The Jum'Ari Empire is a militaristic monarchy, ruling over about a 1000 star systems, where the Emperor is supreme and controls his people's every action. This is not a dictatorship, however; the inhabitants of the Empire, the Jummoth race, willingly serve their emperor without question. The word Jum'Ari is (supposedly) Jummothian for "The Chosen of the Ancestors", the word "Jum" meaning person or being, and the word "Ara" meaning "Ancestor." They have advanced technologies, their largest cities covering entire planets, utilizing every single energy source available. The Jummoth Empire is closely knit together, and from the heart of the empire, the Z'Urh system, to the edges of the Jum'Ari domain, not a single system lies uncolonized. The Jummoth are continuously expanding, adding many systems to their rule each year. They are an empire dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of the universe, gaining more knowledge, and finding their origins on the ancient homeworld of the Yth-Ara, an ancient race of aliens that the Jummoth believe to be descended from. The Emperor of the empire is rumored to be such a being.

Anyone wishing to enter the Jum'Ari Empire, should either bring a large army, a huge pile of sporebucks, or a very, very durable spaceship. All outsiders are treated with open hostility by the Jum'Ari, and even the slightest attempt on crossing their borders will be met with blaster fire. They are civilised beings, however, and will allow any intruders to declare their intent... before blasting them to bits.


The Jummoth creature, the main inhabitants of the Jum'Ari empire.

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The Jummoth (roughly meaning 'intelligent being' in the Jummothian tounge) is a race of psychic insectoids, that inhabit a number of systems in the Katar Sector of the Milky Way. They make up the entire population of the empire, excluding the Yth-Aric Emperor and his sons and subleaders, the Three Princes. They are fiercely intelligent and posses powerful technologies and machines. They constantly pursue greater knowledge and power, and worship the Yth-Ara race, who they believe to be their ancestors. (Yth-Ara means 'Divine Ancestor' in the Jummothian tounge.) Jummoth have potent psychic powers, which makes them able to addle the minds of, manipulate and sometimes even control the weakminded. It can also be used to bend nature, (such as moving objects via telekinesis) but this is quite hard and strenous for even the greatest jummothian psychomancer masters.

The Yth-Ara, or the Voszj'Rahqk in their own tongue.


The Yth-Ara is believed to be an incredibly ancient race, stretching far back into history's dark depths. Also known by their true name, the Voszj'Rahqk, they are much like the Jummoth, albeit many times larger, with wings and with much more potent psychic powers. The only known Yth-Ara to this day is Sz'Szhar, the Emperor of the Jum'Ari Empire and, according to Jummoth beliefs, the ancient being who is directly responsible for the existence of the Jummoth. The Yth-Ara are, by the Jummoth, presumed immortal, though this has never been proved. However, Sz'Szhar is certainly many millenia old, likely older. His three princes, X'Loth, Q'Rahk and Zaz'Q, are children of him and an unknown Jummoth female, and are therefore a mix-breed between the two species. The three has acted as the warlords and overseers for the Jum'Ari Empire for approximately 156 years.

The powers used by both the Jummoth and the Yth-Ara is believed to be Mystic Energy.


Early history: According to Jummoth historicans, the Jummoth species didn't, in fact, originate on their home planet of Crantus. Sz'Szhar, an alien who would later be called a Divine Ancestor (Yth-Ara in Jummothian) supposedly fled from his homeworld, trying to escape from a great, unknown enemy. He happened upon the Z'Urh System and the planet of Crantus. He hid a large amount of Yth-Ara eggs on the planet, but his enemies found him not long after. According to myth, Sz'Szhar fought the invaders alone in a hundred-year-long war, but this is likely more propaganda than fact. What is known, however, is that the invaders were defeated, but that they, before they fled, cast some kind of curse on Sz'Szhar and the eggs. Sz'Szhar was imprisoned in a magnificent mountain, later to be known as Yth-Kalum (Holy Rock), and the eggs were degenerated and mutated. Out of the eggs came the Jummoth. Even in their cursed state, the Jummoth shared many traits with their Yth-Aric ancestors: Keen intelligence, long lifespans (Of about two to three centuries) and potent psychic powers. However, while the jummoth had very high intelligence, it would take them three millenia to truly become sentient. All along, Sz'Szhar watched his children through his own psychich abilities, hoping for their future.

