Judie Watcher is a female Quadrantia Humanoids police officer at Kajothia City, a location at Terra Prime. A kind and gentle person, she is strict to uphold the law within her city! She is the niece of Watcher, her relative who is police officer in Pallarian Town.

After Terra Prime was occupied by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Judie joned the Rambo Loyalist faction together with her cousin though found herself stranded in the Argoroth Sector of the Endless Space. They were eventually saved by the USS Harakaze and Judie joined the security detail of the ship.


Judie Watcher was born in 2778 (20 BQF) as a member of the House of Watcher, a house that has a long lineage of police officer at Terra Prime. During her childhood she was already prepared to become a police officer herself and after graduating from highschool, she joined the police academy. Graduating with fine marks, Judie was tasked to become the police officer of Kajothia City, something she enjoys a lot!

The Watcher cousins speak with Judge Magister Ramhis

Ever since 2800 (02 AQF), Judie has been the police officer in Kajothia City though abandoned her homeworld to join the Rambo Loyalist resistance faction after the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus occupied their homeworld.

In March 2820 (22AQF) she and her cousin were send to Umbrax but their camp was overrun by a rampaging Spinolaup forcing Judie and Watcher to call for reinforcements that arrived in the form of Raven Team. Together with Raven Team that deployed guerillia tactics Judie and Watcher were able to meet with Judge Magister Ramhis. Though the Judge Magister rebucked them at first, Judie remembered her of his pledge to the Royalty and his allowance of his the suffering his people endured. Agreeing with their motives he send the seventh legion and himself into battle and together they managed to liberate Umbrax from Imperial hands.

Jenna meets the Watcher cousins and Zahra

After being chased by Imperial forces and hit by a displacement wave in April 2820, Watcher and her cousin found themselves in the Argoroth Sector of the Endless Space. Stranded on Gorga III, Judie and her cousin were eventually located and saved by the crew of the USS Harakaze. Onboard, the newly field-promoted commander Jenna Lenissa Rambo gave Watcher and Judie the same ultimatum as the Imperials, serve onboard as crew or remain at Gorga III. Judie cut off her sceptical cousin and agreed on the terms for both of them. Judie became a member of the security detail of the Harakaze, and took a direct liking to the hot headed Velinde Autumnlight.

Personality and Traits[]

Judie is a kind and gentle person, loving music and dancing she is often seen as one of the more attractive and relaxer police officers found at Terra Prime. Though she is strict in upholding the law within the city, she doesn't hesistate to give someone of fine for violations of the law. Judie has her own police moter cycle wich she enjoys to ride near the coast or for short distances.

Upon her joining the Loyalists she wears the standard humanoid Loyalist uniform that include black pants and a green vest and was trained as a combat medic as well.


Judie in Terra Prime police officer uniform


Blue face.pngI can trust them!

  • Watcher - My nephew, a police officer in Pallarian Town

Blue face.pngHmm, better keep my eyes open!

  • Oakster - The local Arena Master Scion Trainer

Orange face.pngIn the name of the law, I place you under arrest!

  • none


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Requires the Dark Injection mod and the CamBenColor Pack

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