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Most soldiers are made up of levies and volunteers, recruited from the members that make up the warrior caste, and who are designated as martially fit by their Kajagii Masters. Further assisting them are auxiliaries from the Jakary Pirates and other groups who, while not part of the Empire, answer to it and provide their forces to it in times of need. Essentially, anyone designated of this Caste could arrive at the barracks in times of war and be trained and stepped in the culture of soldiery.

As par their position, the Soldiers are given regular salaries, pension plans and, for some, the right to loot from enemy settlements and cities after battle, and are often awarded certain spoils based on their position and rank in battle.

Slave Soldiers Edit

A practice started by Xith the Conqueror, and expanded by his descendants, Xith the Brutal and Xith the Magnanimous, the practice of slave soldiers was essentially, originally, an easy way to keep conquered populations in check by removing many of their fighting men and placing them in other locations, allowing the Covenant to impose their laws upon the conquered, and get them used to being ruled. Under the Brutal, the Kajagii expanded the practice into less security forces and the like, and actual professional warriors.

Every five years, the representatives of the Covenant with gather from subject races, and their slave markets gathered by their vassals, to chose from among the physically strongest and most obedient, those who will become slave soldiers. Based on their expertise and skills, they will end up in one of three corps to serve a certain house; The Janissaries, Mamluks, or Ghulams.

Unlike many soldiers, the slave soldiers are property of their Tiokel House that buys them, with the exception of the Ghulams. As such, all of them are trained and indoctrinated to serve their house with unflinching loyalty and strength in combat. Each wears uniforms, armor and death masks based on the symbol of their house. Janissaries loyal to the House of Xith, for example, bear chest armor and masks based on Serpents and snakes.

The use of slave soldiers is distrusted by the majority of the warriors in the Covenant, who feel the Janissaries and such are more loyal to their "owner" houses and not the Covenant as a whole. The Emperor uses this distrust to keep the two at odds, so one branch will not have more power then the other.

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Among the various soldiery of the Covenant, there a number of ranks that are used broadly by all members to designate experience, academy level of education and other factors. The starting rank after joining the barracks or Martial Fields, is the rank of Iut, beings who have only just started their training and expertise with armaments. After their standard training is over, they receive the rank of Kucuk, roughly equivalent to Private. They are physically, mentally and pragmatically the lowest ranking and often weakest of the forces of the Covenant. Next in line, are the Binbasi, equivalent to Sergeants, who often lead squads of Kucuk troops on their own and in field missions. After, are the Yuksek soldiers, the highest possible field rank amongst the frontline infantry, and equivalent to Lieutenant. Many Yuksek will answer to the highest possible rank for most soldiers, the Pasoon, an official/soldier who is given command of a Segment of the army, and is equivalent to a Commander. After is the Bashi, or Warmaster, the highest ranking figure of all types of that infantry, as the Janissary Bashi, Jarwajaraya Bashi, etc.

Rank is near universal, with a Mamluk Yuksek able to command Janissary Binbasi or Jarwjaraya Kucuks.

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Jarwa Kucuk

Jarwajaraya Kucuk

  • Weapons - Varies, usually Plasma Rifles, Crystalline Launchers.
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor, Non-Phasic Shielding.

The Jarwajaraya are the frontline foot troops and basic Troopers of every Covenant army, made up of mostly Tiokel, Ferkora, and Tulverii, and other races deemed "Extremely Martially Fit", a designation typically meaning warrior races that are not just strong in body and mind, but actively cultivate warrior attitudes. The Jarwajaraya act as the professional core upon which the armies are based, and are the best forces the Covenant can deploy outside of special forces and slave warriors.

Jarwajaraya are usually armed with Plasma Rifles, as well as hardlight weapons and various other short-barreled weapons, allowing them to move quickly in boarding actions without large weapons and munitions to way them down and get in the way. As such, most of their weapons are usually the size of a adult male forearm. As weapons vary from member to member, it allows these squadrons to adapt as they fight.

The Jarwajaraya receive heavy armor and power shields to accomplish their tasks, and take to battle with utmost eagerness, eager to prove their worth and show their loyalty and faith to the Empire. Like most soldiers, they are loyal to the Emperor and Covenant as a whole, not to individual houses and families. When the various Clans and families (Non-aristocratic ones) are called to bring their sons and daughters to war, many young ones go with their brothers or cousins to the same barracks, creating a strong sense of family among them.