Tribal ages: Eventually, the Jummoth reached sentience. They invented primitive weapons and instruments, as well as a complicated language, consisting of various clicks, hisses and throat sounds. The Jummoth began training their psychic abilities, and used it to track prey by reading it's position from it's mind, addle the minds of enemy tribe members, and for those who really became adept at the art, bend nature itself with telekinesis. The greatest masters, the shamans, could even use their telekinetic powers to direct arrows to or away from their targets, hit enemies with their own axes, or even manipulating the very wind to throw enemies off-balance. Often many tribes would band together, their shamans literally directing storms away from villages by manipulating the wind, and many a battle was decided based on the numbers and skills of the shamans on one side in comparison to the others. In time, the shamans of the tribes living near the great mountain dominating their native continent detected a magnificent and powerful entity inside the mountain. After this discovery, more and more of the tribes of the continent began worshipping the mountain. A few of them didn't, but most were wiped out. Even with most of the Jummoth tribes following the same religion, wars between the various tribes happened time and time again. However, about five centuries after the beginning of the tribal age, a tribe named the 'Xar-Lum' (meaning 'Brave Explorers) appeared. The tribe was cunning and mighty, and was adept at both diplomacy and warfare. The tribe quickly gained both many allies and enemies, and after a few centuries, the allied tribes merged with the Xar-lum, and the many enemies were crushed one by one. At the time where Jummoth where the Jummoth made their first forges and iron tools, about six centuries later, the Xar-lum ruled over almost the entire northern continent of Jakk'Yszh (Jummothian for "Land of Wonders".)

Early Civilization age: The Xar-Lum tribe became the earliest civilization the planet of Crantus would ever see. The nation prospered economically, and internal trade between the Xar-Lum villages was vital. The old shamanic traditions slowly died out and tribe became nation. Eventually, their country came to be known as Zykk-Jakk, the White Land, named after the snowy clime of the region they inhabited, and the Xar-Lum people prospered. When other countries inevitably were founded, the Xar-Lum people started trading with them, slowly conquering the continent by economical means. The few villages and cities who refused trading with the Xar-Lum were eventually wiped out and conquered by larger nations, who were friendly to the inhabitants of the White Land. Eighthundred years after the founding of Zykk-Jakk, the entire Jakk'Yszh continent was owned by the Xar-Lum. A thousand years later, the monarch of the Xar-Lum merchant empire, Trade Master Ju'al, turned his eyes away from Jakk'Yszh, to the rest of the world, where eager Jummothian immigrants had colonized the land and forged their own nations. At that time, the world was divided by three great nations (and a handful of minor independent cities here and there): The Xar-Lum Merchant Empire to the northwest, the Z'Syrh Dominion, led by the power-hungry and half-mad Lord Z'Syrh III to the South, and finally the Yth-Kalum Crusaders (Yth-Kalum is Jummothian for Divine/Holy Mountain), a proud nation of religious fanatics who served the "Great One of Yth-Kalum". The Crusaders were led by their cunning Inqusitor-Queen Lady Q'Lax and they ruled the lands to the far east.

Modern Civilized age: A this point in time, technology was vastly improving. The cities grew, modern vehicles were created, including better ships than before. This meant that crossing the oceans who divided the three superpowers of the world was easier than before. The greedy eyes of Lord Z'Syrh III set upon Jakk'Yszh, and after building a massive fleet, the Z'Syrh Dominion attacked the capital port of the Xar-Lum trade empire. The city fell, and the Xar-Lum leaders immediately started negotiating peace with the Dominion. With the promise of stopping all trade with the Crusaders and aiding the Dominion economically, Lord Z'Syrh halted his attack. Both the fleet and the city was rebuilt, and with the cooperation of both nations, both became much greater than before. The Z'Syrh Dominion went for the vast domain of the Crusaders, with the Xar-Lum supplying them with resources. The Crusaders were, after a long and bloody war known as the Great Conflict of Crantus, utterly crushed. Lady Q'Lax surrendered, and thus the entire world was at peace again. Not long after, Trade Master Ju'Al came up with a plan. That the entire planet should unite as one, and that it should be governed by a council of some sort, because he knew that no Jummoth yet known could handle ruling an entire planet. The Tri-Council was formed, and Trade Master Ju'al, Lord Z'Syrh III and Lady Q'Lax became the first councillors, the latter because she had demonstrated and proved her cunning and leadership abilities during the Conflict so well. Finally, the Jummoth Empire had been formed.

