We are the Kazalori, Behold our empire!

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Kazalori, The Tricksters

The Kazalori (Kaza-Lore-Re) spelt, ≈≠°± in Kazalorian Language) belive in the scrolls of time , or that time will sort everything out, and 1 species will be chosen, prefrebly the current strongest , to rule the entire universe.

Die for the Kazalori dont die like a rabid dog

- Anonymous Kazalori
Name The Kazalori Empire
Kazalori Empire Flag
Founding species Kazalori
Side Neutral
Creator Humanfight22
Leader(S) The Kazalori Head and Cheri
Allies See below!
Enemies See below!
Phase Space
Date Current Earth Date
Military Millions of Soldiers
State Undergoing massive expansion!

Spore 2010-07-11 18-42-55

In Spore Edit

In the actual spore game they are my prime empire, although the empire i made all my achievements with is now deleted.

History Edit

The Kazalori enterd space at the earth year of 654 AD. The first captain, Elode, piloted a Small Pod around the quadrant, until he found another species! The species passed off a living as Ninjas for hire. Not for movies but real mecenary Ninjas*!

He quickly made a friendship with this species, creating the first alliance! A year after, scientist's found that the two species evolved from the same cell!

It explained the obvious simmliatrites between the two, and the differnces! They are both carnivores, and later tests foound that the eyes and mouth of the Ninjas were less evolved forms of the Kazalori's!

In earth year 1066 AD the Kazalorian Admiral, Shanount, led an exploration force to a uncharted world, in system onlycharted as Sol. He found a planet wich was named earth. Whilst exploring he saw a giant battle of the residents, The battle of hasting was being fought by the Normans and the Saxons! Shanount cloned a body of the Norman leader, William the Conquerer, and put his mind into it. The human William the conqueror, was captured by the cloned on and put into Shanounts ship. The clone led the Normans into battle, whilst having sneakily put lighting charges to the swords, and the arrows had missle functions inside them, although the explosions were small enough to not be noticed. This led the normans to victory, although Shanount kept it so secret he was alien, that history was written as if he was human, and the swords and arrows, were just that!

In earth year 1943, The Kazalori went to explore earth once again, but found a war 10 times more bloddy then the one in 1066! They flew straight into WWII! The Kazalori sent an army, disguised as humans, to aid the Allied forces. (english,american,french...)

At the end of the war the Kazalori sent blueprints for a massive weapon, the Atomic Bomb! They knew that they helped earth through very difficult times, and they are waiting until the humans are space faring, to create a permant alliance, and to reaveal the Truth!

*The ninjas were created for a adventure, it was deleted

Relationships Edit

To become an ally,or an enemy or to trade say so on my Talk Page

Allied Edit

It is a tradition to hold a banquet with every new ally.The banquet is made so the two races will be able to0 sample the other races customs and food.

The Galot

The Reckzo


The Gjigantrox

The Olvidian Empire

The Therornian Empire

The Kraw

Neutral Edit

Any Empires not listed

Hostile Edit



Trading Edit

Government Edit

The Government is only thier to advise the head and cheri, they give the ideas to the leaders,

see Court of elders for all the information

The Kazalori Cheri(queen) Edit

(Sh-a-re spelt,≈≠°± ×± in Kazalorian Language)

Their is a special positon known as a Kazalori Cheri wich means Queen. Only the highest males get to be their husbands as it is usally the Kazalori Head. The Queen has more power than the Kazalori Head, but the Head has more power to speak.Kazalori Cheri

She decides when to chose the new Head, usally after he dies or displeases her, wich he would die soon after

There is a line of succesors, in a sense. The Kazalori keep track of every chick, and if the queen had a boy, the next female to develop after she dies becomes queen at a suitable age.

The Kazalori Head Edit

(spelt,≈≠°± ←→ in Kazalorian Language)

The kazalori dont vote for their male leader or have a line of succesors but do it in 3 steps

  • Find the strongest male in every city/colony
  • They all Fight to the death
  • The winner is the new leader

the leader has his back broken and then has to slouch all the time whilst his back heals and then the back heals,slouched,the leader must wear the Holy Robe and the skull of the last enemy defeated during the selection trials, as a mask.

The reason it is male is because the males are more plentiful and as the females are rare compared to the number of males, females are viewed as too precious to be leaders.

