooplet). They are peaceful and reasonable and work hard in the laboratories of the Empire.

Furthermore, the Empire comprises some smaller societies of Chibbies and Fernikkis.

Imperial ArmyEdit

The army of the Keiternyan Star Empire is a strong force to be reckoned with. They have possession of Anti-Matter Bombs/Anti-Matter Missiles, megaBomb (ship tool)s/Pulses/Lasers/Proton Missiles and even a few experimental versions of the Planet Buster. The Imperial Army has over 1 billion soldiers (space and ground). It is one of the only forces in their sector who ever dared to attack the Grox Empire. This is because of two reasons: first, the Empire became completely sick of the continuous Grox raids on Imperial outposts so they decided to turn the offensive the other way round, with the Grox Empire as the victim, and second, because of the crimes commited by the Grox on allied planets (genocide, severe torture, etc.). The war against the Grox Empire still goes on and no clear victor has yet emerged.

Imperial Ground ForcesEdit

The Ground Forces of the Empire are a dangerous foe and a powerful ally. The Army consists of mainly Keiternyans, but a large group (the Glorious division) exists of Algernons, strong allies of the Empire. The Ground Forces are often put into use after the Imperial Space Navy has destroyed the aerial defences and planetary defence systems of the enemy planet/space station. The army has different classes (see gallery), each of them with a different use.

Imperial Space NavyEdit

The Imperial Space Navy of the Empire is a diverse force. Instead of being fully Keiternyan, it has much foreign allies aiding the Keiternyan Flagship during battle. The main ship classes are: Fighters, Heavy Fighters, Corvettes, Frigates, Cruisers, and the Flagships. Pictures of them and their uses are displayed in the gallery. The Navy has successfully fought many wars and they are strong enough to defend their planets against the Grox.

Notable PeopleEdit

Main article: Notable Individuals

Kyrtos The GreatEdit

Kyrtos the Great (born Kyrtos Kuranios) was the founder of the Empire. he was born in 34 BE (Before Enlightment) in the city of Jarstos on Keiternya. Having had a fine education, he saw the destruction and despair that the continuous city-state wars brought. Being full of this, he retreated into the mountains of Tardurais (mountain range stretching all over Keiternya) and there he wrote his famous book, "The Rise and Doom of Keiternya", about how Keiternya would end if this would continue. It was recieved well in his home cities and in some allied states, but the main enemy of Jarstos, Morderan, saw a possible threat in him. they sent an army to raze Jarstos to the ground, as a pay-back for Kyrtos writings. Having just lost his home city, Kyrtos became so full of anger and determination to unify Keiternya, that he retreated into the mountains even deeper, and there he forged his plans. 5 year later, in 6 BE, he came out of the mountains and, while cloaked, he entered the city of Morderan. He there came in contact with the resistance (people from the cities destroyed or conquered by Morderan) and, using his plans and determination, he got them into a frenzy. In 5 BE, time was right. The rebellion against Morderan began. Kyrtos led his troops to one victory after another. They renamed their new nation "Dastar-Keiternya", meaning "Unified keiternya". After many battles, in 2 BE, they managed to seize the capital of Morderan, Morederan City or, in the language of Morderan, Morderandianos. There, the last battle against Morderan was fought, hard and terrible. Many rebels fell there, but they succeeded. Kyrtos then entered the throne room. while suddenly seeing his nemesis (he did not know it was Kyrtos himself), the King of Morderan yelled: "No... it's YOU! We've killed you and your city nearly 10 years ago!". Kyrtos answered: "Next time, you should count the dead before concluding. I haven't made that mistake, I've counted every single soldier lying dead in the city. But I miss one. Guess that's you, then?" And with these words, he stabbed the King through his two hearts (Keiternyans have indeed two hearts), while screaming: "Look at me, you monster! I want my face to be the last thing you see in this world!".

After he killed the king of Morderan, he quickly unified Keiternya, sometimes by force, sometimes by diplomacy. After it was unified, he quickly started a space program, and when they were ready, he "led them to the stars, and among them, they settled." - On Kyrtos, our Emperor by the writer Cunion Bartes.

Kyrtos lived until 6 AE (After Enlightment), when he was killed by assassins, it is still unclear who sent them. His name will live forever. His nephew succeeded him.

Emperor Kyantay VEdit

Kyantay the V was the Keiternyan Emperor who succeeded in destroying the Ape Empire, with who they had been at war for so long. he led his troops to the final, decisive victory, but unfortunately, he was killed himself during the battle by an Ape suicide trooper. His death shocked the Empire massively and he got a great burial, buried next to Kyrtos the Great.

Emperor Kyantay VIIEdit

Kyantay the VII is the current Emperor of the Empire. He is known for his many victorious wars and his daring attacks on Grox territory, something that no Emperor before him had tried. for more information, see the tab 'the Emperor' above.

Chancellor Istros KyalderosEdit

Istros Kyalderos is the current Chancellor of the Empire. He is known for his dogged determination when he wants to reach his goal. Thanks to his efforts the Keiternyan Empire is as wealthy as it now is.

Captain Jinkyax CaiEdit

Captain Jinkyax is probably the best known Captain of the Empire. His deeds have crossed the Empire. He has played many key roles, for example, he exposed an Ape plot to kill the Keiternyans using a zombie virus. And he led the Keiternyan Ground army to many victories (for he holds the title of Admiral and General as well). Also, his ship, the KSE Fireflyer, is often in the frontline of the battle. He is brave, daring and known for his herioc efforts. He is the Captain that the Empire sent to attack the Grox Empire, and he successfully destroyed over 15 Grox colonies. He is also the captain that is summoned when planets come under Grox attack, or when ecological disasters threaten to destroy a planets ecosystem. And, of course, he is always ready for an adventure! Captain Jinkyax is currently engaged with Princess Hyndusa Kyanos, the daughter of Emperor Kyantay VII.

Lieutenant Kajayx SaldarEdit

Lieutenant Kajayx is since the first day the companion of Captain Jinkyax, saving his life for many times. He is always ready to save the Captain from a life-threatening situation or to just hold the ship in orbit while the Captain is on duty on the ground. Kajayx is also well known among the population of the Empire, as he is one of the most loved bachelors of the Empire. He and the Captain are also famous for inventing the Anti Matter Missile.

Diplomat Kuryos SavionEdit

feared among his diplomatic enemies and loved by his allies, Kuryos Savion is the best and most dangerous diplomat of the Empire. He is known for writing the new ground-act for the ICoSE and for negotiating between different members of the ICoSE - nearly always with success. he is currently the ambassador of the Keiternyan Star Empire in the Rambo Nation, although he sometimes leaves for a very important mission that only he can make a success.

Relations with other EmpiresEdit


They are worthy friends. We will aid them in every way we can and we hope our alliance may prosper forever!


We have met them and concluded that they are worthy friends. We hope our relationship will soon rise to an alliance!


Our diplomats have not yet reached a conclusion about them, but we hope that we can add them to the list of friends one day.

  • any empire not mentioned in another category.


We have met and we have concluded that friendship is still far away... we hope that that will change soon.


They have gone to far. A good relationship with these peoples is very impropable. They have made a mistake being our enemy.

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