The Katar Sector is an astrographical region within the Scutum-Centaurus Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, though its boundaries are vaguely defined and rarely agreed upon by its inhabitants.

It is home to the Drodo Empire, a long standing power in the sector. New arrivals include the Farengeto Republic, and the French Andromedan Colonies. Once dominated by the powerful Katar Sector Alliance, the aftermth of the Lightning War saw the Alliance begin to collapse as the Aeoneonatrix Empire vanished from the sector, leaving the Aeoneonatrix Anomaly Region behind, while the Miperior-Amphibibot Coalition proved inadequate to take up the role. Like a series of falling dominoes, a series of futher collapses saw the KSA largely dominated by the Drodo Empire and the Farengeto Trade Coalition until it was eventually absorbed into the Xonexi Allies. The victory of the Allies in the Battle of Katar during the Great Xonexian Schism resulted in a final golden age for the inhabitants of the Katar Sector as long-standing threats such as the Grand Tarkan Empire were finally pacified. This era however would come to an abrupt end due to political instability within the Drodo Empire, which saw it collapse into various feuding states, a development which negatively impacted the Farengeto. The aftermath saw the birth of the truly massive Drodo Anomality Zone much engulfed the old Drodo Empire while the Aeoneonatrix Anomality Zone began to slowly weaken.

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Etymology Edit

The name "Katar" comes from the Drodoian word meaning "Nest." Though it has many names and boundaries among the species inhabiting it, the Drodoian denomination is by far the most common. This is commonly attributed to their role as the eldest power in the region.

Astrography Edit

Located halfway up the Norma Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, the Katar Sector stretches from the edges of the Delcath and Hagkrazon subsectors over roughly three thousand five hundred lightyears to far side of the Watchta Subsector. Most estimates place the sector's star count at 3,636,880.

The sector itself is divided into a number of smaller sectors of varying size and composition. The borders of these are generally established by the subsector's inhabitants.

Wormholes Edit

Within the Katar Sector, there are a number of wormholes that facilitate travel to other parts of the universe. Some are naturally-occurring and have spawned from random fluctuations in space-time, while others were artificially generated by advanced civilizations. There are currently three wormholes in Katar:

  • Charal-Katar Wormhole: This wormhole was constructed in 2791 by the Drakodominatus Tyranny to bridge their territories in the Milky Way to those in Charal, Andromeda. It was attacked and subsequently taken over by the United Free Peoples Coalition at the Battle for the Katar Wormhole, paving the way for further Coalition conquests in the sector. After the collapse of the Coalition control was transferred to the French Andromedan Colonies.
  • Tyris-Varapha Wormhole: This wormhole was constructed by the Violaven Union at the behest of the Waptoria Alliance of Species in their mapping of the Katar sector just prior to the Grea Deciever conflict. It was unconnected to the Waptorian heartlands in the Mirus Galaxy and instead led to the Waptorian-controlled Kindleflame Nebula in Tyris Major, the hub for Waptorian exploration and efforts. During most of the The Great Deceiver, it was blockaded by the Galactic Protection Agency which fought on behest of the the Hegemony, forcing the Waptoria to rely on local allies. In the aftermath of the forced Waptorian retreat from the sector at the conflict's end, they had the Violaven collapse the wormhole so that neither the Drakodominatus Tyranny nor the Katar Sector Alliance could make use of it.
  • Katar-Cyrannus Wormhole: Located just outside the Katar Sector, this naturally-occuring wormhole to the Cyrannus Galaxy was initially discovered by the Troodontids during the events of the The Great Deceiver. Abandoned prior to the events of Attero Dominatus, the wormhole was rediscovered and claimed by the Farengeto Republic in 2796, who would use it to mount expeditions and colonization of the Cyrandia cluster, establishing the Farengeto Quadrant Colonies and Farengeto Cyrannian Administration. Fearing potential threats from the Delpha Coalition of Planets and the Cyrannus Galaxy, a joint operation between the Katar Sector Alliance and the Orion League built Frontier 1 to defend the wormhole. Frontier 1 would later become the seat of Farengeto Cyrannian Administration after the establishment of colonies on both sides of the wormhole by the Farengeto Trade Coalition.
  • Farengeto GITO Wormhole: The Farengeto GITO Wormhole was constructed in 2799 after the Katar Sector alliance was admitted into the Gigaquadrantic Intergalactic Trade Organization. After debate by the Alliance, the planet of Farengeto was selected as the economic capital of Katar and the location of the new wormhole, reflecting the world's increasing economic role both in Katar and on the intergalactic scale. The wormhole links Farengeto to the GITO wormhole network.
  • Aeoneonatrix Anomaly Region: Engulfing the old teritories of the Aeoneonatrix Empire, it has been speculated that the entire zone serves as a massive wormhole to the Aeoneonatrix' current whereabouts at the Exterioris-Draco-Crepusculum junction of the Andromeda Galaxy. This is, however, only speculation. The entire Anomality Zone is nominally under the jurisdiction of the Farengeto, but is in truth wild space as it's spacetime anomalities make it impossible to govern. Numeroes explorers have tried to map the Aeoneoantrix Anomality Zone in the past, all of whom went missing.