Early Imperial history: The cities grew, scientists all over the world of Crantus cooperated, and technology vastly improved. Rockets and sattelites had been launched into space, and the Jummoth had visited their planet's moon. However, technology was not nearly good enough to make a proper spaceship. Eventually, some twentyone years after the end of the Conflict, a faction of former Crusader-loyalists went on an expedition to the mountain of Yth-Kalum. Inside, they found a being out of legend, the alien ancestor of the Jummoth, Sz'Szhar. He was imprisoned in an otherworldly fashion, and it took jummothian scientists decades to find a way to unlock his prison. When Sz'Szhar was finally released, he immediately presented himself before the aging Tri-Council. After a display of his psychic abilities, dwarfing that of even the greatest Jummothian psychomancers known to history, and his seemingly boundless cunning and wisdom, the Tri-Council bowed down before Sz'Szhar's might. Sz'Szhar was proclaimed emperor by the Tri-Council, after a massive planet-wide election. After this, the empire started changing vastly. Sz'Szhar new much about the ancient Yth-Aric civilization, and he aided the scientists tremendously in their quest for constructing proper spaceships. At the dawn of the next century, the renamed Jum'Ari empire had a fleet of spaceships, minor terraforming technology and colonizing tools. They started expanding vastly, and after another twenty-five years, the empire ruled over ten fully terraformed and colonized systems. The empire discovered other new-born spacefaring civilizations, and almost instantly set out to destroy them, conquering their homeworlds and forcing the remains of them to flee. It is said that only one of these civilizations were able to resist the Jum'Ari, and actually beat them in a battle. Today, about 192 years later, the Jum'Ari empire has reached a thousand systems, and have become a force to be reckoned with.

Culture and beliefs[]

Religion is not overly important in the Jum'Ari empire, if at all. There are no ceremonies or sermons of any kind, no prayers or offerings. Jum'Ari beliefs are based around philosophy and the meaning of existence. Philosophic writings are stored in the three library wings of the great palace of Sz'Szhar on Crantus, known as the Halls of Wisdom. The most famed philosophies of the Jum'Ari are the Scrolls of Existence, who are the basic pinnacles of Jum'Ari beliefs. There are ten Scrolls of Existence:

Scrolls of Knowledge Written by the eldest of the Three Princes, X'Loth, the Scrolls of Knowledge explain the importance of knowledge and gaining more:

Scroll of Knowledge I: Knowledge is vital to survival. Every city, every invention, every spaceship and every succesful empire is built upon a solid foundation of Knowledge. Who can defeat one who Knows all?

Scroll of Knowledge II: Power is a useful tool, but how to use Power if you do not Know? Powerful empires have crumbled because they did not Know how to utilize their Power properly, and defeat their enemies. Thus, Knowledge is key to victory.

Scroll of Knowledge III: Freedom is good, but what to do with Freedom if you do not Know? The one who Knows can take the right decisions. Taking the wrong decision will bring only ruin and loss of Freedom.

Scrolls of Power The Scrolls of Power are written by Prince Q'Rahk, the second-eldest of the princes. They explain why it is needed to be strong and powerful to survive.

Scroll of Power I: Power is key to all. How can you do anything if you lack Power? To colonize a planet, you need the tools and resources, the Power, to do so. To defeat an enemy, you need skills and strength: Power. With Power, your wishes can come true.

Scroll of Power II: Knowledge is great, but what good is knowledge if you are Powerless? A weak, frail sage cannot defend himself against a warrior's blade, no matter the bounds of his Knowledge. To keep your Knowledge from falling into enemy hands, you need Power.

Scrolls of Power III: Freedom is wanted by every sane being in the galaxy worth mentioning. Some, however, take great pleasure in stealing other species' Freedom. Thus, one needs to be Powerful, if one is to keep one's Freedom from being stolen.

Scrolls of Freedom The Scrolls of Freedom are written by the youngest of the three princes, Zaz'Q. They explain the importance of Freedom.

