The Jovar Empire is divided into 12 sectors, each with a capital planet. A sector has more authority than the planetary government, but has less than the National government. The sectors each represent one of the 12 original Jovar tribes, and are named after the tribe's original founders.

All of the capitals are Tier-3 worlds, located in or near the center of the sector, or along major trade routes.

Note:These are only in the Milky Way.

The Joran SectorEdit

The Joran sector is the largest, richest, most influential, and most populous sector in the entire empire. It is named after Joran, the first and most powerful Jovar tribe that ruled the species. Its capital, Jora is the homeplanet and capital of the Jovar Empire, and has a population of 1 trillion Jovar. This sector's primary gift to the empire is commercial commerce and political power.

The name of Jora is actually derived from the Joran tribe.

The Glor SectorEdit

Named after the tribe Glor, the Glor sector is also large and influential, albeit not as much so as the Joran sector. Its capital, Osion is considered by many the Empire's second capital, and is a major exporter of white spice in the galaxy. The sector's primary gift to the empire is also commercial commerce and political power.

The Ashlegard SectorEdit

The Ashlegard sector is smaller and less populated than the Joran and Glor sectors, but its capital, Auder-2 is the empire's most populated planet, with a population of 2 billion. Its smaller size and population means that it is less attractive to the wealth and political powers of the empire (excluding Auder-2), but it is perhaps the largest exporter of food and starships in the empire.

The Relard SectorEdit

The Relard sector is located in the middle of the Empire's main territory, and is the second largest in the Empire. Its capital is Freglor, and its main export is food and spice.

The Julari SectorEdit

The Julari sector is the smallest sector in the Empire, and its capital is Bjorn. Although it is small, it is known for its plentiful supply of energy and capital ships.

The Vlorn SectorEdit

The Vlorn Sector is moderately-sized, and its capital, Wejar, is known for its beautiful sky, which is filled with several gas giants, and nearly 7 moons. Its exports is usually scientific knowledge and harvested food.

The Wesin SectorEdit

A small sector, Wesin is somewhat mediocre, and its capital, Florin, has a meager population of only 30 million inhabitants. It's common export is weapons.

The Jr'onni SectorEdit

The Jr'onni Sector is average-sized, and is considered to be inferior to most sectors. Its capital is Mjgor, and its major export is spice and construction materials.

The Blen SectorEdit

Blen is isolated from the rest of the Empire, located near the Core. Its capital, Gagran, served as a major staging ground for the Jovar during the Jovar-Grox War., and acts as the capital of the Jovar in the DCP-controlled Galactic Core.

The Hgor SectorEdit

The Hgor Sector is located next to the Joran sector, and is somewhat unremarkable, having the smallest population of any of the sectors in the Empire. However, its capital (also named Hgor) is famous for being the planet that the Jovar discovered the human spacecraft and their origins.

Hgor is the only capital that is not Tier-3.

The Yrais SectorEdit

The Yrais Sector is medium sized, with an average population and number of planets. the capital of the Yrais Sector is Kopkin. Its major export is capital ships and energy.

The Bdeni SectorEdit

The Bdeni Sector is also medium sized, and its capital is Norma-7. Its primary export is weapons and food.

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