The current Kazalori head, known as Typhonia took over when rabolkin, was suddenly assisanted in the street!

Assasination Edit


The new head has brought a new look to the job


Our beloved Kazalori head, has been murdered! He was walking throught the streets, in the liberation parade, when a posined dart, shot him right through the eyeball. This is what an eye witness had to say


I was watching it like you know like yea, well like we were all like having a good time and then like i heard like a million screams like, and then i saw it like, the head like, hed been shot, there was blood and all every where!

*News Reporter*

Truly shocking indeed. A exstensive millitary and police search is taking place to find the killer. Whereas in other news, no wait, news just came in, a new head has been found! His name Typhonia, wich we all know means demon is our new leader!

The Head Priest Edit

(spelt,←→ —… in Kazalorian Language)

The Influntail Head Priest is a male for this reason

The reason it is male is because the males are more plentiful and as the females are rare compared to the number of males, females are viewed as too precious to be leaders.

The 2 steps to becoming the head priest is this

  • All the males wanting this pray to the god of gods Dasalm
  • He answers and choses

The priest has to fast, only eating one meal every two days. He is stretched taller. This makes him alot taller and skinnier than most others.

The Tricksters? Edit

Pick a card, any card!

- The Trickster Lord

The Kazalori are a very, maniplutave, empire they have developed the abilty to control other peoples minds, they also have a natuaral phyci abilty. The ability to blend in easily makes them perfect at hiding, also they can perform any magic trick without learning it!Kazalori Trickster

Many people chose to be tricksters as they are also used in the millitary.They wear a jacket with long sleeves and a cape.

Liberation Edit

Once the Kazalori became spacefaring they developed a new form of government Court of elders with the Kazalori head and cheri still around. The new government decided it needed power, so they took and locked up the Cheri and The Head!!!The Kazalori were a Police state for 100 years.

A male called Valcomo was resarching in the local libary modern history. He picked up all the Newspaper's on the files and discovered the goverment locked up the Cheri and the Head!

Valcomo armed himself to destory the crule government and put the Head and Cheri back in power.

It was 98 years of their power by then,Valcomo attacked the main court with balsters and a small group of Loyalists. All the cruel politicans died and under the Mighty giant planet sculpture was the Head and Cheri's Prisons!

He Freed himself from their reign. The new court was formed so that the Head and Cheri would have power but with a government aswell.

Population Edit


Population (Universe)

Population (Homeworld)


104,589,000 592,000


589,391,486,000 229,876,000


589,496,075,000 230,468,000

Historical Kazalori Edit

The Most historic kazalori are only a few to be honest but all of them made agreat change in ordinary lifes

  • Jadlarog-Best Kazalori Head-Dead-Male
  • Ranbolk-Best Kazalori-Not dead-Male
  • Valamori-best Singer-Dead-Female
  • Bagolor-Best Dancer-Dead-Male
  • Kalacordor-Best Teacher-Dead-Female
  • Dala-Best citizen-Dead-Female
  • Valcomo-The Liberator-Dead-Male Edit is the main company, it deals in everything apart from politics.

See for more infromation

Their Advanced Techonolgy of every day things Edit

  • Eyepatches:A special type of eyepatch , wich is a video camera that records all things then goes to your brain , this takes about 2 seconds , so one of your eyes is literally slower.
  • Computers:Virtual reality computers.
  • Money:Computerized Money.
  • Spaceships:Hyperspace drives for their ships , wich puts the ship into another dimesion between the destination were there is no limit to how fast you can go.
  • Cooking:A special cooking machine that you put the ingredients into a hole and program the recipe on the control panel , makes the food for you.
  • Drinks:A special drinks maker wich works the same as the cooking machine.
  • Serving Food/Drinks:A serving tray wich walks upto you and puts the food infront of you.
  • Babies:A giant machine wich allows Kazalori young to grow faster , due to chemicals and syrums. It is called a young pit , it has agrowth syrum in the foods , stregth chemicals from vents wich creates a healthy , bouncin boy/girl in 2 or less years. The baby wears a special life support system to keep them alive with the chemicals
  • Tourism:Platforms wich fly over the city for 2 uses , tourism is the plain platform from the gates and transport is the multicoloured platform from the main market.
  • Millitary:Hovering tanks with special guided missles.
  • Facial Cleaning:A mask that is for all facial cleaning. It brushes your teeth for you , cleans your face , and if set shaves off facial hair. A kazalorian male gets more than 5 cm of facial hair a day , females dont grow facial hair.