Scrolls of Freedom I: When something goes the way one wants, one is happy. When something goes the way one does not want it to go, one is unhappy. Thus, the Freedom to choose yourself, to make things go the way you want, is the greatest treasure of all, and the key to all happiness.

Scrolls of Freedom II: Knowledge is useful, but what good is Knowledge if you do not have the Freedom to keep it to yourself? A slave scientist or spy who gathers Knowledge for an other being is not free, and not happy. A book holds much Knowledge, but only it's master, the reader, benefits from it. A slave is nothing but a book.

Scrolls of Freedom III: Power is important. But if you are merely a tool of another, and you can not use the power you have for your own goals, you are powerless and unhappy. A sword is powerless without a wielder, so is a slave.

One could question if the monarchy-based government limits the people's freedom, but it has been stated quite many times, by both citizens and by the Emperor himself, that his judgment simply is superior. Which is not entirely wrong, since Sz'Szhar's IQ has been calculated to about 650.

Scroll of Order The Scroll of Order is written by the Jum'Ari emperor himself, Sz'Szhar the Yth-Ara. There is only one Scroll of Order, and thus it is the longest and most detailed.

What do we want? What do we seek? What do we strive to obtain? Happiness. For what being does not want to be happy? What being does not want things to be as best possible, whatever that may be? Thus, we strive for Happiness. But how to obtain Happiness? Happiness is obtained through having things exactly the way one wants them to be. Complete and total Order, where nothing goes wrong. Thus, we strive for Order. But how to Order things if one is a slave? How to shape one's existence as one wishes, if another controls one's every action? To achieve Order, one needs Freedom. Thus, we strive for Freedom. But how to Order things if one is powerless? How to shape one's existence to perfection if one has not the tools and abilities to do so? To obtain Order, one needs Power. Thus, we strive for Power. But how to Order things if one is unenlightened and dumb? How to keep one's perfection from crumbling, how to prevent things from going wrong, if one does not know how to prepare for that? To obtain Order, one needs Knowledge. Thus, we strive for Knowledge.

We want Happiness, the Prize of Existence.

That requires Order, the Goal of Existence.

To obtain that, one needs Knowledge, Power and Freedom, the Tools of Existence.

We do not share our Knowledge. We do not let anyone halt us in our quest for Power. We will not allow our Freedom to be taken. We do not meddle in the quest of Order of other beings. Nor do we tolerate any meddling in our own. All beings must go their own way in their quest to Order the universe as they see fit. But the ultimate prize, total and complete Happiness, can be achieved by one empire only. Only one empire, only one species, can Order everything.

And we shall not falter.

The Scroll of Order is the dearest treasure of the Jum'Ari, and the original scroll is kept safe under the highest security inside the core of the palace of Sz'Szhar. The scroll reflects the goals of the Jum'Ari: Domination over the universe, so that eternal happiness can be achieved, albeit for the Jum'Ari alone.

The Halls of Wisdom also contain thousands of other scrolls, containing famous quotes, philosophical writings and also a great many scrolls of Jum'Ari law.

Government and society[]

"Should everyone have a say, the weak-minded will bring only ruin. Only the strong and wise should rule." -Jum'Ari philosopher

Ever since Sz'Szhar was proclaimed emperor, democracy has been abandoned fully. The Jum'Ari empire is ruled supremely by Sz'Szhar and his three sons, for the sheer reason that they, in both sheer cunning and psychich power, dwarf every other ruler of the Jummoth to this day. It is written in Jum'Ari law that should someone stronger and wiser emerge, worthy of leading the Jum'Ari, Sz'Szhar and the Three Princes will step down from their seats of power. As the ultimate goal of the Jum'Ari is eternal happiness, a lot of focus is set on the well-being and happiness of the citizens. The government style resembles communism in some ways; not a single Jummoth is without work if they are capable of it, (except for a very few) and every Jummoth has access to proper amounts of food and rest. For all 'minor tasks' such as fixing machines or building things, robots are used. The Jummoth themselves never tend to be involved in any kind of manual labour. Instead, they primarily are either scientists, technicians, architechts and the like.

