The Covenant was formed in the ancient Twilight eons when the Mendel first arose. Many species were driven to extinction, others fled the warpath of the Pact, seeking whatever place they could hide. In the shadows of the galaxy, they found themselves in the thrall of powers possibly far worse then the Pact...

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The Kajagii Covenant is a Hegemonic, semi-theocratic dictatorship made up of races formerly thought driven to extinction by the ancient Kulaung warriors under the First Kulaung Empire. Many fleeing to the Eastern Sphere of Mirus, they found themselves forcibly brought into the fold of two kingdoms, the Kingdom of Agria, ruled by the despot Xith I, the Conquer, and a mysterious group known as the "Haruspex". After much negotiation, these three groups were brought together, and their unification finally came about under the Haruspex, and Xith the Second. Since that day, the Covenant has existed in Eastern Mirus, but, most importantly, the focus of many of the species' aggression, the Kulaung, was twisted by the Haruspex.

This need for vengeance, has turned them into unwitting pawns of their masters, used to wage war upon any that oppose the titanic Covenant's will, as the Xith dynasty commands with an iron fist. Though major moves have yet to be made, the Covenant remains a dangerous foe, the only thing keeping Eastern Mirus, and Mirus in general, safe, is the remote location the Covenant finds itself in. Ultimately, the hatred for the modern Mendel Empire is merely a tool to keep most of their servant races and the like under control, and a mere tool to keep their leaders in charge.

History Edit

Formation Edit

Many races were forced to abandon their homelands and worlds when the First Kulaung Empire arose to conquer and take that which they desired with force. Few could match their martial excellence. Races like the Ferkora, Kutar, Tholar and Kovota, were driven from their homeworlds and forced to flee from the enslavement and misery that awaited the other conquered races, such as the Jrekalian. A long trek into the inhospitable Eastern half of Mirus took it's toll on them, each fleet of survivors joining together to survive and assist each other. The Frekora constructed better survival gear for work outside of ships for the other races, as the Kovota introduced starlight drives that leaked far less radiation, making them much safer.

Argai Discovery

The Fleets under the command of the future Covenant-Emperor Xith discover Argai Station, the future capital of the Covenant.

The leaders decided however, to head for a safer port, hoping another race may let them join their empire and finally find safe land for them to inhabit. In their travels, they encountered a mysterious race known as the Haruspex, who stated they could offer them safe habor and worlds of their own, if they would agree to allow the Haruspex to rule them. The various aliens were unsure, but with supplies and fuel running low, and few other options agreed, signing various treaties with them.

Haru execution

Xith the Conqueror executes the Haruspex Supreme Prophet, cementing who holds power within the Covenant.

What they did no realize, was that their people had just sold what little freedom they had left to the Haruspex. Brought to a new set of worlds to colonize, the aliens found themselves used as a bargaining chip by the Haruspex in dealing with the Kingdom of Agria, an aggressive warrior-kingdom ruled by Pirate-turned would-be Emperor Xith the Conqueror. In exchange for several dozen races now under his banner, Xith agreed to rule alongside the Haruspex, and together, the refugees were essentially forced into becoming the scions of a new empire, that which became known as the Kajagii Covenant.

The War of Kolan Edit

During it's expansion, the Kajagii Covenant never faced a major threat to it's stability, most of hte minor empires and species of the Kajagii falling to it's superior military strength, afforded to it by the arrival of so many Mendel-created refugees. These troops, led by Tiokel leadership, proved powerful in battle, and more then capable against the Covenant's neighbors. At this time of expansion, the Kajagii Covenant's Haruspex leaders established the Aswanabarii Order, a group of essence-using knights and inquisitors to face an unknown threat coming to their empire.

Xith the Second, or known by his title, the Indomitable, would come to power after the death of his father, and rise to the position of Empire, as the Covenant would come to the Empire of Jar Toda, a region of space ruled by the Empire of Jar Toda, a massive organization ruled by a group of Slug-like beasts, who sought power over the sector. Deciding the Covenant a threat to their own imperialist ambitions, the Jar Toda Empire and it's various slave warriors declared war on the Covenant. The Covenant, ready for this, meet them on the field, their legions of Warriors, horsemen, Janissaries and war droids, clashing with the many slave races the Jar Toda warlords kept at their beck and call.

