Kavalen Mantur, also known as Mantur the Negativistic and Mantur the Mysterious, is a Llurebleg native to Xuz Fareh. He is the representative of the city Purxie.

Physical description[]

Fanru reaches a height of 1.30 meters (~4.66 feet). He has the color schemes of the hanyidanbara breed: yellow with light green legs and brown dots.


Kavalen is a harsh and sober individual. He likes having his own ideas and rarely accepts ideas from other people different to his. He also dislikes humor and isn't confortable when people around him laugh or tell jokes. Kavalen can be quite pessimistic at times, basing his ideas and plans on the negative consequences other actions would cause; however, he is also a calm and confident person that isn't known for being nervous when things go wrong.


Not much is known about Mantur's past, since not much people knew him during his younger age. It is known that he was born in Purxie, but there isn't any information about his family, nor the events that happened during his infance.

At the age of 24, Kavalen was elected representative of Purxie. He was one of the few who opposed to Project Fidne due to the high risks it would mean to the civilization.




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Behind the Scenes[]

  • Kavalen's character was partially inspired by Toffee from the cartoon series Star against the Forces of Evil. Both characters are usually calm and sober, and both have a mysterious past.

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