Education and upbringing: As Jummoth females lays many eggs at a time, anywhere from 8 to 20, a Jummoth is not brought up by his or her parents. Instead, the eggs are stored in great egg stations. When they hatch, they are taken care of by educated Jummoth who are experts in child care and education. While they are still assisted by robots, these Jummoth are some of the only ones to engage in manual labour. It takes 35 years for a Jummoth to grow up, and for that time, the egg stations function as their home and school. All children are treated equally, because no one knows their parents' identity. This way, no matter if a Jummoth child's parents are great and famed scientists or a (by Jummoth standards) simple engineer or technician, it is only the talent and skill of the child that matters, and all children get the chance to become something great. Because no ordinary Jummoth will go through the stressing process of taking care of their children, procreating does not bring very many negative things with it, and is seen as any Jummoth's duty to the empire. Females who lay many eggs in their lifetimes are held in high regard.

Education normally starts in the eleventh year of a Jummoth's life. There are three main lines of education, science, engineering and military, as well as a few minor ones, such as child care, medicine and architecture. While creativity is encouraged, as it sometimes leads to wonderful inventions and great discoveries, fully devoting oneself to art and music is looked down upon in Jum'Ari society, because it is not directly beneficial to the further expanding of the empire. Thus, very little entertainment is available to the citizens. However, the Jummoth generally do not mind spending their spare time on productive things, like meditating (to hone their psychic abilities) or evolving scientifical theories. Also, strategical games are loved by the Jum'Ari, and both among adults and children, RTS-computer games and board games like Quazha (A five-man, chess-like game), are incredibly popular. Ever since the times before becoming sentient, Jummoth have organized themselves in hive-like systems, where everyone has a purpose and one rules supreme. Being a part of something greater and doing everything you can to further it's cause is the normal nature of the Jummoth.

Rank and status "Everyone should have a minimum of happiness. But those who work much to achieve that for everyone deserves the most credit." -Jum'Ari Philosopher

While the Jum'Ari empire boasts that everyone is inside their state is happy and secure, and no one owns more than others, this is only technically true insofar that a caste system still exists. Because every Jummoth child is educated in the excact same manner, and the school system is very efficient, everyone starts out their career in basically the same way, with the same possibilities. Thus the only limit to how far a jummoth can progress with their career, are their own willpower, dedication and skill. As a result, the ones who really become great and do great things for the empire, such as inventing new technology or creating a revolutionary way to fight a certain sickness, are rewarded. The empire is seperated in castes, based on the individual's usefullness to the empire:

The citizens caste: The case in which the basic jummoth lives. They have food, rest and are able to recieve medical aid if needed. Also, they recieve a fair wage so that they can buy some of the different things they want, but not need. All basic needs are covered and citizens are in general very happy. Citizens have normal jobs like everyone else.

The higher caste: This is where people of greater responsibilities and skill are (basically all the leaders), such as directors of factories, officers in the military and famed scientists and doctors. As a rule, these are the ones that have mastered their art and risen to leadership of some kind. They recieve greater wages, and are thus allowed a greater amount of luxury, but only because they earned it.

The Hero Caste: These are the jummoth that acquire immortality in the annals of history. Only the most esteemed and high-regarded jummoth ever become heroes. A jummoth is proclaimed a hero by the emperor himself, and the first three to be so, were the original Tri-Council for their wise leadership of the jummoth while Sz'Szhar was imprisoned in Yth-Kalum. Other heroes include the wisest of philosophers, legendary generals and pilots, true technomancer masters and revolutionary scientists. Heroes primarily make their home on the glorious planet of Crantus, and tend to live around the palace of Sz'Szhar. They tend to posses great material wealth, as the title of hero combined with their already high wage, gives a large amount of sporebucks with it. But make no mistake: Every bit of a hero's luxury is earned tenfold. While it is possible to descend from the higher caste to the citizens caste, if a Jummoth becomes a hero, she or he is a hero for life.

Economy The economy of the empire is strong and efficient. If a jummoth wants to start a factory or facility of any kind, he or she must ask the government first. What to build and what not to build is decided solely by the ruling body of the empire, and the decision is based on whether or not it will benefit the colony it is intended for, yet once the facility has been built, the one who made it is free to run it as he or she sees fit, as long as a few rules about quality and marketing are followed. Because of the efficient school system and the sheer size of the empire, about 99% of jummoth capable of working, have a job. That means, that the amount of jummoth living in poverty is extremely low, and most jummoth can afford what they want and need. Shops do not exist. Instead, a jummoth merely orders something from a website, and a fast-flying transport-robot will bring the ordered item to the customers home. Taxes are high, yet so are the free services provided by the government. Medication and education is free, the very few workless jummoth will recieve money from the government while looking for a job, as well as compensation for stolen items, even though the crime level is low.

