Kaveri was a female Cargura employed as an adult sex-orientated worker employed by the Vexo Club at Lareg. She was often described as a kind and gentle person, populair amongst her friends and her clients.


Kavira was born in 2830 at her homeworld of Tiaahskk, a mid-rim planet within the Cyrannus Galaxy. During her teenage years, Kavira was abducted by slavers from the Panthrea Slaver Guild while on a space-faring schooltrip. She soon found herself sold to the highest bidder and eventually wound up at Lareg, where she was found in the gutter by members of the Vexo Club. Free from her slaver, Kaveri decided to remain at Lareg and employed herself as a sex worker within the Vexo Club Red Light Brothel where she would be save if her slavers would ever return.

Personality and Traits[]

Kaveri is a kind and gentle person, happy with the small things in life and a keen listener and survivor. With her savings and earnings, Kaveri resides in the Vexo Club Motel permenantly and can often be seen behind the window to work as a sex worker, providing direct sexual services for clients and customers- which involves varying degrees of physical contact or sexually explicit engagements that are either filmed or photographed.

Kaveri wears a revealing outfit, a black dress that reveal the sides of her body, her upper hips and exposes both her shoulders and back. In addition, she wears golden decorations to signal her gained wealth, with bracelets on both legs and upper arms, set with a green emerald crystal as well as two golden skirt plates.


Png files

The Png files require the DarkInjection mod and the CamBenColor Pack.

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