Harsh battles broke out across space, the fleets of ships clashing in what would be called the War of Kolan, after three battles fought there. Though they had hte power of hte Aswanabarii Order to back them up, the Covenant lost a number of important victories, two of them at Kolan. Knowing they could not risk a third defeat, that would spell an end to their empire, Xith the Indomitable gathered the largest fleet in Covenant history, and lead them to battle personally. The Empire of Jar Toda, lead by their ruler Korvakk the Magnificent, gathered their own fleet, and clash with them. The battle was long and brutal, lasting 5 days as the fleets waged war on one another. The Kajagii Covenant, after striking Korvakk's flagship, managed to cut out communications, and, somehow, the Empire thought Korvakk had died, causing many ships to flee, and for hte troops on the ground to lose their cohesion and discipline.

Taking advantage of this, Emperor Xith gained the advantage, and crushed the fleets of Jar Toda, destroying not only 70% of the Empire's fleets, but costing them their most experienced troops and warriors on the ground. Following the fleet back to it's capital of Jar Toda, Xith blasted much of it's surface to rubble, and forced the Empire to give up much territory to the Covenant, in exchange for prisoners returned and it's survival, but had to give Korvakk to the Covenant.

The Covenant celebrated it's victory with celebrations across it's worlds, especially on Argai. Korvakk was paraded through the streets, and for his war crimes against the Covenant, was branded with marks of shame, and thrown into the deepest dungeons. The Kajagii Covenant declared itself the rulers of the galaxy, and that this was proof of their indomitable might.

Skordi Invasion Edit

The next major hurtle would come to the Covenant in the form of the Skordi Invasions, a massive attack on the Kajagii as they were trying to colonize worlds which linked to worm holes to other parts of the galaxy. From these wormholes, came small ships, full of brutal warriors that harassed and attacked many of the colonies. At first, nothing was thought of it, until one of the ships went back, and days later, a massive invasion force came from the wormhole, lead by a Shadow Skordi warlord named Xortnor the Axe-Striker. Xortnor declared his intent to make the Covenant his own empire, and waged war on them.

Caught unawares by the attack, the Covenant's fleets were devastated at every turn by Xortnor, and he left a swath of conquered worlds, filled with people made into his slaves. Enraged at this, Xith attempted to organize a fleet around Argai to launch a counter attack, when the Fleets of Xortnor arrived near Argai, and began their attack. The battle was brutal, the Covenant taken by surprise, and Xortnor having superior ship numbers on his side.

Launching a boarding invasion, Xortnor lead a boarding invasion of Argai Station, leading his troops personally against the forces of the Covenant. Xith donned his armor, and with Executor Zanith, did battle with the barbarian warlord and his troops. Hard pitched battle began, as the Covenant Station was bombarded and many of it's gardens and sections destroyed. Xortnor and his bodyguards, after clearing through several ranks of Janissaries and other troops, spotted Xith, his bodyguards and Executor Zanith, and charged at him. A fierce duel broke out, that resulted in Xortnor and Xith's bodyguards all falling dead, with him and Zanith forced to battle the beast themselves.

Though difficult, Xortnor finally stabbed in the neck by Zanith, opening him to an attack by Xith, who disemboweled him. Falling dead, Xortnor decapitated the barbarian, and came to the highest point, holding his hand high for all to see. Terrified of their leader's death, Xortnor's forces fell into in-fighting and retreated, now broken, and allowing the Covenant to defeat them.

Not allowing one to escape, the Covenant celebrated their ability to pull victory from the jaws of defeat, and began to reclaim their lost worlds, the Janissaries leading the effort, as the worlds near the wormholes fortified and turned into Fortress Worlds, where many soldiers and weapons were stored to guard against any other possible Skordi invasions.