History Edit

Prior to the rise of the Drodo Empire, the Katar Sector was a quiet place devoid of anything of interest, a backwater. There were the squabbling few spacefaring nations, but none of these would grow to have a dominant presence in the region.

Great Tyranny War Edit

The Great Deceiver Edit

Main page: The Great Deceiver

In 2791, the Drakodominatus Tyranny once again turned its attention to the Katar Sector. However, an ongoing war with the Delpha Coalition of Planets had exhausted its resources. To avoid having to fight a war on two fronts, Grand Admiral Dialztreanvitz Raeditzkraft decided upon a much subtler method of conquest. Using replicated Drodo technology, he managed to convince The Hegemony that the Drodo were preparing to attack them.

The Hegemony launched a preemptory strike against the Drodo, thereby plunging the two powers and their allies into a long and costly war. Once the two sides had sufficiently exhausted themselves, the Tyranny attacked. The Bova, Velund, Horpel, and Catharas subsectors quickly fell to their onslaught, and soon the Drodo, the Federation, the Aeoneonatrix, and the Sindar found themselves fighting tooth and nail repel the Dominatus.

Concurrently, the Tyranny swept like wildfire across the galaxies, gaining territories in Andromeda, Cyrannus, Borealis, among others. It stomped out and enslaved many civilizations too weak to resist their new Mark 2 expansion fleets.

Attero Dominatus Edit

Main page: Attero Dominatus

To Drodo strategists, it seemed for the longest time that the war with the Tyranny would be lost. The massive behemoth had managed to acquire a million systems within the First Gigaquadrent in a few months and it seemed like there was nothing to stop it. However, on December 21, 2791, the Tyranny's main AI malfunctioned after having been damaged by the DCP. The error caused a cascading failure of all of the Tyranny's slave control chips, spawning a massive Tyranny-wide slave revolt that even it was unprepared to deal with.

The Tyranny's slave-dependent industry quickly ground to a halt, stranding entire fleets without hope for resupply or reinforcements. The Drodo, taking advantage of the chaos, managed to drive out the Dominatus from their territory and quickly lashed out. They swept into Tyranny space and aided former slaves to free themselves from their Dominatus overlords. They only managed to get so far and eventually encountered the Dominatus pacifying legions headed in the other direction. With neither force willing to take risks or move any further, a stalemate ensued. Both sides dug in, and for the greater part of the beginning of 2792, the lines remained somewhat stationary with a few planets occasionally changing hands.

