Kael’Thalas Bloodwing is the eldest son of Aredthis and brother of Finduliaë and heir to Sinleri rule should his father pass away. Kael'Thalas is a ruthless and merciless person and will not hesitate to kill his enemies for no reason. He is a great user of the dark and arcane magics, though it seems he is not driven by madness of it, one of the few who can withstand the extensive use of those magics.

Over the years he urged his father to explore Erde, find out if their are threats to the Sinleri excistance or possibilities to rule the entire continent. His father never wished to listen and as such Kael'Thalas, in secret began slowly poisoning his own father and in secret plots to undermine and overthrow his father. A great scholar in ancient histories, Kael'Thalas became obsessed with returning to the Quadrants, where he believes his kin could become the next dynasty of a kingdom known as Ramboidixia. Trying to gain immense and godly powers during the Torment of Arcaniox, he was devoured by the evil entity known as the Tormentor.

He wears heavy armor to represent his royal status.


Early HistoryEdit

Kael’Thalas was born in an unknown time period at Erde, as eldest son of Aredthir he became the heir to Sinleri rule. In the years after his birth he was trained by his father as a warrior, a leader of the Solemnly Guard Kael’Thalas became an expert in using a swords, as well as a intensive user of dark and aracane magic, that over time was not driving him into madness, instead Kael’Thalas became more cunning and ruthless.

He urged his father to explore the rest of Erde, claiming that it the time was right to conquer the planet and place it under Sinleri rule. His father objected, wishing to let the Sinleri live in isolation and peace. Kael’Thalas, now a great scholar as well became obsessed in the ancient history before the split from the Urindalë in their original home galaxy and Kael’Thalas began searching for ways to return to the Quadrants, believing they could conquer the stars for himself.


Kael'Thalas meets Liloth

As such he slowly began to poison his own father, in hopes of taking the throne of the Sinleri for his own. When his youngest sister, Finduliaë often ventured outside the borders of the Sinleri Kingdom, he dispatched his Wronly Knights to follow her in secret.


Taking control over the Hutter Kingdom

Later on, while hiding in a hidden hide-out, Kael'Thalas was confronted by Liloth who managed to sneak into his private quarters. While two Wrongly Knights entered, he gave the order to stand down and listened to what Liloth had to say, when she placed her hand at his chest he felt pretty good, though when she licked her lips with her tongue and her other hand went down to his man-hood he grabbed her hands and demanded why she was here. Such a demonic creature should not be allowed to touch a Sinleri prince after all. She used her powers at an orb and showed Kael'Thalas how to get home and claim his birth right in the Quadrant Galaxies, intrigued he began setting his plans into motion. Upon the Sinleri return to the Quadrant Galaxies Kael'Thalas usurped the rule over the Hutter Kingdom and began his plans to execute his motives, letting Liloth believe he was out for the conquest over the Quarants.

Quadrantia PrinceEdit


The Kingdom is formed under Kael’Thalas Bloodwing, witnessed and supported by Lady Liandra of Ramalivua; the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel warlord Anjulius Gaitonius; Hutter general Hut'Pmec and the demonic entity Liloth and the or cwarlord Bolgrash Bloodhammer

Remaining on Huttlangia, the capital of the Hutter Kingdom he convinced many of the Hutter population and generals, including Hut'Pmec that his visions were the right course for the Kingdom and other like minded races and empmires.

During the second month of 07 he summoned various delegates to Huttlangia to announce the official forming of the Hutter Kingdom, expanded by new species and individuals. He convinced them to join him in his visions, all who feared the expansion of both the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the ever presence of Rambo Nation; Kael'Thalas promised them the Kingdom would change the political geography within the Quadrant Galaxies and the Cyrandia Cluster.


Kael'Thalas and Liloth discuss their plans!

After the meeting he tasked his new warlords to train their soldiers in the use of Hutter vessels, ordered his Wronly Knights and bounty hunters to search for his sister, Finduliaë Bloodwing. While he was cementing his hold over the Kingdom, forming his government his eye fell upon the planet where it would all start, the mystical and magical planet in the Unclaimed Territories of Quadrant 82 known as Ramalivua.

At the second of january in 08 AQF/06 NE, Kael'Thalas saw its chance after the New Cyrandia Wars had ended and the Primercer had been defeated. Talking with his advisor, the seductive demonic entity Liloth he came to the conclusion that it was time to stirr up things in Quadrant 82, decieving all and keeping their Journey of Salvation a secret. Within hours, the 6th fleet of the Kingdom entered Quadrant 82 and began their march towards Thelliria!


The end of Kael'Thalas

Under his guidance they used Thelliria as a staging area to search for Arcaniox and ordered various campaigns against Rambo Nation, among them the Battle of Ramar Shadda, threatening the Rambo Capital. In july of 08 AQF he personally launched an invasion of Arcaniox, stole the atlantican artifact and travelled toward the Tormented Tomb to awaken the Tormentor together with Liloth.

Performing the ritual, the heroes of Torment were too late to stop him and the four, Claire Rambo, Corva, Tironus Manition and Xang Flamesnout watched in horror at the arrival of the Tormentor. When Xang located him and tried to stop him, the Blood Prince simply dispatched of him with a wave of his hand. Approaching the Tormentor, he bowed before the ancient Dwulairi and expressed his hopes that the Tormentor would lend his powers and blessings so that he could conquer the Quadrants in his name. The Tormentor grew furious and proclaimed Judgement was already upon them, grabbing the shocked Sinleri Prince the Tormentor devoured the Prince's upper body and threw away the lower body parts, thus ending the life of the Blood Prince.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Kael’Thalas is a dangerous and cunning individual, merciless for both his foes and allies he enjoys the suffering of others. As a strong and powerful user dark and arcane magics, he can use his magics for terrible usages. It is believed Kael’Thalas is suffering from the side effects of intensive magic use, though not driven into madness it is believed he hears whispers and voices talking to him.

Kael’Thalas wears a heavy armor, clad in yellow in red to strike fear into the hearts of his allies and foes, the armor represents his royal status as well.

It is believed Kael'Thalas is able to summon a terrible creature of destruction.



Yellow faceThey serve a purpose I believe!

  • Aredthir Bloodwing - My beloved but weak father
  • Finduliaë Bloodwing - My beautiful but naive younger sister

Yellow faceThey serve a purpose I believe!


Orange faceHmpf!



Sometimes I believe my brother has lost his senses!

- Finduliaë

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