Amongst the Council of Warmasters, the Jarwarjaraya is represented by a Bashi.

  • Jarwajaraya Kucuk
  • Jarwajaraya Binbasi
  • Jarwajaraya Yuksek
  • Jarwajaraya Pasoon
  • Jarwajaraya Bashi

  • Weapons - Plasma Rifles
  • Defenses - Armor.

Yalarya are foot troops raised to support and act as auxiliaries for the rest of the army. Unlike the Farwajaraya, they are not made up of volunteers or those considered martially fit, but lesser races who act as a light auxiliary support for the Jarwajaraya and other field troops. Though not as effective as the Jarwajaraya Troopers, Yalarya help with boarding actions, lend much needed fire support and patrol, and allow the Jarwajaraya to focus on the most important tasks and missions that the Kajagii Covenant will need them to partake in.

Armed only with either Plasma Pistols or Rifles, their equipment basic so that the Jarwajaraya Troopers will have the best picks for weapons. This, given their large squad numbers and easy method to train, allows them to drown their foes in volumes of fire, though their aim is rather subpar compared to the Jarwajaraya.

Yalarya wear basic combat armor over his shoulders and legs, and tough leather over their arms, abdomen and a leather helmet. It is basic and dependable, but does it's job, mostly. Due to their service, the Yalarya are offered by their lords lands and estates to hold after their service was done, and also given jobs in labor, maintaining bridges, and guarding baggage and logistics trains.

Due to their lower position, Yalaryas receive no Bashi on the Council of Warmasters.

  • Yalarya Kucuk
  • Yalarya Binbasi
  • Yalarya Yuksek
  • Yalarya Pasoon

  • Weapons - Shotguns, Swords
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor.

The first ranks of Janissaries, the Cemaat Janissaries are frontier troops and forward units of the Kajagii Model Legions. The Cemaat Janissary manned forward outposts, fortifications, and protected forward colonies that did not have full military forces yet. Their role was to command, lead and direct Vorniuk Troopers, Mortol Militia, and other low-paid security forces on planets, giving some sense of professionalism to them, and also keeping them in line, as they are infamously ill-behaved. As with all Janissaries, they are drawn from conquered and nearby enemies, these ones chosen for the ability to handle harsh terrain, survive close-combat and quick-thinking and survival skills.

Cemaat Janissaries often use shotguns and swords for their close combat roles, as, while they are not a close quarters heavy infantry force, they often find themselves fighting in cities, buildings and forested areas, requiring they get in close, and often using ambush tactics, a strange thing for Janissaries, given their aggression and propensity for battle. Swords are commonly used to cut down their foes and cleave through them.

Cemaat Janissaries have basic heavy armor, capable of protecting them, while not impeding movement if they are on the frontier and in harsh terrain. Among the Janissaries, they are the ones most prone to thinking independently, and are used to operating without a commander to oversee them, while still maintain the professional quality expected for them by their house lords. Due to time spent far away from the Houses they serve, they have less loyalty to them, and more to their commanders.

All Janissaries, regardless of their position, are represented by the Bashi of the Janissaries.

  • Cemaat Janissary Kucuk
  • Cemaat Janissary Binbasi
  • Cemaat Janissary Yuksek
  • Janissary Pasoon
  • Janissary Bashi

Support Infantry Edit

Azanii Kucuk
  • Weapons - Beam Rifles, Carbines
  • Defenses - Light Armor

Azanii, meaning "Untouched", are the unmarried youths of Covenant society, who are taken into the military during war time, as light support infantry. The Azanii are deployed to support their heavy infantry and frontline counterparts with destructive blasts of long range sniper fire. As part of their recruitment, every Azanii is required to bring their own weapons and armor, and as such, many from the frontier often pass their weapons and equipment from father to son, while enterprising ones will steal from fallen foes. As part tradition, they are made up entirely of Tiokel members.

Azanii are armed with either Beam Rifles or Carbines, depending on what they receive from their commander after some basic training. The Azanii do what they can, providing covering fire and eliminating targets at long range, but generally avoid direct combat due to not having the best armor.