After having fought alongside one another for several months, the Drodo Empire and the United Free Peoples Coalition prepared in December of 2792 to sign a formal alliance that would bind together in solidarity the powers of the Katar Sector against the Drakodominatus Tyranny. Knowing it would spell doom for the Dominatus forces in Katar, Dominatus commander Mortrig Malevon enacted a daring plan to prevent the alliance, leading to the Tasan Crisis. Malevon used his shapeshifting spies to manipulate dissent within the People's Liberation Army Expeditionary Force, with the resulting uprising nearly killing the Katarian leaders. Concurrently, the Mardor Empire and Grand Tarkan Empire launched an invasion of Delcath, leading to defeat of the Mardor and the Tarkan conquest of the Miperiors. Despite this on December 31st, 2792 the nations of Katar gathered to form the Katar Sector Alliance.

After Etzan V'klor killed his father and claimed the Tarkan throne, the Empire proposed a truce to defeat the Tyranny. With the Dominatus becoming increasingly dedicated to their fight against the Delpha Coalition of Planets and their Delcath front undefended, Katarian forces overran the undefened Dominatus worlds in lower Katar. After pushing the Dominatus out of the sector the Katar Sector Alliance declared victory on December 31st 2793.

Lightning War Edit

Main page: Lightning War

First Colonial Age Edit

Gigaquadrantic Conflicts Edit

Political Divisions Edit

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The Katar Sector's political boundaries as of 2802, at the start of the Great Xonexian Schism.

Delcath Edit

A sub-sector of many small, unadvanced empires with a bloody history of war and conquest. Delcath had long been ravaged by the genocidal Mardor and Gargator empires, guarded by the "Protectors" and their successors the Aeoneonatrix prior to their disappearance during the Lightning War. Along with the defeat of the Mardor during Attero Dominatus and the Gargator in the Transwarp War, Delcath now finally lies in a relative peace.

These conditions paved the way for the rise of the Farengeto Republic, and with the formation of the Farengeto Trade Coalition Farengeto now holds a hegemony over most of the subsector.

Farengeto Flag2
Official Name: Farengeto Republic

Creator: Tek0516
Size: 538 systems
Origin: Native
Tier Level: Varies
Military: Farengeto Navy
Government: Farengeto Senate
Leader(s): Eruran Tekar

Member of the Katar Sector Alliance



The Farengeto Republic is a Confederate Republic located primarily in the Delcath Subsector, with territories across the Katar Sector and in the Bunsen Galaxy and Quadrant 82. The Republic is a diverse nation home to dozens of species and an influence spanning hundreds of light years. Formed through a union of empires in 2783, the Republic truly established itself ten years later during Attero Dominatus, setting events into motion which would grow Farengeto into one of greatest powers in the sector.

Farengeto Ezlangei Flag

Official Name: Ezlang Republic
Creator: Zmr,Tek0516
Size: 536 systems, 548 colonies.
Tier Level: 4.1
Government: Farengeto Senate

Protectorate of the Katar Sector Alliance


Once an empire of where order was absolute, the government collapsed in the years after the Lightning War, causing the empire to be split between the Farengeto Republic and the Draconid Imperium.

Farengeto Gargator Flag

Official Name: Gargator Republic
Creator: Aeoneonatrix,Tek0516
Size: ~600 colonies
Origin: Native
Tier Level: 4.1
Military: Banned
Government: Farengeto Senate

Protectorate of the Katar Sector Alliance


Once a genocidal empire of Spodists, following its defeat in the Transwarp War the Gargator Empire is now a territory of the Farengeto Republic. The loss of their homeworld and its political and spiritual leadership has shaken the Gargator, and much of the population has abandoned the old faith, instead embracing a reformed Spodism or giving up their faith entirely.

Mandate Mardor flag

Official Name: Mardor Empire
Creator: Aeoneonatrix
Size: ~400 Systems
Origin: Native
Tier Level: 4.2
Military: none
Government: KSA Mandate

Mandate of the Katar Sector Alliance


Formerly an influential power in Delcath, the Mardor Empire has been reduced to a dominion of 400 systems under occupation by the Katar Sector Alliance.

Former Mardor Territories

Official Name: Former Mardor Territories
Creator: Shared between Charles Murray, Aeoneonatrix, and The Buldier
Size: ~710 Systems
Origin: Native
Tier Level: 4.0
Military: None
Government: Mandate

Mandate of the Katar Sector Alliance


The Former Mardor Territories was founded after the destruction of the Mardor Empire, made up of all the different species which used to be under the heel of the Mardor. It is currently a Mandate under the Katar Sector Alliance, and is thus governed directly by it.