Leaders "A strong leader is worth ten thousand soldiers." -Jum'Ari Philosopher

The Jum'Ari empire has four major leaders:

"Dictator? Oppressor? I am none of those. The Jum'Ari seek my guidance willingly, and it is my duty to give it to them. In truth, I serve them more than they serve me." -Emperor Sz'Szhar

Emperor Sz'Szhar is an ancient, psychic being known by the Jum'Ari as an Yth-Ara. Also known as the King of Order or the Bane of Entropy, Sz'Szhar directs and oversees the expansion of the Jum'Ari empire from his palace on the planet of Crantus. He dictates and writes the law and controls every aspect of the empire. He is the only being in the empire that is in any way above the law. Even his sons and sub-leaders, the Three Princes, adhere to his rules. Sz'Szhar is incredibly intelligent, about five times more so than the average of his Jummoth subjects. His psychic powers are tremendous, capable of creating small tremors, tearing down stone buildings and mind-controlling those who are weaker than himself (Which is quite many). While Sz'Szhar is incredibly knowing about the universe and technology, he claims that his knowledge is but a fraction of that of his ancient kinsmen, the Yth-Ara.

"Technology is power incarnate." -Prince Q'Rahk

Prince Q'Rahk, also known as the Prince of Power or the Red Forgemaster, is the one directly responsible for the colonizing of planets, construction of cities, the developing of technology and finding ways of utilizing newly discovered science. He resides in a star system approximately 30 parsec from the Z'Urh system, on the volcanic, but habitable, resource-rich planet of Haarj. The red planet's name, Haarj, is the Jummothian word for Power, and it is indeed on this planet that many Jummothian technological tools are fabricated. The almost-planet-scaling Haarj City is one great factory, where spaceships, terraforming tools, colonizing vehicles and cannon tower parts are being constructed 24/7. The workers of Haarj are the most esteemed technicians and engineers throughout the empire, and are chosen by Q'Rahk himself. Q'Rahk is known as a quite furious fellow, and a creative soul unlike most common Jummoth.

"One's mind is one's strongest weapon." -Prince X'Loth

The greatest loremasters and scientists of the Jum'Ari empire are found at the planet of Rabburax (Jummothian for Knowledge) 25 parsec from the Z'Urh system, serving X'Loth, known as the Blue Sage and the Prince of Knowledge. The vast oceanic planet is base for massive particle-accelerators, nuclear reactors, stargazer towers and other scientifical constructs. X'Loth and his researchers constantly invent and discuss theories, study the universe and research atomic phenomenons. X'Loth rules over the Rabburi-Glabar, the "Library of Knowings", a vast bunker with thousands of theabytes of data, stored in giant cubes that work much like microchips. X'Loth is known as a very silent, calm and patient person, and is responsible for overseeing the further development of Jum'Ari science. He is also, besides his father, known as the greatest Psychomancer in the entire empire.

"A slave and a tool are no different." -Prince Zaz'Q

Prince Zaz'Q, known as the Prince of Freedom or the Yellow Warlord, is the top general of Jum'Ari military, second only to the emperor himself. He resides near the borders of the Jum'Ari empire, many parsec away from the homeworld, on the planet of Gazhur (meaning Freedom in the Jummoth tounge). Gazhur is a desert- and mountain-covered planet, home to the main base of Jum'Ari military, Borz'Gazhi ("Keep of the free ones" or "Keep of those who are free"), which covers almost the entire planet. Here, motherships, strikecrafts, carriers and the like, as well as their pilots, the most top-trained Jum'Ari elite-soldiers, can be found in tremendous numbers. It is from here that Zaz'Q commands the Jum'Ari forces, along with his top lieutenants and officers. The Jum'Ari has met a few new empires back when it was still weak, and Zaz'Q has won quite many battles, and a few wars, against these enemies, ultimately leading to the destruction of the forementioned. Zaz'Q is a cunning tactician and strategist and a surprisingly humorous and philosophical type of person.