They have light armor Flak Vests and pants, designed to protect them from fire at long range, and allow them to move through enemy territory easily. They carry much of their equipment in backpacks along with them during travel, often keeping rations, trinkets that catch their eye, and secondary tracking and camo gear with them. Due to their frontier lifestyle, they are seen as rough, ignorant and crude, but effective soldiers never the less.

Due to being Irregulars, they have no Bashi on the Council of Warmasters.

  • Azanii Kucuk
  • Azanii Binbasi
  • Azanii Yuksek
  • Azanii Pasoon.

  • Weapons - Blaster Rifles
  • Defenses - Light Armor, Chainmail.

Vorinuk are the local militia and military forces of conquered areas of space, retrained and given high positions within occupied territory to ensure their loyalty, and ensure they maintain discipline and order among newly conquered populations. They further act as support for the Kajagii Covenant's armies, and fighting on the frontlines with the rest of the forces to fight against their foes. Vorinuks are famous for being from outside religious groups and religions, and not following the traditional religion of the Haruspex Prophets, and hold land, farming and animal breeding.

In battle, Vorinuk are armed with Blaster Rifles, deploying them to lay down supportive fire for Janissaries, Jarwajaraya, and other heavy and frontline infantry units, though mostly avoid combat directly on their own. They wear light Flak Armor and chainmail. While not the most protective, it is useful in maintaining defense and keeping these troops alive to deliver punishing blaster rounds onto their foes.

Vorniuk are usually recruited in the first few years of occupation, and kept and maintained throughout the years as security. After they are integrated into the larger empire, these Vorinuk units are maintained, and their numbers kept up, but newer members will be inlisted in infantry forces such as the Jarwajaraya or Janissaries, based on their position and religious standing and all.

Vorinuk, given their privileged position compared to other military units in the Covenant of their status, receive a Bashi to represent them on the Council of Warmasters, and further is designed specifically to see to the needs of Veteran and older Vorinuk units who have been intergrated into the Empire, and newer ones to ensure their needs are meet.

  • Vorinuk Kucuk
  • Vorinuk Binbasi
  • Vorinuk Yuksek
  • Vorinuk Pasoon.
  • Vorinuk Bashi.

  • Weapons - Carbines, Pistols, Energy Sword
  • Defenses - Light Armor.

Pirate Raiders from the Vassal state of Jakary are often sent to assist the Covenant and make war upon their enemies. These Pirate Raiders are eager for loot, objects and baubles to bring to their personal fortunes and vaults, and other bits of loot for themselves, such as slaves and such. Though they would prefer to take slaves for themselves, the Jakary have learned far greater rewards to sell their slaves to their masters within the Kajagii, regardless of their own greed or want for the slaves for themselves. This want for rewards is greater then the training and indoctrination other soldiers go through.

Often armed with Carbines, the Jakary will often provide long range support to their comrades, firing powerful, penetrating rounds that few forms of armor or protection could protect them from. Other times, when they decide or get particularly bloodthirsty to use their pistols and Energy Swords, using them to hack their targets to pieces. The Jakary will often hack at their targets even after they have fallen dead, careless of degree of their injuries. Despite this, they have light armor, that barely protects except for their vital parts.

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Heavy Infantry Edit

  • Weapons - High-powered Beam Rifles, Shatter Matchlock
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor

Sekban Janissaries are the most commonly seen Janissaries of the Covenant. They are frontline shock troopers, line breakers and the powered fist of the Kajagii Covenant's Houses. Sekban Janissaries are among the most deadly and common of Janissaries, elite soldiers trained from the age of 5, and readied for battle in any condition, be it snow-filled mountains, endless deserts or lush jungles. They are filled with a fanatical devotion to their Lords, and prepared by their trainers. Sekban Janissaries' home is the barracks, their Lords are their parents, and their religion is the Covenant as a whole.

Sekban Janissaries are armed with High-Powered Beam Rifles, heavy, clumsy but powerful energy rifles, that fire slashing, cutting beams that can project directed beams of plasma into their targets. Unlike the Beam Rifles used by snipers, these are designed for mid-ranged combat. The other weapon is a Shatter Matchlock, a weapon designed to pierce and penetrate shields and ignore power shielding.