The Secret Weapon Edit

Currently the Kazalori are working on a secret weapon. This is still a brainstorming idea, but will require great power. This weapon is still on drawing board though. An image of this drawing board has been porvided by kazalori millitary

Kazalori Drawing Board

The Drawing Board

Archtype Edit

The Kazalori follow the Meditator Archetype

see Meditator for more information

DNA Transport Edit

The Kazalori developed a transport device that if sometimes a bit glitchey but most of the time it works. The way id does work is like this

  • The person stands on the teleport pad
  • Every single piece of DNA is warped to the connectd pad
  • The DNA regroups its self to make the person again.
  • This means that are erased from creation for the amount of time it takes!

The glitches are this

  • The DNA regroups in the wrong place Example: The arms and legs swap places
  • The wrong pad is selected
  • The DNA doesnt regroup

As this happend frequently the Kazalori developed a condutor that people can wear to attract the DNA

Millitary Edit

The Millitary use 5 types of soldiers

  • The Destructer
  • The Air Predator
  • The Death Squid
  • A Trickster
  • The Kazalori Sniper
  • A Close Range Soldier
  • The Berserker
  • Tricksters (they can control the enemies minds)
  • Snipers
  • Close Range Soldiers
  • Berserker (soldiers but with less armor and more rage)

They use hovering tanks known as DESTRUCTERS to deal the artiallry damage to the enemy. They have 2 pods on either side and 2 guns on the back and 3 guns on the front.

The air force is known as the AIR PREDATORS they have 4 guns and 1 cockpit in the middle. A jet is at the back

The sea defense is known as the DEATH SQUIDS they have 1 cockpit at the top and guns on the cockpit. Flippers let them get around.

The Kazalori rely on their millitary for protection and other things.To join you must be a kazalori or a species from a kazalorian ally.You must be in an adult stage, or whatever your species classifys as adulthood.Any one joing must sign a contract saying that they will die for the kazalori and if your not a kazalori you and your species must sign saying it is alright for you to die for the kazalori.

The main space fleet is made by

Requirements Edit

  • Adulthood
  • The abilty to use the weapons provided
  • only kazalori-A stronger phycic ability
  • other species only-Your species being willing for you to die
  • Strength, unless your a sniper

Millitary Laws Edit

  • Do what your superiors say
  • Belive in the Kazalori
  • If any Kazalori dies the first to notice must take care of him
  • Fight with honour dont slaughter(Only Berserkers may do this)
  • Berserker only-Dont slughter aimlessley set your eyes on the target before you kill him
  • Tricksters only-Control their mids to a limit, dont make them do anything unreasonable like kill themselves
  • Bring prisoners in alive!

Their , Theory Edit

The Kazalori Belive that the gods made the homeplanet of the Kazalori , Xarli , millions of years ago. They made a meteor carrying life (kazalori cells) crash onto the planet, and they shaped the creature to their current form. According to legend that were a herd of any animal , an entire herd , just walk and sit down, is were to create their first city as priest's told the othes that it would be a sign from the gods, of were to make a great empire. They did this and the legend hasnt failed them yet

Civil War Edit

The Kazalori recently ended a very bloody civil war. It started 150 years ago and ended last year. The less important sect , not inside the court of elders , Kazalori nationalist wich stand for death to any other species wich isnt Kazalori , rebeled against the new friendly nature of the court. A violent war broke out between the two nations. The loyal soldiers fought a bloody battle against there comrades , friends , family.

The capital Zalor was held by the court for all the 149 years of the war. The surronding towns and villages were taken by the rebels , the farms heavily defended by loyal kazalori. For if there meat ran out , or taken by the rebels , the zalorians would starve to death. The current Kazalori head at the time Jadlarog took desperate measures to defend the empire. The rebels were known as Kalkos or justy rebels and the loyal Kazalori were known as Elderie or loyalists

He asked many of his allies to aid him, mostly empires destroyed now, they all did this favor and it helped the Zalorian to win the war. The rebels surrenderd after the current ambassador Lord Ranbolk talked to them about why it started and most of them forgot. They setteled their differnces and now the Kazalori Natonailist have a fair say but not a seat in the direct court.

