We will dominate for the Grox.
Created out what remained of the Chassinras, the Cashriinox are one of the leading species, and the most common. They are rarely ever seen, and most, even the Cult of Attzerry, believes they are a myth.

We are your salvation through your assimilation.
Created out what remained of the Locrin-Noth, the Locrinox are one of the leading species. While excellent ship builders, Locrinox are nowadays used for heavy combat in both melee and ranged. They are believed to be a myth, like the others, but there are slightly more reports of them than of the others.

Creations, accept assimilation! Make us whole!
Created out what remained of the Alimibics, the Alimox are one of the leading species. Their essence abilities are upgraded by the Grox. Like the rest, they are rarely ever seen, and believed to be a myth.

For Kashii'Rishas!
Enlightened Ones infected by a mysterious virus, and unable to die. While the virus was created as a test by the Dark One, they now guard the relics of the Enlightened Ones on orders of Kashrii'Rishas.

Obstacles must be cleaned.
The Tathriine are a race created by Dormunca. They are now used by the Cashriinox as their main soldiers. They are an organic brain put into battle suits.

The Razoto are stolen and reprogrammed Tralix warbots. They come in all forms and shapes, ranging from troopers to huge vehicles. They are robots, with various computer programs inside one body, in order to make the Razoto operate better.


I am in charge now.
Kashii'Rishas is the creator of the Alpha Grox and the Bachyeon. Technically the first Chassinrox, he uploaded himself into an AI after the Enlightened One-Alpha War. After the Destruction of the Chassinrox General, he returned, and now rules the Cashriinox Collective.

Destroying me changes nothing. I nothing but a conduit.
One of the oldest Chassinrox created, the Chassinrox General differed from other Chassinrox, having a shorter body and various insectoid limbs. He served a vessel for Kashii'Rishas to control while Kashii himself was hibernating.


The Collective were created when the Grox invaded the Enlightened Ones, and assimilated them. Soon afterwards, they changed the DNA of these assimilated, turning them into the species the Collective now has. The Collective then invaded secret Enlightened Ones' hideouts, while the (Alpha) Grox and the Bachyeon destroyed what remained of the rest. After this, they ventured into the core, not to be seen for thousands of years.


The beings in the Collective have little personality left, and as such, have no culture.


The Collective is aggressive to anything non-Grox allied thing around them. They are however, secretive, and are rarely ever seen.


The technology of the Collective is advanced, as it mixes the Enlightened One's tech with the Tech of the Grox. It should be noted that is lacks the organic parts of the Enlightened Ones, as this is replaced with self-repairing Grox tech.


Cashriinox military is very advanced, and uses Battle Droids and Machines as their main force, with the Chassinrox, Locrinox and Alimox themselves acting as elite troops.


Green face.png Masters[]

Ally detected. Serve.

Blue face.png Neutral[]

We work together, for the Grox.

  • Conqrix - Serve the Grox. Serve us also.
  • Grox Followers - Serve the Grox.
  • Marinox Empire - Serve the Grox.
  • Cult of Attzerry - The use of organics is useless. Serve the Grox one the less.

Yellow face.png Neutral[]

Make your case.

Orange face.png Hated[]

Weapons online for Stand-By.

Red face.png Enemies[]

Weapons loaded and ready.

  • Enlightened Ones - You are the past, we are the future!
  • WAOS - Rejoin your creators.
  • UFG - Rejoin your creations.
  • Zarbania Powers - Rejoin your creators.


We are unsure of our secretive fellow Holy Warriors. However, despite their secretive nature, we shall work toegether.

- Supremius of the Grox Folowers