Amphibibot Flag

Official Name: Miperior-Amphibibot Coalition
Creator: Gmfk07 and OpelSpeedster
Size: 687 systems
Origin: Native
Tier Level: 3
Military: Miperiors Militia, ∼600.000 Mk.3 and Mk.4 Amphibibots for ground-based combat, ∼250.000 Mk.5 Amphibibots for spacecraft-based combat
Government: Diarchy
Leader(s): Gmfk the Great and A-000001-M1

Member of the Katar Sector Alliance


  • Currently none

Created in the aftermath of the Lightning War and collapse of Tarkan rule, the formerly occupied Miperiors Empire finally merged with their creations, the likewise liberated Amphibibot Colective. Well within the Faregeto sphere of influence, the Coalition had recently expanded beyond the Katar sector in search of their old allies, the Aeoneonatrix. Upon founding them in the Andromeda Galaxy, their capital mas moved thereforth as the Coalition slowly began to walk it's own path.

The Miperiors are a highly intelligent and very creative race. They can accomplish great feats of engineering and dexterity. Despite their empire's relatively small size, their vast array of technology, agility, and efficiency make them difficult enemies. Their trading with the Aeoneonatrix has both helped them protect others as well as allowing themselves to study Protector technology and thus benefit in research and production. The Amphibibot Collective, meanwhile, is a collective of robots that were initially made to be a companion robot or servant robot, but crashed in a planet while being delivered, only surviving from the built-in AI contained within the ship.

Both sides retain their own government for the moment, though they are increasingly becoming more integrated with one another.


Owned by: Shared
Created by: Ecoraptor3339

Bordering Delcath, Varapha looks extremely similar to it's neighbor, to the point some these two are often considered one by extra-unviversal empires. However one thing set it apart from Delcath: it's huge biodiversity, with leads to the fact that many empires modify this native wildlife for their own uses. It also seems to have small areas of fluidic space in it, with contains many unique, spaceborn lifeforms.

The Scientific Combine of Nakeimato

Official Name: The Scientific Combine of Nakeimato
Creator: Darkwarrior101
Size: 550 systems
Origin: Native
Tier Level: 4.2
Government: Monarchy
Leader: High Druid Lich'Twik



The normally withdrawn Nakeimato, they are natives to the Katar sector and value nature highly. The Nakeimato are notable for their slime creations and army animals created themselves. They are also noted for their continuing research on planet restoration and healing. Once a protectorate of the Waptoria Alliance of Species, they defend nature and their sanctums fiercely. After the Waptorian exodus, the Scientific Combine of Nakeimato re-alligned themselves with the Farengeto Republic and was given important positions within the Katar Sector Alliance. However, following the Lightning War, the Farengeto would begin to administer Nakeimato territories in Lower Katar while the Nakeimato still lay claim to them, resulting in a souring of relations between the two states as the Combine once again found itself in the Waptorian sphere of influence.


Official Name: The Waptoria Alliance of Species
Creator: Ecoraptor
Size: Extragalactic, 960 colonies in sector
Origin: Extragalactic
Tier Level: 2
Military: Biotic Military
Government: Cellular Consensus Democracy
Leader: Decentralised leadership


Bordering the Scientistic Combine of Nakeimato, the Waptoria Alliance of Species are currently the only active empire in the entire Katar Sector. Ecologists dedicated to the preservation of life anywhere in the universe, no matter how outlandish, the Waptoria is responsible for much of the biodiversity in the sector, the maintenance of which they later handed over to the Scientific Combine of Nakeimato, whom they saw as worthy sucessors. The Waptoria shielded the early Combine from harm and stimulated the development of their organic technology, of which the Waptoria themselves are masters, though compared to the Combine the Waptoria generally tend to be less withdrawn and more open to ourside sources. The Katarian Nerve, however, is the exception.