The Xith Dynasty Edit

As the Xith strengthened their hold, the Haruspex worked to make sure it would remain as such for generations to come. Using psychic abilities and their control over court, education and other matters within the state, the Haruspex ensured the other alien races who had been driven out by the Mendel would, overtime, come to see the Kajagii not as oppressors, but as saviors who had helped save them from Mendel marauders, and given them safe haven and strong leadership under the Xith Dynasty. As such, these members became the iron core of the Covenant, as numerous others who were conquered offered their kind in whatever services the Covenant desired. Xith and it's various rival dynasties ruled over the Kajagii Covenant and it's races, as the Haruspex pulled many strings on their behalf.

In modern times, the third child of the Dynasty Xith the Third, or Xith the Magnanimous, would take over the Covenant and rule over it for one of the strongest times in the Covenant's history, reworking the court systems to better favor less powerful races, and equalizing employment opportunities within all of the ministries and field works of the Covenant.

Traits Edit

Culture Edit

The Covenant is ruled in a strict hierarchy, with the many Mendel-made refugees occupying something of a middle branch as military, economic and religious members who do the bulk of the work, as the mysterious Haruspex and the members of Xith's species, the Tiokel, rule the top branches and command with utmost authority. While the Haruspex handle theocratic matters, the Tiokel handle military and diplomatic matters. Outside of this, the various Vassal and conquered races provide much of the bulk of lower class work and act almost as fodder for their military forces.

Though it is illegal to say as such, most are organized into what essentially boils down to a oppressive Caste system of three different groups. The Asakateri act as members of the military leadership, the Jesalital act as members of the theocracy and leaders of the various Ministries and government offices, and the Ryeathiin, the lower class that act as laborers, slaves and other unworthy acts. While no race is technically bound by the Castes, the fact remains, most are overwhelmingly represented in one Class over another, given the Jesalital, dominated by the Tiokel and Haruspex, much more bias towards their needs over any other.

Though not originally an important facet, the religion of the Haruspex has come to dominate the Covenant, a philosophy dedicated to the Way of the Dark, that dominates the religious believes of the Asakateri and Jesalital Castes, and as such holds the most power, as well as being the most common religion, with others being respected and kept from harm, are never the less not given the same amount of respect or protection as the Way of the Dark.

Outside of this, conflict is actively looked away from, meaning certain racial grievances and ancient rivalries, are not only not worked out and helped diffused like in the Mendel Pact and similar empires, but actively encouraged, not only to keep them at each other's throats, but too weak to oppose their lords and the rest of the government.

"Caste" system Edit

Though not officially called a Caste system, the "class" system that the Kajagii is mostly the same, an oppressive means to keep the various aliens in line and controlled, so the masters of the Covenant may organize it's military forces, as well as keeping aliens marked for the Caste within their caste, regardless if they wish to pursue other careers or not. This keeps the government stocked only with those sympathetic to their interests, as the rest of the species are forced into their career by their lords.

Glory to the Jeslital Caste! It is your duty to see to not only the purity in thought and action of our kin in the other Castes, but to make sure our glorious state is run well to continue it's ascension and power. All shall have a part to play in the management and continuation of the Covenant's goals and faith, regardless of the challenges.

The races that fall into the Jesalital Caste are charged with admisntration, oversight, religious practices, theocratic oversight, tax collection, census data, and other such things. They form the leadership of the Kajagii, and act to guide it along their own designs. As par their position, they had the greatest riches and control, outside of perhaps merchants in the Ryeathiin Class, but their ability to bear arms was limited extensively to simple heirlooms and tools of self-defense. Based on their position, a Jesalital could give any command he so wished to those below him, and it would have to be followed with near-total obedience. Every operation, be it scientific, mercantile, military or diplomatic, required the oversight of a Jesalital member to ensure doctrine was followed.

Though except from the Tithes and Taxes of the other Castes, they had no real personal property. Government officials resided within their offices and specialized apartments, and had personal belongings, but could not own farms directly. While they could run agriculture zones, legally they belonged to a Ryeathiin. The Jesalital, further are paid in proportion to their work, not their position, and as such, lower ranking members that do must of the organizing and such are better paid then their superiors, who simply oversee things.

Pride in the Asakateri Caste! It is upon your blood and sweat that the Covenant is maintained and our worlds and all Castes are protected. You shall see to the annihilation of the heretics and those that may stop us, as well as see to the inclusion of new races and the protection of those who rely on us to integrate in.