The Rebels wore distinctive uniforms wereas the loyalist soldiers looked just like a normal soldier in their millitary now.Since the rebel cities were running out of meat, they emplyed smugglers to get meat out of the loyal cities, they kept getting soldiers from loyal cities that were citizens chainging their mind, they rebels were more than a match for the the loyalists. if it wasnt for the head asking for other species they would of lost!

The 100 year siege Edit

The 100 year siege was a giant attack on the rebel city, Zalakor. It was a defeat to the loayal kazalori's as they never managed to enter.

The walls of the Rebels were reinforced by Vala Crystals, an extremly strong type. Whenever a part of the wall was destroyed it was repaired, by enginners going to the hole from the the city itself, they drilled a hole through to repair the damage done. This allowed them to stay undamaged for the 100 years.

The Battle In Blood Edit

This was a massive battle at sea that involved swimming soldiers and ships.The Loyalist won this battle, proving their power with the sea. The waters used to be natural green, but the red blood of the Kazalori, along with alot of their scales, fell into the waters. The waters turned blood red with, well blood. the bottom of the sea bed was turned completley red from the scales. The sea bed used to be blue!

The waters are now clean, due to filtering technolgy. But the scales are NOT goind to be taken out, due to historian protests.

The Final Edit

This was the battle that involved differnt species ading to the loyalist forces,the loyalist's won and the war was sorted a few years after.

Many of the species were in the middle of a war with the rebels aswell, the rebels attacked any species that said no to aid, as the Loyalist already asked them when the rebels asked them.

Laws Edit

No Murder of people of your own species only other species that were at war with

No Grudges for over 5 years, time would have healed the wound if allowed

The only way to have true peace is to fight, diplomacy is good but war solves things faster.

To get a job you must be skilled

No abuse of the government systems

Only people over 14 may vote for the leaders of the Court

The young must be suited with life support systems and put into a young pit wich will make them a healthy grown boy/girl in atleast 2 years.

Screenshots Edit

  • A male and female Space Age Kazalori
  • The Head Priest
  • The Elite Kazalori used to guard the cities
  • The Small Baby Kazalori with a life support system on it
  • The Almighty Kazalori Head
  • The Kazalori in battle with the Xhodocto
  • A Kazalorian Banquet between the Kazalori Cheri and The Kazalori Heads friends.
  • A Brave Kazalorian Warrior

Here are some pictures of the Kazalori

Religion Edit

The Kazalori belive in gods that are not as widespread as spode or the god that will come,

See Dasalmic for more information

Some Sayings Edit

If it isnt useful whats it doing here?

- The Current Kazalori Head

Whats That, a bird, a plane, no its our fighters coming to blast you into pieces!!

- A millitary Leader

Well if its torture it dont hurt

- A kazalori prisoner

If your useful i like you if your not DIE

- A kazalori Head

Look we will kill you no question

- A soldier


- A citizen

Ahhhhh the Xhodocto are scary!!!!!

- A soldier

Allies then war, war then allies

- A Famous Song

Evil must be perished Kazalori must stay..even though were not evil

- The Head Priest

Quotes from Other Empires Edit

Stick anything on my talkpage with who it is from.

Example:The kazalori are red, from example of the example species


- Zr'Ahgloth pr Da Loronz

Do you know who we are? We may have been disregarded of our powers but we can devour your souls for our use.

- The Xhodocto

Other Facts Edit

  • They use the stronger people to be guards instead of soldiers , as the planets are more valuable.
  • Their reigion is called Dasalmik named after the Gods of Gods Dasalam.
  • Every tourist is welcomed as if they are Kazalori's , they even set up platforms that go above the city's for sightseeirs.
  • The Worst enemys of the Kazalori are the Xhodocto and once top ranking officals looked at the charts , a victory will benifit them.
  • The Kazalori use a currency known as Valor to trade among themselves and spore bucks to trade with other empires. 1 Valor is equal to about 10 sporebucks and 10 valor is equal to about 100 sporebucks. Because of this many kazalorian traders get alot of valor and then turn it into sporebucks.
  • The Kazalori use Yari instead of years. 1 Yari is equal to 2 earth years. for example 100 earth years is 50 Yari
  • The Kazalori government is like a government where their is a monarch and a president/priminster.
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