Käer'thrak'úaëinóriaë, better known as Ka'Zâniûlaris or the Forgotten Dark Lord is a dangerous and malevolent entity wihin the Quadrant Galaxies. Considered the first ruler over Serindia kin, he was eventually defeated by a noble spirit in personal combat and vanished from the mortal world, never to be seen again for thousands of years.



Käer'thrak'úaëinóriaë, better known under the Serindia name of Ka'Zâniûlaris is an ancient and mysterious Atlantica. Feared and hated by most Atlantica as he is a representation of the Ultimate One's power, when a part of his energy could recieve his own form it transformed into Ka'Zâniûlaris, and as an Atlantica he soon disagreed with the others of how to rule the universe. He found that all was free to evolve and advance without interference from the Atlantica. As such he created Lesrekta as his bastion and set up the Crab like species against the Atlantica and the two waged war.

Defeat at hands of the Founder

After that he vanished from Atlantica sight but reappeared at the Rambo Capital where eventually the father of the Nation managed to defeat the dark entity and liberate the Rambo Capital from it's rule.


Käer'thrak'úaëinóriaë arrived at the Rambo Capital around 100.000 BQF at the planet. In ancient time the Forgotten Dark Lord founded Lesrekta as his bastion against a possible Atlantica strike and soon went into hiding at the Rambo Capital, far away from the Atlantica. There he oversaw the progress and evolution of the Serindia and among them he soon became known in legends as Ka'Zâniûlaris, the Forgotten Dark Lord. Ka'Zâniûlaris claimed rule over Serindia kind and protected the planet against threats and made sure the various Serindia tribes remained at war and conflict as it satisfied his ever lasting hunger. Somewhere around 49.000 BQF Ka'Zâniûlaris encountered the Founder and was defeated by him and vanished- his defeat is often believed to be one of the reasons for a possible unification of Serindia kind and their eventual forming of Rambo Nation.

Ka'Zâniûlaris name and excistence vanished into history, and many Serindia now a days see the Forgotten Dark Lord as a simple myth- a story to frighten children and a relic of an ancient and forgotten time. Unknown to the cluster and the Serindia- Ka'Zâniûlaris lies burried in the Royal tombes, seen by the Le Rambo Dynasty as the first ruler over Serindia kind.

Personality and Traits[]

Ka'Zâniûlaris is a mysterious and dangerous entity. Witnissing the rise and fall of the Atlantica, Ka'Zâniûlaris only wish is to replace the Atlantica's once famous presence with his own and rule the Quadrants as it's ruler and be hailed as a God by the inhabitants. Ka'Zâniûlaris is a cunning, plotting and back stabbing person, not hesistating to kill or capture other Atlantica for his own uses. Due to his mysterious nature- known only to the Atlantica, Ka'Zâniûlaris is rumored to be a representation of dark energies of the Ultimate One) which transformed into a living being. Ka'Zâniûlaris is able to use strong elemental and spirital powers, and is considered the most powerful among the Atlantica and Dwulairi.

However Ka'Zâniûlaris also suffurs from a mental illness, often talking to himself and paranoid to a dangerous point.




Blue face.pngPerhaps something can be done!

  • none

Orange face.pngFace my wrath!

  • Founder - Curse you featherly bird!


Fell deeds upon you! Cursed down in the dark abyss for an eternal hibernation! Leave now and never come back!

- Rambo Founder


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