Once banished from the sector, de jure so they could have a greater chance to fight the Drakodominatus Tyranny at home but de facto because they refused to move their administrative capital to the Katar Sector and commit the bulk of their forces to fight the Tyranny there, the Waptoria returned after the general collapse of the Katar Sector Alliance. That these colonists returned when the KSA was in shambles no is accident but rather a statement; those who endure the longest will eventually be the last left standing. Restoring their old colonies and collectively renaming them the Reclamation Nerve, the Waptorians in Katar are unlike those in any other Nerves. Their history is one of strife and displacement, first to the Byzan Sector and the to Tyris Major. This installed in these individuals a rather burning desire to reclaim their old colonies in Katar and a somewhat unjustified resentment of the KSA as a whole, though they remain tight allies with the neightbouring Scientific Combime of Nakeimato.

Maracai Triumvirate

Official Name: The Maracai Triumvirate
Creator: DrFries
Size: 423 systems
Origin: Native
Tier Level: Tier 4.5
Government: Tribal Council
Leader: The Great Gathering


Enemies: Currently none.

As a very traditional culture, the Maracai Triumvirate resembles early tribal societies in many ways. This does not contradict with their rapid technological development though, as knowledge plays a high role in their religion. Despite a brutal conflict with an alien force in the past, they are eager to find other sentient, space-faring civilisations, as long as they are "righteous".

Official Name: The Jum'Ari Empire
Creator: Tholanar
Size: 1000 systems
Origin: Native
Tier Level: Tier 4
Government: Alien Monarchy
Leader: Yth-Ara Emperor Sz'Szhar

Allies: Currently none. Enemies: Currently none.
A highly territorial and secluded empire native to the Katar Sector, populated by the Jummoth race and ruled by a powerful alien emperor. The Jum'Ari show open hostility to any outsider trying to enter their territory and are very distrustful of other empires. Because of their distrustful, paranoid and secretive nature, not very many know much about them or their intentions. They have yet to make any allies or enemies. Notable for their never-ending quest for expansion, greater power and knowledge about the universe.

Vixxaian Nation

Official Name: The Vixaian Nation
Creator: ShredderDX
Size: ~980 systems
Origin: Native
Tier Level: Tier 4
Military: Vixaian Military
Government: Vixaian Government
Leader: High President Magnar Tiill

Allies: None as of yet.


The Vixai highly value knowledge, and the pursuit of knowledge. This dedication has led them through great advances, in every field. This also led to the creation of the Meekals and the Nepatas, who are now citizens of the Vixaian Nation.

They seek foreign friendships, to widen their horizons, and overall to become more powerful as a nation. However, the Nation will put friendship before the gaining of power, usually.

Szor Empire
Official Name: The Szor Empire

Creator: ShredderDX
Size: 820 systems
Origin: Native
Tier Level: 4
Government: Elective Constitutional Monarchy
Leader: Lord Sven Acht

Allies: None

Enemies: None

The Szor Empire is the living epitome of the warrior archetype. They kill not for conquest, neither for wealth, nor for pride. War is used as a tool, a tool with widespread uses and end results. This is the wisdom that guides the Szor Empire: most problems can be solved with war, but not all wars have death.
However, they seek others to aid them to further their Cause. The Szors understand that alone, weakness ensues, but united, strength grows.

Lower KatarEdit

Owned by: GreatDestroyer12

Tarkan Empire Flag
Official Name: Grand Tarkan Empire

Creator: Charles Murray
Size: ~4,000 systems
Origin: Native
Tier Level: 4
Military : Tarkan Imperial Army
Government: Imperial Monarchy
Leader: Gran Beyvik Etzan V'klor


  • ...


A feudalistic imperial monarchy headed by a "Gran Beyvik," the Grand Tarkan Empire is a long-standing military and political power in Lower Katar. Thanks to the Tyranny and Lightning wars, it has expanded greatly.