The Asakateri are the protectors of the Covenant and it's species, and act as the soldiers and crusaders for it's armies. They are designated along the lines of those considered "martially fit", though, often, weaker races are often used as fodder and human wave tactics to weaken their foes, while the more elite warriors take to the field and finish their foes. The Asakateri handle everything, from security, border patrol, manning the space stations and starships, and leading the field legions into war. Most are trained from a young age in the art of war, and a surprisingly number are actually drawn from enslaved forces that are trained and outfitted for war from the age of 5, making them truly fearsome. This practice began under the first Xith, and has expanded further.

Though the Asakateri pay taxes and tithes onto the Covenant in peace time, in war, these are excepted, with one large tithe required before they go to war. They then will fight on the government's pay roll, with the best warriors receiving the best equipment and weapons from their lords, and are charged with partaking in war with 100% of their attention, and as such do not have to worry about taxes or their personal holdings.

Work hard, dear Ryeathiin! Yours is a humble position, but needed. Through you, all the work of the day is finished, clothing made, armor forged, tools created, ships maintained, and farming outposts tended to. Without you, the Covenant cannot function, and your place in the galaxy would be at risk!

The Ryeathiin are the land-owning class, and they with the most personal property, and make up the majority of the Covenant's species and members. Despite this, they are the lowest ranking, and have far less rights and ability to make their voices heard then the other two Classes. The Ryeathiin are made up of craftsmen, farmers, laborers and other commoners within the Covenant, and do most of the hard and easy labor within the Covenant, while the more fortunate handle trade, medicine and other things considered below the notice of the Asakateri and Jesalital Castes. Without them, the Covenant would grind to a halt, and the ability to maintain it's great Empire would cease.

The Ryeathiin face increased taxation during war time to support their leaders and government in battle, and in general, all must supply something from their trade to the war effort, farmers delivering their foods to ration-collectors, shop workers often forging armor and such, and a variety of other work for their troops. Ryeathiin may hold private property and own land, but it is general proportional to their status within the Caste and Covenant, and often find themselves forced to hold land for their Jesalital overlords, who while not legally allowed to have private estates, maintain them through proxies in the Ryeathiin Caste.

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Religion Edit

Religious matters are handled by the Haruspex and their branch of the Jesalital Caste. The main religion of the Covenant is the Way of the Dark, a mysterious religion that the Haruspex claim gives them their powers and abilities, as the Haruspex are insanely powerful psychic and psionic users. Their doctrine focuses on obedience, control and direction. The Haruspex promise power and abilities to those that devoutly serve their needs, and those who serve best have the best promise to move up and become further enriched. The Way of the Dark is a philosophy of the way the universe flows about and how those interact with it, and has no deities.

Other religions exist within the Covenant, and are hardly tolerant of them, their priesthood not having a place in the Jesalital Caste, and being forced to pay higher tithes until they convert. However, many members may come into positions of government and power within the Covenant.

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The territory of the Kajagii Covenant is large and ever-expanding. Centered around the throne-world/massive Station known as Argai, the Covenant rules many territories through military-governors and direct power, or via it's vassal states. They control a number of worlds either centered around ship production, slave trade, military and Janissary training, or simple pleasure and casino worlds for the richer members.

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  • The Kajagii Covenant was designed to serve as a counterpart to the Mendel Pact and it's structure. At first, the Tairexian Trade Hegemony filled this role, but ultimately, ZF101 came to disregard the pro-capitalist ideals of it, and replace it with another faction.
  • The Kajagii Covenant was designed with aesthetics and style based on the Ottoman Empire, Fatimid Caliphate, and the Almoravid Dynasty, after deep reading on the history of Islamic Empires and kingdoms. However, ZF wishes to stress that the negative aspects of the fiction are not meant to be reflected upon the wider whole of Islam, and beyond Aesthetic choices with their naming styles, dress, and certain systems, the wider cultural and oppressive elements draw more inspiration from the Covenant from Halo, as well as the worst aspects of the Roman and Czarist Russian regimes.
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