These Janissaries wear heavy armor, designed to absorb damage and even allow them to walk away even from grenades. The chest piece, wrist and death mask they wear reflect the house they serve, replicating serpents, dragons, wolves and other animals to add to their fearsome visage. The Janissaries usually do not take off their masks around outsiders, and only in their barracks. Due to loyalty to their house, and not the Covenant, most warriors distrust the Janissaries, and believe them disloyal.

  • Sekban Janissary Kucuk
  • Sekban Janissary Binbasi
  • Sekban Janissary Yuksek
  • Janissary Pasoon
  • Janissary Bashi

  • Weapons - High-Powered Beam Rifles, Powered Maces and Mauls
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor.

The Ghulams are the third of the Slave soldier types recruited by the Kajagii, and made up of the tougher, frontier-inhabiting slaves. However, these ones usually exceed certain size and weight requirements, thus making them incapable of joining the Mamluks, and as such, are assigned to the Ghulam Training Houses. Though similar, their training and ideals are largely different from Janissaries, who, while filling a number of roles, Ghulams are meant to breach enemy lines and for close, ugly combat with foes.

Ghulams are armed with High Powered Beam Rifles, designed to heat up faster, but do more damage, and shred targets at closer ranges, but require more time to cool down. Many of them carry Power Mauls and Maces, meant to crumble armor and skulls like tin cans, and produce gravitational fields to send enemies flying back a few feet away. They wear heavy, baroque armor, restricting their movement, but perfect for the close quarters combat they are trained for.

Ghulams are stoic and fierce in battle, rarely speaking, even to each other, and simply lumbering forward, while sometimes giving certain hand gestures and body communications to one another, preferring never to speak out loud. They are trained in the households and personal holdings of the Emperor, making them loyal to him, but are often giving to high ranking lords to both guard them, and keep track of their loyalties and any rebellious attitudes.

The Ghulams receive a Bashi on the Council of Warmasters, who often has an interpreter to speak for him during Council meetings.

  • Ghulam Kucuk
  • Ghulam Binbasi
  • Ghulam Yuksek
  • Ghulam Pasoon
  • Ghulam Bashi

  • Weapons - Wrist-Mounted Beamers, Wrist Rockets
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor.

Created by the Tiokel to serve their Dynastial rulers, the Xith War Droids are heavy, powerhouse forces meant to act as shock troops and frontal line breakers to crush the forces of the Emperor and the Covenant. As important to the defense and expansion of the Kajagii Covenant as their Janissary Corps, the Xith War Droids are capable of facing nearly any foe in battle, be it other heavy infantry, other droids and most other foes. Built to be heavily armored, and capable of withstanding any punishment, the Xith War Droids are built to clear out any foes that may prove too difficult even for their Janissaries to overcome.

Their main weapons are Wrist-Mounted Beamers, powerful laser weapons that fire cutting beams of plasma at their targets to slice through armor, flesh and bone without difficulty, along with using powerful Wrist Rockets to batter down heavy targets. Such powerful weapons use a lot of energy, and, along with their heavy, near-missile proof and reflective surface armor, use a lot of energy, and they must deploy quickly and destroy their foes before their energy can out.

Though most War Droids were incapable of independent thought and action without orders, their leaders, the Corps Commanders were powerful leaders, and capable of independent thought and action, and able to give direction and orders to their lower ranking counterparts. The highest ranked where the personal guards of the Emperor, and named the Crimson Levantinos, and used Essence technology to assist in their art of killing, and where considered fully sentient by the standards of the Covenant, even more intelligent then Corps Commanders.

  • Corps Droid
  • Corps Sergeant
  • Corps Commander
  • The Crimson Levantinos.

Special Forces Edit

Royal Guards Edit

  • Weapons - High Powered Beam Rifles, Grenade Launchers
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor, Non-Phasic Shields.

The third ranking of the Janissaries, Beylik Janissaries are those that patrol the palaces of the Kajagii Covenant's worlds, from Argai to the Gardens of Tofithel. Their position is strangest, as while they act as palace guards, they are not technically loyal to the Emperor, like the Sekban Ranks, still fighting and baring the loyalty to their House that bought them. They are among the most elite Janissaries, patrolling the palace grounds, and travelling with the Emperor when he leads the armies of the Covenant personally.

