The Kajagii Covenant's government is run and ruled by the Jesalital Caste. The government and the religious body are deeply intertwined, giving the main religion of the Covenant much more power and authority within the governmental branches and the commoner Castes. The highest authority is the Grand Council, which operates under the Despot-Emperor. Under all of this, are the organized Ministries that handle religious, political and doctrinal needs.

Overall Edit

Despot-Emperor Edit

Always a Tiokel, the Despot-Emperor hails from the Xith Dynasty, the current and so far only family that has ruled the Covenant for all it's years. The Emperor's title contains the power of executive decisions, to overrule the High council, and to direct and execute the strategies of war. He appoints the Imperial Advisory council, and hears their decisions before going to war. His decisions are final, and his word is considered nothing less then divine mandate for the Kajagii Covenant and all within their borders. He is the highest ranking military commander, grandest religious hierarch, highest governmental authority, and commands from the Sublime Palace of Agria.

Grand Council Edit

The Grand Council is the central Council that serves as the Theocratic and Aristocratic government that deals with the most high decisions of the Covenant. Placed with Judicial and Legislative power, the Grand Council supports the Despot-Emperor in his rulership, and ordains his heir. To oppose the choosing of a new Emperor is a dangerous thing for the Grand Council, essentially making them little more then glorified approval stampers for the Emperor. The Council is made up of the rulers of the Systems and worlds within the Covenant, and is made up of the Tiokel and Judicators race.

Any beings of higher position, such as military and other bodies, that commit what is considered the deepest sins of errors and heresies, are often handled by the Grand Council, with their punishment voted upon by the various aristocrats and theocrats that rule the Covenant.

Every member is voted for by the world they represent, and approved by the Emperor himself. The Grand Council is further overseen by the Grand Vizier, the highest ranking authority second to the Emperor himself.

Religious affairs Edit

Council of Doctrinal Deeds Edit

The Council of Doctrinal Deeds handled the religious purity and the implications of interactions with certain races, and how it would effect the Way of the Dark and it's followers. It also oversees the deeds and actions of certain worshippers of point, and recommended awards and payment based on this.

Ministry of Ideology Edit

The Ministry of Ideology were masters over the religious loyalty of populations, the strength of the faith of various leaders, and handled the secret police and Inquisition of the Covenant, as well as along with exegetics, applied hermeneutics and philology. They also handled dealing with the worst alien parasites, such as the Bio-Morphlings.

Ministry of Ancients Edit

This Ministry handled the study of ancient relics and culture of various Precursors, and what their existence could mean for the origins and power of the Covenant, and what it could mean for future developments in the Covenant. It also deals with the balanced distribution of Precursor relics to the rest of the Covenant's member species.

Ministry of Interposition Edit

The Ministry handled the acquisition and basic overview of Precursor artifacts and reliquaries. The Ministry employed various types of Zealot teams to secure these relics, and dealing with any potential foes that could stand in the way.

Council of Essence Edit

The Council of Essence worked to study and master Essence abilities among the Judicators race, and taught other races some Essence abilities and powers to serve the Covenant. It handled the relics and artifacts of the Covenant's Judicator Mystics, and also held the libraries of their essence knowledge and of other essence schools of thought.

Governmental Affairs Edit

Ministry of Representation Edit

This Ministry handled the representation of the Ryeathiin Caste and it's members and newly conquered species, and making certain their needs and such were meet by the Covenant's government, and handling problems and political interests.

Ministry of Intermingling Edit

The Ministry of Intermingling handled the integration and discovery of new races, and converting them to the Way of the Dark, and beginning the process of the integrating and bringing in new races, and handling diplomacy with their members towards other groups, and studying them for special needs. They also handled the maintaining of Missionary Ships, and the payments due to the Jakary Pirates and Tulek Raiders for the slaves and other bounties they bring in, and overseeing the basic decorum and conduct within their colonies and such.

Military Edit

Council of Warmasters Edit

This faction is made up of the highest ranking members of the military Caste, all of them having attained the rank of "Bashi" and act as the leader of their designated Corps. This rank is reserved for the professional and fully integrated military forces of the Covenant, not their irregular or mercenary forces. The Jarwajaraya, the various Janissary Corps, Vorinuk, Ghulams, Mamlukes and the Duriqaba Lancers all received a Bashi, who acted the supreme authority on their strategies and movements, and saw to the logistics of outfitting and training each group. Further, the group was made up of the highest ranking Grand Admirals from each Sector of Covenant space, 6 in total, and overseen by the Vizier of the Army, and the Vizier of the Navy, appointed by the Emperor in a similar manner to the Grand Vizier.

Great Houses Edit

House of Xith Edit

  • Symbol - White Skull on a Black background.

House of Zegif Edit

  • Symbol - Green Serpent against Red fire.

House of Abau Edit

  • Symbol - Black Crocodile against a White Background

House of Avun Edit

  • Symbol - Grey Canine against a blue background.

House of Befil Edit

  • Symbol - Red Dragon against silver crystal.
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