United Free Peoples Flag
Official Name: United Free Peoples Coalition

Creator: Charles Murray
Size: 60k systems (1393 in sector)
Origin: Andromeda Galaxy
Tier Level: 2.9
Military: People's Liberation Army
Government: Emergency Coalitionary Government
Leader: Gustavus Ikeben

Founding Member of the Katar Sector Alliance



A nation of escaped slaves of the Drakodominatus Tyranny, the United Free Peoples Coalition (FPC for short) is quickly growing to become a galactic power. They managed to repurpose the factories they used to work in to produce materials and starships for them, which allowed them to wage war against their former oppressors. Thanks to the martial skills of their leader, Gustavus Ikeben, their campaigns have met with astounding success despite all odds.

Drodo Sector Edit

Owned by: Operation Marines

Drodo Empire Flag
Official Name: Dominion of the Drodo

Creator: Operation Marines
Size: 9000 systems (18 000 with colonies)
Origin: Native
Tier Level: 3.1
Military: Drodoian Armed Forces
Government: Representative Democracy
Leader(s): Premier Harponis

Founding Member of the Katar Sector Alliance



The Drodo Empire is somewhat new to the Gigaquadrant scene. But is however expanding its territory and knowledge at a rapid rate through war, diplomacy, and discovery. The Drodo can be your greatest allies, possibly even your saviours, or your greatest enemies, and could easily be your demise. They have a massive industrial capacity and about 5000 star systems.

Axis Edit

Owned by: The Buldier
Axis is the astrographical center of the Katar Sector. It is mainly managed by the United Federation of Species (dubbed as USF), and its colonies.

United Federation of Species
Official Name: United Federation of Species

Creator: The Buldier
Size: 70000 systems (about 1000 in this sector)
Origin: Extra-universal
Tier Level: 2.7
Military: Army
Government: Government
Leader(s): Aranelia Brinal

Member of the Katar Sector Alliance



The Federation, also known like the USF, is a democratic and commonly peaceful empire. Dedicated to technological development and peace in the universe, the Federation has many allies and enemies in the Gigaquadrant.

Watchta Edit

Owned by: Nobody!

Watchta is a small subsector on the far end of the Katar Sector, isolated from the other civilizations for the most part.

(Note: This sector is now open for anyone to use, I just ask that if you put a fiction here, you make an honest effort of maintaining it. I don't want a graveyard here. | Farewell and best wishes to this community. - OfficerJackal)

Eagula Edit

Owned by: Aquilo
Main article: Eagula Region

Eagula is a regional sector within the Katar Sector of the Milky Way known for it's broad culture and it's primary occupant, the Sindar Dominion. It is home to many hundreds of species and is dominated by a powerful industrial base.

Official Name: Sindar Dominion

Creator: Aquilo
Size: ~2100 systems
Origin: Native
Tier Level: 3.4
Military: Military
Leader(s): Emperor Corranis

Member of the Katar Sector Alliance


  • No major allies


The Sindar Dominion is a strong power within the Katar Sector controls the region of space known as the Eagula Region. The Dominion is known for being a broad capitalist and industrial power.

Official Name: The Torcen Hordes
Creator: Aquilo
Size: ~19 systems
Origin: Unknown galaxy in Hyrda supercluster
Tier Level: Tier U
Military: Full extent unknown
Leader(s): Unknown

A race of violent and twisted warriors who arrived in this galaxy escaping unknown trouble in their own galaxy millions of lightyears away in the Hydra supercluster. After travelling for thousands of years they colonized a region of space in the Eagula region. They are very dangerous and incredibly reclusive.

Official Name: Thérenian Dominion
Creator: Jepardi
Size: ~500 systems
Origin: Cyrannus Galaxy
Tier Level: 3.0
Military: Dominion Navy
Government: Autocracy
Leader(s): Praetor La'isran, Empress S'hin Tl'ara



A prominent empire hailing from the Unknown Regions of the Cyrannus Galaxy. They established a stable foothold right next to the border of the Sindar Dominion during their Milky Way campaign. Originally allies of the Tyranny, the Dominion started a war against them and joined the Sindar in hopes of pushing the Tyranny away from the Eagula Region.

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