Military and strategies[]

The Jummothian spaceship navy is built up like a hive: An attack fleet is controlled completely by the mothership and all the other ships has specific duties which they must strive to complete. The primary four ships of the Jum'Ari navy are:

A typical Jum'Ari mothership, the 'Heart of the swarm' of Jum'Ari military.

Mothership: The mothership is the core of the attack fleet. The head of the beast. Take it out and everything scatters. Thus, it is large, powerful and sturdy, the largest and most powerful mothership of the navy being the size of a country. The mothership stays in the middle of the fleet until the planets defenses are down, then it moves in and obliterates the cities with massive bombs and powerful, fusion-powered guns, forcing the inhabitants of the planet down on their knees. Thus, the mothership is vital to Jummoth strategy. Because of this, it is heavily guarded by swarms of soldier ships. There are around 700 motherships in the Jum'Ari navy.

A Jum'Ari carrier ship. The strikecrafts will fly out of the large hatches on each side.

Carrier: The job of the Jum'Ari carrier ships is to get the strikecrafts down on the enemy planet, so that the forementioned can take out it's defensive systems, allowing the mothership to descend. Aside from carrying strikecrafts, the carrier also carries six soldier ships for defense. The Carrier is armed with gun towers on the sides and has a few bombs, but it is not meant to do combat by itself. The carriers are built to be as fast and maneauverable as their large size allows, and their motors are powerful. If a carrier is assaulted, it will open the hatches for the soldier ships to fly out and attack the enemy. The strikecrafts are precious to the plan, and must be saved for when their purpose arrives.

A Jum'Ari soldier ship, designed to guard other ships with deadly efficiency.

Soldier: A big, tough and powerful ship, the soldiers are designed to obliterate other spacecrafts as fast as possible, without having to move much. They are fairly slow, and are used to guard other ships, namely motherships and carriers. They have two powerful laser guns, as well as a large number of seeker missiles.

The Jum'Ari strike-craft. Nimble and fast, engineered to swarm the enemy in large numbers and take them out.

Strikecraft: The strikecraft are the offensive ships of the Jum'Ari. Fast and furious, they are armed with numerous guns to take out other spaceships, and one very powerful bomb, which they, along with their guns, use to take out cannon towers and the like. Strikecrafts are meant to focus all on speed and offensive power, and are easy to destroy compared to soldier ships. The strikecraft strategy is to swarm the enemy and take it out swiftly, and a single carrier carries from thirtyfive to fifty strikecrafts.

The Jum'Ari siege crawler, also known as the 'Swarm Bomber'.

The Jum'Ari rarely fight on the ground, but when they do, they tend to deploy ground vehicles on the planet (mostly via carrier) instead of going into combat on foot. There is, however, one known type of footsoldier. These are known as technomancers, and are made of the greatest psychomancers/wielders of Mystic Energy in the empire. Their strategy is to defeat enemies with their telepathic powers as well as directing missile fire either to or away from their targets. The greatest of them (the truly rare masters among masters) can even bend their opponents mind, even though anybody with strong willpower can resist the attack.

Classic Jum'Ari ground vehicles are: The Siege Crawler: Armed with a very powerful, double-barreled multi-gun that shoots heavy, exploding projectiles, the siege crawler is ideal to swarm cities and do massive damage to it's buildings, by shooting it's projectiles high in the sky so the heavy missiles will fall down on the buildings. Again, the strategy is evolved around swarming the city and bombarding it from multiple angles. Primarily used against cities who would shoot down any spaceship that neared it instantly. With it's powerful crawler forelegs and it's catterpillar tracks, the siege crawler can scale nearly any terrain. The claws are engineered to tear not through metal, but flesh and are used against footsoldiers that are too close to safely bombard. Finally, the siege crawler has a few missiles at it's disposal, to serve against other vehicles. These vehicles make out the bulk of Jum'Ari ground forces.


The truly great Jum'Ari colonies, city of Crantus included, cover the entire landmass of the planet, as well as some of the ocean floor. All energy sources are utilized, from underwater cities powered by the oceanic currents to coal, gas, nuclear, fusion and solar power, to gather resources, provide energy to the citizens of the colonies as well as said colonies defensive systems and produce weapons, engines and parts for spaceships. Jum'Ari spaceships are powered mostly by fusion, though they often have solar panels as well.

