It is every man's duty to avenge this massacre!

- René Merle
Julianne Disaster

The Kraal cargo ship plummets towards Julianne, under fire from the French Armed Forces.

The Julianne Disaster was a series of terrorist attacks committed against France perpetrated in part by the Supreme Unified Kraal Directorate on March 5, 2768.


The Supreme Unified Kraal Direcotorate was a totalitarian state that had recently made contact with France, and relations were already not the best. The reason for that was because the Supreme Unified Kraal Directorate followed a radical ideology that stated that all races other then the Kraal are inferior, and must be destroyed by any-means. While on the outside the Kraal looked like they wanted to at least maintain peace, within the government they were plotting what their first strike against the french would be.

Due to France colonizing at a very fast rate, getting ever closer and closer to the Kraal's territory, they needed to accelerate their plans. Being unable to plan out their military strike fast enough, they decided, rather foolishly, to perform terrorist acts across France to stun the population and the government while they figure out who did it, giving time to the Kraal to properly prepare their military for an assault.

Their plan was simple, they would ram a ship at a very high speed into a major population center on the French planet of Julianne, filled to the brim with explosives. This would cause the most shock instantly to the French they predicted. Meanwhile the Supreme Unified Kraal Directorate's Intelligence Ministry would place sleeper cells inside France, which would activate right after the initial attack on Julianne. They set the date for all of this on March 5th, 2768, which was the birthday of one of the Supreme Overseer's cousins.

The AttackEdit

On the 5th of March, 2768, the plan was set to go. A ship disguised as a cargo-ship departed from the Supreme Unified Kraal Directorate, and headed towards the planet of Julianne. On-board the ship was a high quantity of explosives, ranging from nuclear to anti-matter. Upon approaching the proximity of Julianne, the cargo-ship was confronted by French authorities, during which they ordered the cargo-ship to stop and be searched for contraband. Upon confrontation, they Julianne activated it's hyperdrives, and sped directly towards the planet of Julianne, catching severe damage from planetary defenses but still being able to speed ever so closer to the planet.

The cargo-ship slammed into the city of Espoir, the capital of Julianne, a few minutes after it set off, detonating it's load upon impact in addition to the massive force of the impact itself. Within seconds, the entire metropolis of Espoir was ultimately flattened, with thousands of civilian deaths being inflicted at around the same time. Local Emergency Services and Infrastructure were put into a frenzy, and the situation dissolved into chaos around the area of Espoir.

A few minutes after the Espoir strike, the sleeper agents got a message from the ministry of intelligence, telling them to "Strike down the human whores" via a encoded message. In that instant, the sleeper agents activated, and started to commit numerous terrorist attacks around the French Republic ranging from mass shootings to chemical attacks. This lead to the Emergency Services and Military of France to go into overdrive, desperately trying to secure and stop the sleeper agents so no more damage could be inflicted.

The AftermathEdit

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