Like the Sekban, the Beylik Janissaries are armed with High Powered Beam Rifles to strike down their targets with beams of plasma. The Beylik Janissaries also come with Grenade Launchers, hand mortars that can send small scale explosive bombs into their targets to deal with large crowds and heavily armored targets.

Beylik Janissaries wear heavy, ornate armor, and bear Non-Phasic Shields. They are more durable then the other Janissaries, and can take much more punishment. Despite their powerful equipment and abilities, they are considered less skilled then the Sekban and Cemaat Janissary corps, and are kept inline by the Tabardariyya, the Emperor's true royal guards. The Emperor only uses them, as it is considered unseemly for him to be without the "gifts" of the various Houses while on the field.

  • Beylik Janissary Kucuk
  • Beylik Janissary Binbasi
  • Beylik Janissary Yuksek
  • Janissary Pasoon
  • Janissary Bashi

  • Weapons - Two-handed Axes
  • Defenses- Heavy Armor

Cavalry Edit

  • Weapons - Sabers, Beam Pistols
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor

The Mamluks are a separate but similar slave soldier caste to the Janissaries, raised from frontier and nomadic tribal aliens and tougher slaves taken at a young age, and trained thoroughly in war and battle. Unlike Janissaries and Ghulams, who recruitment is standardized and part of a centralized process, the rate at which Mamluks took new members is proportional to need and the ability to recover from causalities. As par their training, they avoid any alcoholic beverages, recreational drugs or sex, and live out on frontier worlds, hunting and fishing.

Mamluks ride on Horse-like creatures into battle, tough and heavy beasts that are breed and trained to be aggressive and loyal. Though usually prone to a massed cavalry charge and bringing their Blades into play against enemy infantry, many use Beam Pistols to fire off some rounds before they charge, experts at aiming and keeping a steady hand even while riding on rough terrain. Both mount and rider wear heavy, durable plated armor, designed to deflect solid projectiles on the charge, and reduce beam and plasma damage.

Mamluks are loyal and courageous troops, and though given Tiokel and other Kajagii names as part of their recruitment, they are set free right after training is complete, and are allowed to send parts of their salary back to their families back home. Despite this, nothing distracts from their fearsome and savage loyalty to the Emperor and the Covenant. Unlike Janissaries, they are bought and loyal to a number of Knight-like orders and such, not Houses or Families.

The Mamluks are represented on the Council of Warmasters by a Bashi.

  • Mamluk Kucuk
  • Mamluk Binbasi
  • Mamluk Yuksek
  • Mamluk Pasoon
  • Mamluk Bashi

  • Weapons - Wrist Beamer, Energy Lances
  • Defenses - Reflective Ceramic Armor.

Tima Kucuk

A Timapahi Kucuk

  • Weapons - Blaster Rifles, Energy Lances
  • Defenses - Reflective Ceramic Armor, Energy Shields.

The Timapahi are a heavy cavalry unit of the Tiokel, made up of their elite and best landowners and knightly figures. The Timapahi are elite warriors and fighters, trusted by the Tiokel Emperors to be their elite fighters and shock troops. Made up of the first and second-born sons of the various Houses, the Timapahi are taken at a young age, after their fifth birthday, and sent to train with the other horsemen. There, they are trained to be the best and utmost loyal troops of the Kajagii, no matter what they must face.

Derived only from Tiokel households, the Timaphai received the best field rifles to use while riding into battle, and also use heavy Energy Lances to charge into their targets and skewer them on Lance points, these spears further modified with an energy field to break and shatter vehicle armor with ease. The Tiokel further dress themselves in heavy Ceramic armor, along with their mounts, allowing them to reflect energy weapon, while having energy shields to make them largely immune to projectile damage.

Timapahi are considered the Right Hand of the Emperor, with Janissaries often described as the Left Hand. Though the Timapahi regard themselves as better then the Ghulams and Mamluks, they have a strong disdain and hatred for the Janissaries. Very few things can equal the grudge the two hold for each other, Timapahi are brotherhood of richer Tiokel warriors, the Janissaries, often being lower class and slaves in background. The two clash very few times, but when they do, it is certain to be bloody.

  • Timapahi Kucuk
  • Timapahi Binbasi
  • Timapahi Yuksek
  • Timapahi Pasoon
  • Timapahi Bashi

  • Weapons - Blaster Rifles, Swords
  • Defenses - Light Armor.

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