The colonies obviously can't survive without there being some plant and animal life, and thus, a large area of land is usually dedicated to oxygen and food production. The Jum'Ari have developed a species of gargantuan trees via genetic manipulations, that are efficient at producing oxygen, durable and relatively fast growing, despite their amazing size (Usually about about a hundred meters tall). They are located in roof-less safari zones, where also animals used for food are located. These safari zones contain entire small ecosystems, and are generally left alone to live their lives as they would naturally, with robots killing the ones ready for eating.

The cities themselves are a never-ending mass of activity, looking much like a beehive made of metal, with robots, flashing lights and magnet trains transporting the inhabitants to their destinations. Defensive spaceships are docked at various places, and cannon towers dot the colonies (almost) like needles on a hedgehog. The Jum'Ari certainly are not friendly people. There is no such things as a house, everyone lives in apartments provided by the government. Thus, everyone has a home, and the only way to expand to a larger apartment is to advance to the next caste (mentioned above), which is entirely possible, and only depending on the individuals skill and dedication.

Interactions with other empires[]

Enemies through time Supposedly, when the Jum'Ari journeyed outside their solar system for the first time, they discovered that, in a radius of about fifteen parsec from the Z'Urh star, a lot of other foreign civilizations were doing exactly the same. Each of them had various different beliefs, and the Jum'Ari refused to accept their existence and went to war. No one so far knows if any survivors from those civilizations escaped the calamities, but their homeworlds are completely under Jum'Ari control, and any information about the old enemies are buried deep in the Library of Knowings on Rabburax, well-guarded and kept safe. It is rumored, however, that one of the empires did manage to defeat the Jum'Ari several times, and survived in pretty large numbers... The military has grown tremendously since then, however, so it is not likely that these old enemies will return.

Other interactions Aside from the aforementioned, the Jum'Ari has had very little contact with any greater empires, mostly keeping to themselves, expanding and building their strength so that any new threat can be dealt with immediately. They have yet to make a trade route or alliance with any foreign empire, only exploring the systems near their borders, to see if they are able to colonize.

Views on other philosophies: The philosophy of the Jum'Ari is complicated, and very unique to their species. Thus, they often have negative opinions on every other way of thinking.

Philosophy of Harmony: "Personal harmony is positive. But for the universe to be in complete and utter harmony, differing opinions must be obliterated. And there are many ways of obtaining harmony."

Philosophy of Prosperity: "Fools who believe money is the key to happiness. Money can earn you some happiness, but complete happiness requires total Order."

Philosophy of Force: "Reasonable and strong. They may be far too warmongering and chaotic, but to obliterate your troubles is to come closer to Order."

Philosophy of Science: "A perfect mix of power and knowledge. Not unlike ourselves."

Philosophy of Order: "A perversion of the very concept of Order. Disgusting."

Philosophy of Faith: "The only thing reasonable about this foolish and hilarious philosophy is their zealous fight for their beliefs. Laughable and ignorant."

Philosophy of Chance: "Disgusting, vile and chaotic. The Incarnate Enemies of the Ultimate Order."

Philosophy of Life: "Life is a game. A competition. A test by higher beings, to see who will come out as victor. Why spread life and create greater competition?"

Philosophy of Force (Knight Version): "'Justice' is a hilarious term. What is justifiable and what is not? In the end, it is but opinion versus opinion. 'Justice' is simply what the individual believes in."


Green face.png Allies[]

"These have proven their usefulness to us, and are worthy of our aid and protection."

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Blue face.png Friendly[]

"They seem useful...Perhaps we shall reconsider their inevitable doom?"

Yellow face.png Neutral[]

"Not worthy of our attention. We shall leave them alone. They are likely to destroy themselves sooner or later, sparing us for all the work."

Orange face.png Enemies[]

"A foe in the great game of total domination. Too bad they will be dead before realizing their fatal mistake in challenging us."

Red face.png Hated Enemies[]

"We will erase you from history. We shall not record your defeat."


  • "We have yet to encounter a civilization worth mentioning. It is illogical and arrogant to assume that we are alone. Thus, we ask not if, but when."

-Jum'Ari Loremaster on other species.

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  • The Jum'Ari are based around the Qiraji from World of Warcraft.
  • The beliefs of the Jum'Ari is based around the teachings of Jyggalag, the Daedric Prince of Order from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.